Young Fun In The Sun


Young Fun In The SunThe bay was a kilometre long curve of white sand fringed by low sand dunes. The access track from the nearby town passed along the back of the four cottages s**ttered behind the dunes, one where the track reached the bay, two roughly in the middle, and the one I had rented at the end of the track. My cottage was the most isolated of the four, which suited me fine. I’d stayed there some years before and returned now from work at a mine in the desert far to the north for a three week holiday by myself. It was the summer holidays and I expected all the cottages to be packed with people. As I slowly idled down the track on that Saturday morning I was surprised that the first two places were obviously deserted. The one nearest to mine was occupied. It was about half a kilometre from my place so I knew I’d have no problems being nude in the open. I supposed if the occupants came my way I’d have to reconsider my nudity, if that occurred.Unpacking my belongings, removing the dust covers off the furniture, making up the double bed in the main bedroom, dusting, sweeping, setting up the outdoor furniture on the front veranda, and generally making the place hospitable abode took me until mid afternoon. I decided to have a swim and a walk along the beach before turning my attention to the aluminium dingy, cray pots, crab nets and fishing gear in the small shed beside the cottage.The water was as cool, clear and unpolluted as ever. I knew from memory my end of the bay was the most sheltered from the wind, protected by a rocky headland that jutted out into the water. And about a hundred meters off shore was a reef that seemed to enhance the fishing. After my swim, clad in only cap and sunnies, I set off for my jog along the bay. For safety’s sake I carried my rolled up Speedos in one hand.As I splashed my way along the water’s edge I finally began to relax. Passing the neighbouring cottage I noticed someone on the veranda. I waved and received a return wave. At the far end of the bay I stopped for a while to admire the view. On the return jog I decided I’d better say g’day to my neighbours. Adjacent to the cottage I paused and stepped into my togs. Now decent I walked up the faint path in the sand between the dunes.A very mature woman sat at an easel painting. She returned my smile of greeting. “I’ve just moved in next door and I thought I’d stop by and introduce myself,” I said as I stepped forward to shake her hand. Tess looked like she was in her mid fifties. To say I was surprised she was nude was an understatement. “There was no need to get dressed,” she assured me, too late. We’d just started to talk about the place when a man, older than her appeared in the doorway. John too was nude. His handshake was firm and his demeanour friendly like that of his wife. “It seems like putting on my bathers was unnecessary,” I told him as I stood and removed them. Our get to know you conversation had begun again when another nude person stepped onto the veranda. The couple introduced me to their daughter Cass. She seemed surprised when I stepped forward to shake her hand but nevertheless greeted me with a warm friendly smile.I soon learned that Cass was the youngest of their four c***dren, a late arrival. The family had been at the bay for a week and had two more weeks left of their holiday. Like me they too were surprised there were not more people about given it was near the end of the summer school holidays. In fact they’d hoped there would be young people around the place so that Cass wouldn’t be so bored. I noticed she smiled shyly at that remark.It was time to go and get on with the jobs I wanted to do before nightfall. On the spur of the moment I asked Cass would she like to come over to my place to help me organise my dingy and set a few cray pots out near the reef. The idea must have appealed to her because she was up in a flash and went inside to get her hat. “You don’t mind, do you?” I asked her parents. They were actually a bit relieved, but John admonished me to make sure Cass didn’t get in my way. “She’ll be fine,” I assured him.Cass and I walked along the beach towards my place. “Thanks for asking me to help. I needed to get out of their hair and do something,” she said, “they are just so overwhelming sometimes.” She was pleased when I told her that I was really grateful that she’d accepted my invitation.It turned out she was a willing though somewhat awkward helper. I was most careful not to criticise her. That was the last thing she needed. I discovered she took pleasure, after being shown what to do, in doing things right. It took us a couple of hours to clean and sort through all the fishing gear. We had some fun conversations and besides I found I enjoyed looking at her lithe tanned naked young body. Finally I set the baits in the three cray pots and we loaded them, along with a couple of hand lines, into the dingy that we’d slid and carried to the water. “Come up to the house Cass and I’ll get a couple of old towels to sit on. We don’t want to burn our bums or your pussy on the metal seats.” That remark brought a smile to her face. I fossicked through the linen cupboard while she had a look around my cottage. When we returned to the dingy I asked Cass if she would like to row. At first she was hesitant but responded positively to my words of encouragement. I