Viva Woodbridge: Scenario 03


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you haven’t read them already, Viva Las Vegas — Chapters 1 I wouldn’t even be so choosy as to only consider fellow training attendees.

The first thing I did as the conference room filled on the first morning of our training was to take a good look around, see who else was looking around and decide who to start chatting up during the first break. It didn’t take long since there were only ten women to the thirty or so men in attendance; of those ten, I don’t think there was a single one who I’d be forced to turn down if she was to proposition me. I did, however, see a few who I’d be much more thrilled about getting naked with and focused my efforts on them. The first was a tall, strawberry blonde named Jenn, who was not only big in stature but had an impressive rack and a big, round ass. Meredith was thin, with mousy brown hair and a plain face, but a nice set of tits and a sweet ass that she’d squeezed into a snug skirt. Erika was a brunette with very blue eyes, a decent figure and impressive tits, as well. Dana’s tits weren’t exceptionally large, but looked perky in her sweater set and her ass was pretty nice. Stephanie had a cute smile and was also brunette like Erika and Dana, but it was hard to get a real sense of her figure in what she was wearing. Finally, there was Sun, who was a painfully cute and extremely petite Chinese woman who I’d actually worked with before, remotely between Denver and New York City, but had never met in person.

I made certain that I interacted with each of them during breaks and at lunch and was feeling some good vibes from a few of them but, by the end of the day, I still hadn’t determined who the most likely candidate would be. After the day’s training was over, all of the participants were invited to a dinner in the hotel where one of the corporate executives would be doing a brief presentation. The dinner was an Italian buffet and, by the time the presentation and the rich dessert was over, I was feeling the need to get in a workout of some kind. Since I hadn’t managed to connect with any of the ladies enough to suggest a horizontal workout with any of them, I settled for a few laps in the hotel’s indoor pool. I was surprised, after changing into my swimsuit, to find that the pool was completely deserted and wondered whether no one else had bothered to check the hotel website to see that there was one.

I was feeling less bloated after a few laps, but kept going until I realized I was no longer alone. I’d seen a movement out of the corner of my eye and paused to see what it was. There was no way I was prepared for the green string bikini, the body it just covered and that both belonged to Stephanie. I hoped the shock and lust didn’t register on my face before I caught myself and casually greeted her. She returned my greeting as she descended the steps into the shallow end of the pool then swam in my direction. As much as I wanted to further leer at her body in that bikini, I was glad that she was now mostly underwater so that I wouldn’t be tempted to. We started chatting again, as we had at various times during the day, and she explained that she’d brought the bikini in the event that the weather was even remotely conducive to a few hours at the beach before she headed back to Boston on Sunday afternoon. As it turned out, the weather was gloomy and gray, so the only opportunity she’d get to use her swimsuit would be in bahis firmaları the hotel pool. I joked that it was very professional and that she should wear it to our training the next day.

That comment and the splash of water she sent my way following it changed the tone immediately to the two of us horsing around which ultimately provided us with an opening for physical contact. We might have spent the evening chatting amicably had we not gone from splashing each other to trying to dunk each other, which meant grabbing at each other. It was after a while that she commented on how surprised she was that no one else had shown up to use the pool. I replied, still feeling very playful, that we could have been skinny dipping the entire time had we known. She dared me to, anyway, and I said that I would if she would. The chemistry between us was obvious by this point so I think we were both looking for a reason to take it to the next level. I doffed my swimsuit and held it up for her to see before setting it nearby on the side of the pool. She didn’t welch on me and soon had her bikini top undone, though she was submerged to her chin when she did it.

She did tease me when she put her bikini top on the edge of the pool by turning her back on me and rising up out of the water enough that I could see her bare back. She did the same thing after she shed her bottom. After that, she seemed to keep the water stirred up enough that I couldn’t get a good look at her naked body below the surface. I was aroused and started sporting wood as soon as her bikini top was off but I wasn’t certain how far this was going to go, so I didn’t draw attention to it.

“So, what now?” she asked, swimming in my direction. Just as we were getting close enough that the next step seemed pretty obvious, we were interrupted by a loud voice from a hotel staff member who had just entered the pool area.

