418 things aint always quite as you may fantasise

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418 things aint always quite as you may fantasise418 things ain`t always quite as you may fantasise .This story started about September last year, when I had a friend request from a couple SAYING; My profile on here clearly states I am a bi lady in my mid fifties and seeking a lesbian couple from preference for mutual sex [though what it doesn’t say so, in reality to have a good tryst with another woman again I would at a push agree to sex with her husband] but most hamster folk live on hope anyway.I`m Mid fifties as I said, I live alone, in a nice little place in Dorset, work part-time to keep me in food, divorced, tidy if just a tad overweight body like us all nowadays, despite being fairly fit as I walk miles on the beach with the dog each day, I`m five foot eight tall and I have been on hamster for a for a while now since I found it on my ex`s computer after he went.Anyway being a nosy sort I looked into his profile after the divorce and he`d left and that was an eye opener about his sex life I can tell you lol, also I`ve found some real interesting friends on here and the rest is history, I like a lot of others, chat to folk near and far which opens up my life a bit and increases the chances of me finding a lady or ladies on here for mutual sex. I have a slight dyslexic problem and I use it as a test of my real friends who never mention it!I have quite a number of “friends” on here, way too many according to Eddy, but I do love to chat and it beats soaps. Some are in far flung places that mean we will never meet, some are in the UK but unless they come down on holiday the chances are slim, but one or two are perhaps within a 50 mile radius, and I personally think you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince or in my case a Princess.Anyway this chap came on from about fourty miles away, we chatted as you do on here and after a while he said his very shy wife (to whom he said he was devoted and would do anything for) who had a long held fantasy of sleeping with a woman, sort of cuck style he wanted to watch the tryst and as I fitted the bill and was in reach so to speak…..I didn’t know whether to be flattered or insulted, was it just because I was near at hand, or bi, or did they genuinely want a long term friend and lesbian lover for the wife. So far I had not spoken to her, he saying she was so shy, but after a week or so she did come on at my insistence and we had a chat. We even, via the pm secure system exchanging pictures. All seemed genuine enough and so we arranged to meet. Never having done this sort of thing before, we mutually decided to meet on neutral ground, a well known pub about half way between our homes, where the chances of being seen by someone who knew me were slim, but where the safety of a crowd was reassuring. I stressed nothing sexual would happen just a meal, a drink and a chat to get to know one another.By now it was mid October so no one could say we rushed into anything, most nights we had chatted, at least a little and Mike and Gloria, for that was their names, still seemed like your average homely couple. So it was with few doubts off I set on that Sunday to meet them, arriving at the pub at just after midday.They arrived shortly after, a tidy, well kadıköy escort dressed casual couple, nothing exceptional, Mike in his mid 30`s, about 5 feet 10, thin faced, perhaps a little overweight, not the life and soul of the party but apparently devoted to Gloria, who I was more interested in as she was perhaps to be my bed partner.Gloria stood about an inch taller, perhaps a size 14, dark haired and a little timid, which I put down to being shy, she wore a nice looking dress, and was fairly busty and pert, though that could have been the basque doing its support and truss duties well. The pub was fairly crowded with Sunday dinnertime drinkers, and there was a warm fire so we moved to the quieter dining room. There Mike ever the gentlemen it seemed took over ordering and fussing about her like a dutiful husband, we ordered and slowly over the meal, Gloria began to open up a little, chatting about this and that, and at one point telling me of her fantasy, she had had of being the sub side of a lesbian partnership, that way he could fulfil his desire to watch her having sex with another and she would not be worried by an unwanted pregnancy.Now me with hindsight I should have been awake more. She was saying that she was scared of a pregnancy, fine, but was this fantasy his not hers? He said he wanted to be cuckolded, but was she to give herself to another to fulfil his wish, or hers! Like all folk you hear what you want to hear, and it went way over my head that day. I had not had sex with another for some time and here was a lady, who looked fairly attractive, wanted a tryst, and seemed attractive enough we would have to see where it led.The place was filling by now, and our conversation could be overheard so we were a bit restricted as to what we said, the sweet eaten and the coffee drunk we adjourned to their car where I found surprisingly I was sat in the back they having taken the front seats. We arranged to meet soon, but they said they had an elderly mother at home so their place was out. I should have said lets go to a hotel, but in the heat of the moment, I heard myself saying “that`s ok, I live alone come to me!”She leant over the seat back and we kissed, tongues entwined, perhaps I thought a taste of things to come, he was smiling broadly, as we gently caressed one another, over the clothing and just the bust areas due to the location and the position of the seat-backs. Anyway we had to go and we parted with another searing kiss, no date having been mentioned.We messaged as usual perhaps a little more erotically but for one reason and another we couldn’t get together till the new- year, and the long awaited day was 3rd of January 2018.Over the intervening time I had had second thoughts as to the wisdom of having a couple of; well in reality unknown souls visit my home and I had read of some of the more lurid sexual deviants on hamster, stories I know, but there is an element of truth in every story. Here was I without any defence at all inviting two people into my home for whatever sexual games they wished to play, and we all know what can happen if a body gets carried away.Now I have a friend on üsküdar escort here who I talk too, he`s married, lives a fair way away and I have chatted with him on many occasions, strangely I trust him and