Wife Reluctantly Agrees to Husband’s Fantasy


Wife Reluctantly Agrees to Husband’s Fantasy“Here, take this. I want you to be safe. “ With that, my husband handed me a condom. Actually, I don’t know why he bothered. I’m not going to need it. He’s truly k**ding himself if he thinks that I will be having sex tonight with somebody else. “Dress up seductively”, he told me as we were getting ready to go out. Tonight was the night that I had agreed, quite reluctantly I must add, to act one of his fantasies. Maybe “act out” is a bit strong. Go through the motions is a lot closer to reality. It revolves around me sitting by myself in one of the upscale hotel bars where businessmen are known to frequent. I am supposed to be sitting at a table by myself making myself available. Eventually, an older, sophisticated businessman comes and sits at my table, buys me some drinks, and hits on me. While this is all going on, my husband is sitting in at a corner table watching the seduction proceed.Of course, he is also there in case it ever gets out of hand. At some point, the businessman invites me up to his room and we get it on. For the longest time, my husband has been trying to turn this into something more than a sheer fantasy. I can’t tell you how many times he has encouraged me to “give it a try”. While I have found the fantasy to be quite erotic and have gotten off on it many times when we were making love together, I was never terribly interested in carrying it out in real life. It was a fantasy – a marital aid of sorts. Eventually, after much enticing I decided that I would finally give in and give it a try. For practical purposes, I had decided that in order for him to get it out of his system, I needed to go through the motions and just go do it. However, I never intended on actually doing anything. A little bit about us. We have been married about 5 years now. He’s 30, decent looking, treats me well, though he’s a little bit small in the dick department. Only about 5” long, probably average width. I’m 27, about 5’8”, 130 lbs, with 36C breasts. I’ve got a nice plump ass – at least that’s what he says. Our sex life is basically good. He’s a lot more ambitious than me with lots of “ideas” that he thinks that we should try. I’m more conservative. Personally, I think that our sex life is quite good the way it is. Sure, everybody settles into certain patterns over time, but still it’s been quite good. We don’t have any k**s, but we’ve been trying for over a year. It’s been difficult since we thought that would occur easily. So, I haven’t been on the pill for a while now. So, Saturday night was D-Day. As the weekend got closer, I was starting to get quite nervous. I had been having doubts about this from the very beginning, but I was REALLY having doubts now. At a certain level, I thought“what the hell” might as well as some fun with the idea. I haven’t had to try and attract anybody since I started dating my husband. Maybe, I will just dress up like a tease and string the guy along before I head back home. I might just get excited and my husband and I could have some good sex when I get home. So when Saturday evening rolled around, I decided that I would put on a nice skirt with a button-down sweater. It was not as revealing as my husband would have liked, but it wasn’t as conservative as I normally would have dressed. I usually don’t wear thongs, but I had decided that would break out my sexiest panties for the night. At the very least, I would feel sexy. Plus, my husband had encouraged this behavior because he always got an instant hard-on whenever he had fantasized about a guy sticking his hand down my panties and getting a feel of my wet cunt. When I had finished dressing, I looked in the mirror and had to admit that I looked pretty darn good. I was sure that somebody would want to “hit” on me. I should note that my husband had gone through some elaborate planning for this event. In fact, he had settled on this particular venue after visiting other hotel bars over the course of the last month. A priori, he had decided that we would drive in separate cars that night so I would have the freedom to do “whatever” later on. In addition, he had staked out our “pre-assigned sitting areas”. So after I arrived I was to sit on a couch that had chairs next to it so that I could give somebody an opportunity to come and sit near me if they would like.After I had gotten there, I decided to order a glass of wine since I definitely needed a drink to calm my nerves and give me some courage for the night ahead. About 5 minutes later, I noticed that my husband had arrived. Per the plan, my husband sat far away from me back in the corner of the bar area. I had been sitting there alone for about 10 minutes, when an older gentleman, Sam, came up and asked me if it was OK to sit in the chair next to the couch. He was dressed smartly, business casual, and would definitely meet my husband’s desire as worldly. He wasn’t bad looking, either. He looked like he probably was in his early to mid 50s. I quickly agreed. After he had sat down and got settled, he struck up a conversation. During our discussion, I learned that he owned a business that repaired computer equipment. In