Watching Neighbor 3


Watching Neighbor 3After I had seen and played with my neighbor’s titties and pussy I was keen on keeping an eye on her. Yesterday she came to me and asked me to change the filter on her above ground pool, seems her “mechanic” boyfriend can’t figure out how to do it himself.So I told her I would, if I could play with her titties again. She told me that her Step-daughter was spending the summer at her place, and she could not get away. Joking, I told her that I could use some extra pussy, and her eyes flashed and I thought she was going to stomp a mud hole in me and walk it dry.She said if I ever said anything about her daughter, to her again, she would cut my balls off! DAMN!! I changed her filter and we sat on her deck enjoying a cold one while her step-daughter played in the pool. I was enjoying teasing her and watching the younger one play in the pool all while trying to keep my hard-on from showing.Her step daughter is about 5’4″, 125 pounds, with I swear, at least large “C” or “D” tits, and an ass to die for. She caught me looking and told me again to be careful or she would have my nuts for dinner, I just laughed at her, and told her I would be nice.Later that evening after dark I was thinking of her playing in the pool when I saw Linda and her boyfriend drive up the street. I was walking my dog in the alley behind their house, and when I saw a light in a bedroom come on I just casually looked and saw that the daughter was drying her hair like she had just came out of the shower, her body was covered with a large towel, and I was hoping that she was naked under that towel, as I thought that, she dropped the towel, and when she turned around I was treated bursa escort to a wonderful sight indeed her tits were absolutely fantastic, her stomach was flat, which made her tits seem that much bigger, It was then I looked lower, and DAMN, she had a shaved pussy that seemed to come up about 2 inches from her lower abdomen. Hers was the smallest vaginal opening I had ever seen, and man did it look tasty. I was watching her stand there drying off, when I heard Linda, coming home. I beat feet out of there, and went home and stroked myself to a satisfying orgasm.The next afternoon, I was talking to Linda, and watching that sweet bubble assed girl, play around in the pool, when Linda asked me if I could do her a favor, I was thinking she wanted to borrow money or something again, when she came out and asked if I would be willing to babysit for her and her boyfriend, as they wanted to go to a concert that was being held in Des Moines, and they would not be home all night.I thought that her step-daughter was too old to need a babysitter, but then she said it was for her two younger ones, since the step-daughter was going out on a date. Suddenly it made sense, and I did like her k**s, so I said I would. It was just before midnight when the step-daughter came in, and she smelled of pot, and was staggering and slurring her words like she was drunk. I asked her if she had been drinking, she said “NO”, but then giggled, and said, “Well, maybe”. I just shook my head, and told her to get ready for bed. She went into the bathroom, and I heard the shower start, the water seemed to be running and running and I was thinking she likes long showers, or she was jilling off in bursa escort bayan there. I got a wood thinking of that young hottie playing with that dinky little pussy, but there was no way to see into that bathroom as there were no windows. After about 15 minutes with the shower running, I was thinking that something must be wrong, so I went and knocked and called her name, she didn’t reply, so I tried the door and it was unlocked, when I opened the door there she was sitting on the toilet passed out, she had her pants and shirt, off and was just wearing a bra. I turned the water off, and picked her up, and took her to her mother’s room, and laid her on the bed. I finally got a good close up view of that sweet, small, good looking pussy.She looked so innocent lying there, and I was torn between just covering her up, and having my way with her. I figured she was too young, and that pussy was too small to do anything with. It was then that I noticed a trickle of cum oozing out of her pussy. Well I be damned, she had been fucked earlier. The more I looked at that sweet, delectable pussy, the hungrier I got, and I remembered the great words of President Bill Clinton, “EATIN AINT CHEATIN”, I slowly parted her legs and slowly worked my mouth over her pussy. I swear I could damn near get her whole orifice in my mouth. Yeah, I know she was full of cum but that made it so much better. The only thing better than making a creampie, was eating a creampie. She was so out of it, that even when I sucked her almost inside out, she just moaned slightly, I put a couple fingers in that tight, tight pussy, and began to saw in and out, gradually curling my fingers upward and escort bursa she began to buck and squirm, when her orgasm hit her she stiffened, screamed, and shot about a quart of girl cum out onto the bed. The surprising thing was, she didn’t wake up, she just started snoring. I went back to the living room when I remembered that my face smelled like pussy and cum so I went to wash my face, then I saw her clothes in the bathroom, so I picked them up and placed them next to the bed she was sleeping on and covered her up.I was sitting on the couch stroking my cock, when I heard what sounded like Lind’s car pulling into the garage, I stuffed my dick back in my pants, and went to look, and sure enough there they were, I was sweating like a pregnant nun at confession, and trying to think if there was anything that would make it look like I had taken advantage of that girl.Linda came in, and she was so drunk, she couldn’t find her ass with both hands. I asked if the concert was good, she mumbled something I didn’t understand, and her boyfriend said the reason they were back, was there was some kind of problem where he worked and he needed to go in to work. He stayed a few minutes, kissed Linda goodbye, and left. I asked Linda if she was going to be alright alone, she just said, “FUCK ME!” I led her to her room, and undressed her, laid her on the bed, I sucked her tits, worked my way down to her pussy, I ate the second sweetest pussy of the night, when she had her orgasm she too passed out. I thought about just fucking her anyway, but I like my women to be a little more alive when I fuck, so I just covered her up kissed her, locked her door and went home.The next day she saw me and gave me $20. I asked what that was for, and she said ‘babysitting’. I just smiled. Then she asked me “How did I get to bed last night?” I just said “I don’t know, you were asleep on the couch, when I left”

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