Viviana, the Office Fuck Toy

Viviana, the Office Fuck Toy all! My name’s Vivi, AKA… Office Fuck Toy. :)Boss uses me whenever he pleases…And yes I am a girl who knows how to please. :)Firm boobs and tight pussy. I slip on a tight black pencil skirt and high heels every morning.Bam baby! I’m his unresistable fuck toy.A woman’s gotta move up the corporate ladder somehow, right? A typical day at the office is me sitting at the front desk, playing with myself and being on my phone. Fetching coffee…The only thing I’m good for really, is sucking cock and taking cock.I’m the sexy office güvenilir bahis şirketleri bitch. Fuck off and respect me.Anyways, I’m always ready for when the boss needs me to report to his office for business. A hard fucking. *wink*I’m happy to kneel under his desk and go down on him upon his command.He loves to have me unzip that bulge from pants and have that fat cock pop out and slap me straight across the face.I wrap my sultry lips around that hard shaft and swirl my tongue over his tip.I suck that cock like a whore on a mission. Wet and sticky.Not sure what it is, but he really canlı bahis şirketleri gets off on seeing me gag on his dick.He shoves the back of my head into it, literally suffocating me in his sweaty, stinky ass balls.He slams my face back and forth so furiously I feel like I’m gonna get a fucking concussion.My saliva is flying all over the place, dripping down my chin and down my blouse, spit landing all over the lap of my skirt.I gag so hard on his cock.Fuck him.Sometimes he bends me over his desk and hikes up my skirt to hammer me from behind.Fuck me like a stupid bitch.I’m such a dirty, canlı kaçak iddaa cum bucket whore.He really knows how to use me like one.When he isn’t blowing his load inside my tight pussy, he usually likes to uncork all over my face, ruining my makeup and turning me into a cum fucking wreck.I always walk out of his office with my hair in tangled mess, semen dripping either out of my wet pussy or down my chest.Everyone in the office know I’m his personal sperm bank.But SHHHH…I let the other guys at the office use me just as hard.The backroom, the copier room, toilet stall, the break room. I suck that cock every damn place you can name. I take that cock behind the bosses back, and make all the other bitches jealous.XOXO :)

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