vacation 17

vacation 17I went to check out while you loaded the k**s in the car and Wendy handed me an envelope. In it was the bill, but instead of a price it just said COMPLIMENTARY. There was also a gift certificate for the Presidential Jacuzzi suite, and in the number of nights box it said unlimited.“Did you know what was in here?” I asked Wendy.She shook her head, so I showed her. “Tony and Martha must have enjoyed your stay as much as I did” she said.I shook my head in amazement, thanked Wendy and was about to turn away, when after a quick glance around she turned her back to me, spread her legs, bent over and flipped up the hem of her skirt to give me one last glimpse of her ass and pussy.”Thanks again!” I called as I walked away, my erection growing fast – again.I got to the car just in time to open the door for you, and as it was a travel day you were in your skirt again, and as you got in you made sure that I got a small peek, so I got my second glimpse of a pussy in as many minutes.Our drive back to Orlando was uneventful, and we checked into a room much like the one we had been in before. We shut the door to our room and told the k**s that we were going to relax for a bit.Then you pushed me down on the bed and told me that you wanted me to do something for you. “What” I asked, as my sex related spidey senses began to tingle and my cock began to harden.“First off you need to get naked” you said.I responded “done” as I quickly began to strip.“Next, lay right on the edge of the bed and stick your legs straight up” you commanded.I did as I was told as you knelt in front of me, without taking off a single thing. How unfair I thought to myself.“Now I want to jerk off while I tongue fuck your asshole” you told me. You graciously lubed my cock be giving it one extremely brief suck before moving to start playing with my ass with your hands while your tongue began to lick up and down my crack.I started to slowly pump my cock. After a ton of teasing you moved to suck one of my balls into your mouth as you very gently sucked on it. Meanwhile you pushed a finger up my ass and began to massage my prostrate gland (don’t worry, your nails will NOT hurt me at all!!!!)You withdrew your finger and replaced it with your lips and tongue as you continued to suck and lick.After a few minutes you sensed that I was picking up the pace and you stopped your attention to my asshole just long enough to take my fist in your hand for a moment so you could lick my pre-cum from my pee slit.You then held my fist in one of your hands and pumped me with my own hand while you probed my ass with two fingers from your other hand.You dropped your mouth back to my balls and took them both in your mouth while ever so gently sucking and massaging them with your lips and tongue, all the while fucking my ass with your fingers.The only thing that you did when you heard me start to grunt was to pump your fingers just a little faster.My jets of cum flew from my cock and splashed mostly on your forehead, dribbling down the side of your face.You ignored my cum though as you concentrated on continuing to suck my balls until well after my last ısparta escort spasm. Only then did remove my still slowly pumping hand from my rapidly softening cock so that you could suck the little drops of my cum from me and only then did you use your finger to wipe the trails of my cream from your face and lick them off.On our way down the elevator to go to supper I noticed something that I hadn’t seen during our previous stay. There was a list of hotel amenities posted in the elevator that had a small footnote advertising a rooftop adults only hot-tub, and that interested people should contact guest services to sign out a key.I made a mental note of this, and after supper I stopped by the desk and got key #3 from their registry.After the boys were in bed you and I got into our bathing suits, with only a minimal amount of licking and sucking (you know how hard it is to hide an erection in a speedo?!?) and we took the elevator to the top floor. Of course I had my hand in your bathing suit for the whole ride – your wet spot wouldn’t show as soon as we got into the tub.It took a bit of effort to find the right door because it wasn’t marked, but eventually I used the key that let us out onto the roof. There was a wooden walkway that led around a behind some structure so we followed it.I was shocked (but overjoyed) when the hot tub came into view that there were two couples in the tub, and that the two guys were sitting on the side of the tub and that the girls were sucking their cocks. It was just like being back at Hedo, and I certainly didn’t expect this in Orlando!As soon as the group saw us the instantly stopped, and the guys sank below the water. We glanced at each other, confirming that we didn’t want to turn around, so we let ourselves into the water. It was obvious that both couples were totally naked as their bathing suits were sitting on their towels on the nearby railing.The situation was pretty tense so I tried to defuse by saying “I hadn’t realized that this was a nude tub” As I said that I slipped out of my speedo and tossed it over towards our towels. As soon as you saw what I was doing you followed suit.Once the other couples saw that they weren’t in trouble they relaxed considerably and one of them volunteered the comment that they really hadn’t expected to see anyone. The other fellow chimed in that this was their last night in the hotel after a week long stay, and apart from the first night when there had been a very prudish older couple in the tub they had had it all to themselves. He also said that just before coming up he had also called down to the desk to see if any other keys had been signed out, but it had only been the two that they had so they decided to take advantage of the opportunity.