fact, if anything, I had to admit that he was actually a pretty nice guy. If I had been expecting some sex-crazed businessman who routinely fucked the bar maids then that certainly wasn’t Sam. In fact, with his easy-going manner, he didn’t seem threatening at all – like some younger guys might have been. If he was trying to pick me up, he certainly needed to work on his “game”. During the conversation, I found out that hat he has been married for over 30 years.However, they had drifted apart over time. Apparently, she had been ill on and off for quite some time now. At one point during the conversation, he had mentioned that they haven’t had sex in over 2 years. Apparently, his wife was going through menopause and she didn’t get lubricated enough anymore for them to comfortably have sex. He had also mentioned that he was quite well-endowed and his size had made the problem worse. In my mind, that probably qualified as “TMI” – too much information, but I think that he was just trying to give me the complete picture rather than bring up sex. He said, “We used to have a really good sex life, but it’s diminished to almost nothing recently. I have thought about taking another lover, but don’t really want to hurt her. Honestly, it’s been a difficult time period”. I was starting to feel sorry for him, actually. But eventually the conversation shifted to me. “So, are you her at the hotel for a conference?” “Well, actually, no. I live here locally.” “So, didyou come here to meet somebody? You are certainly dressed nicely enough.” I’m not a very good liar, so I finally had to fess up, “No, I am meeting anybody – at least, nobody that I know. In fact, I must admit that I’m here under some fairly unusual circumstances.” That piqued his curiosity, so he pried further, “If I can ask, what kind of unusual circumstances?” He seemed so nice and non- threatening that I just decided to tell him what my husband had put me up to. “I have to be honest. My husband has a very active mind. He’s a young guy with some interesting ideas about our intimate life. ” “Yes, I think that I can relate. I was young one day. It takes a while for the hormones to settle down. Is he trying to get you to pick up somebody?” “How’d you guess that???” “Lots of guys have that fantasy. Once upon a time, I included myself in that category. I tried to get my wife to do something similar, but she was never interested.” “Certainly, sounds familiar. He has this bizarre fantasy of me seducing a businessman. I have never wanted to do it, but basically he’s forcing me to be here. He’s over there in the corner, now. I figured that halkalı escort I would go through this ritual so he could get it out of his system. But I have never had any intention of ever doing anything.” I then glanced over at my husband who was off in the corner. He winked back at me. I’m sure his prick was getting hard thinking that the businessman was making progress chatting me up. If only he knew how innocent the conversation had really been! “Well, if that is the case, maybe I should sit next to you. He’ll think that I am really getting far chatting you up. We can fake it here so that he gets his jollies.” Then he winked at me. At this point in time, I wasn’t quite sure what this guy was thinking. For sure, I hoped that he didn’t think that he would be getting lucky – because that certainly was not going to be happening. “I want you to know that I have never cheated on my wife before, so you are safe with me.” With that he came and sat next to me on the couch. As the night wore on, between the alcohol and his mild, non- threatening manners, I started to relax. It just felt natural being around him. Eventually, he put his arm around me as we were talking and started to rub my left shoulder. His touch felt very nice. “Well, I’ll tell you what. I know that you don’t want to go through with this, but if you come up to my room, we don’t have to do anything, and later you can tell your husband that the businessman got lucky with you. It’s a “win-win”. He’ll think that I got lucky with you. And it will satisfy your goals since you won’t have to do anything.” “Well, I guess we could….I really want this fantasy of his to end.” So, he grabbed my hand and we left the bar hand in hand. It was very unusual feeling the hand of a complete stranger, but it didn’t bother me all that much since I didn’t feel threatened. As we were leaving, I looked back at my husband and could see the big smile on his face. He was thinking that I was going to get fucked by Sam. Little did he know. Once we got to his room he said to me, “We are going to need to stay up here at least 90 minutes. He’s expecting you to spend some here getting it on with me.” His room had two double beds. He sat on one while I laid on the other. We continued our idle chit-chat for some minutes when he suddenly stood up, came over, and sat on the edge of my bed. “Karen, would it be OK I held you for a few minutes? You are a very beautiful woman – the complete package. Intelligent and very pretty. I haven’t had much intimacy lately and that would feel real nice. We got a lot of time to kill here. ” Hmmm, I didn’t know about this. I’m in the room of a complete stranger and he wants to