wedding group in jamaica!!!


wedding group in jamaica!!!It was a normal night hotel disco bar at the hotel, until this wedding group came in with about 5 single girl, it was game time the DJ was mixing tune after tune and I was mixing drinks after drinks…They were already buzzed from the champaign that they gave them at the wedding the group had about 20 people so they took up most of the dance floor, the girls were dancing like crazy the guy came over for shots I gave the a special shot called the “Rick james BITCH” the groom had one 1st the his best friends who were also there, all the guys took one except one who was drinking water a looking out to the dance floor the whole time.I made the girls drinks and put them on a tray and took it to them, being at a couples resort single girls do not have a lot of guys hitting on them so I didn’t even have to hurry, so I dance a little and scope out the group choosing my pray wisely…. little did I know that I was being scoped out too. The groom and all his friends was fucked up by now except the guy drinking water! I was surrounded By all the girls in the group pushing and grinding my cock against these white girls! That’s when my eyes made four with the guy drinking the water, so I played it cool and call him over putting him on the spot getting the girls to dance with him and went back to the bar! After he dance for a while I saw him whispering in one of the girls ears, she stop dancing and when back to standing off to the side with him, I was so surprise to she that she was the hottest girl there….very shapely bleach blond! She was wearing a black top with the one sleeve that cut across her about 34 D tits which were perfectly equaled that sarıyer escort cheats gravity to firmly stand over her hard flat tummy and white shorts that grab her perfect white ass wasn’t big but was very perky with toned legs that leads t and about 6 inch heals!! U would have to see her to believe it!! She stood there with him for a while till the other girls came on got her and she when dancing again, I watch her every move from the behind bar, it was like I was being hypnotize she was so hot!!! About an hour passed and the disco cleared out they all left and I was clearing the glasses from the area around the dance floor when I saw them at the entrance, she came back into the disco and using one finger hooked it into my button uniform shirt and pulled me close and was dancing with me for about 30 seconds all this time she was looking at the door as if her husband was coming, then we stop dancing but she was still very close as put my hands around her waste and pull her closer. I could feel her tits on my chest now she was looking into my eyes, we kissed I grab her sweet ass and squeeze her tits!! Mmmmm it was sweet as she rub the bulge in my pants…..just like a 6th sense I stop what I was doing ask her if she wanted a drink she said yes so I went behind the bar, I made it as her husband came in I asked him if he wanted one she said yes so I made the two drinks he walked out to the door and called her “be right back”she said then they both left…… The Disco was almost closed when she came back in a towel and swim suit my cock instantly got hard as my heart pounded in my chest she was esenyurt escort in a gold swim suit which only cover her nipples… Man oh man wish u could see her!!!! We were the only one there so I turn the lights off and lead her to the corner and wasted no time my cock was raring to go! So I freed it from my pants she started to stroke my shaft as I lean over and started on her tits licking the breast then the nipple pushing my hand down the waste of her swim suit bottom her cunt was clean shaved and was dripping wet!! The little light that came in side I notice that she still had here heels on, that’s when I turn her around she place on the handle of one of the chair her huge tits was just dangling I got behind her and pull her swim suit bottom down to her ankle and started to lick from her ankle back up to her ass I grab her firm butt checks and Ram my tongue deep into her ass, as I fuck her ass with my tongue she moaned as I switch to her pussy licking it from behind I reach around and pinch her nipples…. she almost buckled as her orgasm rushed through her body as she grind on my face, I got up and she turn around and sat in the chair I stood in front of her.She pulled back on my un cut manhood which was soon lost in the warm wetness of her mouth I fucked her mouth as she blew my mind I could tell that she was enjoying having my cock in her mouth because she slid out of the chair and was squating infront me, she then took my cock out of her mouth and was jacking me off while she played with her clit as I play with her tits….!I tell her to get on her knees in the chair is I got behind her and rubbed the head of my cock avrupa yakası escort against her wet pussy then slowly pushed it in, but she didn’t want that as she shoved her self back onto my cock!!!! As she flashed her hair back and said “I want you to fuck my brains out” so I did what was asked of me I started to ram her pussy hard and deep I was fucking her so hard it was hard to keep her balance, as our bodies collided my balls slapped against her clit as I pumped her little white pussy with my black cock. She came so hard her pussy juice was splashing everywhere as I fucker her, the sound of us fucking echoed in the empty disco like a chisel chipping away at concert. Her body trembled as she came again by now my pants on the ground was soaked from her squirting. She slid back to the squating position and turn to face my cock and started sucking and licking all her juices for my cock and licking my abs, I know I didn’t have much time so I wanted to cum too so I pick her up like a bag of flour and lowered her unto my awaiting cock. She wrapped her hands around my neck and place her head on my shoulders as I held her by her ass cheeks and pumped her slow and deep, I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock as I was picking up speed getting ready to cum.Her teeth clench my shoulder but the sweet feeling that was rushing through my body as I was about to cum numbed the bite, my cock was now violently stabbing away at her cunt raising her up almost completely off my cock then ramming it back down again fast and hard and with one final pumped!!!! Like a busted flood gate I exploded inside her once little tight white cunt….shots after shots of cum splashed against her cervix its was so much her pussy couldn’t contain in I could feel it running back down my shaft dripping from my balls…. Finally I took her off my cock, she hurriedly grabbed her things and ran out of the Disco when the light from outside struck her u could see cum running down her thighs, didn’t even get her name!

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