42].Sex and my amazing wife part A

42].Sex and my amazing wife part A42].Sex and my amazing wife part A The Lady Susana Louisa Hollowbrook-Shaw my wife and the lady of the manor, Sue for short is a well put together 30 year old long haired brunette she had a, 5 ft 5” tall, 10 stone nicely shaped body, a36D chest, long legs a gentle kind outward appearance and to my surprise a desire to be a slut, and a pain slut at that.We had been married for a couple of years when she came to me and explained her darkest desires to me, saying that she was “fed up with the vanilla world we inhabited. “She had researched the subject on her pc and had decided that we needed to talk, well more she made the announcements and I listened somewhat gobsmacked at what she had to say,. Till then I had thought we were the perfect couple if a little Sex mad it is true, but a well matched pair none the less.She couldn’t have more k**s so that avenue had been one of life`s cul-de-sac`s, us having just the one c***d young Willoby now just 6 months old, but my parents had left us well set up and the estate, which I was now the head of, so work was something other folk did for us.Now let me tell you that my parents having passed away eighteen months ago mother from cancer and Father while suffering from a broken heart at the loss, died of lead poisoning…he shot himself.Thus I Kenneth Hollowbrook-Shaw their only son, then married just 16 months then, had inherited the stately pile, the estate and most of the local village. To make the estate self sufficient I had opened a caravan park and ran a holiday home complex, which had proved fairly profitable.Anyway enough background, Sue had come to me and had given me a lot to think about. So as is my way, I went for a swim and a think, I usually swim in our private indoor pool when I have a problem on my mind that needs a quiet think by now Sue knew better than to expect a sudden decision from me or to interrupt either.That evening after dinner we sat in the library and over a glass in front of the fire she broached the subject again. She wanted to know how I felt about her fantasy life assuring me that it was just at the moment a fantasy, a dream, call it what you will, but she had thought about it long and hard and it had become a great obsession.As I had had the estate our sex lives had become somewhat stale, with my being wrapped up in setting up the holiday scheme and rationalising the workings of the whole setup, now the day to day workings were in the hands of key figures and I was only involved in the weekly meetings, we had more time for ourselves.This was all fine by me and Sue knowing that I had a fairly high sex drive and was, shall we say turned on by BDMS. According to her there was a market for BDMS holidays, and the old manor house would both accommodate clients who would enjoy the lifestyle and be perfect for the job being fairly remote. She also said that we could occasionally become involved if that was what we wanted, and if we did not find it was living up to the fantasy we could treat it like hoteliers for fetish and just take the money. She had given it some thought and the west wing was the place to use, it had a dozen rooms that would become three or four good size self contained apartments. Better still that wing had four large cellars’ that used to be for wine and the like would easily be made independent and very easily sound-proofed. More for me to think about but made good business sense though it would take more than a little thought to get it right.However she knew better than to harp on the subject leaving the pebble to start ripples in my busy brain.Devon the butler arrived made up the fire and collected the glasses offering coffee, returning a few moments later with cups and the coffee on a platter. The moment had nearly past, interrupted as our lives had been of late, so as soon as he left, I nearly changed the subject and steered the conversation on to our own lamentable lack of a reasonable sex life of late and she took the hint and kissed me saying that with me so busy and her having the after baby blues it had been a case of both of us Missing out! She said she was better now and as I was not under so much stress so things would improve. I must have been rather turned on by her talk of joining the BDMS parties so I asked her to outline the part she wished to play if we did convert the wing, expecting her to say she would be a domitrix taking control of the guests and seeing they didn`t go too far.She amazed me by saying she “wanted to be treated as a total slave or whipping girl, given pain and lots of it, humiliation, the whole 9 yards!” She must have seen on my face the surprise, as she said “wow did you not realise I hated Making decisions being in control and all that stuff!” she went on “I want to get away from it all in our secret life, not continue the lifestyle that has been thrust on me, I married you not expecting the estate to come to you for years, I just wanted to be just your wife…and settle down with you, not be lady of the manor immediately,“…“Oh I can do it, you have seen that in this last few months but in my own little way I want to be controlled, to be your plaything , to be used and in the worse ways possible.”Devon reappeared and explained that nanny was waiting for her ladyship to kiss Willoby goodnight, so her ladyship excused herself and went as bid leaving me to ponder over my coffee.She returned, her duty done, telling Devon as she passed his room that he could lock up and we would not need him again this night thus ensuring our privacy for the rest of the evening, she joined me on the sofa, kissing me most passionately and saying she wanted to be used, be a slut a real dirty bitch then she wanted to be punished for it.I pointed out that to do so we would have to be very discrete as the press and so on would be after us otherwise and we just didn`t need it as the titled owners of a holiday complex.I was however eager to know more about her till now untold sexual desires, so I told her to sit down as we needed to talk and as I tend to be sexually lacking in ideas. OK I realise I am like every other male on earth led by his dick, but in my case I have never been an ideas man so I explained to Sue that “though I was quite capable of it and I would enjoy using her or any other woman I had no idea of the lengths I would be able to go too.She laughed, saying that “she reckoned that that was something we could overcome!” I had no idea how true that would be! She went on “how would it be if I asked you to say give me a whipping and then told you it must be till I gave the safe word or passed out? Would you do as you were asked? Or would you go soft on me and not complete your task? She then turned my blood cold by explaining that “You see I want to be hurt, really hurt, not just stinging discomfort, some real pain, real screaming deep seated blood curling pain, now what do you think of that?” The silence was loudShe went on “I will give my own instructions as I need to know what`s going to happen to me and I don’t care who inflicts it, as long as you oversee it.” I sat my mouth open looking at my sweet I had thought innocent wife who had just told me she wanted pain in large quantities, and she wanted me to inflict or oversee it!