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Working behind the barSo my mother got me a job collecting glasses at the local pub she worked at. She would collect the used food plates from the restaurant side of the pub and help the chef in the kitchen. I was only allowed to collect the food plates and glasses at the time as I was too young to serve behind the bar.I don’t have very big boobs, but I do have a very round curvy sexy ass. I am not what you would call good looking or attractive as none of the boys ever asked me out while I was in school. This has all changed now I work in a pub. The dirty old men are always looking at my ass and making pervy comments about my ass.The chef was a bit of a dick and would always talk down to my mother and make me do all the dirty jobs he felt were below him. My mother just said we needed the money so just work around it and keep our heads down. There was one customer who used the pub and the restaurant, he was a big man, white going a little grey and had a very attractive wife. They would use the pub most nights as he would arrive around 4 and have a couple of beers whilst he waited for his wife to arrive around 6ish. They would eat and then leave.I found out he was a very good friend of the gaffers and that is why he used the pub trying to drum up trade by posting his meals on Facebook and many other sites. He would always look at me but never pass comments or act pervy around me like the other men his age.My mother explained to me that the gaffer of the pub was ill and people had been saying cancer would take him before the end of the year. I didn’t fully understand what this meant to us but just said yes I understand and continued my job as normal knowing soon I would be 18 and could work behind the bar serving instead of just collecting glasses.The Gaffers friend spoke to me the one night and introduced himself as Dan, he explain how he was feeling sad as his friend the gaffer was struggling with the illness and would be leaving us soon. Most people in the pub seemed sad, but I didn’t fully know what was going on and just did as my mom instructed and kept my head down and got on with my job.The gaffer passed away shortly after my discussion with Dan and the pub was put up for sale. Dan was showing interest in taking the pub over and had told my mother he would look after us and our jobs would be secure. Then it was announced the pub had been purchased by Asians and it was going to be turned into a grill house an sports bar.The chef left that day walked out saying this pub is doomed and he would never work here again, most of the bar staff said they would stay. The new gaffer arrived, he was a very attractive looking Asian businessman who just looked like money, he had this way about him that made me feel he was better than me, but he was very nice and spent time talking to all of the staff.I explained how I was old enough now to work behind the bar and serve drinks instead of just collecting plates and glasses. He really seemed to like me and made me feel really good an excited about istanbul escort my new position at the pub. My mother told me she had been offered a job working with the chef and would get me one when she could, but explained I needed to continue where I was until this happened.Day one of working at the new bar without my mom there to make me act like a good girl, and the old chef and gaffer being gone and the new gaffer in place. The shift went well and Dan the old gaffers friend turned up and chatted to me for most of the night, he really made me feel sexy as he complimented me on my body and told me I looked very sexy for most of the night. I must admit my virgin pussy was on fire by the end of the night after all of this attention.Then Dan left and I started to clean the pub ready to close up and leave for the night. That is when the new gaffer came down and started talking to the staff and watching them as they cleaned the pub and got everything ready for the next day. I noticed how he looked at the girls and would not hide the fact that he was looking at your ass as you bent over to wipe and table, or move into a position so he could look down your top as you placed the glasses in the cleaning machine.I am not sure if this was because I was so horny from the attention Dan had been giving me all night, or if it was the way the new gaffer walked around almost as if we were his slaves and he was our master. But all I know is my pussy was dripping into my knickers by the time I was ready to leave work.We live in the same street as the pub, so I only had a couple of minutes walk across the road and upstreet 10 doors until I was safely home. My mother now worked a good 30 minutes away so I knew I had the time to flick my bean before she got home. My orgasm was strong but my Fantasy involved Dan for most of it then the new gaffer towards the end, but boy did I climax, my body shook and writhed around on the sofa for a good 5 minutes while the electricity surged through my body.This went on for about a week, Dan would be there every night, he didn’t dine now so his wife didn’t turn up, so he was all mine every night, he really was seducing me just a little bit every night, my pussy was dripping before he left to go home. Then I had the new gaffer standing over me watching me work making sure he ogled my body and looked at me as if I was just a piece of meat for him to use.I would get home every night before my mother and flick my bean until my pussy had orgasmed at least 3 or 4 times. I had no idea why these 2 old men were having such an effect on me, but my body was on fire whenever I was around them. I tried to talk to my mother but she was so tied up in her new job she didn’t have time for me.Then one night about a month after the new gaffer had taken over my whole world changed forever. The bar staff had been removed at the end of each week if they didn’t meet the standards of the new gaffer they were got rid of. I had avcılar escort always been a hard worker so I knew I was safe because this was just normal for me to clean and make everything look good.The thing I