VERONIKA PART 1 a true story by Eric Red


VERONIKA PART 1 a true story by Eric RedIntroduction: The story tells how I came to meet Veronika on the internet, and subsequently met her and what we did togeather on a visit to her own town.”You have two options: dispose of it or store here and collect on your return, ” he said.My almost new Zippo, a unique piece, I had to leave at the airport. And now I should discard it, because it was not allowed in the plane… I thought about it and ask.”If I have understood you correctly, then I can take with me if it does not fire, is that correct?” I asked “Yes, that is correct” he said.I had still a good hour and a half time, so when I arrive at the airport. I went into the Café and ordered a cup of coffee. Then I remove the cotton wick from the lighter. An hour would be enough, and then the fuel would evaporate. So I sat with my coffee and thought about the next few days.I had met Veronica on the Internet. I had some unique images on the Board and she had written to me. Saying “Nice pics”. It then developed into a constant exchange of messages, later moving to Messenger. Veronica was born in Tallinn, Estonia, and was deaf. She had actually just signed in to the group to simply meet people. Her profile was also completely contrary to mine, harmless and suitable for minors. Nevertheless, we had some very horny cyber chats; in the end, we managed to even specifically use cams. I had persuaded her into obtaining a webcam, as she had several times expressed the desire to see me completely, naked with a face. I was hesitant, at first since I don’t like being a fake and worry about my colleagues seeing my pictures. But live with the cam, was only between the 2 of us. I could cum while still in my pants, it is possible with the necessary know-how after a while we both gained confidence, and so she bought a webcam, wesaw each other on cam to each other mutual satisfaction, it was a very horny experiencethen finally we agreed, and that we wanted to feel each other’s body. So that is why I was now sitting in the Café at Leeds Airport, in the UK, my Zippo made not to work and waiting for admission to Boarding.After the fuel was evaporated, the Zippo sprayed only a spark without igniting, I was also on board the aircraftI landed in Tallinn and was clearly excited. At passport control, I confused the Lady in the Customs by pulling out my debit card she sat just blankly wondering and looked at me I took the card back hastily apologizing and handed her my PassportAt the exit, I immediately recognized the glasses, that sweet smile and dark hair tied in a ponytail. A little smaller and Roly-Poly, than expected, but still very sexy and good travel value! She wore a breezy summer dress, with a beautiful neckline, wonderful small breasts. How much had I looked forward to those breastsWe embraced and tried, first of all, to agree, anyway that was not so easy, because of her deafness. But I was of course prepared; I had pad and pen so the exuberant greeting took place on paper. We kissed and took the bus to the Hotel; she had booked us a room at the Old Town Maestro’s Hotel in the old part of the town. After we had checked in and were comfortable we sat on the bed writing alternately notes on what we actually wanted to say. Initially, it was unfamiliar to me but evolved into an interesting experience, a good experience, that you had more time, to choose the words. The whole thing was exciting you had to wait until the other had finished.” I would like to have a shower,” I wrote and went into the bathroom. I left the door open, so that she could watch me from the bed. I undressed slowly, and turned so that she could not see my best piece in the shower, I turned to her so she could get a quick look at my cock. Veronika was settled now, and that I had clear view under her dress I could make out, something like white string underneath the fabric, a sight which made my cock rise. I turned back to the wall and presented my rear. I looked over my shoulder; she lay there just as before. She had apparently taken off the string thing. That made my cock twitch I now stood upright, to go backwards from the shower was pretty stupid, so I turned around, she had now an unobstructed view of my hard-on and left the shower to dry off. Veronika saw me and smiled.I left the bathroom and sat on the bed next to Veronika. She beamed at me with her Brown eyes. I stroked her cheek and she put her hand on my chest. We kissed; while she moved her hand slowly towards my cock, when she finally reached it she held it firmly, she held him and began to jerk me off. I lay on my back it was a wonderful feeling, after nearly two years of single life other than my hands to feel. Veronika now turned her head to my cock, but rather than to blow him as I had expected, she just gave me a kiss on the tip and then turned away. She wrote. “Please do it for me, I would love to see you wank” I was a little perplexed, it was not what I had expected. But why not, she had seen me before on the webcam. I sat down on a chair across from the bed and started to jerk off. Veronika was leaning back on the