Weekend Getaway


I have been planning my weekend getaway for several weeks now. I was looking forward to it just like a small child would their birthday. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going and I didn’t tell who I was going to see that I was coming. I am not sure what I was more excited about, who I was going to see or the fact that he didn’t know I was coming. I took the day off work for travel time, besides, I wouldn’t get much accomplished with all of the excitement I had built up inside. I spent my morning putting the final touches on my plans. I went to the salon for a manicure and pedicure and I worked out a little harder at the gym so I would have that little extra tone. I stopped by the mall on my way home to pick up a little surprise that would start the weekend off just right. I took me a while, but I found just what I was looking for. I long silk black scarf. He would never expect this from me.

I arrived at the hotel were he was staying a couple of hours before he was to get in. I checked in and left a box for him at the front desk. I tipped the desk clerk to keep it a secret as to who left the box. Once in my room I prepared for his arrival. I couldn’t help but wonder how he would respond to the present I left for him. All I could do was wait. I decided to go ahead and get ready for the much anticipated knock on the door just in case he got in a little early. I decided to take a shower and shave again, even though I did this morning, so that my legs and pussy would be perfectly smooth for him. After the shower, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to put on the new panties I picked up while shopping for the scarf or just wait completely naked. I decided to wait naked. I went ahead and drank one of the beers I picked up to ease my nerves a little. I haven’t done anything like this before and I have made myself nervous. There was no turning back now. I had already left the box ad the illegal bahis front desk for him.

It was getting close to time for his arrival and I couldn’t help but wonder what the expression would be on his face when he opened the box. What would go through his mind when he read the note that said, “Go to room 309, place scarf over eyes, knock on door.” Would he even do it? Of course he would, why wouldn’t he? My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. It caught me so off guard I jumped and I practically screamed. I started giggled at myself. I snuck to the door and peeked just to make sure it was him and that he did as asked. I was impressed, he did. Now I have to. My hands were trembling as I opened the door, but my nerves quickly calmed as I saw his excitement and arousal from his anticipation as to what or who might be waiting for him.

I took his hand and led him into the room with out speaking a word. He began to say something, but I quickly stopped him with my fingers over his mouth. A small smile appeared as he recognized my touch. I stopped him next to the bed. I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders and let it fall into my hands and I hung it in the closet. I knew the extra time between the removal of each article of clothing would heighten his arousal. He raised his hand to touch me and I quickly backed away out of reach and told him “No touching.” I unfastened his belt, pulled it from his waist and placed it across a chair behind me. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I told him to sit down as I lowered them to his knees. I knelt before him to remove his shoes. As I removed each one, I placed them side by side next to the chair I laid his belt across. I removed, folded and placed each sock in the appropriate shoe. I lifted each leg so I could remove his pants the rest of the way. I folded them in half and hung them over a hanger illegal bahis siteleri next to his shirt. I could tell the time it was taking me to put his clothes away was doing exactly as I hoped.

I stood in front of him and giggled to myself because he has no idea that I am standing in front of him completely naked. I took his hand and placed it between my legs so he can feel how wet I am. I pull his hand away just as he tries to insert a finger into my dripping pussy. I raise his hand to my mouth so I can suck my juices from his fingers. I take both of his hands and place them on my breast so he can feel my hard nipples and I squeeze my breast with his hands as I watch his cock grow harder. I kneel before him as I take his hands away from my breast. I run my hands down the inside of his thighs as I press with my nails just enough to make his legs tremble. As I run my nails back up his legs I lean forward and bite one of his nipples. I pushed him back onto the bed as I ran my tongue down the middle of his chest to the bottom of his awaiting cock. I slowly lick up one side and then down the other then I take his cock in my hand as I suck the little bit of cum off the tip. I push his hand away as he tries to place it on the back of my head and I remind him that there is no touching.

I suck his cock deep into my mouth. I can feel him throb with each upward motion. I stop at the tip and circle my tongue all the way around. I lick down the side and gently suck his balls one by one and then back up the other side. I flick the tip just before I suck him deep into my mouth again. He begins to thrust upward as he gets closer to exploding in my mouth. I suck him harder and faster. I want him to cum in my mouth, I have missed the taste of him. I hear him moan as he thrust one last time and he shoots his cum on my tongue. I suck the last drop from him as I pull away. I run canlı bahis siteleri my tongue up the side of his stomach and he flinches a little. I continue up as I stand to straddle him. I place one leg on each side of him as I lean forward to kiss and then bite his neck.

I take his cock, which is still hard, into my hand and touch the tip to my clit. I slowly move it from my clit down to the bottom of my lips and then back up again. I take one of his hands and place it on one of my breast. As I move his cock down to the bottom of my lips again, I push it in a little so my lips are around the tip as I take it back up to my clit again. As I move it down this time I lower myself so his cock can enter my now throbbing pussy. I slowly lower myself onto all of his cock. I place his hands on my waist giving him control of me. As he raises me up and down on his cock, I can feel my wetness running down around him and the inside of my thighs. I try to be quiet so that he can only feel me but I am no longer able to control my moans. With each downward thrust I moan a little more and I can feel his grip tighten as he is closer to cumming again. Each thrust becomes harder. I begin to rub my clit as I feel his cock continue to grow and thrust inside me. He wants to cum but I tell him he can’t yet. I could feel his frustration in his grip on my waist. As he continued to push me deeper onto him, he asked if he could cum now. I told him no. I wanted to feel him inside me as long as possible. I wanted to see how long he could hold it in. He would slow down the thrust when he was close to cumming. Each time he was all the way in me I would grind my hips from side to side to push him a little further. Once I was at the point of cumming all over him I told him he could cum. He thrust himself up quickly as he pushed me down and I could feel him explode inside me. I came as he did.

He released his grip from my waist and I collapsed onto his chest. After I caught my breath I removed the scarf from his eyes. His look of approval made it all worth it. He pulled me close to kiss me and then whispered in my ear, “Very Nice, I approve.”

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