“That would take a bit of thinking about Sue, you are asking me to reject all I have ever been taught, cherishing the girl of your dreams is something a chap is taught, from c***dhood, oh I watch a bit of BDMS on the computer but the ladies on there are not the love of your life they are, ladies on the screen, not here not hands on,.There was a short silence then she said quite quietly, “but it is what I want my lover, it’s something I have always craved, wont you do it for me?” I said that I was keen in mind but whether I could do it in practise or let someone else do it for me was another thing. I could see she was disappointed at that so we agreed to a good old British compromise; we would start simply and perhaps build up to the level she seemed to want.I then asked her to explain in the most graphic terms her darkest fantasy and she said she had a number of them so she would tell me one to “get me going” but only if I would give her some of the pain she craved so badly.The deal was done; I put another log on the fire and turned down the lighting to a dim glow. She started by saying that since she was a girl she had wanted to be whipped, not spanked, properly whipped, it had started when her late father had had her over his knee for something minor, discipline was strict in the house and a hand spanking would be meted out at the drop of a hat. During one of these spankings when she was about 13 or14 she noticed her father had become aroused as she wriggled on his lap during the act. From then on she had a desire to be spanked and the fetish had grown from that, she said that her fantasy of being whipped to the point of u*********sness was something she had wanted since she was in her late teens, it was to be her limit.In her fantasy she wanted to instruct the person inflicting the pain so that he, or she, would do exactly to the letter just what she wanted to happen to her.Later she had had worse dreams wanting to be hurt in the most extreme fashion almost to the point of death, though again she explained she had as yet no desire to die as she wished to enjoy more suffering and you can`t do that when you’re dead .Though her ultimate fantasy she said was death it was u*********sness that was her fantasy death. Humiliation was another of her desires, to be humiliated in front of some of the servants, or others not just in the verbal sense but in the physical.I could see I would need to do a lot of searching on the PC to understand my partner on life`s path though tonight I would have to console her with a good spanking to prove I would try and understand her needs. I ordered her to stand and remove her dress, she glanced at the unsecured door then she did as bid revealing a lace set of expensive black underclothes, the firelight reflected on her pale skin as I told her to “fetch me an implement to use on your arse girl” expecting her to hand me a belt or some such, to my amazement She walked to the fireplace and fetched the hearth shovel and worse the poker, looked me in the eye as she handed me both instruments, she then quickly removed her knickers, stepping from them with the grace of a fawn then said she wanted a dozen with the shovel and two with the poker please, her face a mask of sheer joy.I had expected her to placing herself over my knee, but she turned and gripped the mantelpiece pushing her lovely backside at me, forcing me to stand to do her bidding. I stood and took the flat back of the shovel to her tender flesh, not a word did she utter, as the successive strokes fell, tears wet her cheeks, but not one sound, was uttered, I changed implements, the poker a steel one about 2 ft long and tapering to about ¼“thick, was a fierce instrument and I hefted it in my hand worrying at the damage it would inflict, she watched my face then whispered “do it,… do it, please”.I swung the thing at my wife`s backside, a single stroke left a vivid sooty black stripe across the pink area left by the shovel. She did not move an inch no noise no reaction, then she turned and took the poker from me. I thought it was all over, she had had enough of this absurd game, and it had been too much. I was wrong. She took that poker and plunged it into the fire, looked at me in silence for a long moment or two then withdrew it and placed it back in my trembling hand, she resumed her place and said “now”. I came near to dropping the instrument but I reasoned that to do that would be the last of our games so I did as she asked, the poker was hot, not red or even near red but hot enough to hurt, the stripe was instantly visible, and a reaction this time, not a scream but a squeal of pain, as I threw the poker into the fireplace its job done. That stripe blistered instantly my eyes would not leave her tender flesh now marked with this livid blistered line.She grabbed me and kissed me with a passion that spoke of; you see you do want to do this and it also spoke of thanks her enjoyment of the pain all in one.We made love on the carpet in front of the fire, her under me the blistered rump working against the carpet, not the vanilla love of the last two years, or the passionate love of the young hopeful, but a baser love a deep passionate urgent coupling, that said we were starting a long dark trail that we must walk together just to see where it led.Come the dawn my wife was having trouble sitting for breakfast, Devon our butler raised his eyebrow but said nothing, serving the meal as usual. We, that`s Sue and I went about our normal routine without comment, but it was obvious we needed to talk. So I dismissed Devon and told him we were not to be disturbed, and the conversation then went something like this;I said that “I was sorry if I had hurt her badly last evening.” She in return said she was “sorry if she had embarrassed me, and that I was not the one who should be sorry!”I asked if she had regrets in the cold light of day and she replied an emphatic “NO”, going on to say “if I had wanted to I could have hurt her lot more if I had felt the need and she would have been most grateful!”She did say that she wished we had had `proper instruments` though as the poker had been too stiff really and perhaps her riding crop would help for a stopgap, but despite that she was now happy that I would carry out any wish she had in the future. Ever practical she did say that she now thought we should have a medic on the site especially if we did go down the BDMS holiday route. Today she had had trouble dressing her wounds and we would find our elderly local