“Visit to the Farm” Part 2

“Visit to the Farm” Part 2The second part of the “Visit to the farm” with the title “Moving in and new friends” is finally finished and here as usual a reading sample for you. No. 2 tells Paul about her girlfriend and thus shows her tendency to pain and submission. Have fun reading the whole book at Amazon.Number 2 tellsSo it all started when I was 15 or 16 and my girlfriend came to school one day with a black eye. When I asked her what was wrong, she started crying. After she cried out, she started to talk. Her father had been dead for five years and for three years there had been a stepfather in her life. She was probably 10 when he moved in with her and her mother. In the beginning he was a very nice guy and spoiled her as much as he could. He bought for her and her mom the most beautiful clothes and went to the hippest restaurants with them. Every now and then he put some money into her and was just nice. It was such a good year and neither she nor her mother knew what he was doing and why he had so much money. To them he always said he owned several houses and could live on them. Until suddenly something changed. Her mother went away more and more often in the evening and only came back in the morning. She could also hear them arguing. She could hear it, but not really what it was about. He was always friendly towards her and she didn’t understand where her mother’s problem was. He took her on trips and she was invited for dinner. She had less and less understanding why her mother was in such a bad mood. Until the day he cut off the money and went away with her mother for three days. He came back alone and told her that her mother would not come for four weeks. In the evening he sat in front of the TV, only in his bathrobe, watching a movie. She needed some money and asked him for it. With a funny look he looked at her and started to grin.”Darling, what would you think of doing something for the money. You’re old enough now, and others are working outside school for their pocket money. You wouldn’t have to deliver a paper or do anything stupid like that. It would be easier for you to get money. He looks at her from top to bottom. “What do you have planned for tonight?” “Actually, nothing special is planned. I was gonna hang out with some people from class and maybe go to a movie. But that’s not for sure yet. Why do you ask? Do you have something planned for tonight?” She would have no problem canceling her friends to hang out with him. She had already sent her boyfriend into the desert weeks ago and there was no new one in sight. He wanted more than a cuddle, and she didn’t want that. Her feeling told her that today was different and something was wrong. It’s Saturday and he’s just sitting on the couch in his bathrobe. It’s never happened before.”I thought we’d make ourselves comfortable on the couch and just have time together. Now that your mom is… Oh, forget it.” That’s all he says and she thinks about what he might mean. What about Mum? “I thought we could have a bath together and then cuddle up and watch a film afterwards. But of course you don’t have to spend your time with me.” What are those sounds? He wants to cuddle with me and the one where he’s only wearing a bathrobe. Well, he’s actually always taken her in his arms and given her a kiss. There were also the one or other stroking over her bottom and she saw this as tenderness between father and daughter. On the other hand she could understand that he felt alone. She did not need to think long and so she cancelled her friends. Yes that was unusual for her age, but that’s the way she is. “So I cancelled the one that the evening can start! What are we watching?” She says and wants to sit in one of the chairs.”No, that’s not how we do it. I say we make it real nice. We’ll order something delicious for dinner and then we’ll watch the movie afterwards.” So he says and grabs the phone off the table. She hears him order a wonderful meal and looks forward to it. “So now we have three-quarters of an hour and can still go swimming. Go and get undressed and come into the bathroom. I’ll fill the water.” For a moment he just told me to undress and take a bath with him. She had already bathed with him, but that was years ago. She was 10 or 11 then and today at 15 it was something else. Did she want to go to the bathtub with him? Not really, and she looks at him accordingly. He can’t be serious. “What? Do you think I’m watching you? I’m naked, and you can see my dick.” So he says, taking off his robe. He really has nothing underneath, and she’s staring at his penis.”You seriously want this? You want me to just jump in the tub with you totally naked. You’ve already noticed I’m no longer a c***d. We can’t just… You know what I mean.” She’s still looking at his penis. “Exactly! You’re no longer a c***d and you know your body. No need to be ashamed of it. I think you should be proud of him. You can show it to everybody, you should even show it off and show it to the world. I think you are quite beautiful and have no problem with your figure. Besides, what’s the big deal if we share the tub? We’ve done it before and now take your clothes off and don’t get all broody.” He says all this and starts taking them off. She’s shocked and lets it happen. Her jacket falls to the floor and he takes off her sweater. Without asking, he opens the bra and exposes her breasts. He leads her to