wifes best friend


wifes best friendabout two months ago my wifes best friend had a huge argument with her husband and came to our house to spend the night. her friend michele is 37 about 5’8″ 160 curvy big tits black long hair italian she’s very sexy. she came over and her angmy wife talked she cried and talked more into the night drinking wine (my wife is pregnant so no wine or her) by midnight my wife was tired and went to bed and michele was very tipsy and was getting ready to sleep on the couch. I was doing somdishes and last minute clean up before going to bed myself when I sat on the couch for a minute. michele was wearing a snug t-shirt and a pair of pink sweat pants that said pink across her round plump ass. pendik escort we chatted a bit when she asked me why her husband doesn’t like her anymore, I said I find that hard to believe being she is so gorgeous. she blushed and said thank you then asked why I thought so, I said well your beautiful and your body looks delicious. that comment took her back a little and she said wow you better be careful I haven’t gotten fuked in a while. I smiled and said I’m not taking it back ani leaned in and kissed her she shoved her tongue in my mouth and we started groping each other. after a few minutes of this I stood up and pulled my hard cock out and put it in her face kartal escort she invitingly sucked it into her mouth. I couldn’t believe I was getting a blow job from my pregnant wifes friend as she slept in our room. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and stood her up had her turn around and bend over, I pulled her pants to her knees and e was wearing purple bikini panties with satin material. pushing my face into her plump ass and sniffing was the most satisfying thing I’ve done in a while other than my mother in law. I pulled her panties to the side and the musky scent of her pussy filled the room and I began to lick it frantically making her cum on my tongue. maltepe escort I stood up behind her and slowly pushed my bare cock into her tight cunt and as I reached my balls I heard my wife say what are you two doing, I said just talking I’ll be up in a minute and be ready for some lovin. I was pumping her friend as I said this to my pregnant wife, the excitement of that made it hard to hold out and I shot a heavy load of hot cum into her sweet pussy. I put my cock in my pants, michele pulled er pants up and said come down later for more. I went into my room and walked over to my wife anput my filthy cock in her mouth, she thought it was from the fuking we did earlier in tbe day so she thought nothong of it and sucked me off like a good wife does for her faithful husband. a month later we found out michele is pregnant now as well in fact she was 4 weeks along, I was the father we both knew but the pregnancy helped save her marriage being her husband can’t wait to be a father;).

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