Wife’s first time FFM with another couple


Wife’s first time FFM with another coupleAfter turning 18, Helen was working in a roadhouse and lots of young truckers came through the joint. Helen had fucked most of them after only 4 months slinging hash……..she had slung her juicy young cunt at a lot of cock.She had been fucked in Whites, Macks, Freightliners and even gang-banged on a pile of tarpaulins by a gang of truckers. She loved the feel of cocks ramming deep in her young pussy driving her over the top with orgasm after orgasm. Eventually the inevitable happened……..the Bullsperm she was taking everyday finally made its way up through her cervix and into her womb and one sperm worked its way into one of her new fertile eggs and the fuck slut truck-stop whore was preggers.Far from slowing the slut down, Helen now started to hit on the customers through the bowsers and within a week guys were coming to the truckstop from Leongatha, Inverloch and Korrumburra to get into the latest whore at the truckstop.Her boss was also fucking the young slut by now and he was ripping into her cunt and pumping her full of his cum at every chance he could. He told her that she was not to wear her panties at work so it made it easier for him to feel her wet cunt whenever he wanted to. He would come up behind her when she was at the counter and slide his hand up her bare leg under her skirt and Helen would slightly part her legs as he slipped his fingers into her cunt. He would slowly move his finger into her cunt and start to rub her g-spot. She had to hold the counter as she started to orgasm in front of the customers. Her boss would rub her clit hard as she blew her cunt and that would make her cum even harder.She loved letting the male customers see her cumming. Some of the male customers were also by now feeling her cunt and some were even pinching her clit or cunt-lips. Helen revelled in being a slut-whore.Her boss set up a room over the road at the motel where he told Helen to be during the day and he would send guys over to her so she could fuck them. He still paid her wages but what he didn’t tell her was that he was charging the guys $20 for them to fuck her.There soon was a steady stream of guys wanting a piece of Helen’s cunt. No sooner had one fuck left than another would be knocking on the door and coming in, stripping off their clothes as she still laid on the bed naked, her legs apart as the last guys cum was still dribbling out of her cunt or ass.She loved the sloppy feeling of cum being squelched around inside her pussy as they rammed their cocks deep into her young willing cunt and then adding more cum to her sloppy cunt.The slut Helen was now fucking about 20 to 25 cocks a day…….more if she felt horny and stayed back late “working” (as she use to tell her mom, when she got home late).Helen was now fucking any cock that showed up at her motel door. She had realized that the young cocks were great for stamina and lots and lots of cum. But the older cocks were showing her the kinky side of fucking that was getting her horny and turned on bursa escort even more.The older guys were now coming to the motel room in groups that were getting bigger each day…..first 2-3 but within a couple of weeks it was 8-10 or more,and they were all fucking her cunt ragged while others watched her being gang-fucked and slutted.Helen was by now getting so horny having all these older guys watching her getting rampant cock deep in her cunt. She would make sure that she spread her legs wide so they could always see her big gaping cunt-hole as she took another cock deep into her belly. They loved fucking her mouth as by now Helen had learned to suck and swallow cum with a fervour that belied her tender years.She was staying later and later each night as the number of cocks that were fucking her got bigger and bigger, til eventually she was staying overnight as the men just fucked and fucked her slut-whore cunt, or they would cum all over her whore tits, belly and face. She loved the feel of hot wet sticky cum on her.She was fucking all bareback and when some raised the question of her getting pregnant, she told them she already was. This got some guys really horny and they would pound her cunt even harder. They loved fucking a pregnant bitch-slut.Several told her she needed a “daddy” for her baby thinking that she would let them have her all to themselves. But Helen already had her eye on a prospective “daddy”.His name was Gary, a young guy that came into the roadhouse from time to time. She had fucked him several times and was starting to get rather sweet on him. He wasn’t the biggest cock she had fucked but she loved sucking his cock and his cum tasted sexy.So the next time he came in she invited him back to the motel and fucked him all night long…….giving him her cunt ass and mouth til he was besotted with her fucking.She didn’t tell him that she was also fucking his dad from time to time when the old dirty bastard would come in and get her to suck his cock until he blew all over her face and then get her to use her fingers to wipe his cum up and she would suck it off her fingers, then he would roughly shove his big knarled knob-head deep into her cunt from behind and shag her til he blew another thick wad of his hot cum deep into her young belly. The belly that was filling up daily with baby.She got Gary to start fucking her regularly, letting him use her cunt ass and mouth anyway he wanted, til he was hooked and he told her he wanted her all for his own cock. She played with his head a little then gave in because by now she was two months gone and needed to move quickly before Gary cottoned onto her subterfuge.By now Helen was fucking Gary at every opportunity. And he was pumping his cum into her cunt like there was no tomorrow. So when she told him she was pregnant, he fell for it. He told her he reckoned it was better that they got married and so two months later she was Mrs Gary Winchester.She moved into his little flat and when Gary went to work each day, she would go back to the motel bursa escort bayan and let whoever wanted to fuck her….. Helen loved the feel of cock spurting cum