You Can Call Me Mom


You Can Call Me MomThis is a work of fiction based on a series of abandoned pictures here on XH. I have no idea who the woman is but she really deserves a story instead of being hidden away on an old gallery lost to time.Her full lips parted and the tip of my cock slipped across them as she moved her lips hungrily onto my virgin cock. I had never been with a woman in my 19 years and she took her time introducing me to techniques that would lead me to a yet unknown world of lust and passion for mature women.As a recent graduate I needed to find work in a tough economy. All around me businesses were closing because of the Covid 19 pandemic. No one was hiring but I really needed a job to help support my Mom. Dad had left us when I was very young and she worked as a waitress up until the closures started. She got a bit of unemployment but that would not carry us through. Most that it would be just a month or two but in the meantime we needed to eat.A neighbor had influenced me as a youngster to learn to use tools and to think about how to solve a problem instead of diving in and making a mess of a project. So I posted a few pieces on social media advertising my ability to do small repair jobs in homes. I made a big deal about being healthy and knowing how to clean up after myself.My first call came from a person whose voice did not give me a clue to gender and the person identified as Chris, which could be either. “I need a couple doors repaired that are sticking, can you do that sort of thing?” The voice asked.“Yes I can,” I said, “when is the best time to come do the work?”“Can you come over tomorrow morning?” The person asked.“Yes,” I said, “all I need is an address.”The voice gave me an address and said tomorrow morning would work best and told me where to find a key as “I may not be available when you arrive.”I was pleased to have my first opportunity so went to the address given. It was a small house with a concrete driveway that led to a small unattached garage. “Open the garage walk-in door and the key is hanging on the stud beside the door,” the voice had said.”I let myself in the back door of the house that despite it being a sunny early spring morning was dark with all the shades pulled down. I looked at my note, “pantry door to the right of the refrigerator – large closet door end of hall on the left” were the two doors needing attention.Since I was in the kitchen I went right to it and snapped on the overhead light. The room barely brightened and looking at the fixture I knew halkalı escort immediately it was because only one of three bulbs were lit in the old fashioned drum style fixture. But after inspecting the door I knew there was no need for additional light because was simply loose screws on the top hinge that let the door sag a bit and rub on the jamb.I pulled out a screwdriver from my tool kit and tested the screws to see if they would tighten or if they were stripped. All four tightened properly so that made this project complete. I picked up my tool kit and found my way through the house to the long hallway running down the center of the house. The house was neat as a pin with everything in place. In fact it looked almost like a model home with magazines aligned neatly on a coffee table and nothing out of place.I saw nothing in the house that would reveal if this was a family home or the home of a single man or woman. The magazines were sort of generic in the sense that they weren’t a fashion magazine nor were they a car or truck sort of thing. Again, there were no gender specific clues. As I walked down the long hallway I passed a small bathroom on the left and a bedroom that had a small twin bed but looked unused.I saw two doors at the end of the hallway and since it was fairly dark down the hallway I didn’t bother trying to read the note as I remembered it was the door on the right. The door was closed and since it swung inward I had no way to diagnose it like the pantry door that showed the problem immediately. So I turned the knob and slowly pushed it inward a bit and didn’t feel it rubbing at all.I swung the door fully open. I froze unprepared for what I saw in the room. A fully naked woman was lying on the bed and was sound asleep. I couldn’t tell how old she was because she was lying nearly flat on her face away from me. Based on her broad ass and nothing more I assumed probably at least 40 years old.She was plumpish, which is the only way I could describe her. I couldn’t see anything but her backside and although she had a wonderfully plump and broad butt she wasn’t, as far as I could tell, a real heavy woman. Her breathing was steady and so rhythmic that it was a peaceful sight in the room that was lit only by the filtered light from a blind covered window.I backed out of the room and quietly pulled the door shut. My cock had responded as any young man’s would to the sight of a naked woman regardless of age or physical nişantaşı escort shape. My heart pounded in my chest and I had a lump in my throat, “was this fear or arousal?” I asked myself. My cock was hard and I had to