headboard, her legs bahis firmaları open, so I could see her pussy. Her hands on the thighs and she looked so sexy. A horny situation, a great woman watched me as I made it myself. Apart from the cam chats for me, it was the first, time someone had seen me masturbating. I liked it, so did she, now clearly breathing. Faster she had fun watching me. I stopped and grabbed me the writing pad. “What about you?” I wrote. “(Later ) “, she wrote. “Go on…”I sat again and did as I was told. Now, to excite me more, Veronika pushed her dress up and spread her legs a little more. I had an unobstructed view of her bare shaven pussy; the lips were slightly open and lightly glistened in the light. The sight made me so horny, I wanked faster she realized it was time for me to cum, she motioned me with her index finger, she opened her blouse and showed me her tits. It was immediately clear to me, what she wanted; we had fantasized often enough on the PC. I knelt over them and jerked right in front of her eyes.She pressed her breasts with her hands together and circled with her fingertips over her nipples that made me feel so horny. Quicker I jerked my cock now, and then I shot my hot cum on her breasts. A second and third barrage followed, her upper body was completely covered with my hot sticky spunk. Smiling with the white gold on the breasts, her nipples stood erect. She nodded to me and made with her tongue licking movements. I knew what they meant we had written this so often. I leaned down and licked her tits clean. I had many times before taste my own sperm, so I tasted but now from her bosom licking ever the last drop and with my cum in my mouth I kissed her passionatelyWhat a pity that Veronika could not hear, and therefore conditionally also not speak.In other words, she could speak a little already, but it was just very hard to understand, it was English. But we understood even without words, what to say, and so I took the pad back in my hand “Now it’s your turn to show me… “I wrote.She stood up and dropped her dress to the floor. What a body, as I said a few pounds too much perhaps, but these were great spread, the proportions were perfect as they say. The breasts in about A-, perhaps small B Cup, a cute little tummy, her shaved pussy also not too big was simply a treat, and the butt, in all just a classy woman. She hinted to me that she wanted the bathroom to wash off the chest. I lay down on the bed and watched her. She came out of the bathroom, went to the chair, rested their hands on the armrests and then leaned with the breast on the seat. What a sight I had from behind of her Even though I had just squirted, I realized again there was life in my little friend. Now Veronika sat down in the Chair, put a leg over the armrest and spread with index finger and ring finger her lips. She began using the middle finger to stroke herself; the other hand lay on her chest and played with a nipple it jutted out from the narrow areola. I also put my hand in my crotch… With her little finger, she played on her clit, which was slowly becoming harder her lips glistened more and more by the increased moisture in her pussy. She put also the other leg on the armrest, my eyes opened wide.The middle finger went slowly in her pussy and up again to the pleasure bud. I jerked my cock slowly; he had won already significantly in format. Veronika nodded, that I should please continue. She pushed the second hand now under her bottom and began to stroke, while the other in her cave disappeared, with the second finger over her rosette. Slowly she slid in and pulled him out again, her hips also moving. She now took to the forefinger and began intense movements. The other middle finger rubbed her butt hole and she came more and wilder she began to moan louder then. Because she could control it so poorly it resembled more a whine, but I knew to classify it yes. I enjoyed the sight to the fullest; it was just very, very horny to watch her masturbateMy cock was throbbing; I jerked faster Veronika fucked now with two fingers in her pussy and the middle finger up her ass. Her pelvis jerking and she squealed in pleasure, more or less. She suddenly closed legs, squeezing her butt firmly in the seat and came with a sigh to the climax. Shortly thereafter I squirted my load on my stomach, it was just crazy. Veronika stroked herself still a moment, then stood up and came to me on the bed. Leaned down to my stomach and licked up my cum with her tongue, then she boldly looked at me again, we kissed and stroked each other. A beautiful beginning of an extended weekend…We had snuggled up for some time on the bed; it was now late afternoon, and our stomachs were growling. We would find us something to eat on the way to the old town.Veronica looked fantastic; she was also wearing a red top with spaghetti straps, without a bra -her great small breasts had firm grip even without help. To a black mini, ending over the knees, the red fabric shoes fit perfectly to the top. Absolutely sexy; to see in connection with the ponytail and the glasses kaçak iddaa were for me.