the couch and puts her on it. Her shoes are the next thing he takes off her. With her hands she covers her breasts and watches him with big eyes while he does it. Her socks are off and he unzips her pants. As a matter of course he pulls down her trousers and takes her panties with him. He has a clear view of her pussy and grins. “Are you a virgin?””Yes. Could you please stop looking at my… you know. That’s probably not what a father should do!” She says and covers it with one hand.”You got that right! A father is not, only I am not your father, so you can take a look. Looks nicely shaved like that. Don’t be like that. We have known each other for years and it shouldn’t be such a problem. Besides, I’m going through withdrawal because your mother wanted to stay in Spain. She’s a real beauty, that sweet little pussy. He pushes her hand away and kisses her tenderly on the mound of Venus. She is horrified and panics in front of him. What is going on here, she thinks.”I think I’ll get dressed again and we’ll forget all about this.” She wants to pull herself away from him and stand up as he holds her.”We don’t forget anything and you do as I say! Who do you think you are. I’m going to get in the bath with you and then we’ll have a quiet dinner. You, my love, will do what I ask of you and you will do it voluntarily. Do we understand each other?” His gaze no longer has the friendliness and kindness as usual.”Oh, and why would I do that? Have you completely lost your mind?” She looks at him in horror.”This is relatively simple, if you ever want to see your mother again and help her, you do as I say! She’s not in Spain for nothing, spreading her legs for some tourists. She may only come back when you are ready to fulfill my wishes. So take your hands off me and show me your tits and pussy. The longer you resist, the cheaper her customers get. Oh, the police won’t be able to help you. She’s down there voluntarily and she’ll confirm that. You have no idea what she would do for you. So it’s up to you. Take your hands off me now and don’t act like that!” He looks her in the eyes and she realizes that he means every word.”What about Mama?””She hits on one of my houses and she’s really good. Nor does she get to choose who steps over her. I emphasize it!” He’s a pig, she realizes now. I gotta get out of here and get Mum out of there. l “II be happy to show you she “s having fun. Look.” He says and turns on the DVD player. What she gets to see now is her mother having sex with a fat guy and screaming out her lust. When they are done, the guy gives her a wad of money, gets dressed and leaves. She gets sick and has to throw up. A short break and another guy, family man type, enters the room. sinop escort They both take a shower together and she gives him a blowjob. That he takes her in the shower afterwards was to be expected. When he is done he leaves the shower and puts money on one of the cupboards in the bathroom. “Do you want to see more or should I stop?” She shakes her head and looks at the TV in horror. “Then clean up your puke and come into the bathroom.” She reaches for her clothes and at least wants to put on her underwear. “You stay as you are! For the next few days, you’ll just be in the house like this. Of course, this is only a wish and I expect you to fulfill it. We don’t want things to get messy between us. I’m sure your mother is grateful.” She has no choice but to do what he wants. With no clothes on, she sets out to clean up her vomit. So now he’s shown his true colors, she thinks. What will he want from her? Why did he ask if I was a virgin? Does he want to make me a woman? I could puke! That’s about the thoughts going through her mind. He stands next to her and watches her.”Will you make love to me and take my virginity? I haven’t really wanted to yet.” She looks at him and his cock, still hanging on him unimpressed, frightens her.”Oh no, at least I’m not gonna crack your pussy. Do you have any idea how much I make if I let you do the other one. There are people who are crazy about it and they’re paying huge sums of money to do it. I’ll let you deflower three times and each time some idiot will pay a fortune just to be the first. I need to get my investment back. Your mother’s good, but she’s not that good. A tap costs between 20,000 and 30,000 dollars. Don’t look like that, it’s just business. It has nothing to do with love and stuff. Do you have any idea how many men your mother has to spread her legs for? I only get $100 each. I already have two interested parties for you and they pay together already 70000 dollars! By the way, you know them both. “Anyway, go ahead and take a bath afterwards.””When did you become such a pig?” She asks him in a rage.”No, sweetie, I’m not a pig, I’m a businessman, and I always have been. Some business deals just take a little longer and others are done quickly. Your mother would have been completely uninteresting without her 11-year-old daughter. You were the icing on the cake. She already looked good and with you I could already see that you have potential for more. Only I don’t work with c***d fuckers for moral reasons. You have no idea how much money I’m giving up. Well, it’s not your problem, and the three deflowerings will make it go away.” He says smugly and looks at her greedily. “Just your ass, that’s the first one I’m gonna take first. I see it as compensation for lost friends.””How stupid do they have to be