Wife Hooked me on BBC Cuckold


Wife Hooked me on BBC CuckoldDidn’t see this coming on my wedding day!There she was! In her wedding dress, smoking hot. It was short, tight and showed her great tits. It was true, a big part of my desire to marry her was that she had an incredible body! A beautiful face, great tits, and she had a tight pussy. And soon after we started dating I realized that she knew it and like to show off in sexy dresses.How was I to know that she had a hidden agenda for me and my mouth?Once we were married and living in our own place, I was working quite a bit and was trying to bring in enough money to buy her nice things, which kept me on the road for several days at a time. But what I didn’t know was that she was taking care of her “NEEDS” without my knowledge.One day, when I came home unexpectedly in the middle of the week, I saw a strange car in our driveway. So as I came in, I called out,”Hi babe, I’m home for the rest of the week.”She wasn’t downstairs in the living room or in the kitchen. So as I started up the stairs, I heard a lot a commotion, which I didn’t understand, so I kept on going towards our upstairs bedroom. When I got to the door, I heard her call out,”Hey baby, come on in.” So I did. And low and behold, there she was in some of the sexiest lingerie that I’ve ever seen her in, and lingerie that I didn’t even know that she had.”Damn!”, I said. “What’s going on here?” She says, “Oh, I just bought this new lingerie for you and was trying it on.” “Well shit, I guess my timing was pretty good.”What a dumbass I was! But who was I to argue about what I saw, and took full advantage of it and we made hot, passionate love most of the afternoon.Later while taking the dinner trash out, I noticed that the weird car in my driveway from before was gone, so I was glad for that and gave it no other thought.The next week, I left for a couple of days on the road, kissed the hottie goodbye and drove off. As I’m driving away, down the block a little bit was that car that I saw in my driveway. So I figured that it must have been a neighbor’s car or a friend of a neighbor, so I really didn’t give it much thought. But as I got about 20 minutes out, I realized that I forgot my cell phone, so I decided to go back to it, since I really needed it. I get to our block, roll up to our driveway and that same car that I saw down the block was in our driveway again.This time it made me curious. So instead of barging in, I crept in by opening the door quietly. What I heard was alarming. There was “Somebody” fucking upstairs in my house! There was no doubt about that. I know fucking sounds when I hear them, that someone was getting a good pounding and someone was loving it.So I crept up their stairs, as quietly as I could, and could see that my bedroom room door was totally open. And there on the bed, on her hands and knees, was my wife, getting fucked by some very large black man.Ok, so the answer is yes! I did just watch for a minute or two. And yes, I did get a little hard at the sight of my beautiful wife getting a good fucking from this black man. I had an occasional thought of how hot it would be to see my wife sucking another man’s cock or getting fucked by another man. Who doesn’t, right? But he was really, really fucking her good. And she was letting him know it. She was grunting and groaning and yelling at him,”Keeping going, right there, right there, don’t stop.”I’ve never heard her like that when we made love, that’s for sure! So maybe I watched a little bit, before I snuck bahis firmaları back downstairs and out to my car. As I sat down, I couldn’t stop imaging his black cock sliding into her pretty white pussy and how the color contract must have been wonderful, and how much I wish I could have gotten a closer look. But there was no way I could without getting busted.And I also noticed as I sat there in my car, that I had a total boner, which I guess told me something.Later that week, when I was heading home, pretty much on time, I thought I would call her to say that I was a hour or two away. So when I got there, she was in the kitchen, making dinner and seemed as normal as ever. But I knew that she had been taking black cock while I was away.We talked over dinner, and she didn’t seem to have anything “out of the ordinary” happen in her week. Fine, I thought. So the next week, I thought I would follow my routine and then sneak back and see what was happening. Almost like clock work, when I come back after leaving for a couple of days, there was that car again, in my driveway.So, as quietly as I can, I open my front door and slip in. No one in the living room, no one in the kitchen. So I think, where the hell else is my wife. Surprise, surprise, she’s