pushed us off out of the shallows and clambered into the stern. Cass slowly got the idea on how to handle the oars and we meandered out towards the reef. It was a very pleasurable experience sitting back looking at her from behind my sunnies. I was careful not to overtly ogle her. But, as I gave her encouragement and direction, it was an ideal opportunity to watch her while she focussed on using the oars.For a young teen she had no puppy fat. She was slim and fit. The all over tan suited her complexion. Her hair was short and black, eyes liquid brown, face pretty and enhanced with a wide but sometimes shy engaging smile. I’d already discovered she had a sense of humour and enjoyed a joke with me. Her breasts were small pert orbs just beginning to swell, the areolae tight pink circles tipped by tiny pointed nipples. A flat belly dipped down to a tiny triangle of sparse wispy black hair that did not reach as far as the small neat vulva obvious between her slim taut brown thighs. As she pulled on the oars her legs were parted, feet and legs and thighs used for purchase. In that workman like pose I noticed that her pussy lips had parted revealing the delicate inner folds of pink flesh framing the “O’ of her vaginal entrance. The pull of her arms on the oars jiggled her breasts and sent muscular quivers through her belly, chest and neck. What an unexpected visual pleasure this holiday had become, and it was not even the end of my first day! My cock involuntarily stirred. I hoped Cass didn’t notice, but I wasn’t sure what she saw from behind her sunnies.We placed the first two pots about twenty meters apart on the sand at the edge of the reef, then moved the dingy to the spot for the third pot. Cass had to carefully stand, turn and retrieve the pot from the bows. I couldn’t help but look at her cute tight tiny backside. As she bent forward her smooth bald vulva poked out between her thighs. Again my cock jerked into life. I smiled at her as she passed me the pot and we sank it in our selected spot. Cass agreed she’d help me check the pots next morning.She rowed us towards the headland. As Cass again stood facing the bows to drop the small sand anchor I had a repeat rear view of her gorgeous arse and pussy. Control, care and control, I thought to myself.I taught Cass to bait her line and drop it over one side of the dingy while I fished from the other side. Her joy and excitement at catching a fish was palpable and contagious. The business of removing the fish from the hook was a brief study in serious concentration.With eight pan sized fish in the bucket we headed for the beach. Together we hauled the dingy up beyond the high tide line and turned it upside down. We cleaned and filleted the fish on the water’s edge, saving the carcasses and guts in buckets for bait and berley.Cass thought a swim would make us smell better. That late in the day the water was certainly cooler but we had a lot of fun innocently washing and splashing each other. Dripping wet we carried our catch and gear to the veranda. I got towels for both of us. We sorted out a pile of fillets for Cass to take home in a flat Tupperware container before we sat under the veranda for a well earned coke. It was lovely to hear Cass so excited about her successes of the afternoon. Reluctantly at dusk she left for home and I did a final outside clean up, taking particular care of the bait and berley buckets.I showered and ate grilled fish alone before I sat at my lap top computer to continue writing one of my stories. I finished the night with a game of chess against the computer, and a look at a few of the many photos I had stored on the hard drive. Looking at them was no help. I resigned myself to a sexless holiday and went to bed.Dawn came while I was jogging my three return laps of the bay. There was no sign of life at my neighbour’s cottage. After breakfast on my veranda I did my domestic chores. Then brown naked nymphet Cass arrived to brighten my day, her body goose bumped in the morning chill.We loaded the dingy with crab nets, fishing tackle and bait. Cass rowed while I surreptitiously enjoyed observing her supple lithe body from behind the shelter of my sunnies as I sat in the stern. I baited the four crab nets and we dropped them at intervals into the water. We decided we’d lift them after we checked the cray pots and did some fishing.I put on old leather gloves to raise the first pot. Cass was beside herself when it came out of the water with a large cray trapped inside. I was pretty excited too and between us we rocked the dingy alarmingly, enough to calm us down a little. Carefully I showed her how extract the cray, check that it wasn’t a female carrying roe, and put it in the bow well. The next pot had two crays. The third pot contained another one. Cass put the gloves on and removed it from the pot. I was proud of the way she overcame her initial fear. Before we headed for shore Cass pulled up the drop nets. We caught two crabs. I showed Cass how to remove them from the nets without getting bitten.After all the usual chores ashore cleaning and filleting she took her share of the catch, the larger portion actually, home to her parents. Early in the afternoon she returned with an invitation for dinner that evening. I invited her to go for a walk with me to explore the beach beyond the headland. Of course she agreed and bursa escort quickly set off to retrieve her hat and beach towel. Meanwhile I packed a backpack with water, towel and a tube of sunscreen. By the time she came back I’d also put my giant bottle of sunscreen lotion on the veranda table. She sensibly agreed we should protect ourselves for the hot afternoon sun.