Wendy’s POV (Wendy, Sara and Eve Part 4)


Wendy’s POV (Wendy, Sara and Eve Part 4)I see Doug at our morning break.”Can you give me Sara’s phone number and when can I reach her at home today?””Sure, her shift starts at noon. She has Tuesday off.””Thanks I plan to call her.”At noon Doug and I go to our secluded spot.”Doug I had intended to have you suckle my breasts again but we need to talk. I called Sara and asked to see her Tuesday night at her place. I wanted to see her alone, but she asked if it would be OK it you were there. Is that OK with you.””Sure, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be there.””Well I have some very intimate things to ask and tell Sara.””I can always go into another room for a minute or two. Sara told me last night that she was glad I was with her Sunday night.””……. So Doug, what did you think of my sister, Ann?””Well like I said this weekend, she takes after her big sister, she’s very sexy and has a very hot pussy. But she does have kind of a harsh edge that comes across as aggressiveness.””Really, I noticed that too. She told me that she wants a 1 on 1 with you in her bed, soon. She thought you were everything I told her that you would be and a bit more in the cuddle department…….What about our threesome with Sara? I must say Sara was even sexier with her clothes off than I thought she’d be. I reeeeealy enjoyed her eating my tits and pussy and me eating hers.””Wendy I was a little surprised by the anal action.””God I’ve wanted Sara’s ass from the first time I saw her! I hope she’s OK. I had hoped to spend Tuesday night alone with her, but I’m thinking a Thursday to Saturday session will be even better. This will be just Sara and I, but don’t worry I have a plan for you too.””Sara told me last night that she wanted to see you again soon.””That WILL happen….. I have a friend by the name of Eve, I’ve told her about you Doug, and she is very anxious to meet you my sexy darling. Eve has short black hair, she’s 24 and 5 ft 7in and weights about 130 lbs. Her breast and hips are both slightly larger than mine, about a 36C. She is an ophthalmologist so she’s very smart but she also has Friday off. She is a very uninhibited sexually and lots of fun in bed.””Talking about me with other women again!””Doug, YOU my lover are a very popular subject in women’s world because you are very good in bed! and I want every woman to know it!”“I’ll be looking for the billboards!” We both laugh.I go over to Doug’s place tonight. We gather each other in our arms, I’m giggling.”What’s so funny?””Doug, I stopped by the d**gstore and said hi to Sara. She said to say hi to you! She knew we’d be together tonight.”Doug softly caresses my breasts, “I told her I’d be with you tonight.””Really, she’s OK with that?” Doug slides his hand down my body to my ass.”She thinks I need more pussy experience too!” “Well then its off to your bed darling!!” We shed our clothes as Doug takes me to his bed. Doug pushes me down on the bed face up and roughly grabs my tits. “Doug!” as he hungrily attacks my nipples. He slides his erect shaft into my dripping wet pussy.”Oh Darling, fuck me, fuck me hard!” Doug puts my legs over his shoulders as he begins to thrust deeply into my hot, very wet, very exposed cunt. My breathing is coming in gasps.”Ohhhhhh, unnnn, AH, Ah, Oh deeeep, god I love your cock in my pussy! unnnnnnggggg, yesssss, uuuuuuunnnnnn!!” I lean back against the bed and grab handfuls of sheets as my first orgasm rips through me.”Oh god Doug, don’t stop!” He continues to work his wonderful cock in my pussy. I love the feeling of his cock pulsing in my pussy when I cum! After four more orgasms, I first ask Doug to stop, but he doesn’t, he bangs my cunt harder! and I have one of the most intense orgasms I’ve every felt! Rippling waves of pleasure starting in my pussy area and running through my body!Doug gives me his load as he can’t hold back any long. Pulse after pulse of cum shoot into me. We are happily spent and I’m gasping for air as Doug lays down next to me.I roll over on to his shoulder and kiss Doug.”Best ever my darling. How can you be better each time?” I whisper in Doug’s ear then suck his ear lobe as he moans.We recover to fuck again. This time my ass gets his hot creamy load.On Tuesday I go to visit Sara…..”Hi Sara!” Sara embraces me and we kiss. She lays her head on my shoulder for a moment before I pull her soft, sexy, lips back to mine.”Wendy please come sit here by Doug. Doug honey can you put your arms around me and just hold me for awhile? You can touch my breasts but just lightly caress me, please.” I sit to face Sara and Doug.”Sara thanks for having me over. I think you are a very sensual and sexual woman and I want to get to know you on an very intimate level, is that OK?””Yes my dear Wendy I’d like to learn more about you and your desires too!””Sara, Sunday was quite an experience for you wasn’t it? You’d never had a lesbian experience before and then I took your cherry ass. How do you feel about that?””I wasn’t entirely surprised by the lesbian part. I’d just had quite a fantasy about you the night before and Doug had asked me about