hold me. This could easily get out of hand – especially since I have been drinking. But, he seemed so nice….. “I guess….. But, it can’t go any farther than that. Ourclothes stay on.” He then proceeded to lay next to me in the spoon position with his arm around my mid-section. He touched my arm for a few moments and then pushed my hair back so he could whisper in my ear, “I love your smell. I am going to need to be careful. It’s been a while since I have touched a real woman. I could easily get turned on in this position. But, you can be safe with me.” He pressed up against me and I could feel something hard against my ass. The old guy is getting a hard- on!!! Can you believe it? And we have only been here a few minutes. I wasn’t convinced earlier when he said that he was well-endowed, but maybe I should have been. It must be true what he said about the size of his dick. “I’m sorry that I am getting excited. I apologize. It’s only natural. In fact, it’s a tribute to you.” “I could tell you were getting aroused. My husband is very average from what I have been told. But, you seem to be a pretty big man. I’ve only been with him during my life since I don’t have anything to compare it with.” “So, you have never been with a man that has a large penis before?” “No, I guess not. Well….. my husband DOES have this fascination with big dicks. Maybe, that’s a guy thing. He bought this big dildo that he likes to use on me every once in a while. In fact, every time that he tells me that businessman fantasy of his, he’ll grab that dildo and use it on me. But, who cares about size? My husband’s dick satisfies me. “ “So, do you get off on the dildo?” “I do like it. But, I don’t tell him that…..” “My wife has told me that my dicks rub her in ways that her previous lovers, who had smaller dicks, who would never have been able to satisfy her.” “I know that you are getting excited, but I need to remind you that I don’t want you to get any expectations that anything is going to happen.” “Yes, I realize that. After you leave, I will probably just get myself off. It will be in your honor.” And then he laughed. “You have very pretty hair. I love the way that you have it styled.” As we were lying there, he touched my hair and played with it in his hands. Then, he started to touch and lightly rub my neck. He pushed my hair back so it exposed the side of my neck that was closest to him. “I love kissing a woman on her neck. My wife really loves it when I do this.” With that, he lightly kissed my neck and then ran his tongue along my neck. “Do you like being kissed?” Maybe, this guy is a mind reader since I love kissing. “Yes, but why do you ask?” “Can I kiss you? It’s just that I haven’t really kissed a real woman in the right way in such a long time. It would just seem so natural to do that. We might as well have some fun while we are together.” “Maybe, once. No more than a couple times, then we must stop.” With that, he rotated me over so that I was facing him. He looked me in the eyes, took both hands and put them on my face, moved forward and lightly kissed me on the lips. It was such a soft, sweet kiss. He pulled back and then kissed me a second time. I could feel his tongue touching me on the outside of my lips. I am such a sucker for good kissing. And this guy was pretty darn good. I knew that I should probably stop, but reflexively I parted my lips so that he could gently probe the inside of my mouth. It was the way that he moved his tongue that got me going. He wasn’t too aggressive, just light kisses. He took his time exploring the insides of my mouth. My husband is pretty good, but he would have had a hard time competing with this guy. I guess experience really does matter. He took his hands and moved them through my hair as our kissing got more erotic. He was kissing me all over my face – moving from tongue kissing, sticking his tongue in my ear, and biting my ear lobes. While we were kissing one of his hands lightly touched my breasts.That stimulated my nipple which caused a tingle to run up and down my spine. This was causing meto get really aroused since kissing has that effect on me. I needed to be careful here since this could easily get out of hand. I wanted to enjoy our time together, but I couldn’t let him touch me between my legs. I’ll never be ever to resist if he does that. “Karen, would it be OK if I lightly squeezed your breasts? I’m not sure that I will ever get a chance to touch a young woman in such a way ever again– certainly not someone as pretty as you are?” I don’t know about this…… But, how could I refuse such an innocent request like that? He seemed like such a nice guy. Plus, it won’t lead to anything…. So, he lightly touched my titties through my shirt mostly just touching and caressing my nipples through my sweater. “Your breasts are very soft, but firm.” He then started to unbuckle a couple of your buttons on my sweater. That’s when I had to draw a line I in the sand. I quickly reached over and grabbed a hold of his arm. “Don’t worry. I want to taksim escort make you feel good. It will only be a couple of buttons. You will still have your bra on, so you can feel safe. It’s so nice to be with a young woman as pretty as you are.” So, I