“I’ll do your back for you if you like,” I suggested. Cass turned around. I pumped liberal quantities of sunscreen on my hands and gently rubbed it into her neck, shoulders and back. It was difficult not to be sensuous, but I wasn’t rough or hard either, just careful and caring. Rubbing the sunscreen into the cheeks of her bottom, her thighs and the backs of her legs was a heavenly task. My cock stirred. I stood up and patted her bottom. “All done,” I told her. “No you’re not, you’re only half way there,” she said with a smile as she presented the front of her body to me for similar treatment. “You can do that yourself,” I quickly replied. “I’d rather you did it for me.” With an “okay then” I apparently reluctantly capitulated.I applied sunscreen to each of her arms before touching her body. It was a beautiful experience for me to apply the lotion to her breasts and see her tiny nipples harden under my fingertips. I slowly but surely worked my way down her lovely flat belly, through her pubic hair to her hairless pudendum. Cass obligingly parted her legs. With soft touches I rubbed the lotion across the smooth skin of her genitalia. A glance upwards showed her eyes closed and a look of bliss on her face. I knelt to do her legs. Finally I stood. “You’re all done now,” I told her. “I’ll do you, if you like,” she said. I turned around.My back was no problem for either of us, but when she told me to turn around I wondered how far she’d want to go, not that I really had any expectations in that regard. I was still too conscious of our situation. Cass worked on my arms first, then over my chest and down my belly. I was surprised when without hesitation she applied the lotion to my cock and balls. “We can’t get this sun burnt,” her only comment. Of course my cock throbbed and jumped in her hands and became partially hard. She couldn’t help but notice but said nothing.We finally set off, following the waterline around the headland, avoiding the rocks because of our bare feet. In the next small bay I reached for her hand as we strolled along, looking and talking. We saw no one else. After an hour or so we came to a short beach with a few trees at the edge of the sand. It seemed like a good place to rest in the shade. Towels spread we shared a bottle of water. “Can I ask you something, something personal?” Cass asked. “Of course you can, anything you like,” I replied. She asked me about my lack of pubic hair. It was easy to tell her about my preference for the smooth look achieved by regular waxing or shaving. The next question was for my opinion of her breasts; whether I thought they were too small. She seemed to enjoy my reply that I thought all of her was physically perfect. Her face shone when I complimented her on her beautiful face, fantastic legs, gorgeous backside and delightful tush.The sea looked great and the water here too was crystal clear. We swam together. In the shallows she started the wrestle. We ended up rolling around in various mock holds on the hard sand. I ended up on my back with her lying on top of me, my legs around her. Simultaneously we both became aware of our reality and stopped wrestling. She looked at me and I looked at her. My hard cock stretched up to my navel, pressed between us by her belly. Cass lent forward and kissed my mouth, at first experimentally then with more purpose. I ran my hands down her back and over her bottom. Her smooth skin goose bumped. My brain swirled with all sorts of thoughts. As she broke the kiss for air I quietly suggested we wash the sand from our bodies before we got ourselves into trouble. As we stood up my cock stood up hard in front of my belly. In the water we showed each other care and tenderness as we washed each other’s back.Cass’s idea to let the heat of the day dry us as we lay on our towels seemed sensible. We lay on our backs and talked about the unexpectedness of the incident. Certainly she could understand my mixed feelings given our sixteen years age difference. On the other hand she was keen to progress her experience of life with someone she liked. My non-patronising attitude in our short relationship caused her to consider me in ways that I’d not originally intended. What to do was the question for me. Move slowly, carefully and safely for both of us was the answer; and not worry too much about the unknown judgement of others.