3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 05


Volume One: Homecoming
Chapter Five: Alexander & Abigail Part 2

Edited By: Todger65

Summer 2000

After breakfast Alex gathered up the dishes as his sister Abigail wiped down the table. She didn’t notice him glancing up to watch her tits wobble back and forth in her camisole. Everyone else had gone upstairs.

As Alex put the last glass by the sink their mom Elizabeth came into the kitchen dressed in a white racer back tank top which looked like she had crammed her tits in; her boobs were squeezed together. It was clear she had out grown it after having the baby as it looked like her nipples where going to rip through it. She normally wore a sports bra to exercise in but he imagined none of those fit anymore either. Below a pair of tight fitting spandex fitness pants hugged her legs and ass tight enough to make out her panty line. Her brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail.

“Hey mom going to go run on the treadmill?” Alex said, he could remember timing his own workouts with her so he could watch her run. Even in her sports bras it was fun to watch. He could only imagine what it would look like without the bra.

“Nah, my breasts are too sore for that.” Mom shook her head and gave them a squeeze.

“Jo was right you do look good.” Alex grinned.

“Thanks.” She smiled as she headed into the basement / rec room / gym. He watched her sweet ass as she went through the door.

“I wash, you rinse.” Abbey said as she came over to the sink where he had gathered up the dishes.

“If you insist.” Alex grinned.

“You always miss stuff.” Abbey teased as she came over and grabbed the dish soap and began to pour it into the sink.

“Maybe I do it on purpose so you will want to wash.” Alex grinned.

“I missed this, hanging out with you.” Abbey smiled as she turned on the water and began to fill the sink.

“Me too.” Alex said putting his arm around his baby sister hugging her.

“You could always come to college with me and Jo.” Alex said as he smiled; he would like that, having her close again.

“I thought about it but I don’t want to leave mom and sis, you know with the babies and all. So I might go local or I might take some time off and help with the babies.” Abbey shrugged. “That and…” She paused taking a deep breath. “I don’t know if I am ready to be around guys right now.” She didn’t look at him as she began to wash a plate.

“I heard about George. I am sorry.” Alex said. Abbey and her boyfriend had been getting intimate when she decided she wasn’t ready and he got pushy. She only told Nicky weeks after it had happened.

“It’s okay.” Abbey said as she handed the plate to him.

“He didn’t, you know did he.” Alex took it and grabbed the sprayer spraying it off as he glanced down at her twat.

“No I am still a virgin.” Abbey shrugged as she started on another dish.

“How did you get away?” Alex asked; glad that his little sisters first time hadn’t been like that.

“I cracked him on top of his head with a lava lamp and kicked him in the balls.” Abbey giggled.

“That’s my girl.” Alex gave her a little shoulder bump and she bumped him right back. Dad had made sure all the girls had some basic knowledge of self-defense. His older sister Nicolette actually had a registered handgun and was as good as shot as any guy.

“I just wish you would have told me or mom or someone.” Alex said trying not to nag.

“If I would have told you, you would be sitting in jail right now.” Abbey smiled.

“Damn right I would.” He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. He had been pissed when he heard; Jo had to actually stop him from driving down that night.

“Now you know why I didn’t tell you. I am a big girl Alex; I can take care of myself.” Abbey smiled handing him a plate.

“You will still always be my little sister even when you have rug rats of your own.” Alex teased rinsing it off.

“That won’t be anytime soon.” Abbey shook her head. “I think I am through with guys for a while.”

“Well Jo will glad to hear that.” Alex teased.

“Not what I meant.” Abbey gave him a shocked look as she splashing water at him.

“Why do most guys have to be such ass holes?” Abbey asked as she handed him a glass.

“I don’t know sweetheart. I take it I don’t count towards you’re not being around guys’ rule.”

“No you’re the only one I like right now.” Abbey winked.

“Well you and Jo.” Abbey joked, Alex laughed. Jo might have agreed.

“Well you always have Bob?” Alex grinned.

“Bob, who is Bob?” Abbey looked confused.

“Battery Operated Boyfriend, or Bobs in your case.” Alex teased remembering the vibrators from earlier. “And any other toys you might have. You know anal beads and such.”

“Ewe. No.” Abbey shook her head and made a cute little scared face.

“Oh dildo then.” Alex teased.