adjust it but beyond that I didn’t dare do anything. This was certainly a surprise as the voice said “I might not be available,” so I thought that meant no one would be in the house. I turned around and discovered that I had opened the wrong door. It was the door on the left not the right. I found the same problem with this door and quickly corrected the problem. As I was bent over putting the screwdriver away in my tool kit I was reminded of the hard throbbing cock that had not diminished with my two minute repair of the door.As a 19 year old male my cock at that point began thinking for me. I had never seen a woman fully naked in person but of course had seen my share of porn. The three girlfriends I had allowed some touching and a bit of stink finger but that was as far as I had gotten. And other than a hand job through my trousers I was an intercourse virgin. So here was a fully naked woman on the other side of the door, “what would it hurt to just take another peek?” I thought as my hand went to the knob again.“After all,” I thought, “I had gone undetected the first time so I could always say woops and back out if she saw me.” My heart was racing as I silently turned the knob and eased the door open. I looked at the bed, she was now on her back with her bare pussy on full display. Her legs were spread as if she was waiting for a man to move between them yet her eyes were closed and she was not moving other than slow deep breathing. My cock throbbed and at that moment of lust I lost all sense of proper decorum and opened my trouser and started stroking my cock. I had never done such a thing but this woman, was so seductive on that bed that I wanted to relieve the pressure building up in my balls.As my hand moved on my cock I wondered what it would be like to slide it along her slit and feel her warmth and slick smooth gash as I probed for her hole. Visions of spreading her legs and mounting her flashed through my mind as my hand became a blur on my hard cock. I wasn’t hung like a porn star but I was hard and the prominent tip of my cock was dark red with the arousal I felt seeing her lying there so open and vulnerable.Then I became aware her eyes had opened. I was so intent on staring at her pussy that I wasn’t şişli escort sure how long she had been looking at me jerking my cock. “Don’t waste that hard cock jerking off, come over here and get some of this,” she said as her hand slid down and she spread her labia open showing me her slick inner folds. I hesitated, my hand not moving as my cock throbbed. “I want that cock,” she said as she kept her pussy spread open and smiled at me. “It has been far too long since a young man fucked me and you will do just fine.”I dropped my pants and kicked them off and moved to the bed between her legs. “Not so fast son, lets make sure your beautiful cock is nice and wet,” and she patted the side of the bed, “come over her with that hard thing and let me taste it.” Not only had I never had intercourse I had never had anything close to a blow job and nearly lost control the moment her lips touched my cock. I felt her tongue swirl around my tip and then she sucked the tip like a piece of candy.I pushed my cock into her mouth and she pulled back, “Not so quick son, you are going to bust a nut before you give me some of that cock where I need it most.” She said and pushed me off the bed. “You know where I want you,” she said as she pushed her knees up and waited for me to get into position. As my cock got within reach she rubbed my tip. “Fuck me son, don’t tease me, fuck me good.” She whispered as she tugged on my cock as if pulling a dog on a leash.I hesitated no longer and move against her as she guided me home between her legs. I pressed against her wet slick pussy and felt it close around my shaft as I penetrated her. I had never done this before but primal instinct took over where experience was lacking. She moaned as I slid in and she felt tight around my cock.“It has been so long,” she whispered, “you cock feels so big inside of me.”I needed no further encouragement as I bent forward grabbing her tits as I began thrusting into her. Then the reality of what I was doing hit me. I was fucking a woman with no condom and I felt my pending ejaculation. I pulled out and shot long ropes of cum up across her round belly. She looked at me, “It’s okay, I love warm semen on my belly. But next time you need to cum inside this old cunt.” She patted her now gaping slick pussy with her hand and rubbed her fingers around her clit.“I would guess you have never eaten a woman’s pussy, is that correct?” She asked as I held my shriveling cock.“No,” I admitted.“Then get on your knees and I will teach you how.” She said propping herself up on her elbows. “I suspect you are Larry.”“Yes, are you Chris?” I asked.“Yes but by the looks of your age you can just call me Mom, now get your lips down here.” She said patting her pussy lips, “I need to cum and by the time you are done your cock will be ready to mount me again and this time shoot a load inside me.”

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