“Please kiss me again before we go,” Cass asked. I leaned over her supine body and brushed her lips with mine. She held my face in her hands. Slowly the passion built through our lips. I couldn’t help myself. My hand caressed her breasts and teased her nipples to hardness. My fingertips meandered down her smooth flat belly, brushed through the sparse wisps of her pubic hair, slid over the pliant mound of her vulva. Her labia were parted revealing a wet slit to my fingers. My index finger slipped along the length of her open groove gathering moisture to settle on her tiny erect clitoris. As I kissed her more deeply my fingertip circled, teased and caressed her pleasure pearl. Her kisses became more frantic. Against me her body began to shake. The climax rocked through her being. Her muscles quivered and quaked. I held her gently as she peaked then slowly returned to the present. “Wow,” she exclaimed, “that was simply sensational!” “What are we going to do about you?” she asked, as she looked at my swollen throbbing cock. “We are going to do nothing,” I assured her, “except pack up and meander home for dinner this evening.”Hand in hand we returned to our bay. By mutual unspoken agreement we let each other’s hand go as we rounded the point. Cass headed home to her cottage.Dinner followed by a game of cards was enjoyable for the four of us. Tess and John seemed to be pleasantly surprised that Cass and I were able to enjoy each other’s company, though both were more concerned that she wasn’t getting in my way. During the night we discussed arrangements between us for visiting town for perishable supplies. They’d go on Tuesdays and buy my needs, and I’d go Fridays and do the same for them.The plan lasted until Tuesday. They went to town and in their phone call to their family business found there was a financial problem requiring their urgent attention. Their holiday was over. Interestingly enough they accepted my spur of the moment suggestion that Cass was welcome to finish her holiday staying with me; that she could sleep in my second bedroom; that Cass and I would clean up their cottage and wash the bed linen and towels; that, yes, we’d gladly use their food; that Cass would phone them collect twice a week when we visited town was reassuring thank you; and leaving an empty esky for us to bring home some fish when I delivered Cass to their home in Perth was lovely idea. By late morning John and Tess had packed the car and departed, but Cass had plenty of instructions on how to behave ringing in our ears. In the quietness of the cottage we looked at each other, still somewhat stunned at the change in events. I smiled at her. She laughed happily at me.Cass and I agreed that we’d put the linen in the old washing machine and clean the cottage. We found that day that we worked well as a team. Within a couple of hours we had the place in great shape and two loads of washing on the line drying. I walked back to my cottage and returned with the car for Cass’s clothing and the food. We even purloined a few bottles of wine John had left behind in his rush.We hung Cass’s clothing in the second bedroom and I got out the bed lined to make up a bed for her. “Do I have to sleep here by myself?” she asked. We had a discussion about sleeping arrangements where we both capitulated, her to make up the bed so it gave her an option, me to allow her to choose. As she said if we could share the double bed at least we could talk quietly without having to shout at each other through the bedroom walls. But really in our hearts we knew where all this was leading.The day of hard work and surprises was drawing to a close. We went for a walk together along the length of the bay and had a swim and wash in the sea. It was nice to sit on the veranda with a glass of wine each and watch the sun set. We shared the cooking and the dishes chores. As we closed the house I slipped a fresh towel and my bottle of baby oil into the chest of drawers beside my bed. Finally we showered and the moment of truth arrived. Cass was perfectly happy to get into the double bed.We left a small bedside lamp on. Inexorably we embraced in a comfortable tangle of arms and legs as our mouths touched. Her naked body was smooth and warm. As our tongues touched I again let one hand caress her body until my fingertip was ensconced in the slickness of her pussy. Her first orgasm came in its usual rush. Just as she relaxed from her heaving shudders I knelt beside her and kissed my way slowly down her body. Her breathing deepened as I sucked her nipples. I kissed and tongue snail trailed my way down her belly, moved to kneel between her legs, and continued down the inside of one thighs to her foot. Moving my mouth to her other foot I worked my way up her leg to her thigh, on upwards until her cute hairless pussy was just in front of my face.I manoeuvred her legs, with her easy acquiescence, so that they were bent at the knees, her feet were flat on the bed, her thighs spread wide. In this pose her pussy opened up to my gaze. Her labia were fine brown tipped folds of delicate light pink flesh framing the deeper pink orifice of a small neat cute cunt, the vaginal entrance gaping open, strings of clear mucus glistening inside, and tiny engorged clitoris standing sentinel over the her slit. I slithered my tongue along the length of her groove. She gasped. My tongue stroked her clit. She sighed. I sucked her bud into my mouth. She groaned. Gently I suck and strummed her pink pearl of pleasure. Through my mouth I could feel the response in her body. Cass used her feet to hump her cunt at my face. As she came I sucked her hard. Her nectar flowed and covered my mouth. While Cass was distracted by her recovery I retrieved the bottle of oil from beside the bed. When she became aware of me I was back kneeling between her thighs. I dribbled drops of oil into her gaping little gash, and squirted more oil over my hard throbbing cock. She watched and waited. I put my arms under her bursa escort bayan knees and, as I lay my body on hers, I drew her legs up beside her chest. My thick long