“I don’t have a dildo.” Abbey blushed harder. As she gave him a little shove and handed him a coffee cup.

“What about a double dildo, Jo would like canlı bahis that.” Alex teased.

“Ewe gross.” Abbey said sounding like a little girl again.

“What you get one end and she gets the other, it’s not really gay if you don’t touch each other, right?” He joked.

“That’s it; you’re going to get it.” Abbey dunked a cup of water and pulled it back like she was about to throw it at him.

“Hey I got a hose and I am not afraid to use it.” Alex said holding it like a gun.

“Don’t you dare? I am not wearing a bra.” Abbey said as her eyes went wide but she was still smiling.

“Drop the cup and no one gets hurt.” Alex grinned letting out a little laugh.

“Okay.” Abbey said as she held it out over the sink.

Alex kept her at gun point until she finally let it go into the sink. As she did she went to rush him and grabbed his hands trying to get the nozzle but all she managed to do was cause him to squeeze it and she got blasted by the nozzle.

“Awe. Alex.” Abbey screamed and jumped back holding her arms out to her side she had gotten it right in the left tit as one of her caramel areolas was now very visible through the shirt. She made no effort to cover herself. “Now you’re going to get it.” She came at him again.

This time Alex sprayed her on purpose aiming right for her tits. His sister managed to get both of her hands on the sprayer as they struggled for a second. Abbey pushed her body against him using her hands to pull one way and her ass pushing him the other. She almost slipped on a puddle of water and as he reached around to catch her he accidentally got a handful of her soft wet breast. His hand was clutching her soft flesh as he pulled her back to her feet, but he had a hard time telling his hand to let go of her soft pliable breast.

“Aw bubba.” Abbey yelped as she pushed her ass against his crotch and his hardening cock. His hand slid down to her waist and as he began to tickle her he managed to get the sprayer from her grasp.

“I don’t think so.” Abbey said grabbing his arm. He didn’t know why he did it, but his hand slid down, grabbed her boy shorts, and pulled them open enough to shove the sprayer down her pants. He pulled the trigger and watched the expression on her face as it filled with shock.

“Ahhh…” Abbey yelled again as she pushed away, stopped and turned looking down at her now soaking wet cotton boy shorts clinging to her body. He could see outline of her vulva through the now see through fabric. Not to mention her caramel nipples through her shirt.

“Eww, you got my panties all wet.” Abbey’s hands went to her face as she laughed. “That didn’t come out right.” She added as she came over and leaned against him laughing.

“You started it.” Alex said laughing as well putting an arm around her as he kissed her forehead.

“You’re such a pervert.” Abbey said giving him a little push and giving him a look though she couldn’t help but laugh as she leaned up against him laughing.

“Yea I know.” Alex couldn’t help but give her a peck on the forehead.

“Give me your shirt.” Abbey said stepping back and holding her hand up and waving it in a come here fashion. He pulled off his shirt over his head. She looked around and then did the same. As she pulled the shirt up over her head he couldn’t help but stare. Her nice large cantaloupe sized tits were bare before him as water dripped from them. They jiggled slightly as she fought the wet shirt off. She shook her hair out after getting the wet shirt off.

“What! You’ve seen me naked before.” Abbey said blushing lightly as she took his shirt.

“Doesn’t mean I can’t be stunned by your beauty every time.” Alex grinned.

“Bubba.” Abbey blushed lightly as she pulled his shirt on. It clung to her still semi wet tits.

“What are you doing?” Alex asked as he watched her bend over and grab her panties.

“Getting out of these wet panties silly.” Abbey replied as she began to shimmy out of them as she held the shirt down as to not show off anything.

“There much better.” Abbey said standing back up with her wet panties in hand and grabbed her wet shirt off the counter. He half feared she would want his pants next which was all that was helping to hide his erection.

“Feel a little breeze?” Alex teased.

“Just a little.” Abbey smiled tugging the shirt down making sure she wasn’t showing anything below, but this made her nipples poke through the fabric.

“I will finish up here you go on upstairs and get some drawers on.” Alex grinned.

“Okay I am going to hop in the shower.” Abbey nodded.

“Thank you bubba.” Abbey leaned in and gave him a tender kiss on the lips.

When Abbey turned Alex couldn’t help but give her a little smack on her bare ass to send her own her way. She turned blushing but didn’t say a word as she smiled and skipped off. He pictured her bare ass going up the stairs.