had noticed was as the old bar staff had been removed the Asian gaffer had filled their position with Asians from his friends or family who he knew would be no problem for him. I was one of the last members of bar staff still working for the new gaffer. That is when he asked if we would be happy to wear a uniform when we worked for him. Now there was only 3 original bar staff working there, and we were all young girls around 18 to 20 years of age, all very slim with average tits, slim waists and very tight curvy bums.It was clear the punters came into the pub to ogle our bodies while eating the Asian food and making themselves feel good. I really did have a thing for Dan and would probably have allowed the old white man to seduce me and make me his slut, but the events that happened over the next week really made me into the person I am today.The new gaffer had the 3 remaining young girls clean the bar, while we cleaned the bar we noticed several Asian men sat around drinking and pointing at us making very rude comments. I asked the other girls what was going on, they said they had no idea, but it was making them feel a little scared.The gaffer then called me over to his table and introduced me to his 4 friends. He motioned for me to move towards him, which I did without hesitation. I then felt his arm around my waist and his hand on my ass as he walked me into another room. I was now in the lounge area but the pub was empty and I had no idea why he had done this.He then turned me to face him and kissed me. I was a little shocked as I felt his hands on my ass as he groped and squeezed me bum cheeks whilst lifting me onto the bar. He told me to look to my left and see what my friends in the other room were up to. I moved my ass across the bar and looked into the mirror which was only a couple of inches away.I could now see the two girls I worked with being groped and kissed by the old men who were sitting in the bar with the new gaffer. I felt him walk up behind me and his hands moved up my body towards my breasts. I held my position and just allowed him to grope and feel my breasts whilst I watched to see what happened to the other girls I worked with. I could feel his very large cock forcing its way between the crack of my ass and the folds of my pussy. I just pushed back against him and continued to look into the mirror allowing me to see what was happening in the other room.The old paki men just seemed to feel they owned the two young white girls as they groped and abused their bodies. I could see the girls were now naked and being fingered by the old perverted paki men while they stood around them and jerked their large brown cocks towards their faces.The gaffer was now moving his hands under my clothes allowing him to feel my pert breasts şirinevler escort but very large hard nipples, my soft smooth bottom and legs seemed to really excite him as his cock seemed to throb between my legs as he seemed to devour my body with his hands.I pushed back to meet his thrusts as I watched the old men strip the other 2 barmaids in front of me in the mirror from the lounge to the bar. The girls were soon on their knees sucking the old men’s cocks as the younger men moved in from behind and slid their young powerful hard cocks into the girl’s white willing pussies.This made me hold my breath for a second as I felt the gaffer lowering my knickers and making sure I lifted my feet to allow him to remove them fully. I was pushed slightly forward to allow him to slide his big brown cock into the folds of my pussy. I don’t think he knew I was a virgin and his big cock would need some time to enter my tight little pussy.I tried to explain this to him as best I could as I watched the 2 young girls I worked with being fucked and abused by a group of old and young Muslim men. He just forced me further forward to allow him a better angle to enter my virgin pussy. I squealed and begged him to stop as his large brown 12-inch cock penetrated my virgin pussy. I really felt like I wanted to run away and hide so this large cock couldn’t enter my body, but the other part of me wanted to allow him to use and abuse me as he liked.I looked into the mirror as the pain washed over my body as his large brown cock took my virginity. All I could see was large white breasts being groped, sucked and fucked by multiple Muslim men. The girls seemed to be having orgasm after orgasm as the Muslim men used and abused their bodies, there was no love or affection, the Muslim men just fucked and abused their white bodies as if their hate for us would allow them to control us.I had to turn my eyes to the side and close them as my first virginal orgasm took over my body and made it go limp. The gaffer just held me onto his large brown cock and continued to fuck me like I was just a silicone sex doll. I could tell I had no meaning or worth with him, he was just using me for his pleasure allowing him to dominate another slut white girl.I was being fucked and used for sex by a man who hated me and was just using me for his pleasure. I could see my 2 work colleagues being used and abused by men who hated them and just wanted to degrade them to make them feel better, but this just made the whole thing so much sexier and the act so much better than just normal sex between white people.I looked at myself in the mirror as I could see the gaffer behind me pounding his cock into my virgin pussy. I could see him calling for his family to come and see him fucking his new white slut. I could also see the other paki men treating my friends like sluts, but this just made me want more and made me need to allow them to treat me in this way. The gaffer was now slow stroking me to allow the people walking into the room to see his cock fully fucking my virgin little white pussy. they could all see the blood from my virgin pussy, so they all really got excited knowing I was a virgin and their paki cocks would be the first to have me. What had I allowed to happen to me, and why was I happy to allow these men to use me in the way I knew they were going to

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