“Don’t let us stop you” I said, and first one, and then the other fellow pulled himself to sit up on the edge again, just as we had seen them when we first arrived. I too sat on the edge and soon the three of us were enjoying wonderful outdoor blowjobs.The tub wasn’t very big, and from the way it was designed all you girls had to pretty much be on your hands and knees, escort ısparta half out of the water, so while you sucked my cock I had a nice view of the other two girls and ass cheeks and ass holes but unfortunately I couldn’t see their pussies because they were still under water.I know that likewise your ass was mostly out of the water, because both of the other guys were staring at it, enjoying the sight of it as much as I always do.In time, first one, and then the other couple traded places. I selfishly stayed where I was just long enough to get a good look at each of the other girls. My earliest suspicions seemed to pan out. Given the peroxide blonde hair of the girls, and surfer boy looks of the guys I suspected California pors star types and sure enough both of the girls had enough silicone in their tits to act as a life preserver. I like natural boobs so much better, but as I sank into the water to trade places with you I couldn’t help but think how good either pair of those tits would look as you sucked on them.You often close your eyes as I eat you but in this situation your eyes were wide open as you enjoyed the other girls pleasure. I suspected that you pictured yourself between their legs as I licked you.One of the other guys bumped me so I turned to see what was going on. All that was happening was that the guys had traded partners and the girls had started to kiss. This was getting hotter and hotter as I went back to your dearly loved cunt.In time the motion of the water in the tub changed again and without saying anything the girls moved closely to either side of you and the guys started to fuck them. As they braced themselves for the fucking both girls ‘accidentally’ ended up leaning on you pretty heavily, but you didn’t seem to mind.I thought that fair was fair so I moved up and slipped my rock hard cock into your cunt that was just as wet as it had been when I first moved to drink your juices.You hadn’t been sitting up for more than a moment when the girl on your left asked if she could suck on your tits. You just moaned at the thought and nodded. The other girl didn’t even ask so in short order you had one girl sucking on each tit. Mostly they were attending to your nipples, but they weren’t exactly ignoring the rest of your tittie flesh.Without any warning, the girl that hadn’t asked bent over even farther to begin to lick your clit, even as I continued to fuck you. The other girl moved from sucking your nipple to kissing you. You kissed back hungrily as your hand moved to her cunt. The fellow that was fucking her obliged you by pulling his cock out of her pussy and ramming it into her ass where he took up the same easy rhythm. Clearly nobody was in a rush to cum.You broke off the kiss to begin to suck on the nipples of the silicone tits, cupping and kneading them with your hand while you flicked, licked and sucked them.I was a bit surprised when the girl that was licking your clit grabbed my cock and pulled it from your pussy so that she could suck it. She didn’t keep it in her mouth long before she aligned it with your ass and tugged gently on me to begin assfucking ısparta escort bayan you. Her intent became obvious. Just like the girl that you were eating, she wanted your cunt all to herself.The guy to my right apparently wanted a shot at your ass too, because he motioned for me to take over fucking the girl that was licking you. By the time that I got behind her she had gotten right out of the tub and was on her hands and knees with her face buried between your legs.I moved between her widely spread legs and slipped my cock, fresh from your ass, straight into her cunt. I reached around her and grabbed her fake tits and began to play with them while I fucked her. You were obviously having trouble concentrating on the girl that you were eating because you swung around to lay on your back on the deck while your new friend immediately moved to sit on your face so that you could keep licking her snatch.There you were, having your cunt licked by one girl, while eating another.I was fucking one girl, and in mere moments the two guys had essentially been frozen out of the action, so they too got out of the tub and stood on either side of the girl that was sitting on your face so that she could suck one, while fondling the other.After a while I began to wonder how the girl I was fucking would like my cock in her ass so I pulled it out of her cunt and pressed it to her rosy ring. She pushed back hard so obviously was eager to have me in her backside.The girl that you were eating was obviously really enjoying herself and came all over your face. That seemed like an opportune moment to change things up a bit so I pulled my cock out of the platinum blonde’s ass and lay down on my back next to you.As soon as you saw me there you extricated yourself from your playmates and rolled ontop of me, your pussy hungrily swallowing my cock. The girl that had cum on your face moved over to sit on my face for more action and the two of you began to French kiss as I fucked you and licked her. Finally, a life long fantasy true, I didn’t have to choose between licking or fucking but got to do both simultaneously.One of the guys was looking for somewhere to put his cock so he moved behind you and decided that you ass looked inviting. Of course I knew that it was. Anyway, he slipped into you so that you had two cocks in you. The last guy saw what was going on and moved between you and the girl that you were kissing and seemed pretty insistent that you suck his cock.For the next couple of minutes you were totally full. My cock in your cunt, a cock in your ass and a cock in your mouth. The guy in your mouth couldn’t hold on any more and you greedily swallowed the cum that he blasted into your mouth. Shortly after that the guy from your ass moved around you and you hungrily pulled him into your mouth so that he could cum there too.I eased you off of me while rolling the girl on my face onto her back. I quickly slipped my erection into her well licked pussy and pumped like a madman until I filled her pussy with my cum. I would have cum in your mouth too, but this way you got to eat my cum and have one last chance to lick her pussy too. As soon as I backed away from her you dove on her and quickly drained her of my cream.With that our friends decided that they had had enough and grabbed their stuff and left. We slipped into the tub for one last soak before head

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