Wife Says We Now in a Polyamorous Relationship


Wife Says We Now in a Polyamorous RelationshipGrace got into bed beside me I reached over to pull my wife next to me and slide my hand between her legs. She pushes me off her and says not now I’m sore down there! I thought you had your period last week! Grace says I don’t have my period I’m sore! How the fuck can you be sore we haven’t had sex in nine months! She says not now Jake we do need to talk but not now I’m tird I’ll explain it all to you, just know your primary to me! Your fucking right we need to talk and what the fuck do you mean I’m primary I’m your fucking husband! I know Jake now come cuddle me and sooth me I’m really tird. TIRD WHAT THE FUCK YOU TIRD FROM your maids, gardners and cooks do all the work here you don’t work you spend enough money to support four family’s! Something is going on and you can bet your sweet ass I’m going to find out. Jake got up got up and started getting dressed Grace asks what are you doing, he says going to a hotel, she says don’t be silly come to back to bed we will talk in the morning. You know I have to leave early for a week in Chicago! She says look baby this is complicated, but we are now in a polyamorous relationship and you are my primary partner! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WE ARE MARRIED AND I BETTER DAMN BE YOUR ONLY PARTNER! Where the fuck is this coming from, this sounds like something from your fruit loop friend Alice! Grace says Alice did interduce me to polyamorous relationships she and her husband Don her primary and are both fully into a polyamorous relationship and have a beautiful circle. So, grace how long have we been in this poly whatever relationship? Well a year she says, he asks is that why I haven’t had sex in a little less than a year, she says well we don’t have a circle. Jake says ok so I’ll play your game why don’t we have a circle? She says well you haven’t committed to it but I am a member in many circles, but you are my primary! Which makes you very special to me and for you it will be very special for like your birthday, our anniversary holidays. Jake says my birthday was last week there was nothing SPECIAL about it as a matter of fact you weren’t even home you were off for three days with Alice.Grace says your birthday was last week sorry I forgot. Jake says so why don’t we have a circle, she looks down and says well your kinda small, while most of the guys are at least nine inches I mean well the women just aren’t into small cocks, sorry baby. So whats your excuse I’m your primary YOUR FUCKING HUSBAND, she says I don’t want to hurt you, but after making love with five and six people a day I get really sore and well stretched out way beyond feeling your little cock in me it would not be enjoyable for ether of us. Jake picks up his bags and walks out.In his Escalade Jake calls Don Sutton, he answers Jake sounding very friendly says Don buddy you need to fill me in on this poly thing Grace has gotten me into. He says congratulations your going to be getting more pussy than you can shake a stick at. I mean every day Alice has three or more women here fucking me all day. I had to quit work to keep up with it all and I want to thank you and Grace for paying all our bills so we can do this. Speaking of Grace, she is one hot piece of ass no wonder she is in ten circles, hell I have seen her take a f******n-inch cock all the way to the balls no problem. I love fucking her, hell me and three other guys did her all day today. Don says well you have been a great help I’m heading out of town for work all next week I’ll make it a point to see you in person when I get back, make sure to take good care of her while I’m away, Don says oh you can count on it, ok see you. Jake turns off the recorder on his phone. Jake owns a trucking company that he built up from one van, he has over a thousand trucks on the road and four major terminals s**ttered across the country, Jake is very successful, he is also Italian and very connected. Many of the loads his company hauls are favors for well other Italian friends. Jake gets to the Hilton where his company keeps the penthouse. Once settled in he calls his lawyer, John this is Jake, yes, I know what time it is for what I pay you I don’t give a fuck. He tells him about Grace he wants her cut off penny less, he wants Alice and Don Sutton’ s mortgage purchased and foreclosed on. He wants their investigators on Grace tonight he wants the names of all the people in the “circles” she is involved in. Then he tells him to have their tech guys in tonight to sweep his penthouse for bugs. Then he called Tony the enforcer Brazos and asks him to visit at the penthouse in the morning for breakfast. When the tech guys got there, they swept the penthouse and it was clean, then they activated the cameras at his house, they already had the house, phones and computers, her cell and car bugged. The next morning Tony comes by at 8:00 with two guys Jake says we need to be alone, he tells them to wait outside the door and I ask them to take Tony’s phone, Tony says this must be important and gives his phone to his man. Jake turns on the huge screen TV, on screen is a swimming pool four guys with