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Young ExplorersMy girlfriend and I had enjoyed discussing the possibility of having sex with boys. At age 15, we believed we were probably in the minority because we were virgins. We each had thought about a little sex play with each other but had been reluctant to confess our desires. One day, we inadvertently got into a situation where our lips were close to each other and Michelle suddenly got the courage to kiss me on the lips. It was just a quick peck but it began an intense chain reaction that culminated in our first blissful lesbian encounter. After that first encounter, we became even closer friends and were often delighted with each other’s bodies. We still had not had any experience with boys. We talked about it more. We knew that pregnancy was too great a risk but thought about other types of sex play that did not involve having a boy’s cock in our pussies. After all, we already knew how exciting and pleasurable sex without intecourse can be. Ultimately, we decided that, in order to be safely in control, we would seduce a boy together. We each made a list of possible candidates, then got together and discussed each one. We finally concluded that John Nelson would be our target. He was a big k** who lived not far from us. He seemed a little shy so we believed we could stay in control of the situation. His parents both worked so he was often home alone. That fact alone brought him up high on our list of candidates. Also, it was a plus that we believed he did not have a girlfriend. We didn’t want to start any wars. It took a while but we finally got a time to talk with John. Without going into much detail, we discussed our intentions with him. As we fully expected, John was a little surprised but entirely agreeable to our plans. After impressing upon him how important it was to have complete secrecy about all this, we all agreed to a time that we could meet at his house. The time was only four days away but it seemed like forever. Finally, the time was here. Michelle rode her bike to my house and we told my mom that we were going to walk to the mall and just hang out.As Michelle and I were walking up the walkway to John’s house, the front door opened and John was standing there with a big smile on his face. He welcomed us in and assured us that we had the house to ourselves all afternoon. As excited as we all were, we were not going to need all afternoon. My voice was a little shaky as I explalined the “rules” to John. 1) If he ever told anyone, ANYONE, about this encounter, we would both deny it and never speak to him again. 2) We would make sure he was satisfied but, at no time would he be allowed to have even the slightest insertion of his cock in either of our pussies. We were planning to have sex play, including oral sex, but definitely not intercourse. 3) He was to be gentle at all times, allowing us to have our way with him. 4) Michelle and I had discussed and both agreed that we wanted to taste his cum but we wanted to know when it was coming. He was to tell us when he was about to have an orgasm. As soon as I finished stating the rules, without saying anything, Michelle unbuttoned her blouse, took hold of John’s hand and guided it inside her open blouse. canlı bahis She didn’t have a bra on and, as soon as his hand was pressing against her breast, I noticed his blue jeans bulging out. I put my hand on the bulge and felt his hard cock through his pants. Michelle pulled him close to her and kissed him. I could see their open mouths and their tongues exploring each other. Meanwhile, I pulled my top over my head and grabbed John’s other hand. I rubbed his hand over my belly and up to my breasts. John took a step back and just stood there for a few seconds with one of our breasts in each of his hands. We all smiled at each other and John suggested we go to his bedroom. As we got to the bedroom, Michelle stopped John at the door and started unbuttoning his shirt. I un-buckled his pants and let them drop to the floor. I pulled his shorts down to the floor also. I took off his shoes and helped him step out of his pants and shorts. As I stood up, Michelle had just finished getting his shirt off. He looked delicious with that big hard cock sticking straight out in front of his naked body. I grabbed his cock gently and guided him, like a dog on a leash, to the bed. With his cock as a handle, I turned him around and sat him on the bed. As I stood there in front of him, he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled both my jeans and panties down to my ankles at the same time. He placed his hand on my pussy and I moved my knees apart to invite him in. He pressed one finger in, then two, then another. I wanted to stay there like that forever but I remembered I had to share with Michelle. I shuffled back to allow Michelle to get in on the action. She stepped up to allow John to get her pants down. I had stepped out of my pants and helped Michelle step out of hers. I was still on my knees when I saw John put his hand over her pussy. I put my hand over his hand and pushed a couple of his fingers into her. We played for a little bit with both his fingers and mine inside Michelle’s pussy. Then, I lifted John’s legs onto the bed and climbed onto the bed with him. I pushed the top of his body down onto the bed and got myself into a 69 position over him while Michelle was leaning over the bed fondling his cock. I lowered my pussy down to John’s face so it was easy for him to kiss and lick my pussy and suck on my clit. Michelle’s fondling had produced a small amount of his lubricant (his precum) oozing out of the head of his cock. She squeezed out a little more of it, then rubbed her lips around in it. That made the head of his cock very shiny and it looked good enough to eat. Michelle must have been thinking the same thing because the next thing I saw was his cock sliding into her mouth. She was slowly but steadily moving her head up and down with his cock sliding into and out of her mouth. I was surprised at how much of that big cock was disappearing into her mouth. I was anxiously waiting for my turn when, finally, she pulled her head away as I quickly took over. I was sucking and licking and sliding my mouth onto his cock as far as I could. I had heard about deep throat and was pushing his cock against the back of my throat but was not able to get past that gag reflex. Maybe another time. bahis siteleri John was moaning when I noticed his cock getting