Working Overtime


Ever heard the expression, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” In this case, I’m Carl, not Jack, and there seems to be some truth to that line.

The holiday time greeted us with a staggering amount of work in what is normally a slow period. Steven had a long planned vacation with his fiancee. Janice had paid for a ski trip for her family during the sweltering Low Country July temperatures. Bottom line is I couldn’t bring myself to ask them to change their plans.

Soooo, that left Annie and me to deal with the workload. At 8:00 on the last Saturday morning of the year, we met at the office and shut and locked the door behind us. I started a pot of much needed coffee and sat down at my desk. Annie’s desk is about 30 feet away. On a normal day, we are in regular contact talking about everything from work related issues to her twin girls by her first marriage.

Annie is a wonderful person and incredibly loyal. I’m very fortunate to have a coworker who does whatever is needed and, even better, does it with a positive attitude. Annie is about 5’7″ and I’m not even going to attempt to guess her weight. She is attractive with shoulder length brown hair. Annie didn’t get cheated in the breast department. On days when she wears a tight fitting top, I find myself sneaking somewhat discrete looks at her chest all day long. I’ve often fantasized about her tits…having a mental picture of her large areola and hard nipples sitting proudly atop a pair of magnificent boobs. I imagined my eager hands unhooking her bra to release her breasts for my hands to caress. I have fantasized about licking her hard nipples and teasing the tips with my tongue.

Annie has another impressive feature. She has a well-rounded ass. Not that I’ve noticed or anything. On this particular morning, she was wearing a loose-fitting long sleeve shirt and sweatpants. While the shirt didn’t highlight her tits, the sweatpants did call attention to her well rounded ass. Again, not that I noticed.

Why was I so distracted by her assets? Well, being a horny guy is clearly the number one reason. On top of that, my on again, off again girlfriend and I were currently off. It had been too long since I had been with her or any other woman.

As I mentioned, on a normal day, we talk on a regular basis. However, this morning with the daunting workload, we focused on the many tasks at hand. The only time we spoke was when I asked her if she wanted any coffee. That is, until about 11:00 when she poked her head in my office.

“Hey Carl, would you unlock the storage room? I need some boxes to store some old records.”

I got up from my chair and walked down the hall with her. I unlocked the door and we grabbed several boxes and returned to her office. About twenty minutes later, she returned to my office.

“OK Carl, I’ve filled the boxes. Would you help me move them to storage?”

“Of course,” I replied. I got out of my chair, picked up a box and waited for Annie. She likewise picked up a box and followed me down the hall.

When I opened the door to the storage room, I noticed that there was only available room on the top shelf. Without hesitation, Annie lifted the box over her head and set in on the top shelf. As she released the box, she stumbled backwards into me. I grabbed her and in the process wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her tits as I held her.

Annie looked back over her shoulder, “So Carl, are you going to let me go now?”

I grinned, “Do I have to?”

Without a word, Annie turned around to face me and wrapped her arms around my eryaman escort neck. “No, you don’t have to. But if you’re going to hold me, I’d prefer you do it this way.”

She then stood on her tiptoes and brushed her lips against mine. “Carl, we’ve worked hard all morning. I think we need to take a break.”

She leaned into me and kissed me again. I responded with soft kisses on her lips. She moaned for the first time, obviously enjoying the light kisses. Time lost meaning as we continued with the soft kisses. I continued with the soft kisses along her cheeks and her neck. A soft, extended “mmmmm” softly escaped her lips. She squeezed me tighter as I softly kissed her ear and lightly ran my tongue along it.

I guess at that point, my conscience started to intercede. “Annie, I don’t know about this. I mean, I would nothing better than to take this wherever it goes, but we’ve got to work together. I don’t want to make it awkward between us.”

Annie looked at me and I could tell she was torn. Finally she spoke. “Carl, I have fantasized about you from shortly after we met. I knew it was probably not a good idea, but I’m not sorry about the fantasies I’ve had.”

