Two Virgins break their Duck


Two Virgins break their DuckHow well do you remember your first time? Well, firstly it was a long time ago (early 70’s) when things were not frowned upon as they are nowadays. It was a rite of passage to go pubbing on a Friday night after work. You could drink all night on less than a fiver, have a chip supper and still have enough money for the following week to go to workWell, there were four of us, me (19) Ted (17), Bazz (19) and Tuddy (18). I can never quite remember how we all came to be friends, but we did. On one particular Friday night, we decided to go to the late (midnight) show at the cinema. So, we were upstairs slightly merry but in good form. Just along the row were a couple of girls Wendy who was 18, petite with lovely shiny long blond hair and Lorain 17 going on 18 and a lovely mousy blond with an average figure. Bazz was playing around with one of our choir girls, Tuddy was in the stand backs, so it was down to down to Ted and me to sort these little charmers out. Thinking back our chat up lines were so corny, but we somehow managed to get them to take us back to their place. Something we quickly learnt at the beginning of the evening. Anyway, they took us into a small ground floor flat, we had coffee and left with a promise to go back on Saturday night. We got there on time and the girls were dolled up to the nines. Ted took Wendy as he had the motorbike (Honda 125) and I had a car (Ford Anglia) and we went up to a pub where most workers went on a Saturday night. Good drink, bar food (pie and peas) and a band pumping out some screechy noise. 10:30 came quickly and we took the girls back. We all went in my car as Ted was a little halkalı escort over, to say the least. Again, the girls asked us in for coffee but this time as the night was young, we were not in a hurry to leave It started with Ted and Wendy who had claimed the sofa, it was not long before they were snogging so Lorain and I sat in the armchair. Not a bad deal actually as she snuggled into me and we were soon at it, snogging. Every so often someone had to get up and change the LP on the record player just to keep the night going. Lorain and I got up and started to dance, if you can call it that, more like hold each other in a groping hug and shuffle around the living room. As the Bee gees were rendering for the third time “run to me”, Lorain was getting tipsy and weepy. I think Ted and Wendy had been a little too full-on and it was getting to Lorain. I whispered “shall we leave them alone?” and without hesitation, she took my hand and we went to the bedroom. We dropped onto Lorain’s bed and started kissing like no tomorrow. Playing slowly (as we did then) I slipped my hand up her skirt and rested on her lovely round firm bottom. What happened next is all of a whirlwind. Lorain pulled away and said “I want to do it; will you knock me,” she said nervously. I smiled and cupped her nervous looking face into my hands as we started to kiss. Lorain was hungry to try and have more, I could tell she was not experienced and had to be guided. I undid her top and kissed her breast. She had little ones and the nipples were barley hard, but succulent all the same. She lay şişli escort back and wriggled out of her skirt. All girls in those days wore stocking of some sort, Lorain was no exception. Oh, thinking back about how clothes have changed. Lorain still wearing her knickers, climbed in into bed and pulled the blankets around her. I was a little braver and stripped completely, my cock ready for action. “here” she said, “I got Wendy to get me them while you were getting the drinks in the pub”I slipped under the blankets and took her up in my arms. Her body was warm, soft and still had her puppy fat, she was slightly shacking but my smile and few tender kisses soon settled her. We touched each other for a while. I slowly took her hand and placed it on my hardened cock. She took a sharp breath “its OK”, I said “It wound bite you” and she relaxed again. “this feels hard, does this hurt” as she gave a genital squeeze around the end. “No” I smiled back at her “but do that and you might get a sticky mess” I whispered cheekily at her. Lorain now slid more onto her back and I felt her open her legs a little. I let my fingertip slide slowly down her body, “does this hurt” I asked played with her until I touched the top of her knickers. She flinched and looked up at me biting her lip in anticipation. I lent over her and our faces played and I slipped my hand into her knickers, as soon as I touched her Virgin hole, it was game on for her. Making little circling motions around the edge of her pussy I pressed a little on her clitoris, Lorain jerked at the suddenness of it. “oh, that’s good” she said, her head rolling sarıyer escort back and making little whimpering purring noises with her eyes slightly closed. Lorain was well into the moment. I kibbled her ear and whispered to her “let me takes these off now” She did not stop me as I pulled off her knickers. Once free of all underwear she felt a little more adventurous now and started getting into the swing of it. The urgency was rising and I played a little more intense with and around her wet hole. We were both breathing heavily in anticipation when she looked at me apprehensively, no words were needed now. I quickly slipped on the Jonnie and rolled on top of her. Lorain opened her legs wide, using my knees though I opened them a little wider for her. As I settled down, I felt her hand take hold of my cock and guide it towards her, I let her take the initiative before I gently pushed against her hole. Lorain took a sharp breath as I started to enter her, she arched her back as I pushed a little deeper, eyes screwed up and hands pushing against my hips. I pulled out a little and she relaxed, then pushed against her again, Lorain opened and lifted her legs higher as I was able to push my cock into her wet hole. Lorain was no longer a virgin. I slowly started to fuck her easing in and out while she got used to the size of my cock inside her, gradually she became comfortable with it, her apprehension went away and she started to visibly enjoy the moment. She flung her arms around my neck pulling me in closer as she started to orgasm, crossing her ankles to stop me getting away. Suddenly she let go a stifled scream and stiffened, burring her moth into my neck, I too did as I felt my cock burst into pulsating sensation, I knew I had cum as well and buried my face into her neck and pillow. I stayed with Lorain all night and the next morning discovered that Ted and Wendy had slept on the sofa bed, not only be she was no longer a virgin as well. We never married but always remember that first night.

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