huge cocks and two women all are completely nude, the stand out is the blond with big tits and a great ass, she goes down on her hands and knees sucks one huge cock all the way in to his balls and the second guy gets behind her and sinks his cock into her to his balls. Tony says it’s a bit early to be watching porn, is that what you got me here for. Jake says quietly no Tony this is live that’s my house and that blond getting split roosted is my wife Grace! Tony doesn’t say a word Jake turns up the sound, Grace pulls the cock out of her mouth and says fuck me Don fuck me hard give me all you got, then sucks the cock back into her throat. Tony says that’s wrong just wrong, I was there at your wedding you love that woman, I know how good you are to her, I know you don’t even keep a mistress on the side like everyone else, damn those big ass cocks must be ruining her for a guy with a regular cock. What do you want buddy anything everything you have done for us all these years you have never asked for a thing anything you want you got it. Jake says do you still have that rplastic surgeon that will do anything we ask. He says actually we have a special company that changes the appearance of people and we can make them disapears better than witness protection. Jake says I want every cock that goes into my wife cut off to two inches until no guy will go near her, I want to start with those four as soon as you can get you guys there. Tony says hold on, he goes out gets his cell from his guy, comes back ten minutes later. Tony comes back in and says so are we going to have breakfast maybe get some work done I’ll get a call I think you will like what I have arraigned for today, let’s eat down stairs. They go down to the restaurant. Tony says the Doc says he is going to cut them off seal off the two tubes that carry the seaman once he cuts off their cocks, he sears the end so there is no bleeding, and they can use it right away but there will be lots of pain I mean lots of pain! He is giving them a d**g to make them try and fuck the women right away, but they can’t cum because their seaman tubs are sealed off. At noon Tony gets a message it says done. They are all done and been fed a d**g to make then horny as hell. They go up stairs and turn on the TV the women are making out and the four guys come out of the house wearing loin cloths with trays with their lunch on them. The women both laugh say you guys being shy, they come up to the woman set the trays down and lay on top them trying to fuck them their bouncing up and down but nothing is happening. Grace says whats wrong and pushes them off izmir escortlar finally Grace accidently knees Don and he rolls off her holding whats left of he cock the women pull his hands away from his cock and sees his cock and they scream the other guys are trying to get them to suck their cocks and relize they have all been cut and start screaming! Jake calls Grace she hears her cell going off, grace says quiet it’s Jake, she answers Jake says hello Grace honey I’m sorry I got mad and left you last night just to show you I’m not mad at you I called Don last night told him I’ed be away all week and asked him to take care of you all week, is he doing a good job on you with his huge cock? She says I know you did this, you know I belong to lots of other circles, Jake says every guy that gets near you will wind up like Don and that’s a promise! Sooner or later no guy is going dare to get near you afraid of getting their dicks cut off! She says you bastard I’m leaving you Jake says how? Grace says you’ll see. Grace asks Alice if she can come stay with her and Don for a while, she says sure you’re paying the bills us any way. Grace packs a bag and goes to get her car and it’s gone, she says fuck she goes to call Alice to come back and pick her up, but her cell phone is disconnected. There is a knock on the door It’s Alice wanting to barrow some money for gas Grace says sure if you give me a ride, he took my car. When they get to the gas station all ten of Grace’s credit cards are canceled. Grace has cash and pays for gas. Alice says why is Jake so pissed off, you have been taking care of him right he is your primary, Grace says well no, you haven’t been bringing him women when was the last you fucked him Grace about nine months ago, he’s only six inches I can’t even feel him, getting fingered is better than getting fucked by him. I’m embarrassed to try and share him with anyone, beside I get lots from all the other circles. Alice says but he’s your primary, Grace says what the fuck am I susposed to do, Alice says go get your pussy stitched up so you can satisfy and enjoy your husband. Grace says do you know how hard I had to work to get my pussy to stretch enough to be able take the cocks I can take, besides he is only one man and I’m fucking a hundred guys, Alice says ninety six, the four from this morning are no good to anyone any more and one is my husband, Grace says I guess we both need new primaries! When they pull up to Alice and Don’s house there is a Sheriffs Notice on the door for a three-day eviction. Alice says they can go stay with her Mom, and to call Sally about tonight’s party at her house, let them know Don would