relaxed – and relented. After he had unbuttoned about half of my buttons, he was squeezing my left titty. While he was doing that, he took his leg and slid it in between my legs and started moving his leg up and down. In that position, the material of his pants was rubbing right up against the thin material of my panties. My husband often does that to me and it really turns me on. At the same time, he was now starting to kiss me more aggressively, lightly biting my neck at times. Wow, my husband has never done that to me! He continued by kissing down to the portion of my breasts that were exposed licking all around the outside of my titties. This wasn’t supposed to happen, but I can feel that familiar twinge in my pussy and I was sure that I was getting quite wet.Wow, I am REALLY going to need to be careful here. This could easily get out of hand. He slid one of his hands up under my shirt touching the skin on my belly. That felt really nice. Eventually, he moved his hands around and touched me on my bare back. He then reached around and grabbed my bra strap, held it in his hand, and unclasped it. OMG! What a pro! He’s obviously done this a few times before. He came back around and lifted my bra up over my titties and started fondling my nipples.While my husband likes the idea of this fantasy, I have never cheated on my husband and don’t want to start now. If he gets too aggressive, I might have to jack the guy off. The guy then started unbuckling his pants. “What are you doing?? I told you that we can’t do anything like that. This is already starting to get out of hand. ” “You don’t need to worry. We won’t be having sex. But, I might need to take care of my needs myself since I’m afraid that I will be too tempted to do something else. It’s been over a week since I got myself off. Is it OK if I take my pants off?” “OK. I don’t care if you get yourself off. But, that’s all. But, we definitely can’t do anything else.” He unzipped his zipper, pushed his pants down, and his cock popped out. OMG. It was huge! I couldn’t help but think if was really possible for his wife to really get that in her pussy? It really fits? “I thought that you were k**ding when you said that you were large.” “Here, just go ahead and touch it. It’s just like any other cock. Just like your husbands.” So, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. “See, it’s just like your husband’s cock – just a little bit bigger.” And then he chuckled. “You have to realize that all guys like getting like our cocks stroked.” With that, he started to move my hand up and down along the length of his cock. “My hand just looks so small on your cock. I can barely get my hand around it.” I could feel his cock getting harder as I stroked it. Man, was I wet or what? “You are really good. This feels really good. It’sbeen such a long time….. “ “Karen, I know that this is a lot to ask…. I love being stroked, but it really has been a long time. Do you think that you could use your mouth to satisfy me? My wife hasn’t done that in such a long time. I promise I won’t come in your mouth.” What?? Is this guy crazy or what? I didn’t come up here to give him a blowjob. That wasn’t part o f the deal. I don’t know about this …… This is really getting out of hand, but I guess giving him head would be a better alternative to having sex. The only problem is that giving blowjobs gets me all fired up. I might have a hard time resisting once this starts. Maybe, after I get him off, I will just go home and fuck my husband’s brains out. He’s the one that got this started in the first place. Maybe, this was his plan all along – getting me revved all up and then coming back to fuck him like a bunny rabbit. I just didn’t know where to start because it was such a mammoth cock. Clearly, most of it wouldn’t fit in my mouth. So, I decided that I would start at the head which must have been almost 2” wide and lick all around the head. Then, I would let my tongue trail along the top side of his cock all the way down to his pubes. Wow, his cock must be even greater than 10” long. It’s a good thing that we are not going to have sex tonight since that “thing” would probably really stretch my pussy in ways that I have never been stretched. I grabbed the base of his cock with my hand and then quickly flicked my tongue back and forth along that massive head tasting his pre-cum. Then, I twirled my tongue rapidly around the head in a circle. As I proceeded to lick his cock I could tell he was getting into it because he put his hands on my head and was moving them all around my hair. At times, he was getting too excited because he forced my mouth forward on his dick head and deep into the recesses of my mouth. He’s a big boy and just the head filled my entire mouth. Compare that to my husband. I can easily get his entire cock in my mouth and it barely hits the back of my mouth. I had to be careful because this guy could easily choke me. I love giving blowjobs because it’s such a power rush. Here’s this successful businessman and he’s been reduced to just a series of moans and groans He’s putty in my hands now. It’s my tongue and mouth that will bring him to orgasm flooding my mouth with his salty cum. I can’t wait. Plus, giving