if all three of them think I’m still a virgin? After the first one, I’m not anymore.” Logically and she was sure that there was a mistake in his plan.”Honey, there’s your mistake, and I can tell you that you’re gonna be a virgin for everyone. “That’s an even $600 a customer. A cuticle like that can be restored relatively quickly. Actually, we could do this number five or six times. We don’t want to get greedy. Your first is some oil guy from Russia who’s rolling in money and I’m still negotiating the price. “It’s okay, and since you’re volunteering, it’s a no-brainer.” So he’s trying to rip them off, and he wants me to go along with it.”What if I refuse?””Then Mom has to earn the money, and that’s gonna be tough. The Russian is willing to pay 100000 and if you refuse, mummy would have to sleep with 1000 strange men! Don’t forget for the other two that she would have to work off 700 clients. Don’t you think that 1700 men is a bit much for a woman like your mother? I mean I want you to see each other again. So even with five johns a day, it would easily take her a year, and how would she look after that? You want to take that chance? It’s up to you! Do what I ask and you’ll see each other again sooner. Now go and fetch us some bath water.” She didn’t stand a chance against him. “You know something?” I look at number 2 in surprise and nod in agreement. “I was totally turned on by the story. “She was totally at the mercy and my pussy was overflowing. “So much submission and threats were fucking great for me. “If she had touched my pussy, she would have wondered. I think it would have ended my friendship.” She takes my hand and leads it to her pussy. Oh, my goodness, it’s soaking wet. “But go on.”Where were we? Oh, yes, she was supposed to turn on the bath water. Of course she realized she didn’t stand a chance. When the tub was full, they both got in the tub. She looked really good even then. Her breasts were nice and big, and the rest were kind of saggy. She had an ass to kneel down. It was really firm and not a Jell-O mold like the others. He had always made sure that she did some kind of sport and she looked really beautiful. He was already sitting in the tub and she wanted to sit up straight when he stopped her. “Stop and hold still! Put your hands down, what the fuck? I want to look at you and I want to do that every time, all the time. Is that clear? Now I’m gonna wash you and you’re gonna wash me afterwards! So stand still and let me do it.” What she now hoped for was not fulfilled. Earlier when she was still smaller he used to wash her very tenderly and it was more like a caress. Today and now he just took a sponge and rubbed her down. None of the playful rubbing and stroking on her body. No rather with firm pressure and almost brutally he proceeded. Only with her bottom he took his time and drove through her butt crack without a sponge. That was a relief and she almost enjoyed it. If it hadn’t been him who messed with her. When he was done cleaning her body, only her hair needed to be washed. “Sit with your back to me and your head behind your back.” She does what he asks and he grabs her head to squeeze it under water. Half a minute, but for her it was an eternity. With force he pulled her up again and she gasped for breath.”Are you trying to kill me?” She snarls at him and he just smiles at her.”I’m not gonna kill my own investment. No, don’t worry. You’re too valuable to me. I just want your ass and I just know you “re no good to me dead. I’m sure your mom would be sad too. He puts on shampoo and really washes her hair like nothing is wrong. Then he pushes her under water again and rinses the shampoo out. He takes his time and holds her under water with one hand. She is not sure if he wants to drown her after all. Just before she inhales water he pulls her up again. “So now it’s your turn to be nice.” He said that so it sounded like a threat and she just nodded. He stands up and she is horrified. This pig has a hard-on, or should I say a hard-on? Anyway, it made him horny to push her underwater. The pig is a sadist and it excites him to see me suffer. He turns around and she sees his whole back is covered in scars They’re crisscrossed all over the place. Why hasn’t she noticed that before? As a c***d she had never noticed it, and later he had never walked around topless. “What’s the matter? Don’t you like my scars? I promise your back will look like that if you do anything stupid. Now get started!” She washes his back and bottom. He turns around and the first thing she looks at is his dick. “What are you waiting for? Get on with it and do it fast.” Do them and avoid his cock as long as possible. Only when she’s finished with her upper body does she reach for it. “Don’t wait now! First you do the legs. You have to take your time with him.” So she washes his legs and gets up again. “Get back on your knees and take care of my dick. Be nice to him and he’ll be nice to you. Remember that what we love, we also like to kiss Don’t hold back. Never before has she had a cock in her mouth or kissed one. Yes, she’s played with her ex’s before, but only with her hand! Putting cock in her mouth wasn’t her thing. Now she had no choice. She had to spoil him orally, even if she had no idea how to do it. In porn movies she had seen how women do it and escort sinop so she tried her luck. So she started kissing him on the glans and then she kissed his cock down. Only