doctor an inquisitive soul if we had to use him regularly. I could see her point.We chatted on about the new venture, was it feasible, would the rooms convert cheaply, what about staff, all that sort of stuff. Where would we get the dungeon equipment, and of course clients?She suggested we would need a resident jailer, to see things didn`t get out of hand, and her idea for clients was to set the price so that the wanabee fetish couples could afford to use the facilities, rather than the hard bitten master and slave types. She said that if she had been able to use a dungeon some time back things probably would never have been so bad, she could have had a short holiday with her dad and he could have beaten her as he would without the repressive mother being involved which had been the damper on their fun. Thus they could have got this fetish out in the open. Now he had died and for her, it was too late she wanted to be humiliated, degraded, used generally and hurt badly.I pressed the bell for Devon, he had been in this family for years he was unshakeable and totally reliable, best of all he was tight lipped. “Fetch some coffee and a cup for yourself Devon I need your thoughts”.He returned in a very few short seconds having foreseen the need for coffee, he had one of the maids with him and she quickly removed the remains of breakfast and left.A man of his late 40`s and a Dapper dresser Devon stood about 5 ft 10 tall had a face that appeared to be made of immovable granite, and was an imposing figure in total control of the household. “Devon, I rely on your discression totally what I am about to say to you must remain strictly between us three,” Devon nodded, saying that “he had hoped he had always done that throughout his service” so I reassured him then went on to tell him of the mooted plan for the west wing, and its clientele. there was no facial reaction so having regard for Sue having said she wished to be humiliated, I explained that Lady Susan was the instigator of this idea, her having tendencies in that direction. Sue coloured up a little at that but Devon never turned a hair remarking that “he had guessed as much and would do whatever was required of him in that way” a remark I felt some-what unusual for him.I turned to her and told her to stand, turn and drop her slacks to show Devon her marked backside. A now glowing Lady Susana Louisa Hollowbrook-Shaw, stood, turned and did my bidding slowly revealing her bare rump with its attendant blisters to the gaze of the unmoving butler, who regarded the bruises and wounds in silence. I told her to turn and tell Devon how she got those marks, she turned, her slacks still round her knees, exposing her charms to his probing eyes, her face now beet red she said in an unsteady voice that “at my request my husband inflicted the marks on me last evening, he will be doing a lot more to me in the future.” I told her to redress and Devon still sat immobile though-out his face a mask, his eyebrow raised as only English butlers can, so I asked him “what would he say if I requested him to inflict some pain to his mistress from time to time, His answer was that he would be highly delighted to assist in any way I so wished!” There was not a lot to be said to that!Devon now amazed me by saying that “he had been a devotee of the BDMS scene on his computer for some years and would relish the chance of hands on enjoyment and with such a beautiful subject!”My wife `s jaw dropped, and she thanked him for the compliment then a red faced Sue quickly changed the direction of the conversation, outlining the type of client we thought would use the new facilities. She went on to say that her idea was that we should use a wing of the big old house that was practically out of use at the moment.Devon questioned us as to the involvement of the present staff, and the length of stay each client would have here, both valid points.Sue replied that the wing would be independent, with the exception of cleaning of the bedrooms between clients, an overseer would maintain the normally locked dungeons and there would be a medical attendant of some sort and the overseer would be new additional staff. Clients would probably only stay for a long weekend or a week at the most to which our butler never missed a breath accepting the idea as if I had suggested the hunt ball or the annual flower show!He suggested that it might be more prudent as if one of the maids saw anything untoward in one of the rooms she could speak out of turn at some point and this would compromise my standing in the household and society. We spent the next half day on a feasibility inspection of the various rooms in and under the west-wing; also I had Devon treat the mistresses wound to her intense embarrassment his obvious enjoyment, while laid naked on the table in his pantry.Devon quietly took me to one side after that and asked if we were going to have a separate dungeon under our own East wing? What a good idea! We went to the east wing next and sought out a suitable cellar for conversion selecting a wine store directly under our sitting room, accessed via a spiral staircase hidden behind a cupboard in the old servant’s hallway now long disused but part of our modern flat.My wife took over the conversion of the West wing rooms, adding a spiral staircase from each suite to its relevant dungeon, and then having the estate workers refitting the old rooms to a good standard, the stairs to each respective dungeon protected by a combination locked, hidden door.For the more sensitive bits IE for the four dungeons, she got in sound proofer`s, and specialist decorators from another county, The mad scramble to be ready to open had taken all our time and energy our sex lives rather took a back seat, although there were a few minor excursions to the humiliation side such as when we went to see the BDMS equipment demonstrated.The company was a small one father and son working from a warehouse near Banbury. They had various items set up on the walls of the works, and when we arrived they treated us royally and of course, well they should it`s not every-day they get a chance of selling enough kit to stock four complete dungeons at once!Anyway normally mum, a well set up matron and also their secretary, would have been roped in [sorry about the pun] to demonstrate the kit, however she was not really an exceptionally “dolly player” being a rather longer in the tooth than the job demanded, so for such a big sale in desperation they had hired a shapely young lady for the demonstrations, a student from the streets of Oxford! I would describe her as shapely but naive!The first item was a set of rings on the wall, they strapped the young lady (I never did know her name) up on to the things dressed in a skimpy swim suit, we ordered 4 sets, but Sue said she was disappointed at the dressed young lady, and would have appreciated a naked subject. The young