hard prick slid through the slippery groove of her gaping gash. The underside of my shaft massaged back and forth along her parted petals over and across the erect nub of her clit. Cass groaned and moaned in pleasure. My slide became harder and faster. Her groans turned to wails as she climaxed under me in straining heaves of her lithe body.I needed to rest, to ease the tension that throbbed through the core of my cock. I lay on the bed beside Cass. She reached over and touched the oiled shaft of my prick as it lay along my belly. “Kneel between my legs,” I suggested. She moved. “Wrap your hand around the top part of my cock,” I asked. She complied, her fist barely reaching around its circumference. “Move your hand up and down.” She did, awkwardly at first, but gradually finding touch, sensitivity and rhythm. “Oooh yeees!” I sighed, “Now you’ve got the idea.” I looked at her face. It reflected many emotions, including avid interest and lust. My prick throbbed, the knob slick with dribbling droplets of clear precum adding to the lubrication of the oil. “Ooooh yeees!” I cried. The spunk burst from my cock, the jets splattering out over my chest and belly, pulsing out over her fist, running down over her fingers in gelatinous white lumps. Cass’s face reflected delight at her awesome new found power. She laughed in delight, tasted the spunk, licked it from her fingers, and spread the white pools on my belly over my skin.Next morning out fishing on the inside of the reef we discussed the many topics we needed to understand and get out of the way. As were all the women in her family Cass was a late developer and hadn’t yet started her periods, and wasn’t likely to for another couple of years. So the pregnancy risk for us was non-existent. And yes she wanted to experiment further with her sexual experiences, and yes she did want to do it with me in spite of our age difference. Apparently treating her as an equal adult made an impression on her, particularly in considering her opinion on matters. And by the way she noticed I did enjoy looking at her, such as when she rowed the dingy. My hardening cock had given me away. Finally I was pleased when she told me she loved my fingers on her cunt, my mouth even more so. She loved it. And yes my cum tasted good and she wanted us to fuck soon, very soon, the sooner the better.We spent the afternoon swimming and tanning on the deserted beach below our cottage. Our swimming turned into fooling around in the water, friendly wrestling becoming a passionate kissing session with Cass’s teasing legs around my waist, her bare tush pressed against my hardening tool. My revenge came when she sprawled out on her towel on her back to dry in the sun. I knelt between her legs, leaned over her gorgeous body and kissed the salt-water droplets from her breasts and belly. She got excited easily. By the time I stroked my tongue through her pink gaping gash she was wet. Her delicate labia were fat and her clit engorged. I delighted in tasting her, sucking her to a frenetic wailing climax. Sweat had replaced the water droplets on her brown smooth skin. Lying beside her on my towel I watched her breathing normalise. “I absolutely love it when you do that to me, you know?” she told me.After a rest, where we simply soaked the sun while we held hands, Cass moved and knelt between my legs. “I’m going to need some coaching here to do it right. Okay?” “Okay!” My thick hard long tool lay flat along my stomach. Initially Cass was content to run her tongue along the underside of my shaft. Soon though she raised it upright in her hands and treated the knob to a saliva bath with her tongue. She paused briefly. “The end is so smooth and soft. Am I doing okay?” she asked. “You’re doing just fine,” I assured her. She continued running her wet tongue over it. “Try putting the knob in your mouth and sucking while you run your hands along the shaft like you did last night,” I suggested. Cass did just that. “Take as much of it as you can,” I added. My lovely little student did exactly as I asked, and the knob and a few centimetres of shaft disappeared into her mouth. It felt wonderful. “Suck, oh yes suck me,” I chanted. Her mouth sucked and her hands caressed my tool. Propped up on my elbows I watched her work. I soon felt the familiar surge in my balls and belly. “You’re going to make me cum soon Cass. You have to decide soon, very soon, whether you going to try and swallow my cum. You can pull away soon and let it go if you want to.” Cass kept sucking. The veins along my shaft distended, my cock throbbed, and the spunk surged through the core. The muscle along the underside of my shaft pulsed and pumped. My cum spurted into her mouth. Through eyes slitted in pleasure I watched her suck and swallow, suck and swallow as my cock jettisoned its load into her mouth. Slowly the white tide slowed and subsided. Cass took her mouth away from my knob. She milked the last drops from my shaft, licked the white pearly drops from the tip. I felt exhausted. She looked at me and grinned, and licked the white residue from her lips. “How did I go?” she asked. “You’re simply the best,” I told her. In the back of my mind I knew we’d just added a new dimension to our sexual experience, and we hadn’t even had a proper fuck yet.During dinner that night we drank half a bottle of wine. We finished the other half while we sat