00073 My Wonderful Mom Ch. 01


Hi, my name is Roger.

I am a pharmacologist, credited with discovering the lactation suppository.

They’re actually two – the starter and the maintainer.

If a woman takes the first one in the evening, the next morning she is already secreting colostrum.

The second suppository turns colostrum into milk – and even allows to relactate if milk expression has been discontinued for no more than a week.

There are lots of women who could become “milkmaids on contingency” thanks to my suppositories: imagine a grandmother who is afraid that her daughter may not consistently feed her grandchild.

She takes the first suppository the night her daughter gives birth, and whenever her daughter can’t suckle the child, she takes the second suppository and replaces her.

Ah, you’re asking me how long does it take for the second suppository to restart lactation, aren’t you?

It depends on one factor: orgasmic response. It usually takes three hours between the intake and the lactation, but this time can be greatly shortened by having an orgasm – no matter how.

Our firm doesn’t like its employees to disclose that, but I once had to tell it to mom.

I’m actually married, but my wife Angela has recurrent herpes – if the mammae are affected, the child can’t be breastfed during the relapse.

My mom is a real worrywart, so, even though the risk was very low, she took the first suppository the night Angela gave birth to Patricia, and on Saturdays she insisted on suckling her, to keep her mammae ready for intervention.

Alas, the unlikely event occurred. But, since she had ended her suppositories’ supply, Patricia had to wait for two hours crying before I could fetch a box for mom.

Mom told me: “The poor child can’t wait any more. You once giggled that there was a way to shorten latency time. Could you please tell me what is it?”

“Er … you have to masturbate, mom.”

“Do you mean, I need an orgasm?”


“Gosh! I’ve always been bad at it. Dad was very good, but passed away last bahis firmaları year.”

“You’re still charming, mom. Perhaps you’ll easily find a helper.”

“Roger, we have no time for courtship. As Rav Hillel said in the Ethics of the Fathers, ‘Where there are no men, strive to be a man’.”

Her stare was eloquent, and I asked her, “Mom, what are you asking me?”

“We can obviously sit here idly for three hours and ignore Patricia’s cry. But she has already waited for too much.”

I therefore hugged her, feeling her big breasts against my body (she had always been busty, and the suppositories had increased her boob size); she kissed me in the mouth and rubbed her twat against my dick, which got very hard.

I whispered a question into her ear, she shouted an “Eek!,” then whispered back, “You’re right, do that.”

She opened her shirt, I briefly sucked her still dry tits, turned her 180° and made her stoop. I upskirted her, lowered her panties, licked the suppository before gently shoving it up her ass.

I was going to sodomize my mom, but then I saw her labia between her thighs.

I felt awkward at trespassing into my late father’s property, and Angela had taught me a very fine art – so I behaved differently.

I lubed my left hand, kneeled behind her, stopped her butthole with my left little finger first, and then with my ring finger (no ring there, luckily); then I gently opened my mom’s labia with my right thumb and forefinger, and let my left middle finger and forefinger slide into her vagina, while my tongue was licking her clit and her urethral opening.

Her orgasm was explosive, and she was able to lactate within minutes – Angela latched Patricia onto my mom’s boobs, while I was washing my hands thoroughly.

I came back to the bedroom with a big mound beneath my trousers, and Angela told me: “You’ve been wonderful. Don’t you need to discharge your load now?”

“I’d like to.”

“So, come with me into our bedroom, and let’s have sex.”

There we went, and I sodomized Angela while kaçak iddaa thinking of my mom. Then I washed my dick and after a while I entered her cunt. I love “cleaning my mess,” so after that I licked her labia clean.

We forgot to close the doors while doing that, so my mom saw everything while nursing Patricia into sleep.

When she was done, she kissed me in the mouth, in front of Angela, and then she kissed her the same way.

Both women smiled at me, and I would have asked them for an explanation, but I got a phone call: I had to hurry up to the lab – the night shift was experiencing a serious mishap.

When I came home I found both Angela and my mom in my bed, naked, asleep and hugging each other. I knew that my wife was bisexual, but my mom’s behavior was quite a surprise for me.

Hadn’t Patricia cried for her night feed, I would have waited for the next morning to get an explanation; but, as my mother took my daughter into her arms to feed her, I sat beside my wife and asked her.

“Your mom has always been bisexual, but she had never acted on her attraction towards women until tonight. Perhaps, once she broke with the incest taboo, she could admit a lesser deviation – being attracted by women.”

“I understand. So you have had sex together.”

“Yes, we did. So, whenever necessary, I can provide her with the daily orgasm she needs to sustain lactation.”

“Er,” mom asked, “Isn’t lactation supposed to self-sustain?”

“Not the one induced by the suppositories. You need an orgasm a day to keep the milk flowing.”

“For my granddaughter, I am ready to do anything. But I don’t think Angela wants to make love every day.”

“You’re right, mom,” Angela replied, “You know that orgasms are really exhausting for me, especially the multiple ones Roger can give either of us.”

“So, Roger, you can make love with me on even days, and with Angela on odd days,” mom concluded.

“Something is amiss in your arrangement, mom,” I said, “On odd days, Angela will have to make love with both me and you. kaçak bahis So she’ll have two orgasms. Like today. Can she bear them?”

“From time to time, I can,” Angela replied, “But I’m not going to receive an orgasm by your mom every other day – I’m going to give her one.”

I didn’t have the time to let my mouth droop before my mom told me: “Roger, you really aroused me before by proposing to have anal sex with me – but you eventually had it with Angela. When are you going to keep your promise?”

“You can keep it now,” my wife told me, so, when Patricia was full and asleep, I did just that.

De Sade said that it’s a divine pleasure to sod one’s mom – I got it.

After a week, my wife Angela’s herpes subsided, so she could nurse our daughter Patricia again.

But my mom loves lactating, so she spends the day eating incredible quantities of vegan food, and in the evening she nurses both me and Angela, thus sparing us the hassle of cooking for dinner.

This feat has made my mom’s tits enormous – she now despairs finding a fitting bra, and whenever she is neither eating nor reading (she loves classical literature – she has even attended Latin and Greek classes in order to read Cicero and Plato in their own languages), she has to support her own breasts with her arms.

Her belly hasn’t grown much – her waistline is about 36′ (her boobs are now 38K), so she can be considered somewhat overweight, but not outright obese; after nursing us, she lets us play with her boobs and body until either me or my wife titillate her into an orgasm. Then, on even days I penetrate my mom’s vagina from the behind, while my wife licks her clit; on odd days it is my mom that licks my wife’s clit while I penetrate her.

Patricia is mostly nursed by my wife Angela, but on Sundays it’s my mother that does that. My mom would like to nurse her more often, but our pediatrician has discovered that her milk is more apt to two adult people like me and my wife than to a toddler – so better not to overload her gut too often.

Thank’s to my mom’s help, we’re now thinking about having another child – assisted reproduction will ensure we’ll get a girl, and her name will be Letitia.

Anal sex is no more practiced – both my women miss it, but vaginal sex is safer.

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