3 some


3 someAbout ten years ago think I was about 37 ish fairly fit ,I began searching for couples interested in 3 somes I’d already had one 3 some with a couple in early 40s which had gone well,but was just a one off.I was eager for another and after replying to few adds I received a reply from John and Linda ( names changed)a couple roughly my age ,after bit message exchange phone chat we arranged to meet one evening at my house on a strictly see if we get on, see what happens or just walk away if we didn’t clic so to speak.Linda was about 5-9″ slim long dark hair to her shoulders bit Cher like nice bum medium size firm breasts ,John 5-8″ greyish short hair ,tash slim stock type ,The night arrived I was nervous would they show ,would we get on etc I watched them pull up outside walk up the path opening the door as they reached it shaking johns hand as I invited them in offering them a drink John declined but Linda accepted a glass of wine ,we talked about this and that John and I both in building trade got on we’ll with Linda joining in occasionally but bit quiet ,we got around to sex they said they wanted someone else but no a younger guy someone there own age or there abouts Linda was nearing the last of the wine so I asked if they were happy to do something escort bayan istanbul tonight John looked at Linda she nodded ok began to snog him her hand on his crotch kneading his cock through his jeans, his hand fell to her knee rising up to her thigh taking her short skirt with him her legs parted he began to rubb her pussy through her black teddyShe had released his cock from his jeans and went down on him sucking his cock, John gave me the nod I moved over to her kneeling between her legs began to kiss over her stockings up to her soft silky thighs her pussy smelled sweet and perfumed John removed his hand to the back of her head guiding her pace on his cock I popped the studs on her teddy exposing her moist pussys spreading her lips she gasped let out a small moan as I began to lap at her clit,She left johns cock sitting back as I lapped at her pussy giving a slight shudder, she asked can we go upstairs to bed I lead the way not wanting to loose the moment once in the bedroom John soon had her stripped to her teddy and stockings she lay back in the middle of the bed legs slightly parted breasts now exposed showing her erect nipples John was soon naked too I followed his lead we lay on either side of her she kissed us both deeply as istanbul escort we toyed with her nipples then I moved down to suck each one in turn, John moved towards her head as I knelt between her legs I fitted a condom and guided my cock into her ,I’d noticed I was bigger than John (7″ to his just under 6″and bit thicker) so I took my time gently sliding in,Linda turned her head to johns cock licking and sucking on it as I began to fuck her with deep long strokes her hips responded to my thrusts I built up a steady rhythm as I watched her sucking John .John began to pant she lay her head back his cock over her open mouth,her hand wanking him slowly as he tensed up his spunk dribbling into her mouth as it spurted from his cock she swallowed licked it clean I began to fuck her faster she was breathing heavier but not reaching her peak “I won’t come ” she said We,ll see I said i reached over to the draw brought out my ex gfs rabbit vibrator slipping out of her I slid it into her turning on the vibe sliding it in to the hilt till it buzzed on her clit , she jumped a little as the vibes did there work the effect almost instant as I began to fuck her with it,”where did you get that ” asked John they had never seen one before”off the web ill tell you istanbul escort later ” offering it to John he fucked her with it she was tring to resist but with a gasp she came panting shaking screaming a little as she did so, We took a break lying each side of her as she recovered then she climbed over me fitting another condom she lowered herself onto my cock gasping as she began to ride me her clit against my pubic mound as she began to grind into me her breasts bouncing in time, her legs stretched wide her juices leaking over my balls, then an urgent burst of thrusting as she came again falling onto me as she did so.Rolling off John took my place on top of her fucking her hard I was by her head she reached for my cock removing the condom before taking me in her mouth licking the head sucking me in time to her fucking it felt great I could feel myself beginning to loose control as John thrust into her she was responding to his fucking sucking me harder faster John to was panting she gasped he thrust deeper shuddering as he came inside her,she also came removing my cock as her back arched wanking my cock head back mouth open the extra friction an sexual tension before me bringing me off ,I began to spurt some into her mouth over her face and neck Ashe wanked me till her orgasm subside.John joked about pearl neck less I’d gave her I don’t think Linda appreciated it much because he got a stern look we cleaned up and arranged another meet in few weeks now the ice was broken and yes we did meet few more times

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