Watching Ana and Laura with other men


Watching Ana and Laura with other menI decided to follow my wife and her slutty girlfriend Laura on their Saturday night raid to their brand new lovers…I got my car and pursued Stella’s one. Fifteen minutes later I saw them reaching Charlie’s house. The three men were outside and they all quickly changed places in their own cars.Laura climbed into the front seat of Charlie’s car beside him. Another guy took the wheel on Stella’s car and she went with him. My sensual wife climbed another car with a Latin guy at the wheel.They went again to that same western country dance place where they had met Anita the first time.I saw them from the shadows of a dark corner near the tables.As soon as my wife was seated close to that Latin guy, whose name was Giovanni, his large hands pulled her close to allow his thick lips to cover her soft mouth. The kiss went on and on…His hands took possession of her round boobs. There was absolutely no fumbling. With one smooth motion, he had her green lime dress unzipped and pulled off her soft shoulders. He kept touching her boobs and her hard nipples in the darkness…I could see Stella’s body humping in her seat. Her friend was Nick and he had his hand under the table cloth; but it was obvious that he was stroking her cunt as tuzla escort she thrust herself against his hand, moaning softly with her red mouth open. Although I could not see too much about Laura and Charlie; I could see enough to know that he had her locked in a tight embrace and was kissing her continuously. All of a sudden it looked to me like Laura was thrusting her body up and down… probably because Charlie was finger fucking her. Then I could see that bitch had her tiny thong around her ankles…I saw Giovanni made my wife stand up and ordered her to be quiet. Then I realized that he intended to cuff my sweet wife’s hands behind my back. She protested; but then I heard Charlie was explaining her that she deserved that kind of punishment, for being such a cock teaser…Then he made her bend over the table to check the restraints. Every man in the place was watching as Giovanni led her out onto the dance floor. He pulled my wife close to his body. She could not offer any resistance with her arms locked at her back…That bastard then unzipped again Ana’s sexy dress and pulled it to her waist. He twirled her around several times holding her so she did not lose her balance and fall. I could see her nipples were hard and erect.They became even harder when the Latin tuzla escort bayan guy leaned over her and sucked those sweet nipples into his mouth. All men cheered up.Then I saw Charlie was moving over them. He grabbed Ana from behind, feeling her boobs as he pushed his hard erection onto Ana’s ass cheeks. I saw her moan with pleasure. She seemed to be completely turned on in those guy’s arms…Charlie’s hands moved to her thighs and some few seconds later, he lifted that sexy dress hem up to my wife’s waist. Then his handmoved underneath and slowly stroked over her mound, through her barely thong-covered slit. Now Ana was moaning loud…Charlie put down again her dress, but his hand was kept under it. Soon he pulled her tiny thong aside so he had an easy access to her uncovered pussy. Then Laura approached them and slid her nice hands under Ana’s dress. I saw her taking down my wife’s thong to her ankles…Ana rose her feet, one at a time and Laura sniffed the thong before giving it to her lover; who quickly put it into his pocket as a trophy.As Charlie kept grabbing Ana’s boobs; Laura sank her fingers down my wife’s dress and I saw her moaning as she felt those naughty fingers invading her soft cunt.Laura knew what Ana wanted and soon she made her come in escort tuzla the middle of those dancing people. I saw Ana’s knees bending and Charlie held her waist to avoid her falling to the floor.Then I saw one hand of Charlie moving behind Ana`s butt. It was obvious that this bastard was finger fucking my wife’s asshole. Then I heard Ana moaning louder as tremors shook her body. She had an intense orgasm, as both Laura and Charlie fondled her. She finally screamed wildly, as Laura showed her naughty fingers fully coated in my wife’s juices… Suddenly Ana’s hips thrust forward and another gush of liquid shot out onto the dance floor. Then Charlie smiled and helped her to go back to their table.Giovanni removed her wrist restraints. And then he slipped his hand beneath her dress and rubbed her soaked pussy for a while. Holding onto his shoulders, I saw Ana was opening her legs wider to give him more access. Soon my slut wife was hunching against his hand.After that bastard Latino guy made Ana cum on his hand, they finally had their drinks in silence for a while. Then Charlie said something to them and they nodded their heads.I saw them standing up and moving to the door. I was sure they would take the girls to Charlie`s flat and would fuck them all night long; this time, including my loving slutty wife…I decided I had watched pretty enough for the night and then I would come back home to wait for the ladies. I was sure both Ana and Laura would tell me all details later…

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