Welcome Home


I hear the key being inserted in the lock, the turn, the click of the deadbolt returning to the ready position. Standing in the middle of the room, I face the doorway waiting for her to enter. After opening the door, she bends down and picks up her items she sat on the ground so she could manage the lock. The excitement in her eyes in seeing me as she crosses the threshold makes my heart flutter. She drops her things as she kicks the door shut and comes to me with open arms and ready lips.


This moment is not about what she wants, it is about what I want. As she approaches, I step to the side and grab the hair on the back of her head. My hand presses on the small of her back as I turn her away from me and walk her to couch.

“Are you happy to see me?” I say in a low growl.

“Yes Sir, I am happy to see you.” She replies in a quivering whisper.

“That is a good girl.”

Reaching the couch, I position her with knees bent on the cushions. The grip on her hair tightens as her face rests on the back of the couch. With my other hand, I lift her skirt onto her back then begin to lower her leggings. She grips the back of the couch with her hands in anticipation of what is casino siteleri next. I gently release her hair so I can begin to unbuckle my belt. I see her turn her head to look back.


The loud crack of my hand on her newly exposed butt cheek breaks the thick silence in the room. She jerks her head to the front with a quick “I am sorry Sir!”

I say nothing. I stand in silence. Watching.

I see a little quiver from her as she hears my zipper begin to lower.


The other cheek receives the same blessing as the first.

“Are you my good girl?”

“Yes Sir, I am”

I lower my pants and pull my hardness free. After unsheathing my belt I place it on the back of the couch next to her face. Knowing she will wonder if it would be used…or how it will be used causes me to quiver in excitement. She jumps slightly as my pants drop to the floor. “Oh, she is ready”, I think as I stroke myself. I lean forward and make sure my hardness rests between her cheeks as I grab her hair, tilt her head back then let it fall forward.

I step away and notice the wetness on her inner thigh. Her legs apart, shows me the perfect target of my passion. With cock canlı casino in hand, I slide in deep and allow her wetness to envelope it and make it her own.


A moan from deep within her only fuels that need for me to take, to own and dominate. I feel her lips tighten at each impact, her wetness letting me know she is ready for what is coming. I grab her hair again and with brute force begin to smash my body into her. Pushing all of me deep inside. I pull out so the very tip looks as it is receiving a kiss from her lips, I pause, then with the tug of her hair another ram.







“I am wanting to cum Sir” I barely hear from the roar of passion that is erupting in my head.

“You will not cum! You are pleasing me right now!”



I then reach up in my shirt pocket and pull out her bullet vibe while still owning her and proving to whom she belongs.



“Yes Sir”

“Give me your hand”

She reaches back and I hand her the vibe as I turn it on. The sound of the vibrations causes her to tighten around me again.

“You kaçak casino may show me how much you appreciate me by cumming my princess.”

Eagerly she places the bullet on her clit as I am still filling her, stretching her… owning her. The force of our lust had moved the sofa against the wall. Side to side, up and down she works the bullet. I hear a squeal…”Oh Oh”, a deep breath…hold…another breath. Then I hear her say, “Sir I am cumming”

I explode all of myself in her, still pumping, still pulling.


I pull out, step back and watch my juice drip from her pink lips.


“I did not tell you to turn the bullet off did I?”

“No Sir” as she starts it back up and puts it on her clit.

“I will stand here and watch, but do not make me wait long.”

With a husky, yet breathy voice I hear her say, “Sir, may I cum?”

“Yes you may my princess.”

After, she stands up and turns around to face me. I step forward and give her a long deep kiss.

“Go get dressed, we are going out tonight.”

“I will need to take a shower first.”

“No. No shower, I have your clothes ready on the bed. That is what you will wear. You will remember my gift to you throughout the night each time you feel the wetness when you walk…when you sit…when you move.”

I lean in and kiss her again.

“How beautiful you are my lovely.”

“Yes Sir, I will dress right now.”

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