When she was gone he gave his cock a little rub. Damn he needed to jack off so badly. Between his baby sister being all over him, Nicky bahis siteleri teasing him under the table, not to mention playing with her breasts earlier, and mom coping a feel and letting him suck on her nipple he swore he was about to explode.

He quickly finished the dishes and cleaned up the mess from the water fight. Just as he was finishing his mom came back up from the basement, sweat running down her body.

Summer 1999

It was early in the morning as Abbey held up the picture of the six of them at the prom. Alex was in the middle with his arm around her as she stood in front of him. Candy was on his other arm with her other arm around Kitty and Izzy was on his left with Jo hugging her little sister from behind. It was kind of sad that this would be the last time they would all be together. Alex and Jo would be starting college and the rest of them would be starting their senior year next fall.

It had been a fun night even with the bitch and her friends trying to start a fight with Jo at the after party, spilling her drink on Jo’s pretty. This was sad because it was the only time she could ever remember Jo in a dress, other than dad’s funeral. Jo had looked beautiful with her lovely red hair pinned up and a form fitting dress hugging her slender body. Abbey had done her hair and makeup and didn’t even recognize her tomboy cousin afterwards.

Jo had simply smiled, not wanting to get blood on her nice dress and walked around the girl as if she was going to walk away then pushed her ass in the pool. Kat and Candy gave the other two girls the option of jumping in or get pushed in. Jo went and changed in the car and then came back to the party.

Abbey didn’t remember too much after that since Alex was the designated driver and had let her have a few drinks that his football buddies had passed to him at the party. Abbey had one hell of a hangover the next morning which her mother teased her about.

Abbey walked over to the wall trying to figure out where to put the picture as she held it up to the wall. “Right about here.” Abbey thought out loud as she held it up right next to her desk, so she could glance over at it when she was doing homework or drawing. As she lowered it she noticed a nail already in the wall, it had been hammered in and painted over but it was in the right place and it would save her the trouble of going to get the hammer and nail out of the garage. She smirked looking at it for a second before she dug through her desk drawers and found her nail file. She used it like a small pry bar digging the nail out. After she had gotten it out a little she noticed it was lose in the hole despite it being a pretty thick nail she frowned but took the picture and tried to hang it anyways.

It fell as Abbey thought it would as she caught it but the nail hit the ground. She bent down to pick it up but as she came up she noticed a speck of light coming from the hole. She leaned closer looking into the hole until her nose was almost touching the wall and she saw Alex standing in the bathroom in a towel as he pulled out the dryer and plugged it in.

“Holy shit.” Abbey mused. How long had the hole been there? At least two decades she thought because her parents had painted the room after they had found out they were having another little girl. She couldn’t help but wonder who had made it and who had they been spying on. She grinned as she watched her brother dry his hair, admiring his broad chest and flat stomach. It only took him a few seconds to dry his hair and he put it back under the counter. Next he walked over to the toilet and she was shocked when he pulled the towel off and took his big cock in hand.

“Fuck me.” Abbey never had any doubt her brother had a huge dick. She had felt it rub against her more times then she could count. But feeling and seeing where to different things. She watched him as piss shot out of the end of it into the bowl. His long thick cock dangling there as a stream of yellow poured out it. She could feel herself actually getting a little aroused by the sight of it. The stream slowed and he reached down and scratched his hanging balls. That was when she really noticed them dangling there. He had trimmed everything so he still had hair but it wasn’t a thick bush like she would expect. He shook his cock out and walked back over and grabbed a pair of boxers.

“Knock knock.” Abbey heard her mom say as she opened the door. Abbey shot upright. “Hey time for breakfast.” She said looking at Abbey. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to find a place to hang this picture.” Abbey said noticing she was still holding the picture.

“Well you can get Alex to help you with that after breakfast.” Her mom smiled.

“Okay.” Abbey said as her mom left. Abbey could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She smiled thankful she hadn’t gotten caught. A grin crossing her lips.

One Week Later

“So have you two. You know.” Abbey said looking at her cousin and best friend Candice who was painting Abbie’s toe nails as they bahis şirketleri sat on the bed listening to music on the CD player.

“Not yet, I am kind of scared.” Candy said blowing on Abbey’s toe making her giggle a little.

“Of what?” Abbey smiled.