not be coming and we are both looking for primaries, Grace says I hope Norm with the f******n-inch cock is there I’ll make him my primary! Their phones are now all bugged as is Alice’s their car and house. Sally agrees to meet them on the street behind where Alice lives, she tells her she is being followed by a stalker. When they get back to Sally’s house an hour later all the women are gone and the six guys there all now have two-inch cocks including Norm! Alice says I love you Grace but stay away from us Sally we got to warn all the guys to stay away from her or they will have their cocks cut off, Sally says your cut off from all the circles! Alice calls her a cab to take her home. Grace gets home the house phone is working she calls Jake and says you have ruined my life you bastard. The lights go out in her house she says god what now! Jake says what do you think you have done to me you totally deserted me because you couldn’t be fateful and my cock isn’t up to your standards now that you cheated on me with every huge cock you could find, you think where you are right now is my fought, you have ripped my heart I love you more than heaven and earth you have given no thought what so ever what you have done to me and I have herd every word you have told all your so called friends about being ashamed of me and my cock. You haven’t thought of me at all I’m just your meal ticket your sugar daddy, you need to think about someone beside yourself and relize all the people you have hurt already, most importantly the one person your susposed to love above all else! Call me back when your ready to come to your senses! Here’s your lights back on and he remotely turns her lights back on. Jake is watching her in the kitchen on his big screen, she is crying the more she sits there thinking the more she cries. She calls her Mom Ann crying she says I have been so dumb Mom I’m afraid Jake is going to throw me out. Her Mom says baby he loves you more than life itself, you would have to have totally disrespect him, torn his heart out, made a fool of him, cheated on him in a big way, call him a bastard and tell him he ruined your life because he cut you off from your slutty friends, for him to be mad at you, and you did all those things didn’t you! Let me tell you young lady had it been me and your Dad I and all my friends would be pig food in some farm in NJ. Jake has been good to you so don’t think you can come running home to me because you will not be welcome, and if your father finds out, well I don’t even want to think about it. Grace you have led a sheltered life, time you know a few things. First your Father is the Don! She says what are you talking about Dads name is Mario not Don, how the hell did you get thru college girl you father Is the God Father the head of the Mafia! She says WHAT your husband is a made man but runs an honest company that occasionally transports some unregistered loads for your Dad. Your Father looks at Jake as a son, he was so happy the day you got married, Jake has never let him down. If your father even had a hint of you being unfatefull to Jake, your dead and it won’t be fast! Your father will not tolerate a traitor, when you betrayed Jake you signed your own death sentence. The only reason your still alive is Jake is protecting you. You need to get down on you knees and beg his forgiveness and do what ever it takes to make him trust and love you again! Grace says how am I going to do that after what I have done. Her mother asks do you have any love for him at all, Grace says of course I do, I never stopped loving him I just listened to the wrong person wanted to be a player in the latest fad and totally lost my sense of self and before I knew it I ruined myself for any type of a sexual relationship between Jake and I. Why would he ever forgive me after what I have done I wouldn’t, I’m better off just driving my car off a cliff so it looks like an accident and fix everything. Her Mom says you won’t do that it’s a sin and you know it. Listen tell Jake you love him, and you always have, tell him you fucked up, beg for his forgiveness he will forgive you, but be ready to do what ever it takes to win back his love and more importantly his trust. Let me tell you this if you’re not sincere and honest and you don’t truly love him, he will know, and you might as well drive off that cliff. Mom I do really love him, how could I be so stupid, I do love him she starts crying again. Call me and let me know what he says, and she hangs up. Jake says thanks Mom; her father says I still think you should beat the shit out of her and send her to the Convent. They are all in Jakes Penthouse and the phone rings Mario takes Ann’s hand and says let’s go Mom Jake should be alone for this. As they walk out the door a crying Grace says Jake, I’m so sorry, I have been so stupid, please let me make it up to you, and Jake I do love you I always have, I lost my way, what ever you want I’ll do it. Jake says I’ll forgive you, but I’ll only accept back the woman I married in all ways. She is crying again Jake I’m so sorry I ruined myself, I can izmir escort bayan never again be the woman you married. Jake says if you could, would you? Grace crying very hard of