Well Booted… Ch. 02


Frances Bloxham unlocked the door of the office at 7.30am, walked in and turned off the alarm. The offices were on the 3rd floor of a town centre block, above a number of shops. It was an old fashioned building, although their offices were stylishly decorated, with modern furnishings. Through the door was a corridor. On the left the reception and general office where Simon had his desk, along with Jean the office manager. Along the corridor were another 7 offices and a meeting room, with a kitchen, restroom and toilets at the end.

Miss Bloxham always arrived early to get work done before the phone started to ring later in the morning, or clients called, or meeting were held. Normally it was the most productive part of the day, but today she was distracted. She had plans for later, and they were filling her mind.

Miss Bloxham was extremely good at her work as an accountant, and while the practice was working fine, ticking over with the more traditional partners, she knew it was her drive that was generating the significant new business that was really funding the company. She had worked there perhaps ten years, and had created the appearance of a formidable, domineering woman, who while attractive and statuesque, appeared a closed book to everyone. No-one was allowed to know much about her private life, and about her divorce.

The divorce had been painful. She had loved Mark, but he was too soft, too gentle. Miss Bloxham’s perverted desires had taken over their relationship as Mark had become evermore submissive. Too submissive. Submissive to the extent he would have got hurt if she hadn’t given him to Lisa, a much gentler person, and they seemed much more in love. It had got to the stage where Frances had tied him up, had spanked him. Had allowed her father to take him. He would have done anything she wanted, but Miss Bloxham had sufficient compassion and love on top of the perverse desires she knew she had – yes, she had really loved Mark – to let him go. She knew if he had stayed she wouldn’t be able to stop herself.

It was a bit different at work. Yes, she was domineering, but she could avoid others having any permanent exclusive attachment to her as they led their own lives away from work. She had been hugely tempted to let Simon stay the previous Friday, but knew that would not have been good for either of them at that moment. Today, however, Mrs Bloxham was excited – it was a chance for her to not just domme one person, it would be the first time she had dommed more than one at the same time. And, she believed, for the pleasure of everyone involved, particularly her own fetish of watching people doing “perverted” things at her bidding.

Miss Bloxham remembered the previous Friday evening. Simon, the new office junior had given her a lift to the company Christmas dinner, and afterwards she had taken him. She liked Simon – he worked hard and was willing. As well as the domming she had allowed him to have sex with her, and she had loved it. He was good. Or course he had his own fetish – leather boots, and Miss Bloxham had been more than willing to indulge that. She would have to be careful or she would give herself to him. Miss Bloxham was domineering, but she knew there was a chink in her armour and if she wasn’t careful Simon had the capacity to walk right through her defences. Miss Bloxham sighed as she reflected on Simon, and cursed her own mixed metaphors.

Today, however, was going to be Simon, and others. Simon would be a good servant in sexual encounters, she thought, and she had spent the whole weekend pondering how she could set things up. Miss Bloxham had also spent the weekend remembering others at work. She had been careful, but had previously had the opportunity to take one or two more in the office, particularly the Dixons. The couple who were partners in the company. Neither knew the other had been taken by Miss Bloxham.

Frances Bloxham smiled as she remembered Mary Dixon, a friendly open lady in her mid fifties. Mary Dixon was about 5 foot two, with short fair hair, with a ready smile. She tended to wear a dress in the summer, skirt and blouse in the winter, but far less formally than Miss Bloxham. Frances Bloxham had overheard an argument between the Dixon’s through Mary Dixon’s open office door. Frank Dixon had charged out as Mary Dixon had shouted that he never knew how to make her happy. How to make her feel like a real woman. It was after work and they seemed to think they were alone in the office. Frances Bloxham had heard Frank Dixon storm out, and went to find Mary Dixon.