lady took exception at that remarking that we were not perving at her, and then said she would not do any more and flounced out, I sent the son after the young lady with a payment for her time, as I am not in the business of upsetting folk.Sue shrugged and turned to the father and said well what now? I could see he was somewhat at a quandary as to what to do now, so I turned to Sue told her she had caused the problem so she could fix it and ordered her to remove her clothes and to do the job herself.Sue though red of face was not a bit put off by this and began to remove her dress, to the joy of father who even offered to help with her bra!Anyway the next item was the lift which with the help of the newly returned son, demonstrated, lifting her by her now soft manacled wrists his eyes out on stalks,.I had her lowered and the father grab on to the chains as well before the son lifted both of them face to face as a weight test, by the time we lowered them again the close contact had given father a stiffy to be proud of. However just then the mother entered with a tray of coffee and though she said nothing, her face showed she was less than impressed her husband having become aroused by the lady Sues ample charms.I did some rapid chat to the unhappy lady and she agreed to join us and yalova escort do the test again herself with my lady.Wristlets and a spare chain were produced and up they went again the mother still fully dressed.We sat having the coffee while the ladies face to face got to know one another and by the time they returned to earth not only were they `friends,` but mother had agreed to come and visit when the men came to erect the items in the dungeons!Our next item was a hard horse and Sue straddled that easily and I could see that she was savouring the thought of using the thing properly so I ordered just the one for us, though none for the clients.By now having got into the swing of the day, Mother then removed her clothes to reveal a tidy body if a lot less firm one than Sue`s. Next was the crucifixes an Andrews and a Christian type the two ladies each spending time on each of the crosses and giving their verdicts on each, Sue liked the feeling of vulnerability on the st Andrews cross, so we had one of those, however for the clients we chose proper nail less crucifixes on which the weight can be taken on the footrest a bonus for some of our more weighty clients who`s wrists may not have taken the stress.The son, a lad of about 20 was showing signs of sexual stress, well at 20 who wouldn’t with a naked lady like sue in chains and the like, so when father, mother and I went to do the paperwork in the office I whispered to Sue to ease the lads suffering before she got dressed.Half an hour passed on the office work before a fully dressed Sue reappeared with a lad that no longer showed any signs of distress and had a broad smile. As we drove home my wife had a smirk on her face and I knew I was down for some action that night. We trod the spanking pathway, just to keep the hand in using a bamboo cane bought especially, but we had decided to wait for the opening of our dungeon before venturing further.The following Week both the father and mother appeared with the kit for our dungeon and the thing was fitted out, the pair staying with us in the east wing, the west wing still being under work. The two ladies spent Friday night playing together for our enjoyment on the Saturday evening the newly finished dungeon was christened, Just a little gentle whip work and a spanking for mother, after which I had the pleasure of mothers body in my bed and father sleeping with my wife though in neither case was sleep on the menu.The son appeared on the Monday morning with the newly finished hard horse to finish off our particular playroom. After a celebration lunch the whole family departed leaving us to play. We were well pleased with the finish and Sue asked if she could `ride the horse”.Having some estate business I sent for Devon, telling him I had a lot of work to do in the office and I needed him to supervise the lady Susan and to see no harm came to her.He replied that he would be honoured and the two went off to our dungeon together. After a half an hour of paperwork curiosity got me, and I went down to see what the pair were up to.The butler was sitting on the bench watching a naked Sue who was sweating profusely astride the horse, which he informed me she had been on only ten minutes and that she had had three climaxes.I made her get down, to her disgust and ordered her to our bed, as on this her first ride I didn’t want her so badly bruised that I could not have her that night, as ordered she went cursing me, away. I then asked Devon what he had observed. He replied that she had done a very erotic strip tease for him before getting astride the a****l; I asked if he had taken advantage of the lady and he said emphatically that he had not, so I asked why not? He said it was not what I had asked him to do, though he had been tempted and he had found it a strain. I told him that I was well pleased with him and sent him to enjoy the charms of the, lady and not to reappear till dinner was served.He scuttled away like a greyhound from a trap!My lady later reported that he was endowed with a large penis, and the energy of an 18 year old. He had told her that since Mary our old cook had passed away over a year ago, he had not had any womanly contact, although the porn on his PC had been a boon!They appeared for dinner correctly dressed and Devon as he offered the beef whispered his thanks for “the loan of the lady.”In a loud voice I asked him if “the afternoon had been all he wished?” and he replied that “it had been superb sir;” my wife had heard all I had said as had Betty the elderly maid and a puzzled look scuttled across her normally blank face, as my wife continued with her meal, red of face.The main meal over Betty removed the dishes and Devon served the sweet. I motioned him to sit with us and reluctantly I felt, he perched midway down the long table.I asked him to describe what had occurred during the afternoon, and with hesitation he refused saying that would embarrass the lady. I told him that was the point, she enjoying being humiliated. He then reluctantly said he had presented himself in our bedroom, the mistress expecting me to appear, he had explained that he had been sent to deputise and that she had been more than a little surprised at that, though she had accepted it without question. He had removed his clothes, and had then joined her in my bed.He said that she had set him at his ease then slowly began to use him both in the missionary position and in the doggy. They had then talked about his sex life before he assisted her in bathing and dressing for dinner.By this time my wife was the colour of a pillar box, so I asked if he had had her analy which he denied, so I explained that he had missed