Velma Dinkley’s Dirty Secret Part Two

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Velma Dinkley’s Dirty Secret Part Two”How…” Velma gasped, blancing horribly. Her hands shook so badly it took her a full minute to open the door. When she did, her eyes fixated on the smartphone she’d seen through the peephole. She watched herself masturbating as her lips moved silently. “Should I turn up the sound?” a firm voice asked almost sweetly. At the sound of it, Velma started so hard she nearly leapt out of her shoes. With a little laugh, the stranger shut her door, turned off the smartphone, and slipped it in the side pocket of her white jeans. The stranger was a very tall, toned, black woman with piercing, brown, eyes, and neat braids that stopped just below her ears. She wore gold studs in those ears, a wily smile on her beautiful face, and a short-sleeved, black, polo, that left her midriff exposed. She looked clever and confident standing beside Velma, who was usually bright-eyed and brimming with agency. Now the detective resembled nothing more than an autumn leaf being bandied about by a stiff wind. “W..who are you?” Velma croaked out at last. “Who are you, and what do you want? How did you get that video of me?””That’s a good detective,” the stranger simped teasingly. “Always asking questions. Let’s start with how I got the video. Webcams,” she laughed. “I’ve stuck them all over your apartment.””That’s impossible,” Velma asserted with something like her usual crime fighting spirit. “If someone had been in this apartment other than me, I’d have seen the signs.””Yes, you would have,” the stranger replied mirthfully, “if you hadn’t told me exactly what those signs were. The downside of writing a book is that anybody can read it, silly.”With a spreading horror, Velma realized her visitor was right. When Velma Dinkley did something, she did it all the way. Her account of Mystery Inc.’s first thirty cases was exhaustive, going over how she’d reached her conclusions in intricate detail. “So you used my own book against me. Is that it?” Velma asked sourly. “Yup. Thanks to you, I’ve been recording your every move for months. Including the time you smeared your dildo with strawberry jam. ‘Choke me…'” the stranged teased, doing an eerily accurate impresion of Velma. “‘Oh, God, Daphne, choke me with your fucking huge girl cock!’ Someone really ought to tell Daphne that you wish she was a she…””What do you want?” Velma cut in anxiously, feeling the color rush to her face. “Well, my name is Emma Townsend, but you’re going to call me Mistress from now on because I want you, Ms. Dinkley. I want you to be my little whore. See, I’ve been obsessed with you for ages. Maybe it’s those adorable freckles of yours. Maybe it’s those tits you hide so well. Or maybe it’s just that you’re clever enough to recognize thirty different tire tracks purely from memory. In any case, I want you.””Well, you can’t have me!” Velma answered, struggling to sound brave. “Now get out of my apartment this instant. I’m going to sniff out your cameras first thing in the morning, and then I’m going to call the police.””And they’ll take me to jail as soon as I confess to everything, which will prevent me from stopping the automatic bursa escort program on my computers, Velma. Would you mind telling me how you plan to cope when every news agency on Earth has footage of you talking to your pussy?” Velma nearly fainted when that image filled her mind. Her closest friends would think she was losing her marbles. She couldn’t remember when she’d named her twat Penny and given it a voice, but she remembered why: she had always had an overactive imagination. The moment she’d decided to be a detective, she’d modeled herself after Sherlock Holmes. In his stories, Holmes famously gave up everything, including love, so that he would never have any distractions from his work. Velma had done the same, which had left her alone most of the time, and often quite horny. She’d ignored the problem at first, simply increasing her workload in line with her hero’s plilosophy. Then one day, her cunt had spoken up for itself, and it didn’t quiet down until Velma had stuffed it with something. “So, Velma,” Emma smiled, seeing the fear in her eyes, “I don’t have all night, so I’ll give you a choice. You were about to use a big, black, dildo, on yourself before I rang the door. I want you to crawl to it on all fours, and bring it to me in your mouth. And whenever you speak to me, I want you to call me Mistress. Either that or the world watches you jill off to shemale porn. “I’ll get it, Mistress,” Velma replied, falling to her knees. Her blood was boiling, but she couldn’t think of anything else. She’d done so many things it was absolutely imperative no one saw. Until she could divorce Emma from her videos, she was going to have to play ball. A moment later, Velma returned with hatred in her eyes and the dildo in her mouth. Emmap petted her like a puppy, took the dildo, and hurled it away. “I’ve got one of my own,” she grunted, unzipping her jeans. Emma fished around for a moment and pulled out a semi-erect cock, the biggest one Velma had seen outside of a porno. Her pussy squealed at once. She hadn’t known her new mistress was a shemale.”Yes, Penny, I see it,” Velma muttered, “but this isn’t the…Penny, listen to me…” “No! Penny belongs to me now, slut! Open your mouth wide. Open your mouth and take this cock!The second Velma complied, Penny betrayed her once again. Shocks of pleasure ran through the young detective as Emma’s massive tool plunged into her mouth. Velma struggled to fight it with all of her might, but in a moment, she was sucking of her own accord. She forced as much of Emma’s shaft down her throat as she could manage, struggling with all she had in her to reach the girl’s balls and never making it. Thick ropes of spit drooled out of her mouth, dripping lewdly from the shemale’s ever-hardening fuckmeat. Suddenly, Emma grabbed Velma’s head and began brutally slamming it into her crotch.”Get my fucking boner down your throat, you little bitch! You’ve been begging for some girl cock, and now you’re gonna get it. Come on, open that throat, slut! Take it! I know you can do it. I’ve watched you ramming fucking cucumbers and didldos down that hole! Oh yes, gag on this monster! Gag, bursa escort bayan you little shit! Let all that motherfucking spit