upstairs, entertaining not one black man, but two.I sneak up to the door of MY BEDROOM and she is on her side, with one man fucking her pussy and she is sucking the cock of another. And…Upon a closer look, I can see that the man fucking her pussy isn’t fucking her pussy at all, but he’s fully fucking her ass. And that was something that she NEVER allowed me to do.So as I stand outside the bedroom door, I consider what to do. After a few minutes of watching my wife getting royally fucked by these two men, I decide to make my presence known.Well, that might have been a bad decision, because instead of stopping fucking her, they just kept on going, like I wasn’t even there. It wasn’t too long after that, that the guy in her ass started to yell and talk about he’s close to cumming in her ass, then did. I could see his stream of cum leaking from her asshole after pulling out and collapsing on the bed.Then the guy she was sucking blew his load too, down her neck, on her face and in her mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The really didn’t give a shit that I was there. They just did what they wanted to do and that was that.Once they were done with her, they sat back and told me what a good slut I had in her and that I was a lucky man.”Shut the fuck up.”, I shouted. “You just came in and all over MY WIFE and I don’t appreciate it, at all.”One of the guys said, “Well, she sure does know how to fuck.” Then what surprised me was, she sat up and said,”Honey, you aren’t around to satisfy me, so I found what does, and that is black cock.”I felt my mouth go dry and my fever go up at that moment. I didn’t know what to say about that. I found myself in a rage, and started walking towards one of the guys, totally angry. Then, he got up. That’s when I realized how large he truly was. At 5’10”, he towered over me by a good 8 inches and probably 100 pounds.”Don’t be a little bitch.”, is what he said. She’s a good fuck and a great cocksucker, so you should be proud of her.What happened next, I never saw coming. She said to the guys,”He’s got a tiny cock, but he knows how to eat pussy really good. I bet he could suck a cock good too.” I couldn’t believe what she said. The smile on the faces on the guys worried me right away. So they kaçak iddaa guy that I had walked up to grabbed me by the shoulders and shoved me down to my knees and said,”Well then, let’s see!”Within what seemed a split second, he grabbed his thick cock, and pushed the head right up to my lips and shoved it into my mouth. With one hand on his cock and the other on the back of my head, it wasn’t long before my mouth was being fucked by his big black cock. Soon, the other guy got up and decided to fuck my face too, so he came over, took my hand, put it on his cock to stroke it while I sucked his friend. Then they traded and I was sucking the other and stroking the one that I had just had in my mouth.This went on for 15 minutes, them taking turns with my mouth, before one of them started to talk about getting ready to cum, which I really wasn’t able to comprehend at that moment, yet there I was, sucking 2 black cocks and one of them began Cumming in my mouth. Thick, hot and lots of it! Then his friend came too. I wasn’t totally done with the first, so I got hit in the side of the face with the other’s first blast, but my mouth got turned just in time to take most of his load in my mouth.I’d like to say how horrible it was, but actually their cum wasn’t horrible. It was decent. Downright good. But of course I played like it was rat poison and that I was suffering, but I didn’t totally hate it.After they were done, they split shortly after and I sat there covered in their cum, and so was she.”I knew that you would be a good cocksucker,” is what she said.Things in our house got a little strained after that for awhile, but honestly I kept thinking about that smooth, hot black cock in my hand. That wonderful hot cum. That taste in my mouth.Was I a cocksucker? I guess so, since a few days ago I sucked off 2 men. I had that thought on my mind for the next couple of days on the road.Did I really ENJOY sucking cock?Were people looking at me differently now?Could they see that I didn’t totally mind those black cocks Cumming in my mouth.As I met with several of my clients during that week, there was a store manager who was black, and I couldn’t stop thinking about his cock. I’d look at his face, but a part of me wanted him to take out his cock and put it in my mouth, like the other men did. Of course, he didn’t, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t wonder what his cock was like. Could he see that in my face? He acted a little differently towards me and it made me wonder