Will and Lynn Watch the Storm

Female Ejaculation

A crack and rumble of thunder woke Will from a sound sleep. He rolled towards Lynn, but didn’t find her. He spread his arms, anticipating her return from the bathroom and the opportunity to cuddle with her. The next flash of lightning and snap of thunder fully woke him, and he realized Lynn wasn’t in the bathroom, either.

Will opened the bedroom door and called downstairs “Lynn? Are you OK?” with worry in his voice.

“Yes, Baby, I’m just watching the storm and didn’t want to wake you up,” said Lynn softly from the bottom of the stairs.

Will padded down the stairs and wrapped his arms and legs around Lynn. “Why didn’t you just open the shutters in the bedroom?”

“I wanted you to sleep. I feel bad seeing you so exhausted from work,” said Lynn, her soft voice working its way to the deepest parts of Will’s brain.

They sat together enjoying each other’s bodies and the storm, Will’s eyes drooping between flashes of lightning. Will enjoyed the comforting smell of Lynn’s hair and skin. He rested his nose and chin behind her ear, against her warm neck. Lynn nuzzled her mouth and nose against his rounded bicep, feeling like a baby rooting.

The storm continued to impress them with a light and sound show that seemed created just for them. A particularly vivid branching bolt of lightning immediately followed by a gut thumping concussion woke Will from his dozing state. “Wow!” they exclaimed simultaneously.

Lynn opened her mouth and began gently chewing and sucking on Will’s arm, occasionally running her tongue lasciviously across his skin. Will’s penis esat escort stirred, and he tightened his legs around Lynn’s hips, and was rewarded by feeling the small of her back pressing against his stiffening penis. Lynn made a happy moan and ran her hands down his legs, enjoying the feeling of being surrounded by her lover.

Will used his free hand to gently run his knuckles under and around Lynn’s breasts, rubbing the soft fabric of her threadbare sleeping shirt across her nipples. He listened to her exhale forcefully in response to his fondling, loving that he was communicating his deepest desires to the deepest parts of her brain. Her teeth closed tighter onto his bicep. Playfully, he tightened it to oppose her bite.

He moved his hand to her inner thigh, feeling the warm fabric of her sweatpants. He moved his hand towards the top of her thigh, feeling the heat from her vagina emanating through her panties and sweatpants, beckoning to him.

He cupped her sex through her sweatpants. He could feel that she was already becoming swollen and wet. He continued to tease her by running his hands over her thighs and pussy, but only above her clothing. Their bodies were melded tightly together, and he was aware that his cock was already starting to leak in response to sensation of Lynn’s back gently moving and writhing against him.

“Let’s keep watching upstairs,” said Will. He gently pulled and pushed Lynn’s slightly reluctant body up the stairs. Once Will’s body left hers, Lynn gained momentum and started climbing the stairs. Will enjoyed etimesgut escort the view of her graceful ascent. Disinhibited by fatigue and lust, he reached his hand out and cupped her rounded ass as she climbed, feeling the sensual roll and sway while his eyes enjoyed the same.

In their bedroom, Will opened the shutters and windows, filling the room with clean, charged air, and crisp sounds of thunder. Lynn lay on her side on the bed, looking out the window. Will stripped off his boxers and cuddled behind her. He thrust his leaking cock against her writhing backside, enjoying the sensation of his cock pressing against the fabric of her sweatpants, seeking comfort in penetration.

The storm intensified, occasionally blinding them, or startling them with the volume of thunder. Car alarms chirped and cried. Will ran his hands under Lynn’s shirt and began to fondle Lynn’s breasts, pinching and tugging at her erect nipples, releasing moans of pleasure and frustration from Lynn.

She began tugging ineffectively at her sweatpants, and he mercifully began to help her slide them down. He settled for leaving them at midthigh, then began fondling and probing her backside and crotch in earnest. Her pussy was slick and parted, and she thrust her clitoris against him whenever it felt the proximity of his hand. Her sweatpants and panties restricted her movement, leaving her feeling bound and at her lover’s mercy.

“Fuck Her Will, please,” murmured Lynn. “Please put your sweet cock inside Her and fuck Her.”

Will spread a bit of his ankara escort saliva over and around the glans of his penis, feeling it mix with his precome. He teased her, only a little, as he faux fumbled and hesitated at penetrating her. She pressed herself against him, ending the game, but beginning their fucking in earnest.

Her vagina opened wide to accommodate him, and their bodies locked together with machine-like efficiency. Will began pounding himself forcefully into Lynn, feeling himself tickling and prodding her hard cervix. Lynn reached behind herself to feel Will’s thrusting buttocks ravaging her.

Lynn felt herself becoming wild with abandon as her crisis loomed. Unfiltered, she opened her mouth and the words “She wants you to kiss and lick her” came out.

Immediately, Will left her pussy and rolled Lynn onto her back, spreading her legs widely. He ravenously attacked her wide open sex, kissing and licking her relentlessly, relishing the silky sensations against his lips and tongue. Lynn felt her mind become overwhelmed with sensation between the teasing, the fucking, the lighting, and the thunder. She turned her head towards the window to see another amazing branching electric tree of lightning 3 miles high spread across the sky. If she made a sound when she came, it was absorbed by the thunder.

Will, deafened by the thunder, was still aware of Lynn’s orgasm from the lovely shaking and shuddering her body had made. “Lynn, can I fill your pussy with my come?” he pleaded.

Lynn silently brought her knees to her chest in silent invitation. Will had to gently reinsert himself and stretch Lynn again to allow himself full entry into her heavenly place. As she resized herself yet again to his needs, he jerked and spilled his semen into her.

The storm rolled away, and they fell into a deep sleep next to each other.

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