Frances Bloxham had walked into Mary Dixon’s office, spent a few minutes listening to her apologising, but also talking about Frank and how he seemed to have run out of energy. Miss Bloxham had simply put her arms around Mary Dixon. Frances whispered in Mary’s ear that she needed to experience someone make her really happy. She had felt Mary Dixon stiffen slightly. She had rested a hand on Mary Dixon’s ass, and felt beylikdüzü otele gelen escort her stiffen a bit more and her breathing quicken slightly, but she didn’t try to move away. So Miss Bloxham had simply kissed her hard on the lips, forcing her tongue into Mary’s mouth. She was never quite sure afterwards when Mary had melted, but within 5 minutes Mary was naked, held in Miss Bloxham’s arms, lying on the office couch, moaning softly as Miss Bloxham gently eased a finger in and out of her pussy. Miss Bloxham had stripped, then taken Mary Dixon in a 69 never giving her a chance to say no. It had been fantastic, particularly when Mary Dixon had begun to respond with her tongue on Frances Bloxham’s pussy, with both reaching orgasms at the same moment. It had only happened once, earlier in the year, and after that Mary had worked hard to avoid being alone with Miss Bloxham. Frances Bloxham thought about the Dixons – Mary loved Frank, but maybe Frank wasn’t keeping her satisfied…

Frances Bloxham also smiled as she remembered Frank Bloxham. Frank was taller, slimmer and had reached 60 earlier in the year. He was a competent accountant, but not a good “salesman.” He was having trouble with a big account because he wasn’t inspiring the company they were working for. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, but knew that the Bridges account was likely to move to a different practice. It would be a huge blow to the company reputation, as well as leaving a huge hole in the income. He had needed the help of someone like Miss Bloxham who would be able to convince the company to stay.

Frances Bloxham remembered the day well – it had really been a bit of fun – she would have helped anyway. Frank had come into her office and asked for help, and almost pleaded with Miss Bloxham. Frank was in awe of her. Would probably do whatever she said. And he got caught up in the moment. Miss Bloxham said course she would help. But that Frank should make her feel good about her helping. Frank could never quite work out how it happened, but remembered it as the hottest day of his life. He found himself kneeling on the floor in front of her, and begging. He found himself dropping his trousers and underpants. Miss Bloxham stared at his cock, and made him rock hard with the look. He felt her shoe suddenly pressing on his cock, squeezing, then rubbing hard. She was an expert – in a couple of minutes he was moaning, in 3 he was shooting his cum all over his stomach.

Frank had been so embarrassed. He was quickly told to stand. To dress properly, to go. Miss Bloxham had told him they would meet later – they had, and it all worked out fine, with Miss Bloxham not only selling their company, but managing to increase the scope of the contract so their income had risen. For Frank the worst bit had been walking out of her office, his clothes and stomach and chest covered with cum.

Again, it hadn’t happened again, but today Miss Bloxham knew that she would have fun with both of them, and Simon would be the key. Simon was due to see her at 9am. At 5 to nine she heard his knock on her office. She invited him in and pointed to the chair on the opposite side of her desk.

Miss Bloxham was always in charge. She initiated the conversation now. “Simon, I just wanted to thank you for the lift on Friday and for your services afterwards.” Simon said nothing – it was an odd way of describing what had happened, and his body still tingled at the memory of the way she had taken him, and even the way she threw him out afterwards. “I have decided that I need someone else to help in my control and use of others, and you are going to be it.”

Simon was suddenly worried – yes, he had enjoyed being dommed, but it wasn’t him, completely. It wasn’t him very much. He made to speak, but Miss Bloxham cut him short. “Don’t worry, I don’t want a sub, I just want someone who will serve me from time to time, and I need someone trustworthy, and that person is you. You’ll get a lot from it as well. You will not say no.”

Simon felt that there was a heart in Miss Bloxham. He had felt that on Friday evening. She might domme, but only when someone wants to be dommed. “Yes Miss Bloxham. As you wish.”

Miss Bloxham gave a smile. “Thank you Simon. You will come to my office at 5pm today. There is a task I have for you. It might take a couple of hours, but probably less.”

Inside Simon winced – he left work at 5pm, although had nothing happening on the evening. Perhaps this might be fun. Just as he was leaving the office Miss Bloxham stopped him. “By the way, please pass these on to Mrs Dixon, and tell her to wear them this afternoon. Tell her I order her to.” Miss Bloxham handed Simon a pair of leather boots – not the ones she had worn on Friday, and waved him out of her room.

Simon immediately went to Mrs Dixon’s office, gave the message, gave the boots, then quickly returned to the front office, back to work. All day beylikdüzü rus escort he wondered what Miss Bloxham had in store, but gave nothing away as he wrote letters, answered the phone and did the hundred and one jobs he did each day.

It felt strange, just after 5pm, to be stood in Miss Bloxham’s office, alongside the Dixon’s, while Miss Bloxham finished writing a report at her desk. There hadn’t been an option – the chair that had been there earlier for Simon was on the other side of the room, and they had been “told” to stand there.