deep in her cunt and the taste of cum on her lips and tongue. She was servicing up to 50 cocks a day now and she loved it. Gary thought she was still working at the roadhouse as a waitress and never knew she was being a cheap slut fuck-whore. Even letting her now father-in-law fuck her pregnant cunt. He enjoyed that he was fucking his sons wife and his son didn’t have a clue he was pumping his wife full of his creamy thick cum.Eventually Gary’s dad didn’t bother going to the motel, instead he told Helen to stay at the flat and he would bring cocks to her to fuck. Doing it this way, whenever Helen wasn’t fucking other guys cocks, he could be inside her wet welcoming cunt. And Helen never objected to his cock being inside her.In fact as soon as Gary went to work at 6:30 each morning about 6:45 Garys dad would quietly come into the flat and crawl into bed beside Helen and grabbing her tit or a handful of her cunt meat give her a full open mouth kiss before he would roll over on top of his daughter-in-law and shove his cock hard and deep into her cunt.Often he would feel his sons cum still inside Helen’s cunt-hole left in there from the fucking that Gary had given his fuck-slut during the night, and that would make Gary’s dad even hornier to fuck this little sluts pussy.He would fuck her hard for a few minutes then take his cock out of her and put it up to her mouth and she would lick and slaver all over his cock to get Gary’s cum off of his daddy’s prick. He would ram it back in her cunt and fuck her hard til he filled her with another load of cum. He usually couldn’t last more than 30 minutes but Helen didn’t mind……she had just had more cum and cock throbbing in her cunt.When she got up, she would have some breakfast and a quick shower then would tidy the flat if needs be. Then she would get back into bed naked beside her father-in-law. He was invariably snoozing from his previous exertions with her body. She would just lay there, slowly rubbing her large engorged clit waiting for the first fuck to arrive.She didn’t have long to wait til they started to arrive from about 8am. And she was very often finished by about 4pm, which gave her a chance to do some shopping and start dinner for Gary and herself.Gary’s dad was often just in the background watching most days, but sometimes he would take a turn during the day, when a cock dumped a particularly big load of cum inside her cunt. They both loved fucking with huge loads swimming inside her pussy making it squelch and fart as he fucked his cock in and out of her pussy.He tried not to be there when Gary got home, but some days he would be finishing a cup of coffee just as Gary got home. They would engage in idle chitchat, then Gary’s dad would take his leave. And almost as soon as he was out the door Gary would have his hands up Helen’s dress or skirt and his fingers in her cunt or escort bursa playing with her tits. Helen was rushing to get out of her dress and bra and panties and release her heavy tits from their restriction .And her tits were starting to swell into nice large melons. She liked the way they felt on her chest……..soft and bouncy, full and sexy.As the weeks went on, Helen’s belly slowly started to swell. And the guys fucking her grew more interested in getting into her cunt. Her tits grew and she was in even more demand as a fuck-slut by the guys.Gary was really fucking her hard as her belly grew. It turned him on fucking this pregnant slut-fuck that he had married. Eventually it got to a point where fucking on her back was just too uncomfortable so she took to fucking doggy. Most of the guys loved that but there were a few who slowly, over time, stopped seeing her.In her last few weeks about 5 guys now were still fucking her and one was Garys dad. He couldn’t get enough of his pregnant daughter-in-laws cunt. Her tits would swing heavily under her as he pounded at her fat full cunt-lips from behind her. And he always groaned loudly, and called her whorish names as he blasted her pussy with more of his thick cum.Gary was fucking Helen mercilessly each night with his thick, hard cock, and Garys dad was pummelling her cunt during the day. He would fuck his daughter-in-law Helen at least twice a day with her full belly under her, or he would get her to ride his cock cowgirl, so he could see her fat milky tits jiggle and sway wildly as she bounced up and down above him on the older man’s turgid cock impaled in her cunt-channel.She would orgasm heavily as she rode his cock. Shaking and shivering as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her body. Her cunt muscles would clamp hard on his prick as each orgasm swept through her vagina.About the eighth month Garys dad put a stop to the guys fucking her during the day as he wanted the little slut’s cunt all to himself so he could enjoy her full pregnant body. He would make her walk around the flat naked and if she went out she was not allowed to wear any panties under her maternity skirt so he could frig her clit or cunt-lips easily any time he wanted while they were in his truck-cab. Helen didn’t mind as she loved the kinky attention she was getting from her father-in-law.When she was about eight and half months gone Garys’ dad told her during the day while he was idly playing with her big milky tits, that he had a few guys that wanted to fuck her while she was so far gone with a full belly. And that they would pay her well to have her fuck them all night. Helen’s eyes lit up as she was now missing all the cock-attention she had been getting over the last few months and she readily agreed to let them all gang-bang her pregnant cunt. Garys dad smiled as she said she wanted to be fucked again in a gangbang. She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide and let him see her puffy fat cuntlips and that her cunt was so wet. He pushed his fingers into the wet folds of her cunt and slowly rubbed her hard clit.Helen started to breathe harder and quicker as she felt the orgasm build in her hips. She was now involuntarily pushing her hips off the bed as he sped up with his fingering of her clit.

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