-, a big turn onWe strolled through the old town of Tallinn. I was impressed everything was fine and maintained. Great buildings and imposing city walls, the old Hanseatic City would have been a journey worth even without my nice accompaniment. We passed some museums, the next day we wanted to visit one; a little culture would do us no harm. To spend the whole day in bed is also quite nice, but there are parts of the body, which can get in stress. At least for me as a man… We found a nice restaurant with outdoor seating, sought out a table for us and sat down. We ordered a bottle of wine and then chose our dishes. The waiter was very accommodating on Veronika’s handicap and communicated our order in writing.If you’re ever on the Baltic Sea, then there is indeed no choice, we had chosen a fish dish, Veronika, and I must say, it was simply delicious. We enjoyed the food and the wineI took out my camera and took a photo of her I had waved the waiter to pay; he offered to take a picture of us two. I sat next to Veronika, and it was a great picture of us with the historic old town of Tallinn, in the background.We walked around the town and headed back on the way to the hotel. Veronika asked me to make a few photos of her. She posed for the camera sat on a wall, she knew exactly how to look into the lens and blend into the scene, and the pictures were good. It became late, but still was still quite bright, and you cannot say that the town would be extinct, on the contrary, it was busy with people walking around We enjoyed the evening out in the capital of Estonia.I said to her not to be shy, I pulled her top down and she posed with bare breasts. Something I had I not expected, I liked it more when to my surprise, but delight I was able to find that she was travelling without underwear. She lifted her skirt and stood with bare pussy before me, it could well be that others saw us, but she showed little concern, and now sat on the wall with her legs and opened her pussy with her fingers, her nipples were stiff. As well as my cock in my shorts, the boxers could not keep him in check, and the bulge in my pants was for all to see.I heard steps and Veronika hinted that she will cover. A young couple came along the way, and they possibly may have seen Veronika, because both were eloquently smiling on us, she even deliberately looked at my bump and winked grinning as they passing me. I realized I was blushing, Veronika had, had her fun. We walked hand in hand and finally returned to the hotel. We drank a glass of wine at the bar and then went to our room.I downloaded the pictures on to my laptop and we looked at them together “You were a little shy there, Eric,” wrote Veronica.I replied, “Yes I didn’t expect to take any nude pictures”. She grinned at me cheekily and said then that she suddenly got the mood, and she liked it very much That someone can look, she wrote that it made her very horny, and would have liked to have completely stripped, and more…I also liked it, but she would have noticed, my bulge, she laughed quietly, then she stood up and undressed. I pulled my T-Shirt over my head, meanwhile, Veronika opened my pants and she touched down into the Boxer. It stood at half mast, and with her hand, it didn’t take long to fully bring it to full size. (Full size is around 16cm, which is not necessarily big but I think its average, it’s uncut. I’m just happy with what I have) One hand stroking my cock, the other caressing for my ballsI leaned back and enjoyed the feeling, again, she pressed a kiss to the head of my cock, and I felt her lips over my shaft Her tongue circled around the head and she sucked it, with a gentle hand she massaged my testicles it, licked the shaft once up and down, to sink him deep in her mouth. There, she played a horny game with me. Suddenly, I felt a finger at my asshole while she performed true craftsmanship with her mouth. She tried with slight pressure to penetrate, my ass hole, I withdrew but, this was a new sensation to me and I was a little unsure.She looked at me, while the tip of her tongue circled around my head, stroking my breast with one hand and exerted pressure again on my rosette. Her look was determined, and so finally I gave in. For the first time, something was in my butt, which actually didn’t belong there. But after a moment I realized that it not at all bad, on the contrary, I was beginning to like it, with the finger in me; slowly she began to move her finger back and forth. Along with her lip game making me feeling really horny, I was about to pour out of me into her mouth, since I had come twice today already, I did not want that but still, after all, I wanted to feel my cock in her.I withdrew from her mouth and with my fingers, I stroked between her thighs, while my tongue and my lips pampered her nipples. Her breathing was heavy and I felt it increasing while I invaded her love cave with two fingers, I licked her clit with my tongue. She pushed me towards her pelvis and moaned. My fingers moved faster now, and finally kaçak bahis put 3 fingers in her, I sucked on her buttons, and again I circled it with my tongue. I felt how she again arrived with her own finger in her butt, which in addition