4 Times at the Gay Cruising spot, Part 2.


4 Times at the Gay Cruising spot, Part 2.After the hot sex I had as described in this true story: 4 Times at the Gay Cruising spot, Part 1., https://xhamster.com/stories/4-times-at-the-gay-cruising-spot-part-1-859050 I ran an errand which took about an hour and went back to the gay cruising/pickup area at the city park.The first time I was there there were multiple vehicle in the upper parking area and just the one, the guy I had sex with in the lower area. This time there was only one, a large conversion van/camper in the lower parking lot. I pulled up next to it and parked but did not see anyone in the front. I figured whom ever was driving it was in the men’s bathroom. I went in and found I was right.He was in the stall with the door slightly open, his pants down and was jerking his cock. Then I realized he is a transvestite with very large and very real tits. I immediately got hard and asked if I could join. She, as I learned she wanted to be referred to, invited me into the stall. She did not have a bra on only a white t-shirt with 34 C tits and large nipples. I started rubbing her tits through her shirt, pulled it up and started sucking her tits hard and aggressively. She cradled my head to her chest with one hand and stroked her cock with the other. I grabbed her cock balçova escort and found she was completely shaved and had baby smooth skin around her cock and balls. Her beautiful cock is uncut and very sensitive. It was then we heard a car door close outside and quickly stopped and straightened ourselves out. I walked out of the stall, she shut the door and locked it while I went outside to my vehicle.We both knew we wanted more, a lot more so I waited. Shortly after the other person came out of the bath room and left she came out and invited me into her conversion van. As i got in the back she was already half naked. I then discovered she is an amateur body builder who competes. She looked even hotter fully naked as we got undressed.She had the bed already set up and ready for us. We lay down in it feeling each other, stroking each other and kissing. She was physically taller, more muscular and was stronger than me, but very gentle. Despite me being a big, chub, fat guy she had no problem getting me on my back and passionately pinning me down. I never once felt trapped or like I could not get out of it or away. She straddled my cock and started rubbing with her super baby soft perineum, the area between her anus and scrotum. She would glide forward escort balçova to the base of her soft supple balls and all the way back to her hot anal opening. She was well lubricated and I could tell she wanted me in her.All this time I was massaging and sucking her tits when she would bend down to my face. I would also grab her hips and spread her cheeks to try and get my cock inside her.I could tell she was getting hot and ready for my cock. She slide back far enough, with my help in pushing the front of her hips, and I thrust my hips up and entered her. I then pinned her down with my hands by pushing hard on the top of her hips/thighs so she could not pull up off of my cock. She was not expecting that. I do not think she realized how strong I could be.I quickly began thrusting up into her hard. She started to meet my thrusts by riding my cock up and down. As she did she she would clench her muscles tight and then release. She did this over and over again while she rode me.All the while her cock stayed very hard. I was stroking it. I would switch between massing her tits to stroking her cock. But what I wanted to do was suck her cock.We shifted our position a little which allowed her cock close enough to my mouth while was still riding my cock. balçova escort bayan I was massaging her tits while sucking her cock while she was riding me and clenching her ass muscles tight to loose while she rode me. I intentionally was edging her and could tell she wanted to cum. I wanted to time it to cum when I was ready to. She was not edging me she just wanted me to cum in her. I do not know if she wanted us to cum at the same time or not. She was getting a bit frustrated every time I backed off and prevented her from cumming. I could also tell massaging her tits was made a difference as well.I was finally ready to cum. I massaged her tits even harder, took her cock further into my mouth and increased the soft pressure from my mouth. I could feel the cum welling up in my balls getting ready to fill her ass full. As I was cumming deep inside her she started cumming in my mouth.Her cum had the very sweet taste of peaches. I found out she used some sort of flavor enhancer you find online that gives your cum flavor. I do not know how it works but her cum tasted like warm peach flavored cream.She has a dark complexion that I thought was from tanning. I found out she is originally from Greece and lives in the twin cities and was traveling through. Which made sense because her plates are from Minnesota.After we lay there in the after glow we got dressed and both left. We were still the only two in the park at the time. I ran another errand and I assumed she got back on the road for home.Next is the true story about a twofer so to speak at the park.

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