lesbian fantasies. I was delightfully canlı bahis surprised at your delicate touch on my lips and pussy, you were almost like a butterfly to start but as my passion and yours built everything quickly got more intense. Doug needs to learn that he can be much rougher on my delicate parts when I’m very aroused!””Sara may I kiss you again?” “Yes Wendy, please.” I slide over to Sara and kiss her cheeks then her forehead then the tip of her nose before I move to Sara’s lips. We play with each others tongues as we kiss deeply. My breasts are brushing Sara’s as I pull Sara even closer. Sara breaks the kiss.”Let’s talk a bit more.””Sara THAT was very nice by the way. Yes, …. Sara, I enjoyed going down on your pussy. Did you cum?””I came a little but I wasn’t totally comfortable with the situation.””You didn’t cum during the anal either did you?” “No, that was a bit much for me, a strange mixture of pain and pleasure.” “Sara dear, I’ve wanted your ass from the first day I met you! Was it THAT painful?” “It was a sharp intense pain at first but when the balls went into my anus the pain was very great. If Doug hadn’t been playing with my pussy and clit, I don’t think I could have taken more than two.” “But you did take all three and that impressed me alot.” “Sara, what did you think about watching Doug fucking me?””It was hot, I know what Doug does to my pussy! and it was very erotic to see what he was doing to you! AND how much YOU were enjoying it! He really pumped a ton of cum into your pussy! And it was sooo neat to see you cum!””Your kisses and caresses definitely helped too you know! As did seeing you watching!” the girls giggle.”Sara can I talk to you for a while, alone?””Ok, ah, ah, Doug can you go into my bedroom for a while? Ah, I’ll call if I need you.””Ok I’ll be there while you two talk girly things that you can’t say in front of me, your lover!” Doug kisses us both lightly then he goes into the bedroom and closes the door. I take Sara in my arms and unbutton her top.”Wendy, could you tell me a few things to help me be a better lover for you?””I’m so glad you asked! That is what I wanted to talk to you about. It might even help you with Doug. Sara, I really enjoy our kissing, but I think you can control your lips better. You need to learn to control the softness of your lips.””what do you mean?””Well, you kiss me and focus on my lips.” Sara’s lips touch mine and I keep my lips very soft, at first. I put my arms around Sara pulling her closer and tighten my lips slowly during the kiss, until my lips are firm. I break the kiss.”Oh I think I see, Wendy. You just tightened your lips and it really changed the entire feeling of the kiss.””And the same thing would happen on your pussy!””Oh! I see!””Now your tongue, which is very sexy, but you need to use it delicately at times, like on my clit. What I’d like you to do is when you are eating peas, use your tongue to move them around in your mouth. Separate one from the others and see if you can get it on you tongue. This will help not only in kissing but also when you have oral sex with Doug or a girl.”Sara bring’s my lips to hers as our tongues play. She takes my nipple and rubs it against her nipple. I slide my hand down into her panies as Sara moans. I push Sara down on the bed as I remove her panties. My lips caress her labia and up to very teasingly tongue her clit. Sarah hold me tight then rolls on top of me. She slowly slides her finger into me and i direct her on how to place her fingers to give me the most pleasure! Sarah is a fast learned as she brings me quickly to a dizzying orgasm! She places a pair of finger from one hand along the floor of my vagina an pushes down, the other fingers directly stroke my G spot! Sure bliss! I finally force her to stop and gather her into my arms for a long sensual kiss!”Sarah, love, please go rescue Doug from purgatory, though he’s probably asleep!”Sara takes Doug’s hand and they re-join me in the living room. Sara sits on my lap and caresses my breasts. Both Sara’s and my nipples are fully erect and lightly touching!”You were right he was awake!” Sara kisses me lightly on the lips.”So is Doug going to suffer while we spend Thursday night and all day Friday in bed together?” as she strokes my hair.”No, Doug has a date with a new girl Sara. I’ve set him up with Eve, a friend of mine.” “Eve, she better watch Doug’s snake!” We all giggle.”Wendy, it is getting late and I want Doug in my pussy! (she rubs her wet pussy on my leg! the tease!) So would you mind…..””Not at all I’ll see you at 7 Thursday night!” I gather Sara into my arms and embrace. I close my blouse before I kiss Doug good night. I whisper in his ear, “You be good to this lady, or else!” “Wendy, thanks!” “Don’t thank me, sexy Sara! You are amazing!”Sara kisses me goodnight and I leave. God please rush the weekend!Wednesday Doug suckles on my breasts at noon. Then that evening, he lays me on my dining room table and eats my pussy for dinner. We both cum several times ending with me having Doug shoot his hot cum over my breasts and he licks it off.At lunch bahis siteleri Thursday I tell Doug a bit more about Eve. I seduced