Walking Home


Walking HomeMonday afternoon and the school bell finally rings for Home Time. You grab your stuff and run out of the school doors to get home as quick as you can. You run a fair few streets then start to get puffed out. Suddenly you notice a grey delivery van driving slowly alongside you and you get nervous. The van draws closer to you as you gather up speed again, then you glance and see the driver’s window half open and a guy with a dark hoodie and sunglasses starting at you; he licks his lips and makes blow-job movements with his tongue inside his mouth. The van drives off quickly.A street or two passed and you are playing with your ipod, trying to watch more of that porn clip you downloaded off the internet. Suddenly you are grabbed from behind and thrown into the back of the van. Your mouth is stuffed with something soft, but slightly smelly like socks, your head is covered with something dark and sweet scented and your hands are tied roughly behind your back.In your panic and desperation you feel your panties become wet; strangely you’re not so worried about getting k**napped, but you’ve wet your nice clean knickers.You hear the van door slide shit and the van drive off, you lose track of where you’re going and are helpless to call out. Suddenly the van stops, the doors open again and the man grabs hold of you. As you lie on your back you feel his hands touch your small pert breasts, you feel his fingers slide through the buttons on your school uniform and tease you feeling the fabric of your first cotton bra. From the top, you feel each button of your school blouse come undone, now your nipples start to erect, you have no idea who this guy is, but you imagine him to be the guy from across the street you`ve been teasing this last few days. In your mind you can see his bulging cock ready for your attention. But now you’re unsure who this man is; he doesn`t smell like the guy who ataşehir escort visited you and let you play with his manhood.This man now pulls your school blouse over your shoulders and gets a better look at your small pert titties encased in the brassiere your wearing, you feel his fingers undo the clasp at your back and sigh as he pulls your bra off and pulls it over your head and you feel his warm breath hover over your bare exposed breasts. Although you cannot feel them; you know his lips are barely inches from your pert nipples, you try to feel sexier so those nipples will protrude even further, suddenly you feel his lips touch your left nipple and the shiver runs through your body tingling every nerve in your perfect female body.His lips barely touch the soft gently skin of your breast, he moves his lips around your nipple and occasionally lets his tongue moisten your nipple, he softly blows cool air upon your nipple; arousing you further. Again you feel another surge of wetness between the legs as you knickers get a second soaking from your seeping vagina, although this time you know it is not urine.While he is attending to your left breast with his mouth and your right breast with his hand, he whispers he can smell your feminine juices, but you`ll have to wait patiently before he attends to it.He spends another ten minutes kissing and caressing your breasts, before you feel his hands take hold of your hips, you feel your navy school skirt being tugged down your thighs, down your lower legs and finally off your feet. You feel him and the van move as he grabs your ankles and drags you out the back of the van, you collapse on the ground. You notice you can smell grass and leaves and fresh air, he grabs your hair and leads you across the rough ground semi-naked to a tree and ties you to it. Your arms are tied to wide spreading branches ümraniye escort and your legs are forced apart; again you feel his hands touch your breasts and play with them roughly this time, tweaking your nipples with his fingers, biting them teasingly, slapping your breasts so they wobble in front of his eyes; he has you right in his command.Suddenly you feel something cold and metallic against your hip, you hear a feint snip and you discover this man has a pair of scissors and had just cut one side of your wet panties. You feel the coldness of the scissors as he moves them and they touch your wet vaginal entry, he slides them inside the part of your knickers that are still being held up and you feel the cold metal move your nubile pubic hairs, you don’t have many yet, but what you have move and turn you on again.The scissors are removed and you hear them land on the ground. Now you feel the breath of this man, inches from your wet anticipating pussy. Jackpot: his tongue finally touches your wet panties and licks in up and down motions, taking in the intoxicating aroma and taste of your sweet feminine juices. He licks your pussy for a good ten minutes inserting his tongue deeper and deeper into your vagina.Snip…. Those wet panties fall from your pussy, leaving you totally exposed. “I know what I forgot!” He says, half to himself, half not….You hear rustling as he rushed to and from the van getting whatever he wanted. Then he approaches you again, grabs your breasts again firmly but as rough as before, then slides his hands up to your throat, he takes hold of your head covering and pulls it off.Immediately you see it is the guy from across the street, fully dressed with his semi-hard penis sticking out of his trousers. You look down and see that you are indeed totally naked and tied to the tree in a wooded area. Now kadıköy escort you can see him; the guy undresses down to his underpants and to your surprise he urinates himself; his grey cotton boxer shorts now sport a dark grey patch and it grew ever bigger and the trickle of urine running down his leg turned you on even more.He approaches you and kneels down before you, thanking you for allowing him this fantasy; he takes hold of your cut wet panties and smells them in front of you, then leans forward and kisses your sweet nubile pubes, letting his tongue occasionally filter through the pubic hairs down to your wet dripping vaginal area, then down the inside of your perfectly toned thighs savoring all your juice.He cuts your wrists down from the spread branches and the blood quickly recovers in your arms. You kneel down in front of him and kiss his urine soaked boxer shorts. You remove his underpants and take hold of his wet penis. Yes, you take hold of his semi-erect cock and start to masturbate him as his manhood grows ever larger. You are like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.He grabs hold of you in his arms and pushes you back against the tree and aligns his Hard Cock against your still wet pussy. He leans closer to you and you feel his cock penetrate you and force its way up into your vagina; something you had never experienced before or will never again! You feel the pain of being violated, but you fell the pleasure and ecstasy in equal measure and allow this man to take you. Larger and larger you feel his cock as it forces your cunt to its maximum expenditure. You gasp in pleasure and relief at being taken by this man you have only known a matter of days.You collapse on the ground together and spend a considerable amount of time fore-playing and getting to know each other better, until you recover enough to make love again, and again. Finally you both lie on the ground and realize it is time to leave; you know your Mother will be wondering where you’ve go to.You get redressed minus your panties; which he has firmly tucked away in his pocket and straighten your hair up. As you approach the van you notice him unclip a video camera from a nearby tree.“It`s just for us my Darling…. Our first time!” He smiled.

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