Wendy’s intimate night of lust


Wendy’s intimate night of lust*** The sequel to ” Wendy’s night of lust ” please read that first ***It’s now been a couple of years since Wendy started her own business venture as a strippagram. Although that business now booming especially given her one customer guarantee which she set from the beginning, FULL STRIP GUARANTEED!!!! Meaning no matter what gear she started in like a slinky evening dress, sexy pvc outfit basically any outfit requested by her clients, she always ended up COMPLETELY NAKED everytime! She felt this was what her punters wanted. She always endeavoured to be professional but occasionally her discretion would slip where she sometimes gets carried away by occasionally fucking the client. She only ever charges for a full strip so any odd occasional sex that takes place, Wendy would often dismiss that as no different to having a one night stand. Despite this, she’s still happily married to Kevin where they still have one c***d, a son Robin. Although Kevin is happy with her stripping business, he’s totally unaware of the occasional sex she has with the odd punter. But to be fair to Wendy, she made a big commitment not to get involved with the indiscreet sex with punters as she felt totally ashamed by that night with the stag party ( featured in ” Wendy’s night of lust ” ). With business now doing well, Wendy started up her Twitter account where clients were encouraged to post any videos they shot of her in work. Given her FULL STRIP GUARANTEED everytime pledge, naturally every single video posted would end with ample footage of her totally naked, given her fine body thanks to her previous jobs as dance teacher & fitness trainer. And she often sunbathed either in the garden if the weather was fine or at a tanning salon each time ALWAYS NUDE especially given she’d be naked at the end of every strip knowing the punters would appreciate her golden all over tan. Not only did Twitter show footage of her beautiful naked body, given the quality of smartphones, there were also great closeup shots of her finely trimmed brunette bush & vagina shots whenever she spread her legs wide open. There were no censorship nor restrictions on the videos posted often amazing Wendy on how she gets away with it online.For her latest job she decided to do something out of the norm. This was for a regular client Richard who she often visited at his home only for a full strip lapdance. He was always polite & always behaved himself given how Wendy always teases him with her sexy pout plus the closeness of her naked body to him when she finishes. For this particular night, she knew it was Richard’s birthday so she decided to do something different. She wanted it filmed so she can post on her Twitter, something she’d never done before as all the videos posted on her Twitter were from her clients. For Wendy to post her own video was a massive decision. So for this night, sarıyer escort Wendy brought along her old friend Laura, another stripper who was the one that introduced & encouraged Wendy into the strippagram business. Laura was there to film the act on her phone.When both women arrived, Richard was taken aback as he was not expecting Laura. Wendy quickly explained as this was his birthday, she wanted it filmed so she could post on Twitter as Laura was there to film the occasion. Richard didn’t mind given he was single, not in a relationship so nothing to hide & besides as it was only a nude lapdance, Wendy would the only person seen on video naked. As the act started, Richard was sat on his armchair with Laura already started filming on her phone. Then Wendy started walking towards Richard seductively dressed in a black tight short dress. She then sat on his lap as she moved her hands through his hair. She gyrated her body seductively towards him. She was even more suggestive with her body movements than usual given she knew she was being filmed, deliberately playing up to the camera. She then stood up, pulled her dress up over head before tossing that aside where she was now stood inches from Richard dressed in bra & knickers both matching black lace material. She then started dancing suggestively with both her hands brushing her hair before stroking her body with her head lifted up, sighing breathing heavily getting Richard all worked up. She was definitely playing up to the camera. Then with one hand gripped on her bra & her other hand gripping her knickers what she did next shocked Richard despite experiencing previous lapdances from her. The bra & knickers she was wearing were deliberately altered, weakened beforehand so with a simple tug, both garments gave way, coming off easily with each hand holding each underwear before Wendy tossed both aside leaving her now TOTALLY NAKED with her naked vagina literally inches from Richard’s face. At that point, Laura made sure she grabbed some great closeup shots of Wendy’s naked fanny taking in the well trimmed brunette bush ensuring Richard’s face was also in the same shot. Then Laura moved moved further back as a now TOTALLY NAKED Wendy sat back on Richard’s lap as she gyrated her body against his. This further shocked Richard especially as Wendy kept pressing her naked body against him which she’d never done before. She moved her head back, pouting, breathing sighing heavily as she now pulled his face against her naked tits, rubbing the back of his head. She was doing all this deliberately, playing up to the camera, intending to put on a great online show.Then she pulled his face away from her tits now staring intently at him with both her hands gripping his face as she smiled sexily, pouting at him, licking her lips. She was now caught up esenyurt escort in the sexiness & lust she was generating. He was getting turned on, even more than usual as he’d never experienced anything like that from her previous