a treat there, as her arse was as tight as a mouse’s ear and perhaps we shall see to that next time.I then told him to take her downstairs again and to give her backside 6 strokes of the cane, laid on, five for accepting Devon’s word that I had sent him to her bed as he could have been lying to gain advantage of her body and one for failing to allow him her backside this afternoon. Devon rose, assisted my wife to her feet and ushered her through the door she not having said a word. They returned in just 30 minutes, Betty by this time having cleared away and I had dismissed her for the night. By now I was in the library, with a whisky sat awaiting their return.Sue was ushered in by Devon; he stood by my chair and said that he had carried out my wishes. So I told her to show me, and she turned raised her dress hem and presented her now naked striped backside.I counted 5 red livid lines. “I told you 6” I said. He replied that the first he had given was somewhat softer than the rest but that the mistress had urged him that “he had better put some beef in it or the master would not see the marks” he went on to say that the mistress had enjoyed the pain and had been “most compliant”.I suggested that next time he was sent to strike my wife however many times I wanted to see the correct number of marks on her body. He replied that he would bear it in mind and would look forward to the next occasion eagerlyI asked him if he had enjoyed administering the strokes and he said it had “given him much pleasure sir.” I dismissed him, and he thanked both Sue then I and then withdrew.Money talks and it had taken just 6 weeks start to finish we had decided to wait and do a lot of research then have a grand opening of our dungeon.We advertised in the sex side of the internet for the necessary staff, we had sixty applicants, most were single and hopeful! We narrowed that to six.However from them we did find a married couple who understood what was needed and they had no family ties which was a bonus, she an ex hospital A and E sister and he a bouncer, they settled in, up in the old servants quarters at top of the house.Sue explaining to the wife one Alice by name, her deep need for pain and suffering and that it would be the sisters job to keep her alive and heal her wounds as well as setting up a surgery for the clients of the three apartments, campers and the staff. The good lady thought that would be no problem and said she would be able to cope.Life rumbled on the rooms completed, the family from Banbury reappeared with two vans of assorted equipment; they stayed all week, completing their work on the Friday. They stayed this time in no2 and no3 suite and trying out the various items Sue assisting them by supplying herself as a body for the young man to bondage, the mother working with first father then myself.The CCTV went in on the Monday, they were set to come on with the movement sensors, the screen being in the overseers rooms, though I had a spur to my own room one to the Butler’s pantry that no-one knew of, except Devon and my wife and I, and one in the bar under the counter, our jailer doubling as barman. There was no recording system at all to this system. It was there for safety reasons only, the control screen being so that he or his wife our medical sister, could monitor or assist in case of a client overdoing things, Jack the overseer and Alice tested the system in the last week of April, they had taken to their roles like ducks to water, her having a sub streak and he being a switch. They believed themselves to be in total privacy, though unknowingly they provided my wife and me quite some stimulus Sue and I quietly watched them on our monitor in the East wing, [and Devon as well I am sure though it was never mentioned] Jack strung up on the wall Alice then whip in hand exciting himself with strokes many and varied.They went on to have straight sex on the stairs, which made us feel pretty randy so much so we took to our own dungeon for the evening.We were ready for our first clients and the first booked in for the weekend at the end of MayPredictably Mr and Mrs Smith! He, being a short stumpy soul with a brummy accent and she a willowy giggly blond! They were greeted at the main door by Devon our butler who after they had registered conducted them to their suite. His poker face explained to them where everything was, then he pointed at the stairway, gave them the combination and explained that their own dedicated full dungeon was available for their use at anytime and that there was a full time jailer on call should they require his services, a call bell being on the wall. They were told that though the gardens were available the rules were that any sexual scenarios must be indoors.Devon then wished them a happy visit and withdrew. It took just 6 minutes for the tell tale to say they were checking out the dungeon facility, he had her nude in less than the ten minutes and suspended in 12! That became our record for a number of years after the wing opened!Things settled to a routine, Devon saw to bookings, and reception, Jack kept his eye on clients to ensure they did not get out of hand and occasionally assisted as requested. Alice looked after the well being of clients and estate visitors from her medical room only sending for a doctor as a last resort. We began to have regular `visitor`s`, there was a couple from Milton Keynes who came once a month for her to “get her revenge for his treatment of her the rest of the month,” that he could barely walk when he left each time but kept coming back for more was an amazement to us allThere was a chap from Bristol with his `sister` both over 60`s, who would arrive on Friday and leave the next Monday her feet never having touched the floor all weekend both naked as the day they were born. He supplying a potty to deal with her basic needs and sitting reading the bible to her the whole time, feeding her regularly till they left on the Monday morning not having used the bed at all, or having any sexual involvement and remarking to Devon as they left that they had enjoyed the experience immensely and felt revitalised!The worse was the pair of gay boys one of which nearly crippled his partner using a device they brought with them that was to crush the more feminine ones balls forever, Jack had to intervene with that pair and Alice had to nurse the luckless victim for a week. I understand they did not stay together after this weekend.Jack was called on to alternately whip one couple, who spent the weekend trying to outdo one another in the “who could take the most pain stakes!” Devon and I had a wager on the outcome, and he took £10 from me, with her winning hands down.We had golden shower merchant`s apply, something we had not catered for or even thought of at all, but we had to refuse until we had the dungeon`s equipped to deal with the fetish, our first year slipped away