Vera Asks For Help With…Ch. 1

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Vera Asks For Help With Her Fetishes

For those that haven’t read my submission Good Neighbours in a Lucky Summer this is a continuation but I think it’s a stand alone story anyway.

* * * * *

The week after our first sexual encounter opened a whole new world for me. I explored and learned more and more about a woman’s body and Vera taught me how to enjoy making love and to experiment, the woman was insatiable, I think she was going through some phase where she wanted to no needed is more appropriate to fuck and be fucked two or three times a day and unfortunately for her, but fortunately for me, her husband, Alex, due to age and probably ill health, as he never looked that healthy to me, was unable to oblige on such a regular basis.

Vera loved to tease me and sometimes did so in my own home. I remember one day she came downstairs for coffee with my mum, she wore a skirt that was a couple of inches longer than usual and took the sit opposite me, while sitting there with my mum she would slowly lift one leg to put it over the other, whenever she was sure I was looking, and gave me a glimpse of her bare shaved cunt, this of course had the effect of draining all the blood from my body and sending it racing down to my cock.

Anther time she came over and while we were standing waiting for my mother, who had gone to the kitchen to fetch her a pint of milk, she grabbed my penis through my pants and begun masturbating me then she quickly bent down and begun sucking me through my pants until we heard my mother returning and she just shot straight up.

She would use various excuses to talk my mother into going upstairs to help her do one thing or another and it goes without saying that I was always more than happy to oblige her as I knew that what ever happened I would get to fuck her in one of her sex tunnels and if time allowed in all three, I was young and had excellent revitalization abilities. When I knew Vera was in and Alison was out or Alison was downstairs playing with the twins I would make my own excuses to my mother about having to meet friends etc and as soon as I was out of the door I’d run up the stairs to Vera, who on occasion joked, “My cunt must be something, if it makes you gallop up these steps like a herd of antelopes, is that what you came for or did you need to borrow some sugar.”

I was still rather shy and didn’t always know what to say and would stand there looking at her rather blankly.

One day when I went up to her flat she let me in and asked, “Paul, do you like me?”

“Yes of course I like you, I don’t think I could make love to you the way I do if I didn’t care for you.”

“Yes, yes Paul but do you really really like me, say like me enough to go along with whatever I ask of you?” I thought for a brief instant wondering what she had in mind, surely she didn’t want us to run of with each other, yes I liked her but I was very young and wasn’t ready for that sort of commitment. “Well Vera I like you very much but unless you tell me what it is you need me to do it’s difficult to blankly promise that I can do it.”

“Ok Paul bedava bahis fair enough, as you know people have fantasies, I am sure that you do as well, one of my many fantasies and top of my list is to have a foursome with me as the only woman, that way maybe all my holes can be satisfied simultaneously but it has to obviously be with people that I can trust or people that don’t know me, whichever the case they must be clean and saying that I mean clean in the sense that I won’t catch some sexual disease. Can you help me realise my fantasy?”

I thought for a minute, I didn’t want to share her with anybody else, well except her husband of course, but then if I was to help her I would be in control of the situation more so than if she met someone else herself who might take over from me as her main lover.

“Alright Vera I’ll help you but I need sometime to think and come up with a plan as it will have to be men who don’t know you.”

She was very grateful and showed it, she dragged me to the bedroom pushed me on the bed and had my clothes of in record time, “I’ve been waiting all day for this.” she said and with that straddled me so that I was looking straight up at her cunt, which had obviously seen some action earlier, presumably with one of the toys she kept in the draw of her bed, as her labia were puffed and red and her cunt seemed wet already.

She lowered her head and engulfed the head of my cock in one swoop circling the gland with her tongue, I now had my mouth buried in her soaking cunt slurping away at her juices and using my tongue as a spoon as the fluid oozed out of her and my nose nudged her anus as my head moved up and down.

It didn’t take her long to adjust so that my whole shaft was now buried in her mouth and throat and she used her throat muscles to begin the process of milking my cock for her prize. I knew it wouldn’t take her long to make me cum but I wanted to make her orgasm at the same time, so I twisted and turned until she was underneath holding and fondling my bloated balls and the whole of my cock in her mouth so that I was partly in control of the blow job, this new position allowed me to suck her clit in my mouth and at the same time stick three fingers in her cunt while saliva and juice trickled to her arse hole thereby lubricating it enough for me to push to fingers past her sphincter, now I entered into a rhythm my cock slowly fucking her throat, while my tongue licked her labia and then lashed at her clit and my fingers fucked her in unison, I knew she loved this and probably the reason she loved it was it was so close to her fantasy of having all her sex holes filled at once. Her renewed efforts at sucking my cock and her moaning and threshing about on the bed let me know that her orgasm was imminent and it only took a few more strokes and she swamped the bed sheets with her warm musky sex juice, her pleasure tipped me over the edge and I released my load straight down her throat and begun withdrawing my cock so that she wouldn’t choke.