blowjobs gets me all wet. It’s such a turn on knowing that I am so in control. I can feel that he is getting close when he suddenly pulls his dick out of mouth. “What’s going on?? I thought that you were getting close?” “I was….. but I thought that if I came now that it might be too early. I would really like this to last a while longer. Plus, I have been receiving all the pleasure. I need to be a good partner and give you some pleasure, also. “ Well, it’s hard to disagree with that sentiment. I only wish my husband said that more often. I like pleasure, too. Only problem is that I can’t fuck him. And that’s only really the way I know how to get off. So, he started to kiss me and rub his hands all over my body eventually pushing my shirt up over my bra. Then he continued by forcing my bra up over my titties exposing my titties. He licked all around my titties and then lightly kissed and flipped his tongue across my nipples. I was in heaven since getting my nipples sucked is always something that gets me really excited. I could feel one of his hands on my thigh and as he started pushing up my skirt. I quickly grabbed his hand and asked, “What are you doing?” “Let me finger fuck you so that you can get off since we can’t fuck one another? I want to feel your wet pussy. A wet pussy is always such a turn-on. I love making a woman get all hot and wet.” As he was uttering those words, he continued to use his strength to push his hands up near the top of my panties. In fact, I was sure he could feel andsmell the moisture coming from my cunt. I finally relented. “OK, but my panties stay on. Nothing more.” He pushed aside my panties so that he could slide his finger along my slit. After he teased me for a while, he slid one finger into my hole. Every time that he pulled it back out, he took his time rubbing along my clitoris. It was hard to deny, but this was starting to feel pretty good. However, I couldn’t let this go on since I wasn’t sure that I would be able to resist this guy if this continued. He said that we wouldn’t do anything, but he’s a guy with a hard dick who hasn’t gotten it in a moist, wet pussy in a long time. Could he really be trusted? Then, he slid a second finger in my hole. A night of constant sexual temptation was starting şişli escort to take its toll as I started to writhe on the bed – almost involuntarily. Mother Nature was starting to take over. He moved up next to me and started to kiss me deeply on the mouth eventually proceeding to bite and kiss my neck. He was close to my ear and whispered, “I love finger-fucking your wet pussy. I love it when you get all hot and horny. I want you to have the biggest orgasm of your life. I love it when a woman pants and screams. It makes me really hard.” But, by this time I was starting to turn red and was nearly out of breadth. I knew that I was getting really close….. And then he took his hands out of my cunt. What the hell is going on? I was so close to coming. I never wanted to be here. Now, when I was super close to coming, the guy takes his hands off me. Is there something wrong with me? In between pants I whispered to him, “Please don’t stop. Please. Please. I was so close.” I grabbed his hand. “Please finish.” “Do you want me to finish you?” “Please. Please do.” He whispered in my ear, “I bet a big hard dick would feel really, really good in that wet pussy of yours, Karen? Wouldn’t it? ” “I’m sure that it would feel really good…. But, we can’t do that. We can’t do that. That would be cheating.” “I want to make love to you.” He took one of his hands and put it on the base of his hard cock. He started to maneuver it toward my cunt positioning the big head near the top of my panties. I put my hand on his cock head to stop him. “I want to slide it into your pussy, Karen. I want you to feel what a big dick can do for you.” With that he started to kiss my mouth passionately. I pulled back. “We can’t. Really…. We can’t. I would like to, but we can’t.” He started to kiss me again as he slid his dick back and forth across the front of my panties slowly moving it down the V of my panties toward my clamped legs. Eventually, his dick head reached the intersection of my legs and my cunt. But my legs were still clamped. “Let me just slide it back and forth in between your legs along your wet panties without it going in. I can come and it will never go inside you. I am so horny, it won’t take long.” “I don’t think that is a good idea”, I said in between our wet kisses. He slowly pressed forward and his dick head started to move in between my clamped legs. My panties were very, very wet at this point in time so I am sure that it felt really good for him. His dick head got about 2 inches between my clamped legs and he started to move it back and forth. I could feel the friction rubbing up against my clitoris as he moved back and forth. All the while he kept kissing me. “Karen this feels really, really good.” He kept bucking back and forth with increasing speed. With each stroke move of his dick more of his dick was moving between my legs.But, at this point he was still rubbing solely against my panties. Due to the sheer force of his bucking motion, I could no longer keep my legs clamped like