Wild Night


I trotted along the path between the trees. It was a beautiful night to get some exercise. The wind was blowing lightly, the stars sparkled in a clear sky, and a gorgeous full moon hung high overhead. My legs pumped hard and my heart rate was going up. I knew running was good for my heart, but tonight other thoughts impelled me forward. It had been too long since I had some wild sex, and tonight I was on the prowl for the right partner.

I had met them running on this path before. These woods were a good place for the wild ones to run. They seemed to feel free under the trees to let their female nature loose. Experience taught me that an intense encounter should be easy to find here tonight. Every sense was on the lookout for her. I scanned the path and the trees as I ran. My ears caught every sound in case I should hear a note of her presence. The breezes brought little scents to me and I was alert to them too. Where was the one who was wild enough for me?

Most of those I encountered on the path seemed to want to stay far away from me. Perhaps I looked as wild as I felt. I didn’t care, because they were not the one I sought. Not wild enough, not willing enough, not ready for me. On and on I ran, wondering where I would find her.

On the path ahead I saw one coming toward me. Was she the one I sought? My senses strained to her as she came closer. Her silky golden hair caught my eye. Her soft footfalls came closer and closer. Those pretty feminine scents swirled around me. I was getting aroused thinking of the wild coupling we might enjoy.

She was just in front of me. Our eyes met and we took in the essences of each other. I saw in her look that she was as wild for sex tonight as I was. There seemed to be no reason to wait. With soft moans, our bodies pressed against each other hungrily. I drank in her beauty. She felt soft against me. My nose caught the sweet heavy female smell coming from büyükesat escort her. My cock responded rapidly.

I worked her into the position I wanted. Her rear end was toward me, her dripping cunt enticing me with every sense. It was a flower of beauty to my eyes. I felt its delicate softness before I entered it. The deep female scent from it drifted to my nostrils. I licked it and savored the salt taste. She was ready to receive me. I heard her moan gently.

I took her quickly, my hard cock thrusting deep into the soft wetness. My chest was pressed into her back and reaching beneath her I rubbed her nipples roughly. I sensed her receiving me into her own lust.

She was as exciting as I had expected. Eagerly we coupled, wild ones in the wild wood. My cock was engorged and throbbing as it moved inside her cunt. She gave little moans of pleasure and I penetrated her deeply. I felt my climax building. I lay my head down into her soft silky hair and inhaled the fragrance of it. Still I thrust deep and she responded by pushing her ass into me so I entered even deeper. The throbbing of my cock was becoming unbearable and I rushed toward my climax.

I felt my cock swell and swell. Finally I knew it was tied into her and it was time to come. A violent spasm took me to my climax and I threw my head back and howled at the moon, and she joined me, two wild things saluting the wild moment of orgasm.

I relaxed, leaning onto her back. The wildness was spent, but the hard knot in my cock kept us tied together for a while yet. I licked her ears gently as we waited. Slowly my engorgement left and I was able to withdraw from her cunt. I went to the nearest tree and lifted my leg to mark it with my urine, saluting my conquest. She sat on her haunches and watched me. Soon she got up and left, trotting off into the woods, back to her pack, one more wild thing in the wild wood. çankaya escort I had experienced few other wolf bitches like this one.

I curled up under the trees and napped a bit while I waited for the moon to go down. When I awoke, the night was dark. I looked at my hands and feet and knew I was no longer under the lunar spell. My wolf form would not be back until the moon was again full and I again prowled the woods looking for a wild wolf bitch. For now I was again a virile young man. I jogged on toward the village.

I stopped at the Inn and found it almost deserted. One drunk was sleeping near the fire but otherwise I had the place to myself. A sleepy eyed barmaid came out from the back where she had probably been napping. I ordered ale and she brought it to me. As she leaned over the table I had a good view down the top of her dress at two plump pink mounds. I know she saw me looking appreciatively at them and she waggled them just a bit.

“You are out late tonight,” she said.

“I went for a run in the woods,” I replied.

“Those are dangerous woods. I heard wolves howling out there tonight,” she returned.

“Celebrating in the way of wild things, no doubt,” I answered.

“You have a bit of a wild look about you yourself, sir,” she ventured.

“I am not afraid of my wild side. Are you?” I queried.

She giggled at that. “The howling of the wolves makes me feel wild sometimes.”

I stared into her eyes. At first I thought she would look away, but she returned my steady gaze. My senses drank her in. She was attractive in a plump blonde sort of way, not hard to look at. She had the heady smell of ale about her. Her soft husky voice resonated in my ears. Looking at her steadily, I put out a hand to caress her plump thigh. Its soft feel made my cock start to harden again. Still I stared into her eyes.

We understood each other. She melted ankara escort into my embrace. Her tits pressed against my chest as I hungrily tasted her lips and her tongue. Her hair smelled of the soft hay in which she probably slept. As I caressed her large boobs she moaned softly. All my senses were sending messages to my cock to make it throb wildly again.

I pressed her back against the table, and lifted up her skirt until her soft pussy was exposed to me. I dropped my pants and rubbed the head of my cock into its juices, savoring the wet feel of it and the heavy female smell that came to my nostrils. As she twisted under my hand, I knelt down and brought my lips to her cunt. My tongue probed deeply into the salty taste of it. My hands went to her ass which was soft and yielding. As she gasped softly I stood up and with her lying on the table thrust my rod deep into that pinkness.

She shook her hips as I took her hard. My hands sought her boobs and rolled the nipples. Deep I thrust and deep again. She had her head back, her eyes closed, and was moaning softly. The sound of her soft moans, the smell of her female pheromones, the sight of her large boobs under my hand, and the feel of her well lubricated pussy clenching my cock were all driving me to a wild climax.

I felt it build, and thrust deep into her. She rolled her hips around and I came hard into her depths. Her pussy contracted around my cock and she gasped aloud and I knew she had come also. It was over as quickly as it had begun. I stepped back and tossed a couple of silver pieces on the table. She picked them up, lowered her skirts and went into the back room. I smiled slightly at the thought of two wild couplings in one full moon night, one with a wild wolf bitch and one with a wild barmaid whore.

Glancing over at the fire I saw the drunk had pulled himself up and was staring at me wide eyed. I thought that after my experiences of the night I probably looked as wild as I had felt. I moved toward him, brought my hands up like claws and bared my teeth. One low growl was all it took and he stumbled out the door screaming.

I threw back my head and howled. It is good to be a werewolf when the moon is full.

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