like sand through an egg timer, us holding a Christmas party for the regulars, who presented items like vibrators whips and handcuffs to one another as presents at breakfast, then spent the day testing their new toys, Christmas dinner that evening being in the great hall, `dress optional` some folks took that at face value arriving for the meal in little or nothing, much to the horror of Devon who sent them back to dress so as not to startle cook or the maids who still, we hoped knew little of what went on in the wing.We were asked to supply a rack, which we did and we had a request for an impaling spike, that one we refused, as we did the one for a gibbet despite the offer of the remaining partner removing the deceased body at their own expense.Branding was another fetish that was beyond what we would cater for and s**t was another. The worse was a chap who booked up as `Mr Brown and partner`, Devon refusing him entry when he saw the partner was about 7years old!Sue reminded me she was due some serious pain soon if I wouldn`t mind attending to her needs, so I told her that I would do just that the instant I was satisfied she could be spared so she could recuperate. She insisted she needed a date to set her mind on, so a date was picked when the rooms were emptiest as it happened it was set as a Tuesday in September.I told her that she must decide before the present week was up what she wanted to be done to her and that she needed to warn Alice and Devon of what was intended. By the end of the week she had written out instructions for her requirements, written in bold type on a card which she hung in our dungeon with a calendar ticking off the days as they past. Five days before; she summonsed Devon and Alice to our library sat them down and gave them each a drink, then announced that she had decided the time had come for her to enjoy an episode of pain that she had warned Alice she would need when she interviewed her. She told them the date and explained to Alice that she would be the one preparing her then after dealing with what she hoped would be bad whip cuts to her back belly and breasts and possibly to her sex as well and that her anal passage may also need some work. She said she would be u*********s in the initial stage as well; she would be treated in the small guest room in the east wing, and Alice would see to her every need.There would be no need to discuss the episode in any way other than to tell Jack if she felt it appropriate. She then turned to Devon and explained his part in the thing; readying the small guest room and transporting her u*********s body from dungeon to room being the main items other than acting as her tormenter along with myself. Were there any questions? There was none so Alice was allowed to leave.Both Devon and I were to know the script by heart as prescribed on the card now on the board in the dungeon we were to do exactly as the board said and from the time we collected her we were to carry out the whole thing in total silence until we were to ask her ‘the question.’ the whole episode to be filmed Devon setting the camera going in dungeon and another in our bedroom, so she could refine it if she wanted to repeat any of it, did we both understand? We understood and as soon as she left the library Devon went to collect the board. She had treated the whole exercise in a military fashion no detail she hoped had been overlooked, she later telling me that organising her pain and anticipating the pain to come, for her that was over half the deep enjoyment of the episode.We read that board with eager eyes; her instructions gave us our duties in the clearest possible way, it read;In the bedroom [by Alice at my personal instruction] my hands are to be secured at my sides by wristlets attached to straps tight round each of my upper legs, I will already have had my breasts bound so they become tender and my hair raised in a bun so that it does not inhibit the fall of the whip in any way. The date will also be clearly written on the inside of my right thigh so as to give the film some validity. I am to have my eyes covered and be passed to you both Alice then leaving me to be bent over the bed then sodomised, by both my husband and Devon in any order they wish they are not under any circumstances to be gentle or to spare me in any way.When they have had their fill, regardless of my feelings they are to forcibly fit the largest of our butt plugs hammering it into pace if necessary, remove the blindfold and then march me to the dungeon regardless of the pain caused by the plug. Here I am to be stood in the centre of the room and my legs secured splayed out, the space between my ankles to be about three feet and there is to be no obstruction to my sex. A rope is to be fastened round my neck so I cannot fall over though it is not to be a noose or running knot.I am now to be beaten with two single tail whips, especial attention to be paid to my stomach, back and legs. Regardless of any blood drawn unless I become u*********s this will continue for 15 minutes, no more and no less. I will now be lifted and my two jailers will attack my body one with a tawse using it alternately on either of my breasts, and especially the nipples, the other will use a cat of 9 tails on my back and my backside.At a time decided by my husband or as soon as I show signs of passing out, he will ask me the question ; should they carry on or should they speed up the process.Should I choose to continue they will concentrate all efforts on my breasts until I lapse into u*********sness at which time taking me down and removing me to the care of our own first aider.Should I ask for the quicker option I am to be whipped into my sex using the cat of nine tails and the single tail whip alternately, one behind and one from the front of my body until I am u*********s!I am then to be taken to the care of our own first aider. At all times my jailers will use the utmost available force and in total silence, no gag will be used and the whole process filmed.It was signed and dated.Stunned we stood looking at one another for some time.Devon left to arrange Dinner, and sound the gong; we were soon sat at the long table in our customary places. Devon had the meal served; we ate in silence, Betty removing the first course plates and Devon serving the sweet as usual there was no mention of the coming event.The meal over we sat and waited the table to be cleared and Betty to be dismissed by Devon. I bid him bolt the dining room doors then looked at my wife and asked her if she was serious and this was not a fantasy? She quite quietly said it was the first of a number of episodes she had planned for herself. She said she was relying on us to do exactly as planned, and was that a problem?Neither of us spoke, for a long while. I then pointed out how long she would be out of action and she said that was all part of the fantasy the staff