at the balls she started to lick him. She plays with his balls and sucks them in and grabs them with her hand. His cock becomes stiff and even bigger. Thick veins run along the sides and make it even wider. “Take it in your dirty mouth and start blowing.” So now the time had come and she had to put the thing in her mouth. “Watch your teeth if you want to live!” So she goes back to the top and remembers a trick from the net. She puts a hand around the shaft and can prevent it from penetrating too deep into her. With her tongue she plays around the tip and knows that he will press it into her. “Open your mouth!” Do them and thus the way is clear for him. Well he has no monster cock, but it is rather unpleasant to feel how he pushes himself into her mouth. She closes her lips around his cock and gives him the feeling of tightness. For this she presses her tongue against his shaft. He starts to push her and she is glad that she knows the trick with her hand from the internet. Without giving her a warning he squirts his juice into her mouth. Reflexively she swallows everything. Again she has to choke and quickly puts her head back. “You better get used to this and don’t throw up in the bath water! Lick it clean and then we’ll get out of the tub.” Reluctantly she licks the tail clean and both leave the tub. Just right, by the way, because the doorbell rings. “Open up and if it’s the messenger with the food, read it in. You stay as you are now. Without a towel, of course.””What do I want? “I’m supposed to walk up to the door naked and let a stranger in. You can do that…” That was as far as she came and got a slap from him.”Did you want to ask something or answer the door “My wallet is in the hall and you can pay him. “So get the fuck out.” He hits her and she answers the door. The messenger is wide-eyed and when she invites him in. She leaves him standing and quickly goes to write something on a piece of paper. She hands it over to the messenger with the money. What the messenger does now pulls the floor from under her feet. Without reading the note he calls into the room.”She gave me a note and the money, is that okay?”Her stepfather comes out of the bathroom and takes the note from him and gives him a twenty euro bill in his hand. “Thank you, that’s fine and have a nice evening.” The delivery guy says thank you and leaves. No sooner is the door closed than he beats them to a pulp. Only when she’s lying on the floor crying does he let go of her.”So you thought you could trick me? Forget it and get used to the fact that you are my property and as long as I want to. You tried to fuck me over and now you can see what that means to you.” He grabs her by the hair and pulls her into the living room behind him. He leaves her lying in front of the armchair and calls someone. “Do you have those three guys there? That’s good. Turn on the camera and start the transmission. At the same time he turns on the television. “Watch it or I’ll hit you again.” She looks at the TV and is horrified by what she sees. Her mother stands in an empty room and through a door three guys come in. They’re big as closets and they’re beating her without mercy. She can hear them screaming and they don’t seem to care. They beat the woman with brutal force.”Stop, stop!” Says him and the three guys read off her. “How are you, sweetheart? You can thank your dear daughter. She tried to cheat on me and I don’t really like that. I told you that if she betrayed me, I would punish you as much as she did. Do you want to tell her anything?” The camera’s pointing at her face and it’s swollen. She tries to say something but can’t get a clear word out, her face is too swollen. “Too bad we can’t understand a word. Do you want to say something to your mum?””I’m sorry! Mama l “m doing everything he says! I’m so sorry.” That’s all he’ll let in and turn off the TV.”I hope this has been a lesson to you and you’ll stick to what I say. Next time they’ll need an ambulance for your mother. Now get up and set the table. I want to eat quickly and not wait until the food is cold.” So he says and sits down at the table. In pain she gets up and sets the food straight. All really delicious stuff, but her jaw hurts and it hurts with every bite. “Do you like it, my angel?” He asks and seems to be amused by her pain. She just nods and he does not like that. “You shall answer when I ask you a question!” “It’s very good!” She says laboriously and looks at him anxiously.”Well, that’s nice. I hope you’ve learned something for the future today. “Since you disappointed me, I’m going to put you to bed. Tomorrow, you’d better remember to bow to my wishes. I don’t want to hear from you again today.” He gets up and pulls her up by her hair. Pulling her behind him, he goes into the cellar and opens the door to one of the storage rooms. “You can sleep here tonight and I don’t want to hear anything.” She looks into the room and there is a bed that she has never seen before. He must have put it there in secret first. “Lie down on it, arms over your head.” As soon as she is lying down, he ties her hands to the headboard of the bed, he uses handcuffs for that and he also puts the keys on a shelf. Inaccessible for her and leaves the room. She can hear him lock the door and leave.”Well, I gotta tell you, that was the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard. The guy is awesome, and so I imagine a strict gentleman. Good