lapdances.With her heart beating faster with the lust she was now feeling, Wendy was determined to put on a better online show than she anticipated, still gripping his face, she pressed her open mouth against his mouth as she plunged her tongue in, French kissing him which initially shocked him, he eventually reached in by plunging his own tongue. For Wendy she’d only ever occasionally fucked a client, never kissed them. For her to actually kiss one as she was with Richard, this was a really intimate moment for her.By this stage, Richard was overcome with lust as he tightly grabbed Wendy’s naked body. Something he’d never done before as he never laid a finger on her before such was his politeness. But this was different as he continued kissing as he continued holding her naked body in his vicelike grip, stroking every inch of her naked body he could. This was different because Wendy instigated all this meaning Richard rightly assumed he was OK reacting the way he did.Still holding a naked Wendy, Richard stood up from his armchair, moved a few steps forward before kneeling down, placing Wendy on her back. Still on his knees, he removed his shirt then his trousers followed by his underwear where he revealed a massive erection! Wendy looked up, spread her arms out, reaching out for him. This was the signal Richard wanted as he positioned himself between Wendy’s legs, moved his now naked body towards Wendy’s still naked body. As he plunged his rock hard penis inside Wendy’s vagina, he moved in pressed his open mouth against Wendy’s mouth plunging his tongue as he heavily French kissed her as he started humping, thrusting, grinding, fucking Wendy.Everytime he humped her, he realised a grunt while she responded with a heavy sigh but both his grunts & her sighs were smothered by them still French kissing as they continued fucking, the sense of smothering with their mouths speeding their rapid heartbeats thus heightening their excitement prompted by their sexual lust which they both started losing their control in that.All this time, Laura continued filming away as she ensured she captured great shots of their now sweat dripping naked bodies, firmly pressed against each other, Richard humping & thrusting between Wendy’s legs as he continued fucking her. Wendy with both her hands tightly gripping the back of his head as they continued kissing with her legs around his back in a vicelike grip as he continued fucking her.Laura continued filming as she her phone/ camera captured Richard with his bum bouncing up & down between Wendy’s legs fucking her with sweat dripping & flying from both their naked bodies. avrupa yakası escort As he continued fucking her, Wendy also kept the momentum by thrusting her own naked body against his as both his bare chest & her naked breasts banging against each other. The next half hour they kept up their stamina by continuously fucking in the same missionary position, Richard still humping away as Wendy continued thrusting her naked body upwards whilst amazingly still French kissing. Eventually the point of no return was reached which Richard knew was happening as he speeded up his thrusts, fucking Wendy now faster & harder until he could hold back no longer as he exploded his hot fountain of sperm deep inside Wendy.He let out a long drawn out grunt groan but that was smothered by the French kissing he was still continuing giving her meaning Wendy’s own long drawn out heavily breathing sigh was also smothered by their interlocking mouths. If anything it heightened their excitement with their rapidly speeding heartbeats as she gripped the back of his head to continue the kissing as he gave a last few humps squeezing draining every last drop of his semen inside her.At that point, Richard moved away from Wendy as he slumped next to her on his back exhausted.Laura who was still filming, centred her phone’s attention solely on Wendy as she laid on her back, legs still wide open, her naked body absolutely drenched in sweat. Laura ensured her phone captured every inch of Wendy’s naked body as Wendy continued lying on the floor exhausted, her tits heaving up & down as she breathed heavily from that night’s sex. Towards the end of filming, Laura captured a great closeup shot of Wendy’s vagina especially with drops of Richard’s sperm seeping out. Then Laura panned backwards ensuring the final shot was of a now asleep naked Wendy on her back, her arms out & her legs still wide open. Morning after, Wendy awoke where Laura was still awake. They made their own way out. Before she dropped Wendy home, Laura showed her the full footage. Wendy was shocked how explicit the video was especially the many closeup shots of Richard’s penis plunging in & out of Wendy’s vagina. Wendy started having second thoughts about posting the video but Laura insisted the full footage should be posted as it will be good for business.Reluctantly Wendy agreed with Laura as the video was posted on her Twitter. In a matter of hours, the video received a number of likes hitting thousands where Richard added a comment saying he’s pleased he has a reminder of a great night. Wendy’s worry was that Kevin might stumble across the video which she hoped he never did. Although Kevin always supported her in her strippagram venture, he was never aware of the occasional indiscreet sex she enjoyed. She never mentioned to him her own Twitter account as she wasn’t sure how he’d react seeing other men post videos of his own naked wife. Especially the one video she posted also being the only video posted there showing his naked wife fucked by another man.As for Wendy, she continues stripping as that video increased her bookings. But she’s now worried that video would make punters think they can expect sex with her. So far she’s resisted but you never know…….

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