Watching her Syntribate in the Library


Watching her Syntribate in the LibraryI worked in a university library one summer shelving books. Since it was summer quarter, there were maybe about 10% as many students as in the other quarters. I routinely walked the entire place each morning with a book cart, picking up unshelved books to take downstairs for organizing them and later bringing carts back up for shelving. I had seen these two together there many times, and while shelving had overheard parts of a few conversations that told me that one was a law student studying for the Bar exam and the other was studying graduate chemistry. Both were on the petite side, and both had shades of brunette hair. Both were pretty attractive in my opinion. I had a lot of time on my hands since the library was so empty most of the time, and I noticed early in the summer that one of them often crossed her legs and swung her foot and the top leg back and forth idly while she studied. They must have registered for a back to back carrel for the summer, because they were always in the same spot. There were rows of books that ended a few feet from the carrels against the windows (this was on the 4th floor). It was easy to hear people entering the room because the entrance is not carpeted but the rest of the room is. Their carrel was about 40 feet from the entrance and had walls on each side, so they could not be seen by anyone entering the room until they were far into the room, either across the rows bahis firmaları of books or if you walked along the windows, you would walk right next to them. Most of the time, the one who swung her foot would do so for 10 or 20 seconds and then stop, as though she just had some nervous energy. The two of them were always there together, leaving for lunch and other breaks and coming back at random times.The day in question was late in the quarter, and as I was shelving books in the room, I noticed that the woman who swung her leg was doing so somewhat more forcefully this day, and for longer periods of time. I stopped moving and could see them pretty well through the books in the racks a couple of rows away. I heard the other woman say that she had an exam at 11:00 and would be leaving at about 10:30; the other woman said that she would stay and see her there after lunch. That made me very curious, and I shortly finished shelving books in the room and walked right past them to the door to the room, which was empty except for them. It wasn’t 10:30 yet.I brought the cart downstairs and came back up at about 10:35, but this time I came back through the back staircase, which is pretty far from where they were sitting, and you needed a key to use the back stairs. I was very quiet and approached where they were sitting slowly and was carrying my shoes. As I arrived, I could see that one of them had left and the other was now alone. I sat down kaçak iddaa on the floor two rows behind her and part way up the aisle, so through the books I could see her at about a 45 degree angle. I had to move a couple of books a few inches to be able to see her clearly, and it would be hard for her to see me because the opening in the books was only about and inch or so.I noticed immediately that she was no longer wearing her sweat pants, but now only gym shorts that were not tight but also not loose, and a t-shirt. She had her right leg crossed over her left and was swinging it back and forth quite a bit, but was stopping at times. She appeared pretty busy with her books and papers. This continued for about 20 minutes.Then, she got up suddenly and headed for the door. I immediately got up and moved back into a study room, figuring that she might be walking around the entire room as people sometimes do. I waited about 5 minutes and returned to where I was. I believe she did circle the room, but I couldn’t check without her seeing me. When I returned to my spot in the racks of books, she was back in her chair. She was organizing her materials and putting some things away, so I thought she might leave. Then she pulled a paperback book that had no cover out of her back pack and started reading it. As she did so, she was again swinging her foot and leg back and forth. After about 5 minutes of this, she started swinging her leg more forcefully kaçak bahis and with more speed, but stopping every 20 seconds or so. This faster pace continued for another 5 minutes or so. Then, she quickly looked around but then went back to reading and swinging her foot. She was holding the book in her right hand, but then switched it to her left. After another minute of swinging her leg, she moved her right hand down and started lightly rubbing her thighs a bit while continuing to swing her leg. Shortly after this, the motion became faster and stronger, and she moved her right hand between her legs while she swung the top one. Soon her right hand went right up to the top of her legs and into her crotch, and the motion continued. I could see that her facial expression was changing now. She sometimes licked her lips a bit and her lips were sometimes clenched together. She was now moving and rocking quite forcefully and quickly, and her right hand appeared to be moving just a little while pressed deep between her upper thighs. She closed her eyes for about 10 seconds and she very subtly shook while the motion was still going. She kept going for another 10 or 20 seconds and then stopped. It sure seemed to be an orgasm.I was frozen and worried that she might get up and notice me, but I got lucky and she walked to the door and down the hall, probably to the rest room. I left and went down the back stairs when she was gone. I returned about 10 minutes later, and she was back, but had other materials out and was working again.I decided not to stay and press my luck any further. I saw her again for another week or so, but never saw anything similar after that.

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