Unforgettably Beautiful


Unforgettably BeautifulThe moment I saw her, I knew we would be married.My buddy and I were at a bar when a gorgeous girl with long black hair came in alone and took a seat at a booth. I was spellbound by how beautiful she was and thought, “A beautiful girl like that has to be married.” As we watched, most men in the bar went over and asked her to dance and were summarily refused. I thought, “Why would she come to a bar with a live band and dancing, then not dance?”I waited until every other guy had approached her, then tried it myself. “Hi! I’m Doug and I’m wondering why you would come to a bar like this and refuse to dance?”She quickly wiped away a tear and said, “My divorce was final today.”“Oh Jeez! I’m so sorry. So, I guess you just need to be around people and not be alone.”“Yeah.”“I’ll leave you alone then,” I said and turned to walk away.“Wait! You can sit down if you want,”I was surprised and thrilled as I sat down. “Thanks.”“I’m Diane, by the way.”“Okay. Do you need to talk about it?”“I guess it won’t hurt. I caught him having an affair with his secretary. He didn’t break it off, so I divorced him. I just feel so betrayed!” she whispered as she wiped away more tears.“Oh, Diane. Even though we just met, I feel really bad for you. And I don’t understand why any man could be unfaithful to such a beautiful woman!”“Thank you, Doug,” she whispered and attempted a smile.“I wish there was something I could do to help without appearing to be pushy.”“Maybe we can dance.”“Okay,” I said as my heart skipped a beat. I was going to hold her in my arms!As we took to the dance floor and I slipped my arm around her waist, I managed to grab a handful of her long silky hair. Diane put her head on my shoulder and cuddled close; so close that she could feel the bulge halkalı escort running down my leg.As the song continued, she began to rub her leg against my hard-on, making it obvious that she was getting aroused. My heart was beating so hard that I thought she could probably feel it.Then I put both hands around her waist and Diane put both arms around my neck. As we danced closely, we were rubbing against each other and I had a hard time avoiding pulling her ass against me.When the song ended, Diane said, “I like the way you hold me, Doug.”“And I love holding you. I don’t want to let you go.”“Maybe you could take me home with you. I don’t want to be alone tonight.”“That’s a wonderful idea. Let me say goodbye to my friend, then we’ll leave.”“Okay. I’ll get my purse.”I went over to Jack and whispered, “Her name is Diane. She’s going home with me, and I predict that I’m going to marry her.”“Is that right,” Jack said with a smirk. “You two were dancing very close out there.”“I know. She was rubbing her leg against my hard-on. I also predict that I’ll fuck her all night.”“Some guys have all the luck! Why is it always you?”As I drove us to my condo on Cocoa Beach, Diane was quiet and was wiping her eyes again. She looked so gorgeous that my heart was about to leap out of my chest with the thought that I would be spending the night with her.“Oh, Diane. I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better.”“Maybe you can put on some slow music and we can dance some more. I need to be held.”“I’ll do that.”When we got to my condo, Diane went straight to the balcony and said, “Oh, Doug! This is a beautiful view!”From behind, I slipped my arms around her and kissed the back taksim escort of her head, licking her glossy black hair in the process.“Mmm. Your arms feel so good,” she said as she cuddled into me and took my hands in hers.“Why don’t I put some music on?”“Okay.”I put a Jackie Gleason LP on my stereo and took Diane in my arms. We danced closely and slowly as my cock grew hard again. She laid her head on my shoulder as we danced, but I think we both were thinking about going to bed.I moved one hand up and ran it down through her gorgeous black hair and said, “You have the most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen or felt.”“Thank you, Doug. My ex never gave me any compliments like that.”“Then he was a jerk; a blind jerk.”She laughed and said, “Yeah. I guess he was.”We danced for another few minutes when she said, “I just met you a couple of hours ago and already I want to make love with you.”“I feel the same way,” I said as I rubbed my bulging cock against her leg.Then Diane raised her head and kissed me softly. “Take me to bed, Doug. I need to make love all night.”I took Diane to bed and we made love until midnight. She had four orgasms, each one got more intense than the previous one. Then I shot off during her last one. She was groaning as she bit my shoulder and her body went into a spasm.Afterward, she said, “Oh god! I love the way you make love! My husband never did make love to me. We just had sex.”“I’m sorry. I know the difference.”I rolled off beside her and she cuddled into my arms in the spoon position. I held her close and buried my face in her soft, silky hair. We both were asleep within minutes.- – – – -The next morning, we showered together and she let me shampoo her hair. As I rinsed the soap from her hair, it was şişli escort streaming all the way down her back to her ass. I already had a hard-on from shampooing her hair and rinsing it made it worse, so I pushed her against the wall and entered her from behind.“Mmm. I’ve never done it standing up this way. I love it.”I kissed her behind the ear and sucked the water from her hair as I thrust into her. She was moaning as I reached down and rubbed her clit. That set off an orgasm that made her almost collapse. But I held her tightly and continued to make love to her as her long, wet hair was trapped between my chest and her back, which added to my sensations.It didn’t take long for me to shoot off inside her. My stomach was flat against her ass as she moaned.“Oh, Doug! I can feel you cumming inside me!”I took one of her plump breasts in each hand and continued to suck the water from her hair until my cock stopped spurting. Then it slipped out.Diane turned around, knelt down, and sucked and licked my cock until it was clean.“Oh, Diane! Your mouth feels wonderful!” I whispered as I made two fists with her wet hair.Then she stood up and kissed me. “I wanted to suck you last night while we were dancing.”“Then why didn’t you?”“No! While we were dancing at the bar!”“Oh wow! I wish I’d known. I would have taken you outside to some dark, secluded place and let you.”“Mmm. That would have been so erotic! Let’s do that sometime.”“You can count on it.”- – – – -Diane spent three days with me before going home to get clean clothes. I told her that all she needed were a couple of T-shirts, but she laughed and said, “How can you take me out for dinner and dancing wearing only a T-shirt?”“Okay. Plan to wear something real sexy so that all the guys at the bar will drool over you.”“Haha. Like you did the other night?”“Well, yes!”- – – – -That night we danced until midnight, then we went outside to the back of the building and she dropped to her knees and gave me a wonderful blowjob. Then we went back to my condo and made love for an hour.The next morning, I asked Diane to marry me and she said she would.

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