She continued, “Carl, I know this could be awkward. But, we’re both adults and we aren’t attached to anyone. It’s been a long time for me. And you’ve told me you are currently unattached. I’m willing to take the chance because right now I want you. Honestly, I need you as much as I want you right now. I’m not looking for anything beyond the here and now. Call it friends with benefits if you want.”

“So, we can stop now or we can have what we both want. I’ve seen you checking out my tits and staring at my ass. You may have been discrete in your looking, but I knew what you were doing. Frankly, I was flattered and liked it. We can stop and go back to work or you can see and enjoy what you have been checking out since we’ve known each other. Your call.”

I hesitated. All I had to do was nod my head and I could see and touch her body I had so long fantasized about. But there was the potential for trouble. We had worked together for years and I considered Annie a friend. While I wanted her badly, I also didn’t want to ruin a friendship.

“Annie, I may regret what I am about to say. Yes, I have watched you, fantasized about you and, yes, lusted after you as long as I have known you. Would I love to take off every stitch of your clothes? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. But you are more important to me than that and I don’t want to rush into something we may regret and in turn ruin a good friendship.”

Think for a moment about the angel and devil perched on my opposite shoulders. While the angel beamed at my moral conscience, the devil on the other shoulder simply said’ “You’re a total dumbass Carl.”

Annie looked in my eyes. “Carl, you can definitely spoil the mood.”. She paused, “But I know you are probably right. Let’s go grab some lunch. I think we’ve earned a break.”

She smiled. “It may be a good idea to leave here and be somewhere in public. Ten minutes from now if we’re still here, I reserve the right to change my mind.”

Lunch was largely uneventful as we returned to our normal selves. We laughed and shared office gossip. The hour passed quickly and we returned to work.

Work was uneventful and we left without further discussion about what had transpired before lunch. We wrapped up our work and left about 3:30.

The following week was very busy as our two colleagues were out the entire week. Annie and I had no further esat escort discussion about the previous Saturday until Thursday afternoon.

“Carl, I’ve been thinking about what happened Saturday. I want you to know I’m not sorry about what happened. I understand that things could get complicated, but…”

At that point, my phone rang. “Sorry, it’s the boss. Hold that thought.”

After a couple of minutes Annie sensed it would be a lengthy conversation and quietly left my office. I didn’t see her again before quitting time. Friday was very busy and we only had a chance to speak long enough to make plans to work again Saturday morning.

Steven and Janice were out again on Saturday so it was just the two of us again. We arrived about 7:30 and I started the coffee. We filled our coffee mugs and got to work. Without the usual weekday distractions, I made great progress. At 11:15, I walked over to Annie’s desk and found her chair empty. I walked back to my office and returned five minutes later, but still no Annie. I walked to the break room to get another cup of coffee and heard a noise in the storeroom. The door was cracked open so I peeked in.

I was totally unprepared for what I saw. Annie was leaning back in a chair. Her jeans were unzipped and her right hand was buried between her legs. Her thin white top was pushed up above her lacy white bra. Her left hand was under her right bra cup.

I’m sure my mouth dropped open. I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t stop watching. Annie, lost in the throes of pleasure, had no idea I was standing there.

She pushed her bra cup aside and I could see her pinching her hard nipple. My hand moved to the front of my jeans and I began to rub my rapidly hardening cock. Annie moaned for the first time and her thumb and forefinger pulled on her right nipple.

I couldn’t help myself. I unzipped my zipper and freed my now fully erect cock. With my right hand, I slowly stroked the length of my cock. Shifting my feet, I bumped the door causing it to swing open.

Annie’s eyes popped open. For a brief moment, she looked horrified and then she smiled. “Carl, I don’t plan to stop. Why don’t you join me?”

Annie pulled down her jeans and panties, exposing her smooth pussy lips and the trimmed brown hair above. “Carl, please pull my jeans off.”

Picture me standing there with my hard cock sticking out of my open zipper as I slid Annie’s jeans off her legs. I tossed them aside and her legs parted showing me her spread lips. Her right index finger teased her clit as she looked at me. “Carl, why don’t you take off your jeans? I want a better look at that hard cock.”

I wasted no time in dropping my jeans to the floor and stepping out of them. “Carl, stroke that hard cock for me,” said Annie as she teased her clearly wet slit.