to my three in her wet love hole as she felt her rosette. My fingers were now fast and Veronika was moaning loud. No doubt there were other guests in the next room but it did not bother me, or Veronika. On the contrary, it made me even hornier I was thinking about the tomorrow with knowing looks as we ate breakfast.I now wanted to feel her hot wet pussy around my cock and put him on Veronika’s entrance, I tried to introduce him, but Veronica prevented me. She reached for the bedside table and wrote:”Take a condom first…”“Oh, Shit!” I said out loud, I had not thought, all my recent partners had the pill method of contraception, I was not prepared, and Veronika had relied completely on me, as the man to have protection.So, it would be nothing today with the carnal experience. Veronika was equally disappointed, but of course, she was totally right. I was not really eager to make her pregnant. My hardness had decreased a little due to the small recoil but smiling, Veronika sat me on the edge of the bed and knelt down before me. “A blowjob is another kind of safer sex,” she wrote and sank my cock back in her mouth. Full of devotion, she dedicated to my cock and it didn’t take long, and I poured sperm into her mouth. She pushed me on to my back, and lay on top of me and then dripped my cum out of her mouth into mine being unspeakably lecherously smiling at me. I pulled her to me and we kissed long and very dearly. What a horny woman.All my previous women had been more or less disgusted at my spunk in their mouths and such games unfortunately rarely happened. Veronika was apparently different.Before we fell asleep in each other’s arms, she had written: “We have to go shopping tomorrow… “ We woke up at almost the same time, in any case, I could not tell who had awakened firstI kissed Veronica, who answered my Kiss passionately, causing my shaft to grow, surely we should have breakfast first, before we go back to the thing, so off to the bathroom to empty my bladder.”I have a surprise for you today, I think it is better that you shave” Veronika held a piece of paper in front of my nose, then another note:”You promised me that I could shave your cock when we met here ” In fact, I had promised her that in chat, she could shave my cock when I visited her. She pushed me into the shower and turned on the water, grabbed my shaving cream and thoroughly soaped my cock and balls. Gently, she began carefully to remove the stubble of the previous day. Due to this unusual treatment my shaft in a short time it was enlarged, which made shaving now also easier for her. Again and again, she looked up smiling at me, the whole thing she apparently loved. I also could not exactly say that I felt uncomfortable. As she shaved my stomach and balls, my cock stood out before me already powerful horny. Again and again, she tested with fingers whether everything was beautifully smooth, which of course is always more intrigued. This caused my cock to stand at attention to its fullest she washed away the remains of the foam with the shower spray and tested her with her mouth one last time, took him deep in her mouth, sucking, licking with her tongue and then drained me. Naughtily smiling she gave a thumb up sign meaning mission accomplished. Since I was now in heaven and was forced to watch as I came. But that was a very good thing, after yesterday he was able to release a small amount of new power…We moved and began to get dressed, Veronika again renounced underwear, and when I wanted to wear my Boxer shorts, she held me back and shook her head smiling. So I slipped away without in Bermuda, shorts, a T-Shirt over my head, and we went to the dining room.As she stood there in front of me, today in a skin-tight mini dress, after treatment under the shower, knowing that she wore no underwear, my cock again inspired inside the Bermuda’s. Her butt was simply adorable in the tight fabric of the dress, and when she turned to me, I could clearly see her firm nipples. Because it was cold, nor moved, there might be yes probably only one reason for the hardened NipplesI was slightly baggy and also with visible signs of excitement, I had the feeling that others could see our arousals and notice, but maybe that was just a feeling.We sat down and a waitress asked us what we wanted to drink. I ordered two coffees. Veronika meanwhile put a leg on my thigh, then dropped it between my legs and rubbed my crotch with her foot. At the moment, the lady with the coffee came, but Veronika kept her foot in the place she carried on as if nothing was happening and continued smiling. As she served me coffee, a naughty grin was wide on Veronika’s face, I smiled back. This was so unbelievable to happen to a sly old dog like me. When we left the room, the waitress with a meaningful smile wished us“Have a very nice day”, and I could not resist a”Surely we will, thank you” Once again, we went to the room where Veronika grabbed me and kissed passionately.She grabbed a bag with swimwear for us both and wrote “we’ll go to the beach today” and pulled me out of the room. To be continued.

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