I had been able to do just a few moments earlier. I didn’t realize it, but with all our movement on the bed, he had taken the hand that he had on the base of his cock and used it to slightly move my panties over so that some of moist cunt wasexposed. This allowed his dick to start to rubbing up against parts of my bare slit as he kept humping back and forth. OMG!! It felt so damn good! As he stroked back and forth, he moved more of my panties to the side. As he did more and more of my wet slit was exposed to his bare hard cock.Though the angle was difficult, but due to the fact that I was so wet and dilated a small portion of that giant head would occasionally pushed into my hole. The orgasm that had been delayed earlier was starting to build again. There was so sense fighting it any more. This just felt too damn good! My husband wanted me to get fucked. And now, I was so aroused that I wanted it as bad as he did! That wasn’t my plan but I was about to get fucked by a businessman with a dick bigger than anything I would have ever imagined. With that, I rolled over to my side, lifted my hips and submitted to my new lover. “Take me”, I said softly. He didn’t need to be asked twice. He lifted my panties and slowly slid them off. I allowed my legs to part and he moved between them with one hand holding the base of his cock positioning his cock at the entrance to my moist hole. He moved the dick head all around my pussy lips. Then he pressed forward and thrust into me. I could feel the head hit my cervix. I wrapped my legs around him as he filled me with that big dick in a way that I had never felt before. But, it felt so damn good!! “Oh, Karen. Your pussy feels so slick and tight. I can’t believe how good it feels. I’ve been missing this for such a long time. You just have no idea how good it feels.” While it must have felt good for me, it was feeling even better for me. That orgasm, which seemed so elusive earlier, was approaching quickly. I’m usually not a screamer or moaner, but I was about to have one of my most powerful orgasms ever hit. OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! As I was calming down, he said, “Get on the edge of the bed. I want to take you from behind. You have such a great ass. I love doggie position.” He then positioned me so that my legs were halfway off the side of the bed. With my ass facing him, he got on his knees and started to lick the inside of my lips up and down. He moved slowly toward my pussy. But, he moved upward and licked toward my ass near my nether region. He teased me THERE for a few minutes before he started lapping his tongue along the outside of my pussy lips. Actually, my husband rarely licks my pussy so I have never come to enjoy it. Maybe, it’s because he’s not very good at it. But, damn, this guy is good!! He was lightly using his tongue along the outside of my slit stopping occasionally to jab his tongue into my opening like it was a little dick. It was a feeling that I wasn’t used to. Plus, my pussy had become ultra sensitive due to all the teasing during the night. After a few minutes, I could feel my knees getting weak and my second orgasm rapidly approaching. I started to see stars as it hit. “AAAAAWWWWW”, I moaned. “Oh my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God”, I panted repeatedly. After I stopped shaking, he stood up, grabbed his dick in his hand, and positioned it at the entrance to my pussy. It was time for him to have the orgasm that had been building for the better part of two hours. He was finally going to be able to come inside the insides of a wet, velvety pussy once again. He placed his hands on my hips and quickly thrust forward. The suddenness of his assault took my breath away. I still wasn’t used to something that big being in my pussy. He moved slowly at first and then picked up the pace with each thrust. Each time that he thrust forward, I moaned softly. I was at his mercy now – just a wet pussy waiting for his sperm. As his breathing became quicker and quicker , I knew that he was getting closer. Finally, he lounged forward, grabbed my hips hard while I squeezed my pussy muscles hard on his dick. Iwanted him to enjoy the pussy that he hadn’t had in such a long time. I knew that he was coming inside me with his splashing against the back of my cervix. I felt him pulse about 6 or 7 times before he eventually collapsed on top of me. After we had settled down and had gotten dressed, I grabbed my purse and could see the condom that my husband had given me. Damn, in the heat of the moment, I had completely forgotten about the condom! Not good. But, you know what. It probably doesn’t make much difference. It wouldn’t have fit the guy’s dick anyway! Far too small! Haha! Sure hope that I am not having his k**. But, I learned some important lessons tonight. My husband is right. Experimenting a little bit can’t hurt. I learned that older lovers have more experience and can tease and seduce you to incredible orgasms. And I really didn’t cheat because my husband had wanted this even more that I did. Plus, while bigger may not always be better, in the hands of the right lover, it sure big feels damn good!

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