on the veranda in the darkness enjoying the warm night air on our bodies. The wine relaxed both of us. In bed I brought Cass to her first orgasm with my mouth. The oil slide over her pussy with my hard cock gave her a second orgasm. As my cock lay in her cleft I smothered her face, throat, ears and mouth with soft kisses. Her response was passionate. The knob of my cock slowly entered her until it wedged itself in her vaginal entrance. Gently but firmly I slid forward. Briefly the knob bumped against her hymen, then slid past. The shock jolted her body for less than a second. Slowly but surely my cock slid its way into her depths, until I was completely and totally embedded inside her. I paused and luxuriated in the clasp of her cunt as it surrounded my cock, enjoyed her enveloping tightness, her seeping heat and encompassing wetness. “You’ve now got all of me,” I whispered to her. “It fills me, but oh it feels so good. Please, please fuck me now, I need you to fuck me,” she responded.Slowly I drew my cock outwards until just the tip remained inside her. Then just as caringly slid back into her depths. As we got used to each other I gradually built up some pace and rhythm. “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh!” was her response to my thrusts. I paused briefly. Now that her muscles had adjusted positively to my intrusion I fucked her a little harder and faster. Already I could feel the familiar build of pressure in my own body. Our fuck became a little fiercer. Cass came more intensely than before. Her wails filled the bedroom. “Fuck me now, fuck me, oh please fuck me,” I whispered into her ear as she peaked. Her arms and legs encircled my body; she sucked my tongue into her mouth, and rocked her cunt up at me. I thrust hard into her. My cock spurted my jism into her depths. I sprawled on top of her body as the spasms passed through me.I remained inside her as we returned to reality. Supporting myself on my forearms I looked down at her. A very happy laughing Cass looked up at me. “I’ll never ever forget that,” she said, “that was absolutely fantastic.” Funnily enough it took us a long time to go to sleep. She wanted to talk, to share her joy with me. It was happy experience to listen to her and bask in her bubbling excitement.Friday morning we spent in the small local town shopping after Cass’s obligatory phone call to her mother. Even I had to talk briefly to Tess to assure her Cass was behaving herself, not being a nuisance and helping with the household chores. In the supermarket I drew Cass’s attention to the cosmetics counter. Her parents would not allow this at her age but at my insistence she selected a hot pink lipstick and matching nail varnish (and a bottle of varnish remover). After lunch at the café we headed back to our cottage. As before the bay was deserted.It was a delight for me to watch Cass sit in a lounge chair and apply the nail polish to her toenails. She was a study in serious concentration. But I enjoyed looking at her body, at the inevitable exposure of her pussy to my view. So by the early afternoon the nails on her fingers and toes were a luscious pink.Sunday was fine and warm, not hot, with no wind. In the morning we decided to explore the beach in the opposite direction to which we’d gone the previous week. In my small backpack I included our towels, tube of sunscreen, water, fruit and for safety sake her bikini and my Speedos. Clad in caps and sunnies and sunscreen protection we set off holding hands as we strolled along the edge of the water on the white hard sand. About an hour into our journey I was leading Cass from one bay to the next through some gaps in the s**ttered rocks. Luckily I happened to glance up at the beach we were about to explore. I noticed a four wheeled drive ute parked beyond the sand dunes and footprints between the dunes and the beach. I stopped and Cass bumped into me. Before she could speak I signalled her to silence. I think there is someone on this beach I whispered. Together we both quietly and carefully approached a large rock in front of us, using its size to mask our presence. We peeked over the rock.A naked couple were on towels on the sand about twenty meters away. I stepped silently away from Cass, removed my backpack and put it out of the way on a near by boulder. Moving behind Cass I lent against her back and peeked over her shoulder, our heads together. The couple were deeply engaged in a magnificent fuck. She was on her back, he between her thighs, her arms around his back and her legs spreadeagled. His arse rose and fell as he energetically fucked her. The sight certainly titillated us. Cass’s heavy breathing gave her away.I reached one hand around Cass’s thigh and felt for her pussy. She was wet. I dipped a finger into her slit, sought and found her cunt, and slithered a finger inside her. While we both watched the couple, still unaware of our presence, I quietly finger fucked Cass. She ground the crack of her arse against my erect shaft.The woman’s actions became energetic. She climaxed. He paused, then withdrew from her. As they moved we hoped they would not notice us. Fortunately they were too escort bursa wrapped up in their actions to even look about. As they moved we got a better look at them. Both of them were in their mid twenties. The woman’s most obvious attribute was her enormous breasts. As she