You Wanted It, He Gave It

Double Penetration

You heard him close the front door, but paid him no heed. He would probably just grab a beer and turn on the game just like he normally did. You could feel the ache in your muscles and hoped that the hot shower would help you relax. You didn’t hear the door to your bedroom creak open behind you. He stood in the doorway admiring your luscious body. He had had a long and hard day at work and desperately needed to feel your body against his. He silently crossed the carpeted floor until he was right behind you. He encircled his arms around your body and you could feel his hardening cock in his jeans poke against your ass.

You tried to smack him away, but he just held you closer. He leaned his head down and placed his forehead on your shoulder and just inhaled your musky scent. His hands slowly caressed your stomach and the underside of your heavy breasts. His hot breath upon your neck felt so good it gave you goosebumps all over your body. He left kisses on your shoulder and worked his way closer and closer to your neck. You expose your neck more to his advances and he began to suckle and lick the curve of your neck. He kissed his way up your neck until he reached your ear where he traced it with his tongue before sucking the lobe into his mouth.

You softly moaned out, but still tried to push him away. You tried to keep your logical mind from succumbing to the sensations he was delivering to your flesh. You could still feel his hard member brushing up against your ass. He continued thrusting, oh, so slowly, as if your ass were giving him a hand job. His hands reached up and fully caressed your breasts. He skimmed all over your breasts almost avoiding your ever hardening nipples. You moaned out for him every time he touched your buds and reached up to keep his hands still.

Just touch them.

You wanted to feel his fingers roll your sensitive nipples. When he finally did it’s like electricity went straight to your clit. He ground his steel like cock into your ass harder and more urgently than before. While he continued his ministrations on your nipples you snuck your hand down to caress your pussy through your panties. As soon as you touched your folds a gush of your juices spilled forth and completely coated your panties. Oh, how you ached. You needed something in your pussy. It was too soon for his cock. If he were to stick it in at that moment he would have torn you apart. Fingers would have been nice, but that didn’t seem quite right. He knew what you needed before you did.

He removed his hands from your breasts and lazily caressed his fingers down your arm before interlacing his fingers with yours. With that cocky grin that you love so much he lead you into the bathroom and shut the door. You stood by the sink as he went to turn the shower on so that it was the perfect temperature. Once it was perfect he held out his hand to you and you tentatively took it. His large hands seemed to completely envelope yours and it made you shiver to think about what those wonderful hands could illicit from you.

You both entered the shower and he closed the door behind you. You love this shower for many reasons; the beşevler escort first being that it was large enough to stretch out your arms in every direction and never touch a wall. The second was the wonderful multi head shower heads that you loved to detach and use to massage your aching muscles after a long day. And finally, there was the large bench along the wall that you could completely lay down on and let the water cascade over you body. These memories, however, belong to a different story for another time.

You faced away from him; still embarrassed of him seeing you fully naked. You heard him lather up the soap within the din of the water. He reached for you and started to wash your body. It was so soothing that you could instantly feel your muscles relaxing and loosening. You were in total bliss, but you wanted to make him feel good too. You washed away the suds from your body and took the soap from him and gave him that cute little look which meant you were about to do something naughty. You spread the soap over his wide chest loving the feeling of his skin beneath yours. You massaged his strong pecs and shoulders and drew patterns along his arms. Everything about your movements was fluid and connected. You came back to his front and started massaging his stomach down to his hips. You could see how hard he was; his head swollen and leaking precum. Before he could stop you, you lowered yourself down upon your knees and continued to lovingly stroke his muscular thighs and ass. You looked up into his eyes and saw the fire burning within. He wanted you to do it. You wanted to do it. So you did.

With one hand you washed his heavy balls. You noticed they seemed larger than usual which meant he would be giving you more than enough cum soon. Your other hand came up and begun stroking his throbbing length in an agonizingly slow rhythm. You made sure he was completely cleansed of all the sweat from the day before letting the warm water bathe him again. Still stroking him you leant his hard, throbbing cock towards your mouth and gave it a kiss. He moaned deeply in his throat and threw his head back as he was consumed by the anticipated pleasure. You loved feeling this control over him; making him completely at your mercy knowing that he could easily take back that control and punish you at any moment. You kissed his length up and down and nibbled the sensitive underside making him moan more and more. You felt his hand come up and tangle his fingers in your hair, never pulling, just a gentle hold to keep him from completely spiraling in the immense pleasure. You couldn’t hold yourself back anymore. You brought his swollen head to your mouth and swirled your tongue around it before completely enveloping it in your mouth. He growled out loudly and told you how good your sexy mouth felt, baby. He loved the way your tongue felt on his cock.

“Mmm, yes. It feels so fucking good Kitten.”

You used your tongue to stroke his cock inside your mouth while your hands stroked the remaining length that you couldn’t reach. You sucked and swirled your tongue around his cock while he began thrusting beypazarı escort ever so slightly.

In and out.

In and out.