We turned to our sides and lay there next to each other my cock in her mouth bedava bonus semi erect still, she was ready for more, I was amazed as she took my entire cock all the way in and then sucked a ball in to accompany it and suckled and pecked with her lips on what of my genitals were still attached to my body that she couldn’t manage to suck in her mouth. With all this going on it didn’t take me long to recover and my cock slowly begun to inflate once again until it was as stiff as when I had arrived at her door, she let the ball slip out of her mouth and concentrated on sucking and licking my cock, then she pulled me on top of her and spread my arse cheeks and begun licking and sucking my scrotum and the area leading to my arse, she then stuck her tongue out and begun caressing my hole, spreading the cheeks of my arse further to gain better access, she pushed in further with her tongue trying to obtain entry passed my sphincter and eventually managed to stick her tongue in. She continued with her efforts until she was sure my cock was fully erect, then to be on the safe side she grasped the shaft and pulled it down to her mouth licking the head and the gland and then under the gland and the area between the foreskin, when its pulled back, and the gland itself, once she was fully satisfied with her work she took the head out of her mouth and said in almost a pleading way, “I want you to fuck my arse as I don’t think we have time for both my cunt and arse before Alison comes home.”

“Okay, do you want me to rim you or do you want to use some of that lubricant in your drawer?” I found myself saying almost casually as if I was asking whether she wanted one lump of sugar or two in her coffee, I felt so sexually relaxed with this wanton woman. “You lick me so nicely that when here I will always prefer your tongue to any lub and I’ve had a clean down there especially for the occasion.”

We changed positions and she bent her body forward so that her fantastic tits were now flat on the bed, I made a mental note that next time I would have to spend much more time sucking those beauties with those exquisite and unique nipples of hers, her knees bent and her arse sticking out and up high, what a magnificent sight. I shuffled along the bed and got in behind her so that I was in the perfect position to do justice to her adorable, curvaceous and wonderfully tight arse. Putting a hand on each buttock I spread them wide taking care not to overdo it as I didn’t want to give pain to this gorgeous woman, I stooped my head down to her arse and begun with light kisses all around the groove taking care to avoid touching her puckered star shaped cavern entry, I lowered my tongue and licked the swollen lips of her cunt, collecting little rivers of her nectar on the tip of my tongue and depositing them in the groove of my lovers arse, it must have tickled, she let out a little girlish giggle, I continued with my labour of affection and hoped that the lessons she had given me were paying off for her.

Now I move my tongue further into her groove and toyed with the edges of her pucker avoiding deneme bonusu the centre, I licked her and deposited plenty of saliva on the borders of her anal entry and then stiffened my tongue and stabbed the centre of her ring with it, she let out a small yelp like cry and then begun to passionately lick the whole of her puckered entry until it was saturated with my saliva and my tongue made a foray into her canal. She was moaning now and begging me to shove my tool into her arse, “Paul, fuck me, fuck me in my arse stick it all in me do it now..oh it to me baby..” I lifted my head scuttled in behind her she was holding her cheeks wide open for me and I could see her arse hole throbbing, I lined up my cock and stuck the head in, her muscles grabbed it and pulled it further in, one more shove and my balls were up to her body and I was pounding her fucking hard and furious and she was yelling for more, she was pulling her buttocks as though she wanted my balls to fit in her rectum as well as my shaft, with one hand I grabbed her hair and used it as a rein pulling her back to me and thrusting my cock in, I quickly lowered my hand and managed to manoeuvre it so that I had three fingers in her cunt and could feel through the thin membrane wall my own cock pounding her arse, she let out a shrill scream as a torrent of thick white liquid escaped her cunt and coated my fingers, I was almost there and withdrew my fingers from her soaked vagina and place my hand in front of her mouth allowing her the opportunity to taste her fruit, she took all three fingers in her mouth and sucked them as if they were a cock, I shot my hot spunk in to her bowels and spasmodic eruptions followed with more of my seed being released. I thought that it was never going to end.

Like everything it came to an end and I was left completely drained, I turned to her and thanked her for allowing me to share her body with her. She smiled, “I just hope you keep your promise because after today all I can think about is being filled in all my holes, just thinking about it makes my pussy cream.”

I said I would come up with something, but it needed careful planning if she didn’t want to be discovered and people to know what a cock lover she really was. We left it at that and I made my way downstairs, it seems just in time, bumping into Alex and Alison on the way down.

“Hello Paul, my wife said you were going to help her with some chores today, so we kept out of the way did you manage to finish everything?”

I could tell from the way he looked at me that he knew what we had been up to but it wasn’t anger I saw in his eyes but more a look of sorrow combined with relief, sorrow that we was no longer able to fully satisfy Vera but happy that she was with him and just using someone else’s cock. “Yes Mr. Stolken, I think we mange most things I think there is one or two things left and hopefully we’ll get to those soon. I hope your daughter has had a nice day out with her father.”

I looked at Alison, she was as beautiful as her mother, in fact she was almost a much younger version of Vera, maybe that’s why I felt this attraction to her but she was still young. She looked up at me, “Oh yes Paul it was a great day out, do you mind if I come downstairs and tell the twins about it?”

“No Alison you are always welcome to visit.” And with that I made my way to our flat.

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