though we have never met I feel safe with him. So when I knew it was coming close to them arriving I messaged him so at least someone would know what was happening, sort of at least if they turned out to be mad r****ts or worse he would know if I hadn’t contacted him that these two were involved. Now Eddy is a writer, and he had asked if he could write up the adventure which I had agreed to as long as the names got changed and there were no comebacks. I explained my fears and hopes to Eddy, and he assured me that he would happily monitor the day.They were due at 10 am, a strange time but they said they had somewhere this way to deliver something first and it was a convenient time for them, so I had agreed.By 9 15, I was talking to eddy, the house tidy, bed fresh and turned down in anticipation, and me showered and dressed. Eddy always with his eye on his story asked some questions about them, their hamster name, their descriptions, and then what I was wearing which I described explaining the reason for choosing each item as I did so. For the record I had on a thong, a white satin one that is comfortable and fairly sexy, with hold up stockings to reduce the things to remove, no bra as my chest although beginning to sag just a little is still very presentable and again its less to remove or fumble with at what could be an awkward first meeting. Over that I wore a well fitting blue button fronted dress easy to open but fairly flattering, and with just enough support to my ample bust.I had taken a little more than usual care with my hair and perfume, and Eddy said I sounded “a real joy” somewhat of a consolation that at least I was turning his head even if he was 200 miles away.Anyway I explained that I had “butterflies in the stomach,” and my faithful friend told me to stop worrying, I was an attractive woman and that if it was him he would have to stop him ravishing me on my own doorstep. The neighbours would have loved that I am sure, but it kept my mind occupied and calmed me a little. I heard their elderly car pull up in the street and sent a message to eddy that ‘they were here’ as they started up the path, the bell went and I opened the door to them. Mike, slipping his arm round me and telling me I looked swell, Gloria more shyly kissing my cheek both of them dressed in jeans and shedding their rainproof jackets in the front hall as they came past the coat-pegs. I lead them into the living room Mike taking over the armchair, Gloria taking to the sofa nearest to him.I offered them coffee probably as an ice breaker and they excepted, my laptop being in the kitchen, as I made the coffee I told Eddy they were here and that I was doing coffee, and so far so good, as I went to deliver the cups his message said he would be there for me and would talk later followed by a row of kisses.We chatted a bit as we drank the coffee, the weather and the delivery they had made, then as her empty cup went onto the side table asking if I want to see her nude he simply snapped tuzla escort his fingers and told her to stand!He didn’t wait for an answer nodding at her to begin to remove her clothes.She undid her blouse to reveal a pair of sagging breasts that drooped like spaniels ears, I had no time to study them as she bent to drop her jeans, no attempt at foreplay, no finesse, no erotic strip of my imagination, just undressing till she stood her clothes in a heap beside him, her hands at her sides in her peach coloured knickers looking red faced and ashamed as she slowly turned for me to inspect her putty coloured body. Without the basque she was more of an 18 size, and my heart went out to her in her humiliation so to show a little solidarity or perhaps to just move the situation on a little I stood and unbuttoned my dress, facing the blushing girl, the dress swinging open to reveal my own body to her, Mike however sat at the end of the couch had no real view and asked me to move round a little so he could see us together, I took no notice , just went to her and hugged her giving her a kiss, she seemed relived, that I had reacted like that, but in hugging her I became aware of a faint fishy smellWe began to remove each other`s panties, kissing all the while, the smell increasing as she had I am sure had sex recently and had not washed, it was to say the least off putting but the woman`s choices may have been limited. She seemed either oblivious or was just ignoring it to save her own blushes Mike by now not really able to see well asked us to both sit down, which we did, Gloria on his end of the sofa with me further away from him perhaps wanting subliminally to be out of his reach.He told us to finger one another, his controlling streak surfacing more as the time went on, so I put my hand on her leg, I was not by now overly keen as she did not smell too fresh and I think she still may have had his or perhaps the delivery boys semen in her, but to still be fair to her I allowed her finger to explore my sex, soon the usual feelings overtook the prejudices and we were in the groove big time. He came and knelt beside us, closer now, stroking her back and probably mine as I was so far gone I didn’t really notice. He took my hand and placed it on her sex, nothing ventured nothing gained, we were soon each fingering one another, kissing one another and gently stroking each other`s nipples with our free hands. He seemed excited but at no time did he even unzip his jeans that I saw, however I was now busy two fingers flying in and out of her now slopping cunt. He gripped her breast hard and pulled on her nipple stretching it painfully and like throwing a switch it fetched her to the boil, having a small climax and spraying her cream onto my hand.Sadly it didn’t happen for me, as after her climax she withdrew her fingers, leaving me abruptly, high and very near, she simply stood and began dressing.I no longer mattered to either of them. I did offer her the use of my bathroom but the offer was declined, he saying they had to go; within another five minutes without another single word spoken they had dressed and gone! The whole episode had taken just about an hour.I felt used, degraded unfulfilled, and even a little dirty, I ran a bath, sprayed the living room, and called Eddy who was less than happy for me, but did what he could to console me. A long bath, eased things but I would hesitate now to invite another couple into my home, as I dressed the lonely turned down bed a reminder of what might have been, time to take out the dog I think the walk might help.

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