His cock ever drew closer to the back of your throat. You loved this feeling of him completely filling your mouth and you relaxed your throat. His tempo increased. You wanted to taste his cum. You completely took your mouth off of him and he moaned dejectedly thinking you were completely going to stop. You looked up at him and sensually told him that his cock tasted so good, but that you wanted to drink his cum. You wanted him to use your mouth until he released all over your tongue and then you wanted him to do the same to you. He happily obliged and again positioned his cock inside your hot orifice and continued thrusting once more. He loving caressed your head as he came closer and closer to the edge of oblivion.

He was so close you could feel it. You reached your other hand up and caressed his balls one more time and completely made him melt. He roared out his release and you felt it coat your mouth. You hungrily drunk it all up loving his sweet taste. He tried to suck in the air that he needed. When he finally regains some composure he offered you his hands again to lift you up and hold you naked against him. The water began to run cold so you shut it off and stepped out of the shower with him closely behind you. You took the warm fluffy towels and pat both of your bodies dry. He was still in euphoric bliss, but you could already see the fire burning again in his eyes. He was ready to return the favor.

He offered his hands out for you again and drew you in close. His head leaned down and his lips captured yours. He languidly caressed his lips with yours and painted his tongue across your bottom lip as if asking permission to enter. You nervously accepted and his tongue was rubbing against yours before your next breath. Rolling and tasting you and his leftover cream. Without you noticing he had pushed you into the bedroom and the back of your knees were against the bed. You sat down and scooted to the middle of your bed and propped yourself against the pillows. He crawled on the bed after you staring intensely into your eyes. His eyes unnerved you and you tried to keep your legs closed together even though that was exactly where you wanted him to be. He massaged your ankles and worked his way up your calves until he reached your knees. He told you to open your legs. He wanted to taste his Kitten’s sweat cream. The shivers that erupted over your body gave him just the distraction he needed and he forced open your legs and hungrily stared at your dripping and quivering pussy.

All you see is his head coming closer and closer to your pussy. You couldn’t stand the torturous anticipation decided to lean your head back to try and regain control. Before your mind could even register the sensation of his mouth had covered your cunt. His mouth was like lava. His tongue was like liquid fire as it swirled and lapped at your lips. Your breath caught in your throat and you couldn’t seem to find the will power to stop your hips from grinding against that ankara escort devilish mouth. Your hand reached down and held onto his head for sanity, but that only pushed him to give you more and more. He backed away to give you only a moment of composer before spreading your lips again to locate your hard, little clitty. You knew instinctively that he was going for it next and you knew there was nothing that could stop him from doing so.

Good. This is what you needed. This what you wanted. And he gave it to you.

His mouth completely covered your clit and he moaned deeply in his throat as he suckled and flicked your sensitive bud with his tongue. You could feel his deep vibrations go right to your clit and you were amazed at how a person could feel just as good as a vibrator, scratch that, better than any toy you had ever used. He continued to flick and drag his tongue all over your clitty making you squirm and squeal out. You didn’t know reason any more. You didn’t know logic any more. All there was in the world was pure feeling and that feeling was exquisite pleasure. You were so consumed by your pleasure you didn’t notice that he had reached his fingers up to your mouth and that you had begun sucking on them just as you did his cock only a short while ago. You sucked and licked his fingers just as you did before noticing that he seemed to go faster the more you did. Eventually, he removed his fingers and you felt an emptiness inside.

“Don’t worry, Kitten,” He said, “I’ll fill that emptiness.”

With that he entered your pussy with one of his fingers. You immediately moaned and thrashed your body again when he expertly found your g-spot. It hurt a little, but then he returned his mouth to your clit and began humming again leaving you completely lost in the pleasure. He thrust his finger slowly and deeply inside of you while he lapped up the juices that kept spilling out from your wonton pussy.

Fuck, it feels so good.

“Harder,” you beg him.

“More,” you beg him.

He continued to thrust his finger in and followed your command. On one particular out stroke he decided to add his second finger and surprised you when he thrust both fingers in. You gasped and moaned again feeling the fullness and knew that you couldn’t take much more of this. You wanted to cum so badly. You wanted him to make you cum. Your moans had escalated so that they filled the room, but you no longer cared. You could feel the sweat dripping down your sensitive skin which only seemed to heighten your already raw senses. You felt it now; that ball of energy ready to be released. You tell him your close. He pumped his fingers faster and faster. He licked and suckled and nibbled against your clit harder and faster.

So close.

So close.



Ah! Cumming!!

Your hips completely rose off the bed while he continued to thrust into you and didn’t stop until you came back to earth. You felt dazed and completely spent. It wasn’t until a while later that you noticed that he had gone to the bathroom and brought back a warm towel and was cleaning up your juices and the cum he also had shot into his hand. You looked at him with such warmth and gratitude and reached your arms out for him. He threw the towel into the hamper and crawled up your body and kissed you again. This one slow and sweet. He rolled over onto his back and you cuddled into his arms and you both quickly fell asleep.


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