Valentine’s Day Blizzard


Valentine’s Day BlizzardThe snow was coming down pretty hard all night and into the next day, the next day being Valentines Day. My mother got the phone call early that morning that my father would not be able to make it homes due to the storm. My mother also blew my plans out of the water when she told me it would not be safe for me to take my girlfriend out either.A little about me and my mother, my mother’s name is Amy, she is blonde, five foot seven, her legs are long and muscular. She has a very nice body as well, her ass is well rounded and her breasts are an incredible 38dd, I found out from snooping in her dirty laundry one day. She is a very sexy, forty-year-old mother of two, my older sister is going to college out of state. Myself I’m eighteen, I go to the local community college, I never considered myself to be good looking or bad looking, just average. It is funny to admit, but after showering with my dad at the gym my best feature would have to be my cock, I could tell mine was longer and thicker than my fathers.Seeing how my mother is naturally endowed with big breasts, the same thing must have happened to me with my cock.Well back to my story, I sat in my room most of the day, dejected that I would not be able to take my girlfriend out. When I called her up on the telephone earlier, she agreed with my mother that it would not be a good night to go out. I must have dozed off out of sheer boredom when my mother came into my room and woke me up.”Johnny wake up.” She said to shake my arm.”Hey mom, what’s the matter?” I asked groggily.”I have an idea that will help make up Valentines Day for the both of us, with your dad out of town and you not able to see your girlfriend, I have taken the time to make us a wonderful romantic dinner. I want you to shower, shave and wear whatever it is you were going to wear for your date and I will do the same, meet me at my room at seven o clock.” My mother explained.I had to admit her idea did sound fun and it would not be that bad, my is attractive, she cooks well and she dressed sexily whenever she went out with my dad. So I did as I was told, I showered, then shaved my stubble, then I put on a dress shirt and a pair of slacks, then my dress shoes. I sprayed on my cologne and then I knocked on my mother’s door at seven o clock. My mom did not disappoint me, she wore a short black, a tight cream colored silk blouse, her scent from her perfume was intoxicating and she wore her five inch heels, which made her even with me being six feet.”Wow, Mom you sure look great tonight.” I stammered nervously.”Tonight, because your father and I can’t be together and kartal escort you and your girlfriend can’t be together you can call me Amy and I will call John. This is a one night only thing so John would you like to escort me to dinner?” My mother asked.”Yes Amy that would be very nice.” I said to take her arm.I led her downstairs, my mother must have snuck down earlier, she had everything going, soft music, candles, chilled wine. The table was already set with some fancy chicken dish she knew how to make, potatoes and veggie.I pulled out the chair for her and helped her sit down before taking my seat, then we drank wine and made small talk as if we were on a real date. After we finished the main course, my mother was going to excuse herself to get us some dessert, I stopped her as she got up.”Amy before dessert would, you do me the honor of one slow dance?” I asked.”I would be honored John.” She replied.Instead of the usual mother-son type dance I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, I could smell the honeysuckle shampoo in her hair and the perfume she wore was creating quite a stir in my pants. I was also delightfully amused that her breasts when pressed up against me did not feel spongy and soft, but firm and hard.After our dance she got our dessert and we sat down and ate it, we also killed the bottle of wine, then my mother suggested leaving the dishes and going into the living room to watch a romantic movie. My mother poured us a couple Cognacs and we settled on the couch, we found a movie and cuddled together sipping the booze and watching the film.The movie was romantic, the booze and having such a sexy woman next to me was getting to be too much. So I decided to test the waters, I gently slid my arm from down off the back of the couch, slid it between my mother’s arm and rested it on her flat stomach. She only let out a soft sigh and snuggled even closer to me, I slid my hand up her stomach and let it come to rest on one of the large mounds of her breasts.”John, what are you doing?” She asked not removing my hand.”Sorry Amy, you look so sexy I could not resist touching you.” I said.”John’s I would not mind if you kissed me, we are on a date and it is the most romantic day of the year.” She said finally moving my hand off of her firm tit.”I would love to kiss you Amy.” I leaned down and gave my mother a kiss.At first the kisses were just a few soft, wet romantic pecks, but then it erupted into a full-blown make out sessions. We were kissing passionately on the couch, but my mother bostancı escort however stopped my wandering hands. Every time I would touch her breasts or move my hand too far up her leg she would move it away. My mother was