Water Hike


The misty morning was greeted by the warming sunrise though green canopies of trees.

Grasping a breath of the fresh air, she crawled from the tent out into the campsite, and marveled at the beauty around her. She then ambled over to the camp stove to fire up for coffee, and mused over the remaining embers of the fire previously. The pot juggled anxiously with boiling bubbles, upon which she proceeded to make the coffee.

Her husband, with a third sense of coffee readiness poked his head out from the tent and grinned at her. She grinned back while handing him a hot cup suited to his taste. He sipped his coffee and she looked at him with loving eyes thinking it might be nice to go back inside the tent for some tender morning loving. Instead she just gave him a big kiss knowing later she’ll have her opportunity.

Neither one of them with a big appetite for breakfast right away, decided they would embark upon a morning hike along a nearby river. With the camp secured, off they went on a small beaten trail.

Discoveries of animal tracks noted along the pathway were rewarded with small glimpses of creatures along the way. Both of them bahis firmaları very happy absorbing the environment around them and were feeling a sense of freedom.

Upon hearing the first babbling of the river, steps were quickened to reach the liquid destination. The tree branches seemed to open up to guide them as the path had narrowed some.

The bend took them directly to the water’s edge, where gasps of joy was exhaled from both of them. Surely a nature’s artist designed a perfect scene for them! Waterfalls, small and large were evident framed with boughs of green. The smooth river rocks were covered in moss under the clear water. The music it sang was enchanting.

In exalted happiness, the packs were tossed along the shore and clothes were flying off with plenty of laughter of joy.

She dipped her feet into the cold water and back out feeling the exhilaration of the refreshing water tingling on her skin. She glanced at her husband, and could only admire his body. How she wanted to kiss him right now. Thinking about the lapping of his inside knees and sucking his toes….hummmm… then she rambled onto a nicely moss covered stone with kaçak iddaa the mini-water fall covering her shoulders, she felt the water sensation upon her breasts. Calling out to her husband to join her as there was plenty of room to share, which he did in turn.

As he approached her, she could see he was a little excited. She gestured for him to come before her as she lifted up towards his cock, which was now truly excited. She grabbed his buttocks with her hands as she buried her mouth on his hard cock which was pushing deeper into her mouth. She lapped his cock with her tongue, wanting him to push deeper into her willing mouth so she could tighten her mouth to pleasure him more. Her hands moved forward to caress his tighten balls bouncing against her face. His hands in her hair pushing her closer to him, she moved with him harmoniously.

In this position she could feel the water fall now on her pussy, gushing pleasurable waves on her clit. She was very flushed with passion and felt close to cumming which only increased the pleasure she wanted to give her husband, as she sucked his beautiful cock harder.

She could feel his trembling in kaçak bahis tune with her trembling. His hands grabbed her breasts to pull her up towards him. A deep kiss was waiting for her as he took her to the top of the rock and pressed his weight down upon her. She returned his deep kisses with her flickering tongue. Her tongue, a nomad of pleasure torment went everywhere on him- making him moan with ecstasy.

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His hard cock rubbed against her wet pussy, rubbing it up and down her clit. It was now her turn to moan with ecstasy and wrap her long legs around his body. She was begging for him to enter her, he showed no mercy while he teased her further with torturous sensations.

No longer able to take the pleasure, she overtook him and turned him around on his back. Where upon she straddled him and teased him with the thought of penetration. But alas, neither one could take much more of this and she sank her wet pussy on his hard cock and both exclaimed a deeper pleasure! She fucked him hard and long …. Her body tingled with his …her body trembled with his…an unsinkable brink overtook them as they became one with each other. They came together and sunk into each other’s arms holding on to the feeling.

Their love juices flowed down the river, which went to the sea who circled the world. Surely they were one, as nature is a harmony of circles.

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