being told she had scarlet fever. I then said “if you choose that second option your sex will be cut to pieces” She smiled and said she was “looking forward to that!” and that “she would soon heal!” She said that there were 5 nights twix now and the event so each of us was to take the lead on alternate of those nights starting with Devon, and there was to be no sodomy or pain, the last night she would sleep in the guest room on her own.Devon and I were to ensure our balls were empty before the time by using her as much as we possibly could, that would ensure that she would be sexually exhausted before the event, it would also ensure we could wait for her return “to working order. “ She went on to say that she wanted us on the day to decide who did what by the flip of a coin. She added that we needed to set a time to begin to which Devon suggested midday as we men would then be able to attend dinner in the evening giving the outward display of normality, so this was decided on. That evening I said that it was a case of going with the ladies fantasy and would he; Devon, like to start the ball rolling?He turned to my wife and told her to lay on the now empty table, she was up in a trice flat on her back her legs trailing from the knees, she was fully dressed, my Butlers hand now strayed under his mistresses evening dress, She extended her arm towards me, an open invite for me to hold her hand, while she allowed her bull to cuckold me. During the next half hour she allowed his hands to roam about under the long red dress, while she lay unmoving and still, letting his hands bring her to a massive climax by hand to her red faced humiliation. He let her raise herself from the table, and then suggested she used her mouth on both of us alternately though he instructed her not to spill any of the precious liquid. Her mouth was soon full of our collective seed she swallowed with relish when he told her she was to do so and then taking his hand she blew me a kiss before retiring to the Butler`s Pantry for the night.They were both at breakfast Devon dishing out bacon with a spring in his step, they retired again till lunch when Devon fetched her to the table pointing out it was change over time. After lunch I led her to our bed for the afternoon, she did not enlighten me as to what had occurred. After dinner that evening Devon waited on her in his normal role, Betty did her usual and after the coffee left for her home with her sister the cook.My wife went to say goodnight to our escort yalova son and on her return I had her kneel on the table naked, while Devon used his tongue on her back passage and I worked on her sex she had a number of shuddering orgasms. We screwed her, uphill and down, she had little sleep till we put her to bed in the guest`s room at midnight on the Monday.Before I left her I asked if she was nervous, she kissed me and said “deliciously so my love, I am terrified of what is to be done to me but I will not back out, as I know that I will regret it forever if I did!” My mind a mill race of emotions I left her as she asked and retired to a sleepless lonely night.The day started as usual with breakfast, as her cover Sue had hers delivered to her in bed by one of the maid`s saying she was coming down with something and sending for Alice.Devon as usual served me, both of us in nervous silence knowing what was to come. I enquired if he had got all the equipment ready? “He replied that a bucket of water was the only thing outstanding” and that he “would attend to it directly sir.” We re-read our instructions, perhaps a dozen times during the morning and checked the kit list as well a number of times.At 11 55 Alice appeared at the dining table, with a smile that spoke of her deep enjoyment of the tasks she had performed. She said her ladyship was in a nervous state but ready and determined she also said she was herself nervous though not having read the instructions she didn’t know what awaited her mistress. She reported that she had given Sue a clean bowel, madams hair was now up, her inner leg has the date clearly showing along the inside of her right leg and she is laid naked and blindfold on her bed awaiting our arrival her breasts and arms bound as instructed and the camera already on.We both knew that the time had arrived and promising to show her the film that evening we left her with our instruction card to read.We both moved to the corridor outside the guest`s bedroom to await the strike of the yard clock, the chimes echoing round the building as it had done for the last 100 years, so as the last chime of midday fell away we entered the room.The look of sheer terror fleeted across her face, she was immobile unable to resist any mortal thing we wanted to do to her.We now pulled her to her feet, bending her forward over the bed. Devon applied a little KY jelly to her tiny rosebud and we tossed a coin having already decided I was heads and he tails, Devon won and quickly lined himself up then thrust hard as instructed into her tender ringpiece, she screamed and then moaned as he set up a smart pace.In seconds he had filled her bowel, he withdrew, my turn line up my penis the head just inside her now stretched collar In one, my rigid and ready cock slammed into her causing yet another scream, till my own nervous state dictated that I came rapidly adding a huge wad to the mix.I withdrew, Devon placed the plug in line and I hammered it home using the palm of my hand. Her scream was pitiful. The blindfold was removed and she was helped to her feet then marched to the stairs leading her down to purgatory, she was having trouble moving her legs the plug causing desperate pain especially on the stairs.Devon went ahead and switched on the light and the second camera.I placed her under the lift in the centre of the big room, Devon roping her feet apart to the floor rings, I placing a rope around her neck as the instructions. We stood back admiring our work, the butt plug had a tiny trickle of blood, running down her left leg, her hands secured to her thighs the date clearly showing, her legs held apart to the point of unsteadiness and her neck in a loop of rope.At a nod from me we took up the two single tail whips, her eyes fixed on the whip itself, expectant, waiting us to start. She nodded and Devon clicked on the stop watch then struck, followed the first stroke. We worked up a rhythm, not touching her breasts, alternate cracks of the leather striking skin and the screams of our victim music to our ears, I concentrated on her mid-rift and arms, Devon on the butt and legs, Fifteen long sweaty minutes passed slowly, tiny rivulets of blood trickled from numerous small cuts on her belly, back, butt and legs.She was in fine voice still screaming lustily with every stroke. Suddenly we stopped, time up, her body swaying unsteadily as she concentrated on standing upright, we released her arms, raising them above her head