2035 – The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 03

Rebecca made the big money and it was her wages that paid for most of the wedding & honeymoon which made me feel so inferior to my wife and also meant I simply complied with all her wishes.

Our honeymoon was to Florida Keys and a luxurious hotel by the beach. I knew very little about the place before arriving and when we got there I allowed Rebecca to do most of the dictating as normal.

Our days were filled with nice food, lazing in the sun & taking in the beautiful sights. She never took that cage off since our wedding night though and it had been four days since I came

One morning we headed for a beach a little off track that Rebecca had heard was gorgeous and secluded. On arriving my eyes nearly popped out of my head. It was a nude beach.

“There’s no way I’m going down there with this blasted contraption on me!” I protested

She giggled and winked at me

“Don’t be so silly baby. There’s loads of married couples down there with husbands all tucked up. It’s great. I can get an all over tan & not worry about some creep getting an erection over me.”

Needless to say within ten minutes of arguing I was lying on a lounger with my towel with my little guy out in the open for the world to see encased in its prison

Rebecca lay there so comfortably beside me with only a straw hat & sun glasses on. Sure enough husbands around me were caged too as I looked around I could see attentive husbands attending to their wives needs. I too busied myself making sure my bride was covered in sun cream & fetched her drinks from the beach bar.

We relaxed and dipped our naked bodies in the sea and frankly the place was paradise. We returned to our loungers and began to read and chill out

Just then a shadow appeared over Rebecca, “Hey Beccs is that you?”

I looked up and saw a big strong football type jock with blonde hair and washboard stomach looking down at my bride

“Oh my goodness Patrick, It’s been ages. How are you?”

Rebecca and Patrick exchanged pleasantries and it transpired Patrick worked for another bank in our city. He was on a holiday with his brother and claimed he’d heard about this beach and being the horny devil he is, he had to come check it out.

I could see Rebecca blush when he said that. I could also see from my position something that Patrick was unaware of. As he talked Rebecca was not looking at his face rather she’d been ogling his penis behind her sunglasses. I could swear I could see drool forming in the corners of her mouth. Was I paranoid? Or was she coveting the massive eight inch cock that was swinging in front of her. He seemed keen to keep chatting openly flirting with her and barely acknowledging me the whole time.

“It’s your honeymoon, wow congrats guys. Let me buy you guys a drink.”

Eventually I was persuaded to head back up to the bar with all three of us still naked. He bought a round of drinks and continued his flirting with my wife making innuendo about my caged cock as well.

“So tell me little man, what’s that thing like? Is it comfortable to wear? How can you cope here on the beach with all this talent around?”

I shrugged and said it was painful which drew a sharp gaze from Rebecca, “you are looking bahis firmaları at the other talent! Are you?”

“NO, no I didn’t say that.” I protested.

“Hah…you’ll pay for that comment” she cackled back.

Patrick started to laugh. The cocktails kept coming and this guy showed no sign of buggering off.

The more the drink flowed we all started to loosen up and forget ourselves and that’s when the problems started. Rebecca started to prod Patrick about his uncaged massive cock and how he didn’t get erect with naked women around. He claimed he had pure control and could get erect like that if he wanted to.

Rebacca sighed and he picked up on it straight away. “Oh it’s nothing. It’s just hubby here didn’t get erect when I wanted him to on our honeymoon night.”

I jumped straight in to defend my honour, “We had sex 20 minutes but I wasn’t able to recover that quickly for round two. I could get erect as soon as you take this blasted cage off.”

“Ha-ha…two things buddy,” snorted Patrick, “you should be able to get aroused again no problem after twenty minutes and if I had that thing on, my erection would break it open.”

Rebecca couldn’t help but stir the pot. “Who’d get an erection first start to finish?”

We both claimed we’d win & suddenly the seed was sown. With drink comes bravado & suddenly in my brain I started thinking there could be a way she’d take this blasted cage off. We agreed to a contest but needed to get back to our hotel room. We lived in a modern world but erection contests even on a nude beach could get us in trouble.

Once back in the room we had another drink so we didn’t lose our nerve.

Rebecca came up with the rules.

We both had our arms ties to the chair to prevent us stroking ourselves. The contest would be best of three. Who could get an erection the fastest, whose penis would be the hardest and who could maintain his erection the longest.

I didn’t even cop on to ask how she’d judge that middle one.

I asked what prize I’d win if I won the contest & Beccs promised to leave my cock cage off for the rest of the honeymoon.

I agreed in an instant.

Then Patrick asked for his prize, “if I win I want a titty wank with those lovely breasts.”

“Woah man..that’s my wife…no way.”

Rebecca just smiled and turned to me, “baby I haven’t let you even have an erection in four days. He’s been free his whole life. You’re bound to win…go on. Do it for me.”

We were both tied up now and Rebecca straddled me and started waving the key in my face

“Oh god, release me baby” I shouted.

“Ok boys let the games begin.” With that she took the key, put it in the keyhole and turned. She quickly started to take the pieces off the cage. All the while Patrick sat still smugly. Air hit my penis and I looked down at my squashed package

“Right boys. On your marks. Get set. GO!”

She looked down at both our groins for action and I started to try and think sexy thoughts. She’d been naked all day until we came back to our hotel when she threw on her bikini and sarong.

I gazed at her but she was looking at Patrick. I looked over and saw a monster start to grow. Eight inches flaccid he seemed to kaçak iddaa grow to ten or eleven inches. I remained flaccid in shame.

“Oh dear oh dear. We may have a winner on all three fronts hubby if that thing doesn’t start to grow.”

