Workout And Sex With Husband’s Cousin – Part 2


Workout And Sex With Husband’s Cousin – Part 2deletedHarsha was upset as I shouted at him, but I was upset as well. This is what happened next.He had told my hubby that he will be going home tomorrow for a couple of days. He went home for the weekend and came back on Tuesday. I opened the door and he dropped his head down and just walked directly upstairs. After a while, I went to his room and he started apologizing profusely.I had him right where I wanted. I told him that I will forgive him if he does what I tell him to do the next day. As soon as I entered I asked him to take off his shirt. He was like why. I told him you have seen me topless for more than a week and played with me and now it’s my turn. He agreed and took them off.I started touching his abs and chest and was surprised to see him completely trimmed. I started kissing his abs and chest and went down on one knee and could see the erection. He just stood there. I took off my shirt and top too and went in for a kiss.But once again he stopped me and, “I was like how can a guy have so much self-control.” I told him to shut up and get on with it. We started kissing each other and I asked him to suck my boobs. I started moaning. He stopped immediately as he didn’t want my father in law to hear.I went to the bathroom, took out my vibrator and pleasured myself that day. Later that evening he came to me and is like we are going to stop what we are doing. I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted more. So I told him its fine as long as it makes both of us happy.Then came the day when my hubby had to travel to Gurugram for his work. That night after putting my daughter to bed, I texted him asking what he was doing. He told me he was watching some TV show. I knocked on his door and we started talking.It was just me and Harsha on the entire floor and my daughter was asleep in the other room. I told him I was scared to sleep alone so I came to talk. We started talking about the past weeks. I was in my nightshirt and I told him I could use a bursa escort massage now and started unbuttoning it. He closed his laptop, locked the door and we started kissing.He sucked on my boobs, started squeezing my ass but didn’t have the courage to proceed further. I saw his hard on and told him to relax. I slid my hand inside his shorts and held it. Just as I expected it was completely shaved there. I gave him a wink and asked him whether he knew what was going to happen, but the words did not come out.I jerked it and told him I wanted to see it. Although it was not as big as my hubby, I was excited. I gave him a hand job twice that night and we cuddled and made out till 3 am. Next day my father in law left home around 9.40 am.Harsha was still asleep. I asked the maid to leave and immediately came to his room. He was still asleep and I slid my hand in his shorts and started stroking the little guy. A couple of minutes later he realized it wasn’t a dream and literally jumped out.I told him we have the house for ourselves and gave him a wink. He asked for how long and I told him at least 3 hours. He then said to get ready. We started slowly with the usual massage and foreplay. He was so good and sensual I had an orgasm even before he went down on me.I removed my tracks and showed him my pussy for the first time. He started slowly by first massaging my inner thighs and then went to the glory hole. He touched, rubbed, pinched and did all he wanted. Seeing the pre-cum and my first orgasm, he asked whether he can suck it.Then the magic started. It was the best one hour of my life. He was so good and I was literally moaning and screaming. He stimulated my g spot and made me feel like I was in a trance. In between all this, the calling bell rang.We both were shocked and were struck with fear. I ran to the bathroom and told him to get the door. My father in law returned and the lunch was not ready. He was gone for 3 hours and we didn’t even realize how much we enjoyed making out.Then came the bursa escort bayan best weekend of my life when we finally did it. My husband was still out of the station, my elder brother in law had gone to meet his wife and newborn k**. And luckily my father in law decided to go to the native place to discuss some agricultural issue with Harsha’s dad.So it was just me, him and my daughter at home. Saturday morning we went to a movie and came back. In the evening we went to a park where my daughter started playing with other k**s. I allowed her to play an hour longer so that she’ll be tired and will be sound asleep the entire night.As we waited in the park, I kept teasing him saying what is going to happen tonight and he was excited as hell. As we were returning I asked him to purchase a pack of condoms. We reached home around 7.30 and he ordered food from Swiggy.We had dinner and watched the movie IT. I went upstairs to my room and put my daughter to bed. Then I went to his room. As he was in the guest room and the bed was small, I told him we will go to the master bedroom downstairs.He hugged me from behind and started kissing me on the neck, I took off my nightie and stood completely naked in front of him. He took off his clothes and pulled me into the bathroom. He turned on the cold shower and we were completely wet and shivering.But he hugged me tightly and started kissing me all over. He then carried me to the bed and started kissing me. He gave me a blanket and told me to widen my legs. He directly went in with a kiss and all of this ensured my body was warmed up.He went on with it for nearly an hour and we had nothing to worry as we had the whole weekend. I then told him that I want you inside. He said he will go get the condoms from his room. But I stopped him and told him to lie down.I wanted to be in control so I told him to lie down. I pushed his cock inside and started fucking him in the cowboy position. I went at my own pace and finally, he came after some 20 minutes. I escort bursa was impressed he lasted 20 minutes despite it being his first time. Then after a couple of minutes, we changed to lunge position.I was tired and told him to come on top. He started with the usual drill and missionary. I was screaming and moaning so loud that I had to bite the bedsheet to keep my voice down. The raw hot penis throbbing inside made me cum and I let out a huge scream. But he kept going and a couple of minutes later he cummed inside of me.We were both tired that I just lay on top of him. After a couple of minutes, I woke up, and went and cleaned myself up. I came back to the bed, we cuddled for a while and he carried me back to my room. We fell asleep and my daughter woke me up around 8 am the next morning.I was so tired to even walk down the stairs. I made breakfast and woke him up. We were so tired that we didn’t do anything till the evening. We again took my daughter to the park and came back. As tomorrow was a Monday and my daughter had school, I told him no sex tonight.He was disappointed but he understood. As I was a bit scared to sleep alone with my daughter, I asked him to sleep in my room with a bed on the floor. He agreed and we all went to sleep. Around 1 am when I woke up to go to the washroom I noticed that he was still awake.I checked his WhatsApp last seen and it was recent like five minutes ago. He was turning the other side and sleeping. Seeing him like that turned me on and I decided to have some fun. I took off my clothes and slept next to him.He was sleeping sideways and I put my hand on his shoulder. He was like, “Chinnu is sleeping.” I told him to shut up and slipped my hand inside his shorts and started stroking it. He cummed and he turned towards me and was surprised to see me naked.We both went to his room and started making out again. The next 6 to 7 days we were so confident that we used to have sex in the gym room, trying different positions from the Kamasutra book until he finally left for college.His term exams get over next week and I just can’t wait to meet him again. Sorry for the lengthy story guys. But I had to tell about my happiness to someone and this here was the perfect platform.

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