got onto her hands and knees her tits hung massively beneath her. The man’s tool stood upright towards his navel. He knelt behind the woman and used his hand to guide his prick into her twat. He thrust into her hard and fast. She rocked her backside back at him. Her big breasts swayed beneath her. Cass’s pussy was hot and wet around my finger. “Shssh!” I whispered in her ear. My hard cock, pressed against her backside, leaked fluid.The couple continued to fuck frenetically and energetically. The woman’s head lifted. Her mouth hung open. She wailed into her climax. The guy’s body arched. His thrusts became faster. He held her tightly by the waist. His arse muscles clenched. He leaned against her back. The woman slowly collapsed under him, spreadeagled face down on the towel. Slowly he withdrew his prick from her cunt. He lay on his back on the far side of her.I drew Cass away from the rock so that there was no chance we’d be seen. I shrugged on the backpack. “What’ll we do now?” she asked. “I think we’ll just nonchalantly walk around the rocks onto the beach, look at what we can see as we walk past them, and keep on going,” I quietly replied. Off we went hand in hand. My half hard cock swayed in front of me. Cass’s hard nipples stood up on her chest while between her slim thighs her pussy poked out like a cut pink peach. I wondered if they’d notice. We walked holding hands on a line that would take us between them and the sea. The woman didn’t see us at all, the guy only when we were only a couple of meters away. It was too late for them. He was initially startled but relaxed slightly when he saw we were naked too. “Good morning,” I called cheerily as we walked on by. From behind my sunnies I looked between the young woman’s parted thighs at her gaping red gash dripping spunk, at the guy’s semi deflated tool streaked with cum.As we moved further along the beach Cass animatedly and excitedly talked about the unexpected show, how it wowed her to watch, how fantastic it was to see the woman’s cunt exposed like that, to see his cock still dripping on his belly. The idea of sex doggy style was something she hadn’t thought of and would I show her how? Of course! The beach we were on was only a few hundred meters long. As we rounded the point we paused and looked back. The couple were as we’d left them.It wasn’t long before we stopped for our usual swim, drink and sun tan. The conversation continued on the events we’d witnessed. I guessed that would be on Cass’s mind for some time to come, perhaps for our mutual benefit. When we turned for home the couple had gone.That afternoon, after a late lunch, Cass decided she needed to add doggy style sex to her repertoire. I performed my usual oral foreplay on her pretty pussy as she sat in a lounge chair, then knelt her in front of the chair so she could rest her head comfortably on her arms. Her split pink slit poked out invitingly between her thighs. I guided my knob into her twat, soaked briefly in her heat and moisture, and then slowly slid into the depths of her tight little cunt. One hand around her thigh allowed me to tease her clit, the other under her body gave me access to a nipple. “Rock your body back against me as I go into you,” I instructed her. She did. The slap of my scrotum against her cunt, the squish and suck of her wet snatch around my cock told us we’d got our rhythm right. Cass came first, quickly as always, wailing her pleasure. Now that she was more adept at this pastime I kept going, showed her no mercy. I fucked her harder and faster until the tight clasp of her cunt around my shaft was just too much. As she began to soar a second time I humped and pumped my load of spunk into her clutching snatch. I rested against her back, my cock buried deep inside her. Cum gradually began to dribble out of her over my sac and down her thighs.The following Sunday was a warm but windy day. The wind caused white caps on the water at the far end of the bay. At our end the rocky headland provided the beach with reasonable protection. The water was calmer and the sand didn’t blow everywhere. Cass and I were sun baking naked on our towels just above the high water mark. We heard the vehicle before we saw it on the access track about half way along the bay. Two figures stood on the dunes looking at the sea. They returned to the vehicle, drove on and pulled up just short of our cottage. A young man and woman got out and again surveyed the scene. Cass recognised them as the couple we’d seen the previous week. There was no doubt they could see us. They got some gear out of the ute and made their way down the path in the dunes towards the beach and us. “What’ll we do?” asked Cass. “Nothing, they’ve already seen us naked,” I answered.The couple came up to us. “Hi,” they both greeted us. “Do you mind if we share your beach?” she smilingly asked. How could one refuse? “Sure, no problem, you’re welcome,” Cass answered. They moved on past us closer to the rocks, about ten meters away, laid out their towels, stripped off their clothing and lay side by side, the woman closest to us. I couldn’t help but again admire her massive breasts, the way the mounded up hugely on her chest. “I wonder if my tits will ever get that big,” Cass murmured to me. “No doubt yours will grow bigger, but I think yours are just perfect the way they are,” I assured her.Surreptitiously they