“Pool’s closing in 15 minutes, folks,” he called, startling us and causing us to lurch toward our swimsuits lying on the side of the pool. I don’t know if he realized that we were naked or not because he busied himself with picking up towels and moving lounge chairs while we quickly slipped our suits back on. Stephanie needed me to help her tie her bikini top and, had we still been alone, I probably would have fondled her tits first. Instead, I just tied a bow in the middle of her back and we started to exit the pool. While we were drying off, she suggested that we should probably shower off all of the chlorine and I agreed. We gathered up our things and headed for the elevator.

My erection had quickly subsided but, once the elevator doors closed and we started to make out, it revived just as quickly. We went to her room and, as she was unlocking the door, I was removing her towel and untying her bikini top again, since the hallway was empty. As soon as we were inside, my hands were under her top, feeling the smooth flesh of her tits and her hard nipples. I was standing behind her so I pressed my growing cock against her ass. She leaned her head back so that we could make out again but soon turned to face me and caressed my cock as I completely removed her top. I backed up slightly so I could get a look at her tits as I fondled them. They were probably slightly above average in size and looked even better uncovered; I couldn’t resist leaning down to lick and suck her hard nipples.

She indulged me for a few minutes, moaning and running her fingers through my hair, but soon started to back up, pulling me along with her. At the end of the bed, she sat down and started working on the drawstring of my swimsuit. Once she had it untied, she slid my trunks down and my cock sprung out right in her face. As I stepped out of my swimsuit, she was stroking my cock in one hand and fondling my balls in the other before wrapping her lips around my shaft. I moaned and ran my fingers through her hair as her hot mouth slid down my shaft and back up again. Her mouth felt outstanding as it moved up and down my throbbing tool and I suspected that it kaçak iddaa wouldn’t take much effort on her part before I was spewing down her throat. She was sort of bent forward to suck my cock and, after a few highly pleasurable minutes, she slipped my cock from her mouth and suggested that I sit on the end of the bed while she moved to kneel on the floor.

In this new position, I leaned back on my elbows and watched as she held the base of my cock and started sliding her mouth up and down the shaft again. She was a very enthusiastic cocksucker and seemed almost to be enjoying sucking my cock as much as I was enjoying having my cock sucked. I was completely rigid and could feel an orgasm beginning to build as she pumped the base of my cock and slid her mouth up and down. When she paused to spend a few minutes tonguing my balls, she still pumped her hand up and down the shaft, continuing to drive me along. I savored the pleasure that I was feeling as she went back to sucking my cock again, bobbing her head up and down while I watched attentively and muttered encouragements. My cock swelled more and more the closer I got to cumming and the longer she sucked it until the pleasure I was feeling reached an apex and I started spurting into her mouth.

She swallowed my load and only let my cock fall from her mouth when I was completely spent. She stood up and asked if I was ready to shower so I sat up and untied her bikini bottom, letting it fall to her ankles. Her bush was trim and brown and I ran a finger between her lips to see how wet she was, causing her to moan as it brushed over her clit. Looking at her naked before me, the blood started heading back to my spent tool. When she turned to head toward the bathroom, I got a good look at her bare ass and was duly impressed. I got up to follow her and was just in time to see her bending over to adjust the water temperature for the shower; more blood flowed back toward my cock. Straightening up, she beckoned for me to join her as she stepped into the shower and I was right behind her.

I stood behind her as she wet herself down and ran my hands over her tits, down over her ribs to her waist, then dropped to my knees as I ran my hands over her succulent ass. Slipping a hand between her legs, I stroked her pussy again before she turned and leaned against the wall while propping a foot up on the edge of the tub. I positioned myself between her legs and ran my tongue up her pussy, tasting the juices that were flowing there while she moaned and grabbed my head. When I started licking her clit and slipped a finger up into her juicy pussy, she started to hump her pussy toward my face. With the shower still pouring over us, I devoured her pussy, licking and sucking her clit as I slid my finger in and out of her. Her moans were echoing off the tiled surfaces, making me pleased that I was stimulating her enough to elicit such a reaction, especially after what she’d done for me.