Simon pondered the Dixons as the three stood there. Mr Dixon was a senior partner in the company, about 60. He was tall and slim, and had always been friendly enough with Simon without wanting Simon as a friend. Simon always thought he lacked drive for his role. He wasn’t vague, and maybe when younger he had been dynamic. Simon struggled for words -he was just a bit docile. Mrs Dixon was a few years younger, and much shorter that Mr Dixon. She was also more alert and determined that her husband. She would have been attractive when young, and although having filled out a bit over the years, was still attractive, always wearing fairly tight dresses or skirts. He also noticed that she was wearing the leather boots he had given her earlier. It was odd: up to this time Simon had never thought of older women. He had always enjoyed girls around his own age or a bit younger. Now, stood here, he wondered if he did like older women, whether Mrs Dixon would be his type.

At last Miss Bloxham put her writing to the side, and looked up at the three people stood in front of her, like naughty school children in the headteachers office. The fact the three would stand in a straight line and wait for her suggested she already had all the control she needed.

“Thankyou for coming to see me.” She spoke formally to the three, perhaps with the tone a headteacher would speak to the three naughty children sent to her. “I’ve asked you to see me for the benefit of all four of us.”

There was a pause, before she continued. “What I have before me are three people. One who is a man who isn’t up to the task of satisfying his wife. One a woman who is desperate for a real stud to take her. The third is a young stud beautifully equipped for any woman, or man for that. It is good to bring the three together.”

Miss Bloxham smiled and left a long silent moment, just long enough for the three to collect their thoughts, but not to respond. She allowed Mr Dixon say “Please Frances…” before lifting her hand to stop him.

In a tone not to be disobeyed, Miss Bloxham spoke clearly. “This evening I am Mrs Bloxham to all of you. This evening you will all do what I tell you.” Again there was a long pause, until Miss Bloxham stood and moved around the desk. She looked hard at Mr Dixon, before appearing to make a decision.

“Okay Frank – sit in my chair.” It seemed an anti-climax. Was that it? However, it was clear Miss Bloxham had something in mind. She snapped at Frank Dixon again, as if he was a badly behaved dog. “SIT!” Frank Dixon moved quickly to the chair behind, but a few feet away from the desk and sat. Again she used the same tone to him. “Stay there!”

Miss Bloxham turned to Mary Dixon and softened her demeanour. “Okay, your turn next babe. Over the desk.”

Mary Dixon was suddenly alarmed but Miss Bloxham was not to be denied. “Over the desk.” Miss Bloxham took Mary Dixon to the desk and pushed her gently over it. It looked and felt a bit strange as her face ended up a couple of feet from her husband Frank’s lap. Miss Bloxham spoke again to Mary Dixon, this time a little more firmly. “You will stay there whatever happens until I tell you that you can move.”

Miss Bloxham turned to Simon who was feeling very uncertain. She whispered to him. “I’m going to trust you to do this. You can lift her skirt. Remove her panties. Play with her. And when you think she is ready you can fuck her. Not her asshole – no more than finger for that. But fuck her hard and well.” Simon was a bit shocked by the way she spoke – it was so normal, almost like she would ask for a cup of coffee! Simon looked in her eyes, however, and there was steel ordering him to do it.

Simon was young, and it was exciting. Mary Dixon for her age was attractive. The boots made her look sexy. He felt that he was being left to this, and expected to do it well. Simon moved over to Mary Dixon, and felt her stiffen as he placed his hands on her ass and began to caress them. Her ass was well rounded and felt good. He caressed her ass until she relaxed, then slowly pulled her skirt up to her waste, baring her panty-clad ass. Again he looked at the boots, and the sight of them made him feel this would be special. He would not take the boots off. Again he ran his hands over her ass, then this time put his hands in her panties, squeezing her delicious orbs, then running his fingers slowly down the join beylikdüzü türbanlı escort of her ass, until she suddenly stiffened and squealed as his fingers stopped at her asshole, caressing and playing with it. It was clear Mary Dixon was horrified and enjoying it at the same time.

Miss Bloxham watched Simon, and knew he would do exactly what she wanted, and she would get the pleasure from watching. It was what she liked – to orchestrate a situation. Miss Bloxham turned to Frank Dixon, tensely holding on to the chair, desperately wanting to step in and stop this, yet even more frightened of Miss Bloxham. “Okay Frank. Undo your trousers. Push them and your pants to your knees.”