Eve and we spent a wonderful weekend in my bed exploring each other very thoroughly. After a few dates though it was clear that Eve was looking for something I didn’t have, a real cock! I told Eve that Doug was great in bed, so he might expect an interesting evening. I’ll be getting together with Sara at Sara’s. So leave us alone you horny stud!At the appointed hour I knock on Sara’s door. I hear rapid footstep, a giggle, pause,,,,,,, “Hi Wendy, please join me!” giggles.I take Sara in my arms and thrust my hungry tongue between her lips. Sara’s giggles are soon replaced by our moans as we deeply suck at each others tongues and deeply kiss. We hold each other close as my lips begin to roam Sara’s cheeks, lips and neck!Sara has been working on her lip control. As I kiss her ear lob…..”Sara, honey, Wow what you are doing with your lips on mine is soooo much better, sooo sexy. You’ve gotten me wet already!””Oh Wendy, I’m so glad. I want to give you such pleasures!” She giggles.”I ate peas at practically every meal this week, smiling the whole time! I’m constantly working on my li[ control at work it’s so exciting thinking about kissing you and how I want my lips to feel!”I kiss Sara’s neck as she holds me close to her warm softness. Sarah takes me by the hand and leads me into the bedroom.”Wendy, I want to make love to you! Oh did you bring it?””Yes I brought THE dildo! Sara I want you so bad!” Sara removes my clothes as she kisses me all over! I remove Sara’s clothes. I’m wet and so is Sara!She pushes me onto the bed where she follows. Our arms and leg intertwine as we kiss each other deeply. I roll on top of Sara and caress her breasts rolling her erect nipple between my fingers I kiss my way down to her clit. Sara pulls my face up to hers and slides her sexy tongue between my open lips. She grabs me tightly and rolls on top of me. She rubs her nipple against mine. Circling it first then flicking the nipples together. We’re both moaning loudly!Sara kisses her way down to my clit. She pauses ….”Wendy honey, I’ve seen this done, and You did me, but you’re my first pussy! Let me know if I do anything wrong.”Sara slides her tongue between my wet swollen pussy lips.OHHHHHH I cry as I arch my back with desire, she quickly slides deeper into the folds of my pussy! Too quickly, I pull her face back with trembling hands.”Sara, slower please! God that was great but we have all the time in the….” Her lips envelope my clit as her tongue circles it as a tease! She kisses her way down to my cunt hole as her tongue slowly slides in. I grab my breast and rub the nipple as I feel my body respond. The blood is rushing to my cunt and nipples, my heart is pounding in my chest when suddenly my hips jerk upward into Sara’s face as she give me the first orgasm! I feel my sphincter contract as the contractions begin and build in intensity as Sara keeps licking and sucking my pussy!I pull her face to mine as I lick my juices from her lips, chin and nose!. I pull her hips to mine as our clits slide together we begin to fuck each other. Sara goes down on me again and I stroke her hair to encourage her. I’m shaking and moaning as I feel her finger slide into me again! I lift her face to mine as her fingers stroke my pussy. I pull her down on to the bed then kneel over her and move to 69 so we can explorer each other!I slide my fingers into Sara wet cunt! I wet another finger and begin to probe her anus. She stops licking me to loudly moan her approval as I slide my finger in all the way. Slowly I finger fuck her pussy and ass.”Ohhhhhhhhhh, gggggggg, faster! harder!” but I maintain my pace. Sara wants me to push her over the edge, but I want to explore how hot she can really get.”Pleassssse Wendy, please!” Sara is begging now. but I also feel her heart pounding against me, her pussy is pouring out her juices, slow and steady, steady, steady…..Sara’s breath is getting short! her entire body is trembling with her passion and lust. Her hips thrust back onto my fingers as her back arches and she lets go with a silent scream as she cums! her body thrashes about as I continue the fuck my fingers are tired, but the pulsing of her pussy is so exciting! Her orgasm continues, as does her thrashing about on top of me! She is moaning loudly now! as she pulls her hips away from my fingers….. Sara rolls onto the bed and I hold her. She struggles to speak and I just shuss her and hold her face to my shoulder…”I know, honey, I know. Sweet Sara, let me quietly hold you…..” After 10 to 15 minutes of holding and stroking, Sara’s body is relaxing slowly in my arms.”Wendy, never….I could……Oh god!””I know honey, relax. yes we’ll do that again and yes I want you to do that to me!” I pull Sara’s hand to my breast.”you were teasing…..””No Sara, that was not teasing, I wanted to see how intense you could cum! and oh my! that was very intense wasn’t it!””I felt like I was going to pass out at one point, no blood in my head I think!” She strokes güvenilir bahis my hair as we hold each other and Sara recovers.Sara ad I made love several times that night. after a few hours sleep. I visit the restroom. when i come back Sara