thing about the mom didn’t have to be and already wasn’t very good. The rest was actually pretty awesome, don’t you think?” Questioningly number two looks at me and I am really horrified how she can get horny from it. “Don’t look now! I think it’s mega.” I realize that she must be quite disturbed to enjoy it. I am downright disgusted and realize that good looks aren’t everything. “You want to hear the rest of it?” Did I want that? Honestly, I’m not sure. So I think about the book I want to write and I nod.He let her sleep for a long time and that with calculation or better with malicious ulterior motives. She was tied to the bed and couldn’t go to the bathroom. Well, she could hold it for a while, but not for long. At some point she had to give in to the pressure of her bladder and butt. So she lay in her own poop and it smelled disgusting in the whole room.”You are a piglet! How can you lie in your own filth. Well, just like your mother.” He looks at her condescendingly.”You bastard, you must be upset with me. Who tied this to me? Untie me right now. I want a shower. How do you think you get away with all this? My friends will be looking for me and asking questions. The school is starting again sometime and I have to go there. How will you explain all this? So untie me and make sure Mommy comes home.” She is afraid of him and still tries to look at him angrily.”You’re young and so naive, I’ll let you get away with it. You should be thanking me for putting you on a rubber mattress! “I’m gonna hose it down and take you with me. By the way, it’s nice that you have such an old house and the floor has drains, saves me time cleaning.” So he says and walks out of the room again. Not long before he stands there again with a water hose in his hand. Without taking them into consideration he sharpens the mattress. The water is freezing cold and she has no chance to avoid him. “Put your legs up I want to clean your body too and don’t be shy, cold water is good for the circulation. So get your ass up! Your friends know you went to Spain to be with your mom. Understandably she had a bad accident. Only one of them called and the rest don’t seem to care about you. So do as I say and you’re fine, or keep standing in the way and I’ll have my fun with you. Now it’s cleaning time and you should enjoy me cleaning up your mess.” What’s that, only one asked about her? Damn it, I’m at the mercy of that pig! Her thoughts were something like that and she knew she had no choice! So she raised her legs and he sprayed sinop escort bayan her with cold water. When he is finished he looks at his work and grins at peace. “It’s up to you now how it goes on! I can set you free and we’ll eat together or you can stay tied up and I’ll eat alone. Which do you want?” As he asks her, she realizes that she is hungry. At the same time she remembers what she learned from a policeman in gym class. If you have the opportunity, all you have to do is kick the attacker in the balls and run away. That’s exactly what she’ll do to him and his balls won’t be there anymore. His mistake, he’s the one who forced her to play gym.”I’ll behave myself and do as you say. I’m hungry and would like to eat with you.” She doesn’t look at him, afraid he might see she’s lying. He sets her free and she sits down and rubs her wrists. “Stand up and stand before me. I want to see if you’re hurt.” So he says and she thinks she misheard. He couldn’t ask for anything better. So she stands in front of him and lifts her knee with all her might and in this knee-jerk is contained every hate and rage that is in her.”I have known you now for how long? Don’t you think I would see if you were lying?” He just says that and smiles. Her kick was well placed, yet it had no effect on him. Her knee, on the other hand, is fucked up. The pain is overwhelming and tears shoot into her eyes. “I know you and you just kicked steel. Do you really think I “m that stupid and didn “t see this coming. “Congratulations on a great idea. Come with me. I’ll show you how it’s done.” He reaches into her hair and pulls it behind him. In front of the TV he lets go of her and turns it on. At the same time he picks up his mobile phone and calls.”Yes, take her into the room and ask one of the boys to go in with her. Yes, right away. How is she working? Get her and do it quick.” He was probably a little angry because he was contradicted. “Now you can experience what your mama said about your attack. I bet you she’s not thrilled.” On the TV she could see her mother entering the room in terror. In the middle she stops and looks directly into the camera. “Hello darling! I have our little one here and you can thank her for what you have experienced now. Look at it this way, you won’t have to work anymore today. The little rat thought he was smarter than me.” The room is entered by one of the three men who beat them up yesterday. He stands in front of them and seems to be waiting for instructions. “Can you imagine her trying to kick me in the balls? Just like that for no reason and I have to say she has power. So you know what I mean Juan will show you now. Be Juan and no consideration!” He barely said it when the guy grabs her by the shoulders and rams his knee with full force into her abdomen. Her mom collapses under a cry of pain. “Look, did I say look, or shall Juan kick again? He does this and he doesn’t mind at all.” She looked and broke her will. He would be