giving the hottest sexual experience of my life yet she being a big tease as well. Finally you could hear the ending credits music play and the movie was over, my mother stopped the kissing as well.”Well John, would you like to walk back to my room?” She asked.”Yes Amy, I guess this means the end of our lovely date.” I replied.I walked her back to her room, we stood in the hallway outside her bedroom, she allowed me to kiss again for several long moments. Then she broke the kiss off and she let herself into her bedroom, I returned to mine. I got out of my clothes and was getting ready to get in bed so I could have a really good jerk off session thinking of my mother.”John could come in here, please!” I heard her holler.I slipped my robe on over my naked body and walked across the hallway to my mothers room, when I entered I was surprised. The room had soft music playing, candles lit the entire room and her regular sheets were replaced by satin ones. My mother stood in the center of the room wearing a long white satin night gown, the pose she struck allowed one of her long shapely legs to stick out. Her large tits, with their nipples hard, poking through the material of it, she still had her hair styled and her make up on.”John’s I’ve made love every Valentines Day since I can remember, I don’t want tonight to be any different. Make love to me.” My mother said to me.I slowly walked over to her and we began to kiss, then I felt her slide my robe down off of my body. I scooped her up and carried her over to the bed, then I slowly pulled the night gown off of her shoulders and began to suck on her beautiful firm big tits. She let out soft mewing sounds as my tongue circled her large dark nipples. I kissed my way down her stomach pulling her nightgown down as I went with it. I slid it the rest of the way off of her and then kissed my way back up her long shapely legs.My mother kept her pussy completely shaved, the skin was very smooth around it, I gently spread her lips and ran my tongue up the musky slit. I licked her pussy with slow gentle licks and gently teased her clit with my tongue. Her body would tense from time as she was having plenty of soft orgasms, after I made my mother cum one last time with my tongue she pulled me up on top of her.”John fuck me with that big cock of yours, please I’m ready now.” She moaned.I slid my maltepe escort cock into my mothers wet eager pussy and I could feel her slide her legs up as far as she could. Then I thrust in and out of her repeatedly, keeping the pace nice and slow, squeezing her big tits, licking the nipples.Soon my mother did not want me to take my time and make love to her anymore, now, but she wanted it like a wanton slut. She started humping her pelvis up to meet my thrusts, and she now encouraged me to fuck her harder.”Oh fuck me you fucking big hard stud, fuck me harder, oh fuck me hard, oh shit I’m fucking cumming.” She screamed.My mother after having her first really powerful orgasm pushed me off of her and climbed on top of my cock. She rode up and down on top of it, at one point she was licking and sucking on her own tits while doing so. This was so sexy that I could not take any more and shot load after load of my cum into my own mother.We collapsed into each others arms, it was around two in the morning when I was awaken by the sensation of someone sucking my cock. I was laying on my back and my mother was straddling my legs sucking my big cock back to life. Then my mother took her two big tits and wrapped them around my cock.”My babies want mommy to tit fuck him.” She said seductively.”Yes, please.” I groaned.After she tit fucked me for several long minutes, I pulled her off of me and got her up on all fours. I fucked her doggie style for almost a half hour, my mother came several times on my cock, and I finally shot another huge load of cum into her.The next day I awoke in her bed alone, I could smell bacon cooking in the kitchen, so I put my robe on and went downstairs. My mother had on the same sexy nightgown and was cooking breakfast for us. The sway of her ass was too much for me to take, when she went over to the sink I pushed her against it.”John, no that was a one night only thing.” She pleaded.”Oh mom, I need to have one more thing from you to make this a Valentines Day to remember.” I told her.Without warning I took some dish soap from the sink and squirted it down the crack of her ass, then I forced my cock into her asshole. She grabbed the sink hard as the sudden intrusion into her virgin ass made her shudder.”I’m going to fuck that sexy ass of yours and then you can finish making breakfast for us.” I told her.As I pounded my cock in and out of her ass, I opened her robe and played with her big tits roughly. My mother just grunted and groaned with every hard stroke I gave her, even muttered something about cumming too. Finally after fucking her ass for several minutes I was ready to cum, instead of shooting it up her ass I pulled my cock out. I quickly spun my mother around and forced her down onto her knees, then I spray her tits with burst after burst of cum. My mother just looked up at me and smiled, she took a large finger full and licked it off. Things were never going to be the same between us anymore.

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