Wedding Swingers

Big Dicks

It started in college when I began dating my future wife Amy. She had a best friend named Katie. After dating through much of college, Katie and I became close friends as well. Our relationship developed into one of fun flirtation and innuendo. Amy and Katie were both in on the playful back and forth. We would joke about hooking up and it was never something anyone took serious. After graduating college, Amy and I got married. Katie then met John and after a couple years, they tied the knot too. John fit right in with our joking about sex and now the big joke was about wife swapping. It was all just fun and games until one night when we attended a wedding for another of our friends.

As we planned for the wedding, we decided it would be cheaper to share a room and split the cost. After hanging out for the afternoon, it was time to get ready for the big night. We all started getting our suits and dresses out to change.

“No peeking Brian!” Katie said to me as she dropped her pants to the floor. Her round ass covered by a long t-shirt.

“Don’t worry, I’ll see everything later when you’re drunk,” I yelled back to her. Katie and Amy we pretty different looking but both sexy in their own ways. Katie is shorter with tan Italian skin. Her most defining feature though is her breasts. At a DD bra, I enjoyed fantasizing about those boobs the most during our playful back and forth. Amy on the other hand was a bit taller, with paler Irish skin and red hair. Her boobs, although nowhere as big as Katie’s, were nice at a full C.

As we finished getting dressed, Katie pulled the end of her dress down a bit. “Hopefully it’s not windy during the walk over to the reception hall or everyone will get to see my zebra print underwear.” She said to Amy.

“Let’s save the boys from having to imagine it too hard,” Amy said as she grabbed the back of Katie’s dress and pulled it up. We all laughed but the image of her tight ass was something I would remember the rest of the evening.

The wedding was fun and the open bar left all of us a bit more than tipsy. We soon got back to the hotel and everyone got changed into their bedtime clothes.

“That was a fun night,” Katie slurred as she plopped onto her ankara escort bed. “I’ll look forward to the next open bar we have.”

“I brought something to keep the fun going, here are some nips.” John said tossing some vodka nips onto each bed.

“Looks like Katie brought some nips of her own,” I laughed pointing out Katie’s nipples poking through her t-shirt.

“It’s cold in this hotel. And plus, it’s not like you’ve never seen them.” She said covering her nipples with her hand.

“I’ve never seen those beauties. I’d remember.” I told her.

With that, John took Katie’s shirt and pulled it up, revealing two breasts that I had fantasized about for years. The swayed for only a moment before being covered back up. Katie slapped John’s arm but she was turned on by exposure.

“I guess it’s your turn,” I motioned to Amy to lift her shirt. She laughed as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt, lifting it to just under her boobs, teasing everyone. Then she pulled it up, exposing a nice pair of tits with perfect, hard nipples.

After a little while, I feared the show was over. That’s when Amy suggested we play some truth or dare. For about 10 minutes, we felt things out. A handful of truths, a body shot, harmless things. Then things took a naughty turn.

“Ok Amy, truth or dare.” I looked at Amy, who had a very naughty look in her eye.

“Dare!” She yelled back.

“I dare you to make out with Katie.” I motioned over to the other bed. After licking her lips, Amy headed over and got on top of Katie. The two laughed about their positioning but soon, Amy went in for the kiss. It was soft, a peck at first but then they got more adventurous and began exploring with their tongues. What was probably 20 seconds of making out, seemed like forever watching the two of them.

The game went on for about another 10 minutes with nothing too exciting. Finally, Amy decided to take things to the next level.

“Ok Katie, truth or dare,” She said to her longtime friend.

“Dare!” She said in a sexy voice.

“I dare you to make out with Brian while I make out with John.” Katie said seductively. Everyone looked around at each other, realizing things were about to go down escort ankara a path well past playful joking. Katie came over and said next to me on the bed while Amy bounced to John’s bed.

As Katie laid down, I couldn’t believe this was happening. We began our make out tentatively. We hadn’t kissed someone new in a long time. After a few moments, the kiss deepened in passion. Our tongues swirled around each other’s mouths. We both stopped for a second to see what was happening with our spouses. Amy was laying under John, one hand running through her hair, the other over her shirt on her boobs.

“Can’t let them show us up now can we,” Katie said holding her shirt up, inviting my hand underneath. I didn’t need any prompting. My hand slid up to her large breasts. My finger tweaking and playing with her large nipples. At this point, it was safe to say we were beyond games. I continued to massage and rub Katie’s boobs. She softly moaning into our kiss. Then, her hand slowly made it’s way down my body until it landed softly on my dick.

Looking out of the corner of my eye, Amy and John had made their way under the covers and were obviously progressing things on their own too. I knew that this may be the only opportunity I would get so I was taking it. Katie’s hand was now slowly moving up and down over my shorts. My cock was straining under her talented hand. I broke our kiss and moved to her neck. Kissing and running my tongue up and down, bringing gently moans. Moving down further, I lifted the rest of Katie’s shirt, bringing to view her amazing tits. Starting on the bottom of her DD cups, I ran my tongue up each side, stopping always before her nipples, teasing her. My tongue swirled around her nipple but never touching it. They stiffened by the stimulation. Finally, I placed my mouth over her nipple, sucking it in a bit and flicking my tongue over the tip. Katie threw her head back in pleasure.

Katie sat up and threw her shirt over her head, followed by her shorts. She flipped positions so that she was on top of me, straddling my dick. She began to softly grind her pussy over me. Her thong was soaked as she made her way slowly up and down. After a quick kiss, she made her way down my body. ankara escort bayan Kissing my chest, then my stomach, then grabbing my waist band and pulling my shorts off, exposing my rock hard dick.

She started at the base and slowly licked all the way up the shaft, dancing her tongue around the tip. Her mouth softly opened to take the tip my cock. It felt so good as she slowly went lower and lower. Katie’s small hand gripped the shaft, stroking as she sucked me. Her tongue sliding up and down as she went. After a few minutes, her intensity and pace quickened. She bobbed up and down, deep throating my whole 8″. I felt ready to explode in her mouth and she must have sensed it too as she stopped sucking and moved her body up mine.

As she positioned her pussy over my dick, I couldn’t help but stare at her amazing tits. Slowly, she backed down, sliding my dick inch by inch into her until she was filled. As she moved up and down, our bodies found a rhythm. Faster and faster we fucked. I played with her nipples as she moaned on my cock. I had waited for this moment for years. Katie leaned forward and kissed me as she bounced up and down harder.

Finally, I knew I would cum soon. I motioned for her to change positions. As she came off my cock with a pop, I pushed her head down to the end of the bed. Her luscious ass wiggling in the air waiting for more pussy pounding. I put the head of my dick at her entrance. I put just an inch in, teasing her. Finally, with a thrust I buried myself into her. Katie definitely was enjoying this position as her moans intensified. Knowing I wouldn’t last long, I reached my hand down under her hips and slid my fingers over her clit.

“Holy shit,” Katie yelled as she pushed her face into the bed, her hands gripping the sheets. I could feel her pussy squeezing with her orgasm. Having gotten her off, I started pounding faster and faster. With a few final thrusts I pulled my cock out and blew my load all over her ass. Her hips collapsed on the bed as she panted. I lay down next to her as we turned to the other bed. Turns out we had finished just in time to see Amy swallowing John’s cock. His head went back as he came in her mouth. A small bit dribbled out and landed on her nipple.

Katie bounded over to Amy and licked the drop of cum off Amy’s hard nipple. “Can’t let that go to waste.”

“Well that was certainly a good wedding.” Amy said as she wiped her mouth and snuggled with Katie on the bed.

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