allowed to ask anything, and she would do anything.”Leave her alone. I give up! You win. You don’t have to torture her anymore, I’ll do what you ask.” She says softly and tears run down her face. “Punish me and not her.””You should, and know that if you run, I will find you. I’ll find you and then things will get really messy for both of you. “Go take a bath and then you can make breakfast.” So she gets up and goes to the bathroom. She doesn’t notice the window to the back of the house! It would be one way to get away, only she could do this to her mother. No, she didn’t want to, and she was broken inside. She took a quick shower and hurried so she could make breakfast. After dinner she cleaned up and stayed in the doorway.”Have you ever had a dick in your ass?” He asks her and looks at her.”No, there’s never been anything but touching, and yesterday was my first time taking a dick in my mouth.” She won’t look at him and is afraid to get his dick in her ass.”Okay, we’re gonna have to practice that. We’ll start with oral exercises. Today I’m going to show you how to spoil a woman. Come here and lie on the couch. You know I love you in some ways, but sex with you is a business. It would be good if you enjoyed it, but it’s not mandatory. Your clients won’t care. They’ll just see you as a means to an end to satisfy their lust. You can be happy and participate, or you can leave it alone. They will use you and forget you as soon as they have had their fun. Spread your legs and remember what I do. “Start pampering her breasts and watch their reactions.” So she is lying on the couch with spread legs and he crouches down in front of her. He leans over her and kisses her breasts. At first with feeling and incredibly tender. She even likes it and so her nipples get hard and stick out. Oh yes, she liked that and of course he noticed it. “That’s beautiful! You notice it yourself what you like and how you react. If nothing happens with the tenderness, try this.” He says and starts to knead her breasts strongly. There’s not much to do with kissing anymore. On the contrary, he now sucks her nipple firmly into his mouth and starts to bite on it. She is surprised, but somehow she finds it even more horny and u*********sly stretches her breasts towards him. Her hands grab his head and press him firmly on her breasts. In her pussy the first harbingers of an orgasm gather and he actually manages to bring her to orgasm. Breathing deeply she feels the orgasm raging into her body and for the moment she forgets who she has to thank for this. No one has ever managed to bring her to orgasm like this. This was madness and she lets go of his head and hopes for a break. He lets go of her and looks at her in surprise. “You little horny bitch, you’ve come a long way from playing tits. You’re even hornier than your mother. Get us a drink and then we’ll get serious.” With a smug grin he lets her get up. Uneasy on her feet she goes and fetches what he wishes. Yes she knows and comes back with a coke. She has known him for years. After he has drunk something she has to lie down on the couch again and he kisses her breasts, which he only spoils for a short time, down to her pussy. Carefully he kisses her around the pussy and licks her labia. She realizes that she won’t be able to stand it for long. It’s no comparison to her boyfriend who goes down there like it’s a steak. Nothing to do with feeling and shit. She feels his tongue finding its way between her lips and starts circling her clit. How can a pig have so much feeling. But he can and how he can. Her legs start shaking and shit, he’s got her back. Without mercy his tongue licks her pussy and she comes to a second orgasm with loud moaning. Too much for her and so her pussy floods his face with her juices. She crosses her legs unintentionally behind his head and prevents him from withdrawing. Am I going crazy or what is going on here? I hate this pig and yet I love what he is doing to me. Never before has she been given so much pleasure and actually she wants more. He does something she hasn’t expected. He just shoves a finger into her butt hole and surprised by the situation she lets him go.”Could it be that you’ve only been fooling around with whistles so far? You’re going off – it’s madness. If you don’t cause any trouble we can have a lot of fun and I will show you things you will like very much. I can show you ways you can have real fun and give fun to others. You did have fun, didn’t you?” He looks at me with a grin and I just nod. How is it possible that I have so little control over my body, she thinks at the time. “Girl, you’ve got such extreme legwork, I only get that from your mother. Don’t look so stupid, but lick my face clean!” “It didn’t have to be that way with Mom. You may be good at what you do, but you’re still a pig!” She can’t help herself and gets herself a slap in the face.”I just gave you the sex of your life and you dare to call me a pig. I think you need time to yourself and think.” He pulls her by the hair back into the cellar and ties her to the bed. Without saying a word, he leaves and locks the door behind him. She lies down there for an eternity, thinking about what just happened. She lies on the bed for hours and nothing comes from him. The room has no window and so she can’t tell what time it is. She falls asleep…For more just read the book at Amazon

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