why. Then, he asked me if I wanted to grab a drink with him after work, since I was staying in a nearby hotel anyway. I tried not to sound too eager when I said that I would be glad to.Sitting in my hotel room, waiting for the time to go meet him, I couldn’t stop but to think that I wanted to find a way to ask him if I could suck his black cock, but I also knew that I would be way out of line and could jeopardize our working relationship. So time came to meet, and when I showed up, he was already at the bar. He had changed clothes, as I had also. We shook hands and sat down. Things were going just as normal. Chit char, laughing about this and that, talking a little sports. Nothing out of the norm. But I couldn’t stop myself from looking down at his crotch. And when I did, I could see the outline of a very large cock in his pants. And as I looked away as quickly as I could, I looked up at him, and he could see that I was checking out his cock.He didn’t let on that he caught me looking at his cock, kaçak bahis and kept the conversation going on as normal. After a few more drinks, both of us were getting a little drunk. Darrell, my client, said that he was getting pretty buzzed, but wanted to buy me a tequila shot to do with him. So I said that if he’s feeling buzzed, he couldn’t always leave his car here and grab a cab. His response, which caught me off guard, was, “If you have enough room in your room, I could just crash there.” I laughed and said “Sure” and didn’t think anything more about it.We had 3 shots and then we were glowing pretty good. He said that it might be a good idea to stop and head up to the hotel room. Without thinking, I said “Sure”, and up we went.There was plenty of room for him to stay, so we turned on the TV, settled on the couch to watch whatever was on. At that point, he said,”Well, if I’m going to stay, I might as well relax.” So he got up, went to the bathroom and came out in his t-shirt and teal boxers, sat back down on the couch where he was before.When he sat down, I couldn’t stop but to look at the gap in his boxers, which I could see his black pubic hair and the outline of a very nice, semi hard cock.Now at that point, I didn’t realize what I was doing, but I guess I had been staring at his cock, and when he noticed it, it got him even more hard. I could see his cock moving slightly under that thin boxers and I just couldn’t stop myself from checking it out. I tried not to be obvious and laugh and point to what was on the TV, but my real focus was on his black cock, and he knew it.To keep from getting totally busted, I offered him a beer that I had bought earlier in the day for the room, which he accepted. So I got up, went to the mini-fridge to bring back a couple of beers, and when I handed one to him, I couldn’t help but notice his beautiful cock just under his boxers, even harder than before.I felt my mouth watering, thinking of his cock. But I knew that it couldn’t happen. So I decided to go and get into comfy clothes too. When I returned to sit on the couch, Darrell had taken off his shirt and boxers, and was stroking his lovely black cock. “I could see that you were checking out my cock pretty much all night. You want to suck my cock don’t you, Tim?””Yes I do”, I said without hesitation, and went straight to my knees in front of him and submitted to his superior black cock.I sucked him off there on the couch, and I sucked him off again in the morning before he left. Every time that I come into his area, he picks a place where I can take his beautiful cock and his tasty cum into my mouth. He even brought along a friend once and they spit roasted me on one evening. Having him in my virgin ass was almost as satisfying as having him in my mouth.When I got home that first week, I felt so guilty about it, that I told my wife that I sucked off another black man. That night, she invited her friend over and made me suck his cock right in front of her, until he filled my mouth. It was so wonderful!It wasn’t long after that, she started inviting her friends over when she knew that I was going to be home for me to get them hard enough to fuck her, so I became her fluffer almost every weekend.But when I was traveling, I didn’t find cocks to suck too. I looked forward to going to bars on the road to find black men that somehow knew that I would suck their cocks, even without telling them about how much I loved black cock. They truly knew that I would be their cocksucker, and I keep looking for black cocks to suck to this day when I’m on the road.I absolutely love sucking black men, and having them share me in any way that they want, my mouth or my ass, or both at the same time.

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