It was too much for Frank. He had to stop this. He began to get to his feet. “SIT!” Miss Bloxham snapped at him again. Again Frank was quelled, and sat back in the chair. Miss Bloxham put her face inches from his, and spoke in a steely and sweet voice. “Now Frank. Drop your trousers and pants as I told you.”

Slowly Frank undid his trousers, and pushed them to his knees. He then pushed his pants to his knees as well. Mary Dixon could see his cock clearly – her face was only a couple of feet from his now naked, semi-stiff cock, although in their present positions she would never be able to reach it. It had been some time since she had put her face in his lap, put her mouth on his cock – he was too much of a wimp to ask her to do it. And she hadn’t done it recently.

Mary Dixon felt Simon pull her panties down her legs, over the boots, lift one foot, then the other, removing the panties completely. It was so embarrassing that she closed her eyes and buried her face in her arms. She thought of Simon. He was young, fit, and she hoped he had a good cock. She felt herself exposed, her ass, her pussy all revealed to this young man who had been her office junior until this moment. It was all hot – he hadn’t touched her pussy yet but it was already tingling and, she knew, glistening with moisture.

The moment Simon touched her pussy she moaned it felt so good. She felt him gently squeeze the lips of her pussy, pinch them, play with them, then gently put a finger inside her, searching for that special spot. She didn’t know how a young man could learn to play a woman like this. The moment he found it she moaned, and let out a long moan as his thumb suddenly flicked across her clit. She felt more – two fingers entering her, but she was now so wet she could take anything. He was working her pussy and clitoris, make her moan out loud at her arousal. When he let the finger from his other hand rest on her asshole, then gently push into her, pushing increasingly hard until his finger was in her ring, she cried out, screaming “YEEESSSSSSSS” at the new invasion. Frank had never done this to her – she didn’t want it, she wouldn’t let him. And yet she couldn’t stop this young man invading all of her.

Simon continued to play with her pussy as he eased his finger further and further into her ass and gently began to finger-fuck her asshole.

Simon was so excited he knew he had to do more. Suddenly he removed his fingers completely to remove his clothes. Mary didn’t want him to. She opened her eyes say “Nooooooo”, and saw Frank’s cock rock hard two feet from her eyes, the pre-cum dripping down the sides. She had never seen him this hard since their early days of marriage. However, her thoughts moved on quickly as she felt something resting between the lips of her pussy. As she felt hands on her thighs. Suddenly she moaned long and loud as the cock thrust deep into her pussy. Deeper than ever before – it felt huge. Simon was certainly big… It felt amazing…

“STOP!” Miss Bloxham ordered them all to stop moving. The strength of her bark did make them all stop. He toned changed – she spoke almost gently. “Mary, tell Frank what is happened, what he is doing to you. Tell Frank how you feel.”

Mary replied uncertainly. “Frank, he is um, taking me.” There was silent pause, Mary realising more was expected of her. “Frank, he is fucking me, and it feels really good.” Suddenly years of emotion began to well up in her. She wanted Frank to know. Her confidence soared. “Frank, His cock is in my cunt. It is big, and fabulous.”

Simon thrust out and in again, then put his finger to her asshole and pushed it into her. This time Simon spoke, ordering Mary to speak. “Tell him about that!” As he did so he reached under her with his other hand and grabbed one of Mary’s tits through her blouse and squeezed hard.

Mary would say anything by now. “Frank, he’s fucking me. He’s put his finger in my ass. It’s right in. It feels fantastic. Fucked in my cunt and finger fucked in my ass. And he’s groping my tit. Frank, he’s going to make me cum, and he’s going to shoot his spunk deep into my cunt, and I want him to do it, YEEEESSSSSSSSS fuck meeeeeeeeee…” All watched as Mary’s orgasm overwhelmed her. She moaned as her body shook, wrything in orgasm, which seemed to go on and on. An orgasm she had never experienced before. It had been too much for Simon, and he had shot his load deep into her cunt, shooting again and again.

Simon felt her cunt pulsing on his cock, her asshole clenching his finger. “Take it slut, take it whore, take it fucker…” he spoke quietly but the names he used seemed to give Mary an extra spasm…

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