What happened in my basement

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What happened in my basementI’m a divorced construction worker. I’ve got two sons, 18 and 20. I love my job but it can be a long day hard day and I’ve got the body and marriage to prove it. Hard, muscled, divorced and exhausted. My favorite time of day is after work, for 2 hours I’ve got the place to my self. I take a long hot shower in the basement, put on an old bathrobe, then lay in the dark on an old couch and watch some tv. I always end up falling asleep until the boys come home. The noise of their arrival always wakes me up and it’s time to start making dinner.Today something different happened. I showered, put on my old green robe, turned on the tv, laid on the couch and was instantly asleep. At some point I started having a sexy dream, after dealing with a bitch of an ex-wife and a disastrous divorce, I’d sort of sworn off women and I hadn’t been laid in ages, so the occasional sex dream wasn’t such a surprise.A big titted blond was sucking on my nipple while fondling my balls. I’ve got big sensitive nipples and it always turned me on when they were pinched or sucked. This girl was doing a great job, in my dream, my cock was rock hard and oozing precum.This time though it felt way different, it felt really good, almost bursa escort real. Then I began to realize I was waking up, but the physical sensation continued. My nipple was being sucked, my balls were being massaged. I opened my eyes and looked down. What I saw horrified me and sickened me. My bathrobe was open, my cock was rock hard and pointing at the ceiling, a huge stream of precum oozing from the hole, but it wasn’t a big titted woman sucking my nipple and massaging my balls, it was my neighbor!I held in a gasp and closed my eyes. It was just in time as I felt him stop and look up, making sure I was still asleep.I didn’t know what to do. I felt sick to my stomach and horrified, I was on pretty good terms with the guy, he’d moved in a year ago, we chatted from lawn to lawn occasionally, but that was about it. He was a cop and quite intimidating, even for a big guy like me. I couldn’t move. His mouth continued to suck, I could feel his mustache scratching against my chest, his hand gently rubbing and massaging my balls. My cock stayed rock hard. I tried to breath like I was still sleeping. Had I sent him signals?Then his mouth released my nipple and for a minute I felt relief, that this nightmare was over, but then I felt him bursa escort bayan moving and I knew what was going to happen. Should I stop him? Before I could, I felt his tongue on the tip of my rock hard cock, teasing my pisshole, then he slowly took my cock in his mouth, I felt his lips slide smoothly down my shaft. It was too late, I dreaded the consequences to our neighborly civility if I confronted him now.Slowly he slid his mouth and tongue up and down my cock, his hands gently squeezing and rubbing my balls. I was in agony! But It felt so good and so wrong at the same time. Part of me was screaming no while my cock was screaming yes!His mouth felt so good on my underused tool, his mustache tickled the shaft as he suck with expertise. He knew what he was doing. Occasionally he would stop, possibly to see if I was still awake, then he’d lick my balls for a bit then return to sucking my cock. I could feel my balls tightening, I was getting close to cumming. I really didn’t want to, but my cock had a mind of its own. My balls were full with two weeks worth of cum. I could feel myself getting closer and closer. I think he could too as his the hand massaging my balls stopped and began to squeeze them, not too hard, just right escort bursa and he began to suck a little harder like he was hungry for my load. I briefly wondered how many other men he’d done this too.Now was the time to say something, now was the time to put a stop to it, before it really was too late. But it felt so good, he really knew how to suck cock and the need to empty my balls was somehow the only thing I could think of.Then it happened, I had held off as long as I could, but the cum came shooting out of my cock in a great thick load. My cock pumped and pumped, load after load, filling his mouth with hot cum. He took it down his throat, moaning slightly. He stopped moving, letting my cock do all the work, filling his hungry mouth. After several pulses of my cock, the cum stopped flowing. He took his mouth away and was examining the head of my cock which pulsed one more time, pushing a pearly bead of cum out the pisshole. He gently used the tip of his tongue to lick it clean. He quietly stood and closed up my bathrobe. I could sense him standing there, looking down at me. Finally, he left and I heard him leave the house.I lay there, so many thoughts and feelings racing through my mind. What was I going to do? Confront him? Pretend it didn’t happen?Maybe it wouldn’t happen again, I told myself. And for a while it didn’t, but then it did happen again, and it really got out of control, but I’ll have to tell you about that another time.

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