course I will do anything. Jake tells her out front is a limo, they will take you to a clinic you will be operated on anally and virginally, you will be in the clinic for two weeks then in a convent for three months recovery, which will be long and painful, once your fully recovered you will be returned the house and I will await your call to tell me your ready to be my wife again in all ways, the phone went dead.Grace stood up walked out the door, a huge black man Jayson got out and opened the back door for her she goes to get in, her grabs her hair then he drops his paints and says I understand you like big cocks, he spun Grace around. She says no I’m married I love my husband. He says no problem this is sex and pleasure not love as he reached up ripped off her dress, he pushes her down on her knees and forces his cock down her throat in one push, dislocating her jaw. Her screams of pain are muffled by his cock in her. He brutally fucked her mouth grabbing her hair with both hands seeking his pleasure in her hot mouth. He says here it comes slut drink it as he pumps his cum down her throat. He pulls her up biting her neck then, then her nipples, she screams out in pain. He pushes her down on the seat and raises her legs and shoves his sixteen-inch cock all the way into her in one push he can feel her flesh ripping and splitting, her cervix forced open and her female organs pushed and relocated, hot blood pushes out around his cock as he violently ****s her pussy, he pumps a second load into what left of her pussy, he pulls out still hard, she is crying barely conscious, as he turns her over, spreads her ass cheeks open puts his cock against her little pink star, grabs her hips and with all his might forces his steel hard cock in in her ass balls deep in one push, feeling membranes ripping and tearing and again blood rushing out around his cock. She tries to scream but nothing comes out, she passes out as he viciously seeks his pleasure dumping one final load of cum deep inside her bowels. He shoves her on the back seat, takes her dress wipes his cock off, throws the dress in with her, closes the door and drives off.Jayson pulls into the back of the clinic, two of her Dads men come out to take her in the clinic, they open the door and jump back, and call Jayson to come out, he gets out, they ask what the fuck happened to her! He says he took care of her the way he has been told to take care of all the sluts he picks up. Jayson feels pain on the back of his head and blacks out. When Jayson wakes up he is in a construction yard the sun roof on the limo is open and fast setting concrete is being poured in the car thru it. His hands and feet are tied the windows in the limo are down to Jayson’s sholder as the concrete starts to run out the windows. Mario’s men walk up to the limo Jayson says what did I do, they tell him no one told him to fuck up the woman he picked up. He says what the fuck she is just some slut. They tell him she was the Godfathers daugther and they walk away. An hour later the concrete has set up, the limo is covered put on a roll back and hauled to a private boat ramp. The limo is unloaded on the ramp two men approach the limo a mouth prop is placed in his mouth to hold his mouth open, then his eye lids are stitched open. Rotten fish entrails are poured over his head and the car is rolled into the water up to his chin. Almost immediately sand flees are crawling in his mouth and eyes, small crabs, then larger crabs start to feed on his face and head. Sea worms have crawled into his mouth and down his throat. Slowly he is being eaten form the inside out. Crabs start eating his eye balls, flies start laying eggs, and maggots start hatching out, finally the sea worms complete fill his lungs and death comes thirty hours after being put in the water. In a weeks’ time everything is gone, bones have dissolved, clothes and even his belt and shoes are gone the only thing left is his belt buckle. The limo is pulled out of the water, then loaded on a landing ship taken out to an artificial fishing reef made of old cars and dumped.Grace was kept in a c*** for two months, when she was brought out of the c***, the first thing she sees is Jake gently stroking her hair and a tear running down his cheek. She looks up at him and says I am so sorry please forgive me. Jake says I love you baby always and forever. They kiss and she says baby I hurt, Jake says I know baby we will get you all better. The nurse says we need to let her rest for a while, you can talk to her later. Two hours later Grace wakes up her mother is there holding her hand and Grace asks where Jake is she smiles and says he is right over there in the chair sleeping he hasn’t left this room sence the accident, do you remember what happened, grace says no, her Mom says that’s just as well. She says Mom I hurt. Her Mom says I know baby but your getting better and soon you will be all better and before you know it you will be making me a Grandmother! Grace says I don’t know Mom I doubt Jake will ever want to be with me again after what I have done. Her Mom says don’t be silly girl, that man loves you with all his being, what you did is in the past it’s done and over with, time to move