I slowly stroked my cock as I watched Annie alternately tease her clit and slide a finger inside her pussy. After a short while, Annie pushed two fingers deep inside her wet pussy. She slowly slid them out and offered them to me. “Want to taste me Carl?”

I wrapped my lips around and sucked the sweet juices. “Mmmm…you taste good enough to eat.”

“Then why don’t you Carl? Eat my pussy. But first I want you to take off your shirt and finish undressing me.”

My shirt hit the floor in an instant and I slipped her white top off leaving her clad only in her lacy white bra. Her hard nipples poked against the fabric. I reached around her and unhooked her clasp and then eased her bra slowly off her shoulders.

Her tits were ankara escort magnificent. Large and rounded, probably a D cup and very firm for a woman in her 40’s. Her areola were medium sized and dark brown with hard nipples.

I positioned myself between her spread legs and teased her clit first with a kiss and then a long slow lick. Annie shuddered and moaned. As much as I wanted to eat her pussy, I had to introduce myself to the lovely breasts I had fantasized about for so long. Leaning forward I wrapped my lips around her right nipple and teased the tip with my tongue. My right hand drifted between her legs and traced her smooth, very wet lips causing Annie to squirm and moan softly.

It would have been easy to slide my cock into her wet slit and I was sure she would have no problem with that. After fantasizing about her for so long, I wanted to savor the moment without rushing. I softly sucked her nipple into my mouth while continuing to tease the tip with my tongue. My right index finger found her clit and softly rubbed it. Annie continued to move her hips as her breathing increased.

Not wanted it to feel left out, I shifted my attention to her left titty. My tongue slowly grazed her areola and circled the hard nipple. My right hand continued to slowly and softly play with her clit.

Annie purred, “Carl, please put your finger inside me.” I slowly eased my index finger into her wet hole. My finger slid in and out of her slowly as my teeth nibbled on her left nipple. Annie moaned, “Carl, put two fingers inside me. And finger fuck me hard and fast.”

My index and middle fingers moved quickly in and out of her dripping lips. I sucked and nibbled on her nipple as she moaned very loudly. I felt her body begin to tense as she pushed her pelvis against my fingers. She raised her ass and screamed loudly. “Oh Carl. My pussy is on fire. I can’t stop…I am cuuuuuummmmming.”

Her body shuddered as her ass bounced multiple times on the floor. She moaned, “Oooohhhhh…oooooohhhhh…,” before her body relaxed and she dropped to the floor. Annie closed her eyes as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

“Carl, I haven’t cum like that in a long time. And you know what else I haven’t had in a long time? It’s been too long since I have had a hard cock in my pussy. Fuck me Carl. I want your hard dick to fuck me now. I want to sit in your lap and ride your dick and make us both cum.”

Annie’s ample titties bounced as she stood up. Without another word, she steered me to the chair and pushed me to sit. She spread her legs to straddle mine and took my rigid cock in her right hand, guiding it to her juicy lips. She eased the head of my cock between her lips and very slowly engulfed my cock. As she did, she leaned forward and kissed me. Soft kisses at first and then her kisses became more urgent. Our tongues met as she began to ride me faster. My hands found her tits and pinched her aroused nipples. Annie moaned and began to ride me even harder. “Carl, another time I want to fuck you slow and easy. But right now I need you to fuck my pussy hard and fast. I want you to shoot hot cum in me. Just fuck me hard now.”

I held her hips and helped her rock her wet pussy on my cock. Her eyes closed and she leaned her head back. I knew she was close as was I. She moaned, “Give it to me Carl. Fuck my pussy with your hard dick. Fill me with your cum and make me cum.” She moaned louder. “I’m going to cum on your dick. Fuck me. Cum in me.” Her body tensed and I knew she was there. Her pussy tightened on my cock and I couldn’t hold it back. I shot several streams of cum inside her as she continued to ride me. She screamed, “Oh fuck. I’m cummmmmmingggggg.”

Her body shook as she put her head on my shoulder. Her arms wrapped around me as she melted into my arms.

It was at that moment we heard the office door open…

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