I was happy to have my face buried in her pussy and would have stayed there until the shower turned me into a giant, pink raisin but it was quickly becoming apparent that she was on her way to an intense orgasm. Her moans were getting louder and her hips moving faster while she held my head in place with one hand and braced herself with the other. Glancing up, I could see drops of water falling from her hard nipples and that her face was a mask of raw passion. I smiled as I continued lapping at her clit and pumping my finger knowing that she was nearly there. She seemed to tense up a little bit just before she came but then went nearly limp as her orgasm washed over her and I had to help keep her from slipping down the wall. When she let out a sigh, indicating that she’d finished cumming, I backed off and sat on my heels, still looking up at her hot, naked body.

When she seemed to have recovered, I stood and we made out as she fondled my recovering cock, then we started to lather each other up. By the time we were rinsing off, her tits and her ass were squeaky clean and my cock was not only kaçak bahis thoroughly cleansed, but fully rigid again. We finished up and dried off, then Stephanie led me out of the bathroom and crawled onto the bed, pointing her ass at me while looking back over her shoulder. I got behind her on my knees as she lowered her head to the bedspread. After running my hands over her cheeks, I took my cock in hand and guided it to her pussy. Slipping in slowly, I moaned as I felt her hot, slippery wetness engulfing my throbbing tool. Once my hips were pressed against her ass, I took her by the waist and started to slowly ease myself in and out, relishing the feel of her pussy on every inch of my shaft.

She started moaning as well and slipped one of her hands back between her legs to stroke her clit as I fucked her. As worked up as we’d gotten ourselves in the shower, I didn’t think she was putting her fingertips to work because she thought she’d need the help; rather, I figured that she just wanted to get there faster for some relief. I was fine with her helping herself out since we didn’t really know each other, so I wouldn’t be that familiar with her body. I still did my part by sliding my cock in and out of her and slipping my hands around to fondle her swinging tits. I was fucking her slowly, wanting to prolong the pleasure for both of us, but when she started to push back against my incoming thrusts, her moans getting louder, I pushed into her harder and deeper. When it became clear that she was getting closer to cumming, I straightened up and took her by the hips so I could pull her back against each of my thrusts.

Her moans continued to get longer and louder while her pussy became hotter and more slippery. I could feel my own second orgasm beginning to build faster but was confident that she would cum before I did. I could feel her tense up just before she came then her body trembled and she let out a ragged breath. I continued to slowly slide my cock in and out of her as she came but, once she’d finished, I slipped out of her and had her roll onto her back. Kneeling between her spread legs, I looked over her hot body again before lowering myself over her and guiding my cock back inside her. Supporting myself on my elbows and forearms, I started to fuck her again while leaning down so that we could make out again.

She wrapped her legs around mine and reached around to hold my ass as I pumped my cock in and out of her. I was in no hurry to cum because I was enjoying fucking her but the longer I did it, the closer I could feel my orgasm approaching. The level of pleasure was significant and I was savoring every second but I also felt certain that we’d have sufficient opportunity to experience more of it before we parted ways on Sunday. As I got closer to cumming, I was fucking her harder and faster while she started moaning again in response. I kissed her neck as I pounded her pussy, not able to keep up making out with her at the same time, so her moaning was right in my ear and getting louder. My cock started to swell even more in anticipation of blowing my load and must have helped to bring her up to the verge again. When I exploded into her, my cock spasming as I did, she let out a cry and started to shake beneath me.

She’d finished cumming again by the time I was spent, so I rolled off next to her as we caught our breath. I watched her heaving chest and couldn’t resist reaching over to fondle her tits again, pleased that I’d not only been able to see what was under her bikini but had fondled, eaten and fucked her, too. I was already thinking about having her ride me and finishing up in a sixty-nine at some point during the next thirty-six hours. We spent the night in her room, getting just a bit of sleep, and ended up fucking in the pool the next evening when we found we had it to ourselves again. I also requested that she let me fuck her while she was wearing her green bikini back in her room later that night, which she consented to for me. We didn’t check out until the last possible minute on Sunday because we were naked and sweaty up until then. We parted ways at the airport that afternoon while promising to investigate every possible way to justify more business travel for either or both of us in the near future.

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