even bigger and stiffer. Then I heard him say, “I’m gonna cum”. I was sort of expecting this to last a little longer but I got ready to take his cum. I felt it squirt into my mouth but I didn’t feel as much as I thought I would. I think, if I wasn’t expecting it, I may not have even noticed. It was very exciting though, to know it was happening and I noticed a different taste in my mouth. As soon as I realized it was happening, I thought of Michelle who was eagerly waiting for me to move aside so she could get her taste. I quickly pulled my head up but not quite fast enough. The second shot of his cum squirted out the end of his cock and splashed onto my lips and chin, which were about 4 inches away at the time. Michelle quickly got her mouth over his cock in time to catch the last few shots of his cum. I was playing with the cum in my mouth with my tongue. It made my teeth feel slippery. Finally, I swallowed what was in my mouth, then licked it off my lips. It seemed like I could taste it more when I licked it off my lips than when it was squirted into my mouth. I liked the taste but I don’t know how to describe it. I used my finger to slide the little bit of cum off my chin into my mouth. By this time, Michelle had pulled her head away from John’s cock. She was standing there smiling at me with her lips tightly closed. I knew she was playing in the cum with her tongue. I looked at John. He looked like he had just run the quarter mile. He was just lying there with his eyes closed and his mouth open, panting. Michelle and I just cuddled up close on each side of him. After a little while, we all started discussing our encounter. All agreed, it was the most enjoyable experience we had ever had. We all now new the meaning of the term, ‘friends with benefits’. John grabbed the remote from the head board and turned on his little TV. We all laid there together naked on John’s bed, watching TV for about a half hour. Then, I felt John’s hand slide over my leg and onto my pussy. I quickly glanced down and saw that he had one hand on each of our pussies and his cock was growing bigger. John was back! I moved my legs apart for him and just laid there enjoying his massaging my pussy. His fingers felt slippery so I knew I was still very wet. After a short while, John said, “I have a condom”. Michelle and I looked at each other and almost simultaneously said, “No, we’re not ready to have intercourse now”. After a few seconds, John asked, “What about anal?” Neither of us answered immediately but I was thinking about it. Finally, I said, “Well, OK”. That set things into motion again. Michelle said, “We need some lubricant” as she got up and started for the kitchen. John got up and retrieved the small package with the condom in it from his dresser drawer. John tore open the little package and took out the condom. I asked for it and John handed it to me. I took hold of his cock that was already as big and hard as it was the first time. I rolled the condom down over his cock as Michelle returned from the kitchen with a roll of paper towels and a small glass dish güvenilir bahis with a liquid in it. “Cooking oil” she said. “That should work”. We maneuvered around to figure out how to do this, how to line things up so it will work. We finally settled on a position where I was on my back on John’s little exercise bench with my legs up and John on his knees on a pillow in front of me. As soon as we got into this position, Michelle dipped her fingers into the oil and spread it onto my ass. It’s a good thing she brought the paper towels. This was already getting messy. She dipped her fingers into the oil again but this time, I felt her finger go into my ass. With all the lube, it slid in easily. She said, “We need to get you loosened up a little” as she poked a second finger in. The second one didn’t go in as easily. It was a tight fit and a little uncomfortable. She said, “one more” as she poked a third finger in. This one went in harder and caused some pain. I told her to hold still for a while. After a while, she started moving her fingers around and pushing harder. There was some discomfort but it was exciting at the same time. After a couple minutes of this, we decided it was time to try it. Michelle slowly pulled her fingers out of my ass, then dipped them in the oil again and spread the oil all over the condom on John’s cock. John moved up close to me and guided the head of his cock up against my hole. He pushed but it wasn’t going in. He pushed harder and harder until, finally, I felt it pop in just a little. “Oh! Stop! Stop! It hurts. Hold it still for a minute.” After a minute, it felt better so I told him to push in just a little farther. Again, he pushed, then harder and harder until I felt it move in a little farther. “Stop! Stop! Hold it there for a bit.” We kept doing this for a couple more times when I began to feel that the head was getting past the tight spot. Then, as he pushed, it slid in easier and farther with a lot less effort and without any more pain. Then, I relaxed. I felt almost exhausted and breathed a sigh of relief. Michelle was holding my hand through the pain, then she hugged me and kissed me. Then, she moved her head down to my pussy and I felt her sucking on my clit as John’s cock was moving back and forth in my ass. By this time, my sphinxter muscle had relaxed and I was enjoying the movement of John’s cock. Michelle pulled her head up and excitedly said, “I can feel his cock against the back of your pussy”. She quickly got back to sucking on my clit and, at the same time, she slid a finger into my vagina and began massaging my “G” spot. All this movement inside of me was overwhelming and I began to feel a pulsing pleasure that was gaining in intensity. As my orgasm was at it’s peak, John had his second climax. Then, we all melted into a heap on the exercise bench. John’s cock grew limp and slipped out of my ass. Michelle pulled her head up from my pussy, her face glistening with the wetness from my orgasm. Michelle was the only one still moving. She took the condom off John’s cock and held it upside down over her breasts so the cum drained out onto her breasts. She just laid back with her eyes closed, put her hands into the cum and smeared it all over herself. After laying there for awhile, we decided we should get cleaned up and go home. Before leaving John’s house, we all agreed to another get together. For all of us, that couldn’t come too soon.

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