“I don’t know if I should be telling you this, he is your brother after all.” Candy shrugged looking up at her. “Other foot.”

“Oh come on. We talk about guys all the time.” Abbey put her other foot out.

“It’s just he has a huge dick.” Candy said blushing a little.

“Really?” Abbey asked trying her best to sound surprised. She was pretty good at faking it, like she had at her surprise party.

“Really.” Candy nodded as she began to do her nails.

“How big are we talking?” Abbey grinned. She had seen it but not up close or held it like Candy had.

“I mean it’s long yeah, not to long but thick as hell.” Candy giggled looking up at Abbey. “This doesn’t bother you, me talking about his dick?”

“No. I mean we have talked about this before with other guys, besides it’s not my coochie that he is going to rip a new one.”

“Don’t say that.” Candy giggled.

“So how thick are we talking?” Abbey leaned back on her arms.

“Maybe as thick as my wrist.” Candy said holding up her arm. Abbey could believe it.

“So what have you done?” Abbey grinned. She was jealous of Candy and Alex but she knew that despite it being a bit taboo, it was legal for Alex and Candy to have sex not to mention they could get married in some states. Abbey was actually getting a little wet listening to her talk about her brother’s big dick.

“Just oral.” Candy shrugged.

“You put him in your mouth?” Abbey giggled

“I can’t go that deep on him but yeah.” Candy nodded as she finished the last toe nail and closed the top. They heard a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Abbey replied a second later Alex came through the door. She hoped like hell he hadn’t been outside the door long.

“Alex.” Candy jumped up off the bed and came over and gave Alex a quick kiss. She could tell he had just gotten off work. Abbey wondered how he had managed to juggle his senior year and a part time job while still being there for her and mom.

“Hey babe.” Alex said as he hugged Candy. Abbey felt a cringe of jealousy.

“What are you girls doing?” Alex asked as Candy let him go.

“Just doing our nails. See.” Abbey said raising her foot.

“Raise your foot any higher and he will.” Candy teased. Abbey looked down to notice she was wearing a skirt. She blushed as she covered up. She hadn’t told Candy that Alex had already seen everything. If Candy wouldn’t have been standing there Abbey wouldn’t have given a damn. Alex had distanced himself a little from Abbey which sucked but she understood why, he maybe a pervert but he was loyal. Alex at least let her look at porn on his computer and answered any of her questions. It was fun getting a guy’s point of view, and looking at dirty pictures with her brother. She had given him her blessing to date Candy because she loved him and wanted him to be happy though that didn’t mean she couldn’t be a little jealous.

“So are you staying for dinner?” Alex asked looking at Candy.

“I can’t, I got that thing with Dad and Kit Kat.” Candy said. It was some charity event their dad had help put together so both the girls were being forced to go. Their dad had had to bribe them to come and be on their best behavior wanting to make a good impression to his bosses. Candy’s sister Kat was mostly kissing his ass because she had made a promise. He had wanted to press charges against Jo after she had kicked his ass. Kat had promised she would be his perfect little daughter at social functions and what not as long as he left her alone. Kat had told Jo it had all been for fun and she didn’t love her but Candy and Abbey agreed that she wouldn’t have made a deal with the devil if she hadn’t cared about Jo.

“Oh right.” Alex shrugged.

“See you tomorrow though.” Candy asked.

“Yep. I will walk you out.” Alex and Candy left. Abbey sighed as she went back to her nails and grabbed the bottle and began to do her fingers. She heard the phone ring, she reached over and picked it up and answered it.

“Hello.” Abbey said as she stuck it between her ear and shoulder.

“Hey Abbey, my sister there?” Her cousin Katherine said.

“She just left for your house.” Abbey smiled as she went back to her nails

“Oh I was trying her phone.”

“I think her phone is dead she forgot to charge it.” Abbey blew on her fingers.

“Yeah bitch has been a little scattered brain since she started dating your brother.” Kat laughed on the other end. Though Kitty could be more than a little rough around the edges under it all she had a good heart. She had a habit of telling people not what they wanted to hear but what they needed to hear. She was the type of person you didn’t ask their opinion unless you wanted the truth.

“Tell me about it.” Abbey giggled, she had come over to make out with Alex yesterday and after she left she gotten about as far as her car before she had to comeback for the keys.

“So you got to go hang out with the old man?” Abbey teased as she started on her other hand.

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