#2 An Evening

#2 An EveningI lay down on the bed beside her. “Tell me everything, again.”My wife was rubbing her sore nipples. She stopped, then turned to me.”I met her, Denys, in my yoga class.””When?””She joined a bit after me, some weeks or a month. At the beginning we didn’t have any contact, until one day we just started talking. I don’t remember event what about. We started saying hello every lesson, and one day went out for a coffee after a morning class. It was nice, very nice, and I guess we just clicked. But you know this, I told you at the time I met her, and that she was nice, and I started to meet her every once in a while, before or after class, or just in the evening.”She sucked in some air. “I guess about then I started, I realized I was beginning to think about her not as bahis firmaları just a friend. I remember one particular time, I was home alone, I don’t remember where you were, and I was masturbating, just lying in bed, touching myself, and suddenly I realized I was thinking about her, about kissing her, and licking her nipples. I imagined it was her fingers inside me, not my own, and I became aroused, wet, I started pumping my fingers harder, I imagined her kissing me while doing it, and I had an incredible orgasm. And another one.After that, I found myself constantly thinking about her, about sleeping with her. I found myself looking at her in class, or when we met, trying to catch a glimpse of her body. I couldn’t get her off my mind.”She paused.I didn’t know why, yet, casino oyna but I did know she was lying. The timeline didn’t fit with her story. At the time, I realized something was wrong. I don’t know why, I thought she was having an affair, or something, and I put in a small webcam monitoring our door and living room. I had it record to a drive which I checked every few days.The first time I saw them together was a shock, as well as one of the most arousing sexual experiences of my life. Our door opened, and they both came in, my wife turning to close the door. Denys pinned her to it, pushing her face against hers, her hand resting between her thighs, pushing the lycra inside my wife’s pussy. My wife was moaning, panting, her hands on Denys’ ass pulling her towards slot oyna her. Denys then stepped back and slapped her breasts, hard, twice, then pulled her and pushed her against our sofa. She reached in her bag and took out a huge strapon on, expertly slid it on and pulled down my wife’s pants. She didn’t have any panties on, and in a second half of the long plastic shaft disappeared inside her. She fucked her hard, violently, there was no love or like there only raw passion and power. My wife lay there, one hand between her legs, while Denys fucked her occasionally striking her ass. It was over quickly, after a couple of minutes Denys leaned forward and grabbed her breasts, making her cum. She pulled out, turned the dildo and undid her pants, fucking herself while talking all the time. She came, gathered her things and left, leaving my wife there. She turned on her back, her hand still on her pussy, and masturbated until she came.The film was without sound. And I needed to know what they were saying.

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