I was lost now and felt it was actually growing smaller and back inside me with the shame. I was still a bit drunk so maybe it was the alcohol.

“Yeah baby. Winner winner chicken dinner,” shouted Patrick.

I hung my head in shame. Rebecca walked over and kissed the top of my head. “It’s ok sweetie, I know you can satisfy me even if it’s not with that little cock.”

Patrick chuckled, “that’s not a cock baby, that’s a nub. This is a cock right here that’s waiting on those perky breasts.”

Rebecca walked over and seemed determined to follow through. I tried to object but both claimed a bet was a bet & I was fairly defeated. Patrick and myself stayed in the chairs tied by our hands, neither could move. This meant Rebecca was in complete control. She moved between his legs and for the 1st time touched his engorged member. “Oh my! That really is huge. Tell me Patrick, when was the last time you came?”

“I whacked off this morning,” he replied cockily.

Rebecca had at this point removed her top again and had started to rub her nipples along his cock.

“And tell me, what did you think about when you whacked off?”

She started to rub her breasts together squeezing his cock in between them like the sausage in a hot dog bun.

“I was thinking about going to that nude beach.”

“Yes and what happened on that beach?” she started upping the pace and the tip of his cock was rubbing off her chin as her breasts couldn’t cover it all.

“I was wanking to the thoughts of married women.” He whispered back as his head relaxed on the back of the chair.

“What?? You wank to married women?” quizzed Rebecca.

“Yes I was fantasying fucking a married woman in front of her caged hubby,” his breathing got louder and something else happened……my penis started to grow.

“Oh that’s so naughty! Is that why you were chatting me up today? Did you want to fuck me in front of my hubby?” She continued to rub her breasts all over his cock

“Oh Beccs I’ve always wanted to fuck you! You’re the hottest banker in the world. I couldn’t believe it when I saw you today.”

“But I’m married, my husband is right here. He loves me and I love him. I couldn’t do that to my poor caged hubby.”

“Yes Rebecca, loads of women do it. Please climb up on my cock. I’ll let him watch! Look at him…his little nub has started to grow. He wants this too Rebecca.”

“What?” Rebecca jumped up and grabbed my penis. Does this talk arouse you?

“I don’t know,” I cried. “I’m sorry Rebecca that my penis is so small. I love you so so much. I wish I had a cock like his to make you drool like you did on the beach,” I confessed meekly.

With that she grabbed both cocks in her hands. Both were rock hard in her hands as she pulled the chairs together.

“Ok boys here’s the deal! I’ve only just got married and don’t intend to cheat on my wonderful hubby without his consent so here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to make the two of you cum on my kaçak bahis breasts. The fastest to cum gets will get to play with me on the bed in twenty minutes whilst the other stays tied up.

With that she began to stroke both of us aiming our cocks at her left and right breasts. I was so horny that I was sure I’d win in no time but Rebecca was pulling me off with her left hand which was weaker whilst she went to town on Patrick. Regardless I could began to feel it in my loins and prepared myself for ecstasy. As she pumped us both, Patrick without much build up began to spray his fluid all over her breasts. This sight tipped me over the edge and I quickly followed.

We both covered her. It went all over her as we both spunked bucket loads. She revelled in the sperm and looked delighted. She kept yanking us both until we were both spent.

I was beaten again. Now the bastard would get to feel her up.

Rebecca climbed to her feet and walked to the bathroom, “Now boys if you’ll excuse me, I shall go shower and change.”

She spend the guts of 15-20 minutes cleaning and pampering herself in the bathroom whilst we both stayed tied to our chairs in silence. It was clear neither of us liked each other but how did I get myself in this predicament?

When she returned, she looked even sexier. She had a pretty red silk camisole and black silk panties and stockings on. Her hair was immaculate and she wore her wedding day pearl necklace.

“Ok boys let’s resume,” she freed Patrick and pulled him by the cock onto the bed like a woman possessed. Quickly they began heavy petting and I sat there in fits of jealousy. He began kissing the freshly washed breasts that only twenty minutes ago we both creamed. He rubbed her body all over and started to whisper in her ear.

“No I can’t. I’m married. Please don’t do this to us……yes I know your cock is much bigger than my husband but that doesn’t mean he deserves the cage and you deserve my pussy.”

Patrick looked over at me and is knew I was dead. He whispered again and Rebecca threw her head around to face me.

“OH MY GOD!!!, you couldn’t get aroused the last day after you came but here you are just twenty minutes later with a stiffy when I’m on the bed with another man? I guess you’re right Patrick, I guess I did marry a cuckold.”

Patrick began to rub my wife’s pussy through her panties as she faced me, “Please hubby lose that erection or he’s going to fuck me on this bed!”

He continued to rub her and I could see her eyes wilt and give in. I too was giving in as my cock was getting harder not softer.

“Please hubby, tell your little boy to go down.”

Patrick was now moving around her and getting in position to take her. He pulled the elastic of her panties to one side and pressed his large cock at her entrance. She was obviously soaking wet as I could see her already make small hip movements.

“Hubby your cock is NOT going down. He’s going to fuck meeeee. Please help meeee!!!!”

My cock was now at bursting point and everybody knew it.

Patrick began to slide his cock inside her as he whispered loud enough for me to hear, “have it all. You’re too sexy to not get some big cock on the side. He wants this as much as you do.”

She took one more look at my tiny penis more erect that it’s ever been before uttering the immortal words

“Fuck me you big cocked stud. Fuck me in front of my little husband.”

To be continued

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