drool out of your head. Bet you wish Daphne could see this, don’t you, you fucking little slut? You’d like that, wouldn’t you? She could take you up the fucking ass! Fuck! Milk that cock, slut! Milk that cock! Make her do it, Penny! put the fucking spurs to the bitch! Oh fuck! That’s a good idea,” she laughed, yanking her dick free from Velma’s mouth. “No! Please, Mistress!” Velma cried out at once. Her nipples were stiff as pebbles, and her pussy was slobbering all over her panties. Penny, you fucking traitor, she thought to herself. “Please don’t stop, Mistress. Your little slut needs to be choked. Please ram it down my throat, Mistress. Please feed me that shemale cock. I’ll be a good little whore for you. I swear.””Will you now?” Emma laughed, producing a sewing needle from her purse. When she saw it, Velma’s rational mind returned at once. She began to back away slowly, but Emma caught her by the arm. “No running away now, or Daphne will see you begging for my cock!”Velma allowed herself to be halted, but she kept both eyes on the needle. The young detective had hurt herself many times before, with floggers, clothespins, rubber bands, paddles, and the occasional dry dildo. But she’d never had the courage to use a needle before, and she was certain her new mistress wasn’t planning to ease her into it. “Take of your turtleneck for me,” Emma said with a leer, and Velma gave a little squeal of fright. “Not there, Mistress! Please not there! Couldn’t you prick my thighs. Or maybe my ass?””Take it off, Velma. Your bra, too. I’m going to hurt those tits, and you’re going to love every minute of it. Or, I could always hurt Penny instead.””Why not?”Velma asked Penny. “Why shouldn’t I let her? Maybe then you’ll behave yourself, and stop getting me into these…oh, right. I’m attached to you, and that would hurt way worse. Lucky little bitch!” So saying, Velma stripped until she was topless. The pair marched to Velma’s bedroom, and Emma placed her victim on her back before taking careful aim at Velma’s left nipple. Velma clamped her hand over her mouth, she had neighbors, after all, and prepared to scream her lungs out once the needle made contact. A second later, a sharp pain shot through her chest as the needle neatly pierced her nipple. She let out a loud cry, followed by a plaintive moan, and tears welled up in her eyes. But, like anything painful, it had excited her pussy, and she could feel it bubbling beneath her skirt. She looked up at Emma for permission, and when the shemale nodded, Velma pulled up her skirt, pushed her panties down around her thighs, and began fervently rubbing her cunt.Pain and pleasure roiled together, and it wasn’t long before Velma was twisting her abused nipple. Emma pumped her meat while Velma pinched her clit and took her unsullied nipple between her teeth. The young detective began groaning as her lust began to build, and with sudden ferocity, she began to give Penny a spanking. All the time, Emma leered on, wearing a lewd smile, and manhandling escort bursa her now leaking cock. “Oh fuck! Hurt me, Mistress!” Velma suddenly cried out. “Oh please hurt me with that fucking cock! Oh, god I..”Velma was roughly shoved on her stomach before she could say another word. Quickly shedding her jeans, Emma spat a generous amount of saliva in her hands, lubed her cock, and took a pair of latex gloves from her purse. Putting these on, she rammed her cock into Velma, eliciting a very loud squeal. Then she pulled out the stinging nettles. The next ten minutes were a real workout for Velma. The nettles made her cry out at once whenever Emma smacked them across her ass. Welts popped up all over her cheeks immediately. At the same time, Emma’s massive shemale cock was stretching the young detective’s asshole to its very limits. The assault was brutal, but Velma screamed with perverted pleasure, begging to be used and abused still harder. She was ramming her ass back on the turgid cock that stuffed it, and whenever she could manage it, she mauled her nipples. For ten solid minutes, Velma’s rectum was forcefully savaged until Emma grunted loudly and began to shout.”Goddamn, take it, you fucking cum dump! Take my fucking load!” At that, she pulled out of Velma’s abused asshole, and rammed her cock in her sopping pussy. Velma screamed her approval as Emma slammed her dick up her dripping hole. All at once, the shemale began to cum, shooting spurt after spurt deep into Velma’s womb. Even as she came, she continued pounding Velma’s hole, until a massive orgasm finally crashed over her. When they were both finally spent, they collapsed beside each other, Emma’s softening cock dripping on her thighs, and Velma’s aches beginning to dull. They fell asleep that way: side by side, basking in the afterglow of a proper fucking. Emma awoke the next morning to find, to her horror, that both Velma and her smartphone were gone. In a panic, she dove out of the bedroom as she was, and ran straight into the waiting arms of two female police officers. They told her that Velma had contacted them two hours ago, explained the circumstances, and offered the smartphone as proof. They had since removed the cameras, raided Emma’s house, shut down all four of her computers, and wiped the drives. Thanks to her own cameras, they also had a full confession. The police had promised Velma that would aslo be deleted as soon as they no longer needed it. Emma was allowed to put some clothes on before the police carted her off to jail. Velma never found out whether the police kept their word, but neither her friends, nor the world ever learned her secrets. The detective went on to solve many more mysteries, but the accounts she wrote of them became less detailed that her first efforts. These days, she wasn’t above slipping in a bit of misinformation as a security measure against accidentally creating smarter crooks. Emma tried to pen her own tome while in prison, but a gag order put a stop to that right away. Though Velma allowed herself to be more social after her ordeal, she still spent many a night with Penny and her laptop. She carefully searched for cameras first, but after that, her hands flew up her pussy. But no one ever became the wiser, and every morning, life went on Neither Emma Townsend nor any one else was ever able to reveal Velma Dinkley’s dirty secret.

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