puts a blindfold over my eyes!”Now do as I say bitch and I won’t hurt you to bad!””Yes, what do you want?””I’ll take what I want!” I’m taken to the bed and pushed face down on to it! Sara then ties my legs apart as far as they will go. she puts two pillows under my hips the ties mt writs behind me. Then she removes my blind fold.”See what I have for you!” She’s wearing my strapon dildo. The one i used on her a few night ago. I’m a little worried, she could really hurt me!”lets lub this up shall we?” The dildo slide into my pussy as she pours oil onto my asshole and stick in a finger to lube my sphincter! Then I feel her slide out of my pussy and now against my ass. She pushes and I push back as the strapon slides into me! Sara thrusts in and out of my ass, but now the first ball, NNGGHH, in me it goes! the second ….”Ohhhhh, OWWWWW, errr” it hurt but in me it goes! Now the largest!”wendy I’m sure going to enjoy this!” Sara presseshard into my ass and the ball stretches my ass hole even larger! and in it goes as tears drip down my cheek. Now she begins to fuck me with it! Oh God, Oh God…..”Harder Sara, fuck me harder!” her fingers reach around and stroke my clit and I cum almost immediately! Sara has fucked me, her first woman!I called Doug to have him quietly come over to Sara’s. I’m in the kitchen when I see Doug slip in the door. SHHHHHHHHH!”Sara’s sleeping, she needs it she exhausted me!””Really I though no one could match your passions!”I’m wearing a silky robe loosely around me as I embrace and kiss Doug. “Darling how was Eve?””Great fun and sexy honey!” We whisper……”We need to tell Sara about Seattle.””Yep it’s time, I’ll have to leave in less than two weeks and you soon after to join me. Doug kisses my cheek as he wraps his arm around my bare waist.”How was Sara in her first lesbian one on one?””She was one hot woman! She had no problems cumming this time and neither did I! God that woman loves to eat tits and pussy.”I hear noises from the bathroom, must be Sara.”There you are, with Doug too. I reach out for Wendy, my lover in bed and she isn’t there. I wanted some morning snuggles and sex like Doug and I usually have!” Wendy looks at me and giggles.”Sara get a cup of coffee and join us in the bedroom please.” “Ok, what’s up? Oh of course that would be Doug!” Giggles…..Doug hangs back and as Sara gets her cup of coffee he slides his arm around her and kisses her. “Morning honey!””Morning, how was Eve?””Very hot and sexy. Her cunt is not as tight as yours or Wendy’s but she gets wetter. How was Wendy?””Delicious! I drank a gallon of her pussy juice last night! and it was soooo sweet to use THAT dildo in Wendy’s ass!”Doug brings Sara into the bedroom.”Sara you sit in the middle of the bed, Doug you behind her in your favorite spot, hugging her breasts, that good”I sit in front of Sara and kiss her forehead and cheeks.”Sara, Doug and I have some news, ….in about two weeks Doug will need to fly to Seattle to meet our ship. I’ll follow after a few days to join him. Sara is trembling a little, Doug snuggles closer.”Wendy I knew he’d be going back to sea, I just wish it wasn’t so soon!””Well Sara we can extend our time together for a week or so if you come with me to Seattle. Think your boss will let you go?””He’s really nice so I don’t think it will be a problem.””Doug was able to get first class tickets for your flight so you can be close. The stewardesses let you get away with anything in first. Maybe you’ll join the mile high club!””Doug, Wendy, how long will the two of you be gone?” I was dreading that question. Doug holds Sara tight against his chest and nibbles on her shoulder. We have to tell her!”Sara, normally we go to sea for three weeks and are in port for a week. This time our first port is Yokohama so we’ll be gone for 7 to 8 weeks.” Her body jerks at the news like she’s been electrically shocked. Tears begin to roll down her cheeks. I knew that would hurt and it has!”Really 2 MONTHS! Doug, Wendy I’ll miss you guys sooo much!” Sara is sobbing now as I hold her head in my arms and stroke her hair.”We do have some good news though, after 2 months, you’ll fly to Hawaii to meet us. We can enjoy ourselves for a week but then Doug and I will be gone again for a month until we finally come into the West coast where our cruise ends.” Sara wails, 3 months, 3 MONTHS the summer will be over and I’ll be a very horny wreck! Doug pulls Sara back and she reaches to hold him as she sobs. After about 20 minutes it is all quiet. Doug is laying next to Sara softly stroking her and I am behind her stroking Sara’s legs.”Well it is, what it is. You two will be together. I’ll be here all alone!””Not completely alone, you actually have lots of company between your sheets.” So I explain how Sara will need to take over for me with her girl friends and some boy friends with intros starting Sunday night! Wendy and I cuddle Sara until it is time for her to go to work. We walk her to the store then back to go back to my place.Doug and I spend the day making love and I tell him about what a wonderful sex session Sara gave me!

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