occasionally looked at us and we looked at them. Their previous exciting performance was uppermost in our minds. After some time the guy moved up on one elbow and began to caress his girl friend. She glanced across at us, but we apparently studiously ignored them. “Instead of us waiting for them to do something why don’t we do something first and see what happens?” Cass suggested. “Are we game enough?” I questioned her. “Come on,” she urged, “let’s be brave and bold.” “Okay,” I agreed. “Let’s practice some of the things I’ve learned,” she encouraged me. “Okay,” I capitulated.Cass straddled my body, her pussy over my face, my cock held upright in her hands and my knob in her suctioning mouth. I reached around her body and clasped a firm muscular arse cheek in each hand. I pulled her gaping little gash down onto my mouth. My tongue slid into her cunt like a small cock. I tongue fucked her, and tried to ignore her mouth sucking on my hard prick. We worked each other over for some time before Cass decided it was time for a change.As she knelt upright over my lower body I had a chance to glance along the beach for the first time since we’d begun our display. The young couple were looking at us. He was stroking her breasts.Cass carefully lowered herself onto my tool. I watched it slowly disappear into her hungry tight little cunt. As she engulfed it completely a look of absolute bliss came over her face. Using her thighs she raised her body over me. The skin of my shaft was covered in her juice. Quickly she built up speed and rhythm. It was a beautiful experience to watch her musculature move and undulate as she fucked me. As always seemed to be the case she rocketed to her climax, her open mouth sucking air in between groans and moans from deep in her throat. She sat on me and rested, my cock still hard, still buried in the grasping confines of her cunt. Expectantly she looked at the other couple. So did I. No words were necessary. The unspoken challenge was there. The couple quickly responded.The woman straddled the guy. We could see him hold himself upright as she lowered herself onto him. The nice thing about watching her was her tits. They bounced and swayed mightily on her chest. Her thigh muscles quivered as she raised herself over him then dropped back down again. Faster and faster she moved. Her climax was noisy, very noisy. She talked, she wailed and she groaned as she ground her snatch over the base of his tool. Finally she stopped in the same pose as Cass. They both looked at us.Cass moved off my body and lay on her back on her towel. I knelt between her legs. She bent them at the knees and drew her legs up on either side of her chest. Her pink pussy flowered open, the petals of her labia fat and gaping around the fleshy “O” of her mucus filled cunt. I help my body off hers with straightened arms. My cock slid through the groove of her gash as my knob sought her hole. It embedded itself in her. I rocked my arse. My long hard thick length of meat slid into her hot clasping cunt. I looked at Cass’s beautiful smiling lust filled face. I lent forward to kiss her while I thrust my cock in and out of her tight twat.Our position allowed the couple, over the curve of Cass’s thigh and backside, to clearly see my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. We were too excited to take things slowly. I fucked her hard and fast. She responded. Her body rocked up at me, her cunt muscles clenched then released around my shaft. Cass soon began to cum. I couldn’t hold back. As she heaved in orgasm around me my cock spurted deep inside her.I lay on her body, entwined by her arms and legs. As we recovered we looked over at the other pair.They responded. The woman knelt on a towel, her breasts hanging down heavily from her chest. He knelt behind her and fed his tool into her pussy. His hands grasped her waist and he pulled her tightly to him as he thrust into her. They too did not last very long. His back arched and his arse clenched as he fired his load. The woman again wailed her pleasure to the sky. She fell forward onto the towel with him on top of her.I eased my prick out of Cass’s cunt. Dribbles of white cum flowed out of her. We decided we needed a swim. Naturally we kept an eye on our neighbours.Eventually they got up and came into the sea with us. His slack cock was streaked white. Her thighs were splattered with cum, and her red pussy gaped open. Up close her massive breasts, tipped by thick long nipples, fascinated me. They thanked us for the show. We returned their thanks and told them how exciting it had been to watch them. After some social chitchat they told has they had to leave. We swam until their ute disappeared from sight past the last cottage at the far end of the bay.We dried ourselves and held hands as we strolled to the cottage. “I need you to take me to bed and fuck me for a long time,” Cass told me. Her request set the scene for the rest of the afternoon.The days were filled with sunshine, fishing and plenty of sex but our erotic holiday eventually came to an end. As we approached Cass’s house she told me that our weeks together had been the most fantastic she’d ever had. Her face shone with happiness when I told her they’d been very special for me too. We vowed each other to secrecy. I kept the vow for many years, until now!

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