on to a new day. When I told you, he hasn’t left you well for the first week he didn’t even sleep, your Dad had to bring in two of his biggest men to make him go take a shower and change his clothes. Grace says I don’t deserve him, her Mom says no you don’t, but nobody does he’s a saint, but baby you have him, and he loves you dearly, and don’t you dare take advantage of that again. Grace says I won’t Mom, I was stupid!In two weeks, Grace is discharged, and her Mother insist she be taken to her house for rehabilitation and Jake is kept away as she goes thru intensive physical rehabilitation, she is started inside in their gym then slow short walks, then short jogs, then long jogs, and lots of exercise’s. Finally, her Mom comes to her two months later, sits her down and says baby you are looking well, how are you feeling, Grace says I feel better that I have in years, and down below, she looks down and says it’s all fine, but I really need Jake! She says so is your pussy going to be able to satisfy him, have you masturbated and how did it feel? Grace’s face turns blood red and says I’m really tight but very wet and juicy! Her Mom gives her a big hug and says tomorrow we are having a spa day and you’re getting the works including a bikini wax! Tomorrow night we are going out to the Columbus Hall to celebrate your Dad’s birthday. The next afternoon when they get back from the spa her Mom says your clothes are layed out up on your bed her dress was a minimal sharply cut, l black dress, with a billowing deep vee and a naked back. A black garter belt, black lace top thigh highs, and black g-string and a pair of six-inch heels. There is no bra for her boobs though huge there is no sag what so ever, and the dress simply won’t accommodate a bra. When they got to the hall, there was a head table, her Dad sat at the center there were men on ether side of him who she now understood were the heads of the various families that reported to her Dad. Grace notices there was an open chair just to the right of him. The wives of the Bosses were seated at tables just in front of the head table, the tables behind them were the c***dern and lastly around the periphery were the wise guys, solders, and body guards. If there was going to be any problems, it would come from the wise guys, they were the young up and commers most are not made yet and could be somewhat izmir bayan escort disrespectful.Grace was at a table with several single daughters, two boys eight and ten. The older girls became de facto baby sitters, so the a few younger k**s were always seated with the older girls. It was nine the meal had been served and the band was playing Grace had danced several times with the girls at her table, several of the wise guys had asked her for a dance which she declined. One guy the son of one of the family heads that was full of himself would not take no for an answer. His name was Jocko and was three sheets to the wind, thought he was god’s gift to women, he pulled up a chair sat beside Grace kept telling him she was married, and he kept trying to put his arm around her, kiss her and feel her up. Finally, Grace tells him to piss off, gets up and goes to the bathroom. Jocko waits a minute and follows the bathrooms are down a dark hall, Jocko gets two of his friends to follow him, they duck into a room off the side of the hall he tells them he has a hot POA and after he’s done with her, they can have some!What they did not see were three dark figures move from a shadowed corner and follow close behind them. As Grace comes out of the bathroom Jocko grabs her pushes, her into the side room and his buddies close the door and stand guard. The three dark figures walk down the hall towards the bathroom the guards are quickly and quietly dispatched Jocko’s friends. Jocko is holding Grace up against a wall with one hand on her throat and he is removing his paints with his other. Jake opens the door grabs Jocko by his hair rips him out of the room and smashes his face against the block wall in the hall way instantly crushing his nose and breaking several teeth. Mario’s men that were with Jake take the three k**s into a much larger room where they are told to kneel. Their weapons are removed from them and one of Mario’s men goes out to tell, Mario whats going on. Jake goes in the room where Grace is helps her out into the hall, once in the hall she realizes it’s Jake and says Jake I’m so sorry I tried to Jake cuts her off and says he saw everything he just wanted to make sure she was ok. She throws her arms around Jakes neck and kisses him, Jake grabs her butt cheeks lifts her up off the floor and holds her tight against him. She is kissing him, crying, and saying she missed him and needs him. Jake says it’s over after the party he is taking her home with him! Ann says it’s about you claimed your bride, Ann takes Graces hand and says come we need to fix your makeup and straighten you up your Dad wants you two to cut the cake for his birthday. Ann leads Grace to the lady’s room. Jake is informed he needed to meet with Mario in a private room when he walks in kneeling before him are Jocko and his two friends, Jocko’s father is yelling at him calls him stupid, that he disrespected the