Why do I think my daughter is so Attractive? part


Why do I think my daughter is so Attractive? partSo I know its been a while…but Im back to let you all in on what has been the craziest and the most pleasureable time in my life! My cute , adorable little girl is now unbelieveably sexy and hot to me! I think about her all day long..I have been busy with work recently and havent had alot of free time with Nia. She still teases her daddy , smiling and showing off her perfect developing body! Shes so mature sexually for her age..and I can only honestly think how lucky I am to have a willing daughter! Amy and I have been good and my secret with Nia is still preserved. Sex hasnt been on the menu with Amy for a while though. Just work schedules conflicting and by the time we do find the bed together were both so tired. But that doesnt mean I havent been stroking my cock as often as I can! Nia told me that shes been thinking about her daddy alot when Im not around , and that I make her feel good even when she just thinks of me! So I have been taking her used panties out of the laundry and sniffing and tasteing where her lil hole would be. Cumming harder and harder with every day that passes by without being able to hold her naked body next to mine!Eventually I would lie awake late at night next to my wife , trying to just sleep , but Nia only across the hall was beckoning me! I couldnt help it anylonger , I had to try to sneek into Nias canlı bahis room! My Wife Amy working the morning shift had to be up at 5 so I knew she would be fast asleep as it was 1 am now. My cock stretched to its capasity and my head started throbbing to the rhythm of my heart as started to race. I slowly creeped out of bed , ensuring Amy didnt notice. I left our room and tip toed down the hall like a ballerina..and pushed Nia’s half shut door open exposing her dark and quiet room! The only noise to be heard was the sound of Nia’s deep breathing as she slept ever so presiously. I wanted to wake her but she looked so pleasant sleeping that I couldnt bring myself to disrupt her. She was layin on her left shoulder facing me..her left leg was up by her waste like and her right leg was straight. Her blanket was off and her nighty was up above her lil bottom. I could see her lil ass and every inch of her thin lil legs down to her lil feet! I began stroking my cock thru the hole in my boxers for safety lol..Every stroke with my hand felt so amazing..not your ordinary jerk off feel…was incredible..just being in her room..I was sooo horny!! I eased down on one knee and started to carress her soft tight thighs with my left hand. If she woke it was ok so I didnt really have that fear..was only wanting to touch and feel her! I decided to push her to her back spreading her legs in the process..this bahis siteleri kinda made her wake but soon she was out again…So i began to softly kiss her inner thighs all the while still stroking my cock which was now at the “edging” stage. The point when you can come at any moment so i would stop stroking it right when i got there. I wanted to taste Nia..she was so warm and soft that i couldnt help myself and pulled her panties off slowly..again I thought she might wake up , again she stayed fast asleep. Now the aroma of her exposed bald slit filled my nostrils. I spread her lil lips and placed my tongue on that tiny hole which was surprisingly moist and creamy. The taste is tremendous..I wasnt even touchin my cock when i felt that “edging” feeling. I smacked my cock on the bed frame to stop myself from cumming. I wanted to taste more of Nia..her sweet juicy slit was so hot. So i teased her pea sized clit with my tongue and licked up and down each sider of it real slowly and soft..Nia’s breathing was getting more rapid I noticed..”Baby”? i whispered..nothing…”Baby”? a lil louder…with her eyes shut she whispers “Yes daddy”?…she was awake now and that made me crazy..I had to feel her mouth on my throbbing cock..so i moved up to her mouth and told her to lick daddy…she complyed still half asleep i could tell..licking it very softly and slowly then slipping it into her mouth güvenilir bahis one small inch at a time…my left hand rubbing her puffy nipples…my right hand on her head..it was in half way when i felt my balls twitch and I wasnt going to be able to stop this one…I warned her that i was going to cum and she moaned and told me to in her pretty lil mouth..ahhhh I came shot after shot in her mouth..pulling it out and still getting a small shot on her cheek..It was dark but I heard her gulp down and gasp for air..was soo hot..I lowered down to her and kissed her on the mouth..tasting my cum and cleaning off her face…her lil tongue did laps with mine and my cock stayed fully erect..told her “Daddy’s missed his lil girl so much”! She said ” Been missing you too daddy” in the cutest half whisper lil girl voice..! I told her I had to go so mom wouldnt catch us and she told me ok. I went back into our room to find my wife in the bathroom!! I started to panic..She notice where I was? Maybe she thought I just went downstairs for a drink? I didnt know what to say as I layed back in bed quickly. The sound of the toilet flushing had me nervous. She comes out of the bathroom , slightly stumbling from groggyness , lays next to me and plants a kiss on my lips..i kissed her back with some tongue. I told her I love her and she told me she did too..She slowly fell back asleep and the night turned to day. I woke and my wife was already gone. “No problem” I laughed to myself…she must have been to sleepy to even notice where i was or didnt care at that moment in time. But this is where I was wrong!!

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