Godfather, his daugther, his Consigliere the husband of his daugther there may be no saving you, Jocko’s father looks at Mario and says his mother and I did not raise him to be disrespectful please spare his life. Mario looks at Jake and says it was you and your wife he disrespected you decide his fate. Jake says killing him will not teach him or anyone else a lesion, but he and all those that see him should know not to disrespect our family or women. Jake has him layed over a table one of Mario’s sholders takes a two-inch steel pipe filled with concrete and smashes both of his sholders, elbows, wrist, then both knees and ankles. Jocko will live but he will never walk again, he will have no strength in his arms he will be looked at as a cripple by the families and never be able to be a made man. He will have sharp pain whenever he moves a joint for the rest of his life. Mario and Jake walk out of the room Mario says a bullet in the back of his head would have been kinder, Jake says he disrespected you, Grace, me and our family. His father and family got what they requested his life, we put all families on notice not to disrespect us or our women! Mario says remind me to never piss you off.As they walk out, they are joined by Ann and Grace they walked up in front of the head table and a big birthday cake is wheeled out with one candle burning on it. Everyone sings happy birthday, Mario blows out the candle and they start cutting the cake as the guest come up to get their cake and leave their presents and tributes for Mario, when Jocko’s pairents pass thru his father says I am so sorry, his mother crying hugs Jake and in Italian thanks him for sparing her son’s life, then apologizes to Grace for her for her son’s behave. Once the cake is given out Ann takes Grace back to her table Mario takes his seat at the center of the head table, Grace looks up at and realizes the empty seat to her father’s right is now filled by her husband Jake! As the party winds down Grace notices the heads of the families come up to say good night to say good night to her Dad, they are showing equal respect to Jake. Mario gets up says he is tird Ann and Grace joins them, Mario says come on ladies we are heading home, Ann says Grace is going home with Jake! Mario says good she snores and keeps me awake! Grace says NO PAPA I DON’T! Ann gives her and Jake a kiss and says good night, then Mario shakes Jakes hand hugs and kisses Grace and says take good care of him he really loves you, she kisses her Dad back and says I will, and I know. Jake walks Grace over to his truck she reaches up puts her arms around his neck and gives him a long loving kiss and says take me home! When they get home Jake opens her door picks her up carries her into the house, she says meet me in the bed room as soon as possible, then she runs up the steps. Jake goes out closes up his truck, locks up the down stairs sets the alarm. By the time he got to their bedroom, Grace was naked. She had her legs wide open and was plunging two fingers in and out of her wet and pulsing pussy. As soon as she saw Jake, she wailed, “GET ON ME! GET IN ME! FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME! OOOHHHHH GOD! I’M DYING… FUCK ME! HARD!!!”For the next hour he pounded her as hard as possible. Sometime in the middle of the intense fucking, he shot off in her, but was so hard and so hot, his cock didn’t even soften. Grace was screaming continuously. Her vagina went into repeated hard contractions as soon as he entered her, and it didn’t stop for the entire time he was fucking her.In her fuck frenzy, her nails lacerated his back bringing blood. Although she never stopped howling and grunting, no words were intelligible. She was beyond speaking. It was as if she were a large throbbing pussy whose need for cock was insatiable.”OOOHHHH GOD! RAM ME! HARDER! DAMN YOU! GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEE!!”After a half hour of intense fucking, she growled, “Turn me over… I want it doggie. I want it hard… deep… rough… fuck the living shit out of me!”He pounded her for another half hour with her ass high in the air, her head on the bed. She twisted the bed covers in her hands as the convulsions ripped through her pussy and spread to her belly. “OOOOHHH… CUMMING… POUND IT, BABY… AAAHHHHHHH… DO IT TO MEEEEEE!”Toward the end, they were both exhausted, Grace rolled over and spooned against Jake. Jake reaches over grabs his cell call his VP leaves him a voice mail telling him he will not be in for the next week Grace yells make that two weeks at least! Jake cuddles her into his arms kisses her neck and says I Love You Sweet Dreams. Mumm started dreaming already, Jake says about what, she says your morning wood! Good Night Baby I Love You!Over at Mario’s house Ann is sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing her night cream in her hands staring off into space, Mario says what are you thinking about, Ann says what our grandc***d will look like! Mario says a bit premature don’t you think, she says I don’t know she’s ovulating, and for the past three months I have had the Doc giving her fertility pills in place of her birth control pills!

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