and securing them to the lift removing the neck rope.Devon now raised her till she was tightly stretched between the lift and the leg ropes. Her moans were now a continuous single note Again we tossed the coin; I won the tawse Devon began on her back and buttocks with the nine tails, each stroke layering another level of pain onto the now shaking woman’s frame. The strokes now hit alternate breasts red on the purple blue of the tight skin, first the left and then to the right, the base of the tawse slapping down hard on the erect nipples causing unbelievable pain to the hung body.Time and time again the dreadful tawse struck as did the cat each accompanied by a dull moaning cry her eyes told me that she was nearing her point of no return and just loving the pain, so I stopped the action with a motion to Devon. I held up her tear-stained face, and asked her the question I dreaded; with no hesitation she whispered the second quicker option please… please… please.I kissed her on the lips then we took our places, me behind her with the single tail and Devon facing her cat in hand, she nodded her limp head and we began the last phase, the single tail swung up between her legs striking her sex with an awful smacking noise and accompanied by a loud scream as the lash fell away.The cat struck her breasts and the screams grew to a new level, again the whip did its awful work the body jumped again the scream rising to a new level as she climaxed the cat struck again, then the whip. Suddenly it was all over her head slumped forward and we could stop, we had achieved her aimDevon speedily took off her leg restraints, and I, to the lift, lowering her to Devon`s shoulder releasing her wrists, he went up those stairs like a monkey up a tree, and we delivered the still form to Alice, who had her laid face down on the cool bed handing me the camera and allowing me to cover every inch of her battered body. She unceremonially prized the plug from the puckered rectum and the camera recorded the trickle of thin red tainted spend now released. She deftly turned the still comatose body onto its back and I filmed again minutely covering her body Alice gently removing the breast bindings then holding her sex open for me to film. Sue showed signs of coming round and sister Alice shooed us away,As Devon and I needed a strong drink, we repaired to the library and sat in companionable silence listening to the yard clock striking one. An hour, was that all, it seemed like a lifetime. Adrenaline pumped its way through our veins’ and we were both on a huge high though worried about our victim as reality seeped back into our brains. After half an hour we went back, Devon remembered the second camera and went to fetch it.Sue was sitting up in bed a deathly grey colour, she smiled when she saw us both and quietly whispered that it had been fantastic, truly fantastic and just as she had imagined. She hoped we had enjoyed the experience as much as she had then she drifted off to sleep. Alice stayed with her patient near night and day for the first week, her strength returned slowly her right nipple had a cut which refused at first to heal, also her sex had a number of difficult to treat cuts that took some weeks to heal, scabs appeared on most parts of her body, as the whip-marks healed and sitting or passing anything was difficult for a few days. Alice watched the film that first night as we promised; it was obvious to us that she achieved a huge climax while watching it, so we made her a copy; Devon too had a copy as did I. I have relived each stroke on the film on hundreds of occasions since.At Sues request Alice showed her the film after a few days, her comments were many and varied, and she said she had had her first climax when we first arrived in the room so hyped up had she been.She said the sodomy had her going again and the next a multiple climax was as she had the first 15 minutes of the whip.The tawse fetched her to the boil once again she said and the question again, I had expected her answer and she said that the final climax a continuous rolling thunderclap of a climax as each stroke fell until she blacked out, coming too, sore and bleeding in the bed she was now in.She said she would want to do it again …next year.My good lady took a holiday to recuperate; Europe, she took the nanny and the c***d leaving me to look after the estate for a whole month of celibate waiting!Finally she returned, the nanny a somewhat dim individual, saying she was not keen on Venice due to the flooding! It takes all sorts!On her ladyships return we had a long talk, she had had a time to think and I was hopeful that she had “come to her senses” about the desire to be hurt big time, I secretly wanted the last episode to have been the worst and any subsequent `episodes` to be much less.If that`s what I wanted It was a forlorn hope, she wanted more and soon.Half in jest I said “what is it you want woman? Are you hoping to end up dead?” her answer sent ice into my blood, she said the single word “ultimately”She then explained that “it would be the ultimate to someone like me but” as she said before “a dead body can`t enjoy the pain,” and she wanted pain, huge quantities of it she went on that the last episode had been “the highest climax she had ever felt” and that she was” still living it now nearly two months after”. However, she also said her body could not take more than a couple of episodes a year so she wanted each one to really count. She also wanted to know if I had enjoyed the episode.Well, god help me, I couldn’t say it had been terrible or that I had not found using the whip or watching the whip used on her repulsive, in fact I had to admit if I was completely honest I had enjoyed her screams immensely, having found it a real turn on. She told me the nurse, Alice, had confided to her during the convalescence; that getting her ready and imagining what was happening to her trussed body when she read the card had really turned the little sister “on” in a way she never would have thought possible, in fact on the strength of the showing of the film the ladies had had an orgasm together in her sick bed!I decided I would question Alice about how far she would be prepared to go on that road, I could see it being an interesting way to go, especially if my good lady was not going to be jealous, until that first episode Alice had just been the medical sister, blending into the background like her husband, now I could see that the matronly Alice was both turned on by the scenario and a willing participant so I sent for her one evening in the library my wife being in the Butler’s pantry with Devon a privilege I had allowed him, having the lady for vanilla sex twice a month since “the episode.” She arrived at the appointed time and I sat her beside the library fire, she was dressed in her uniform, a matronly figure though not fat, big breasted but not huge, dark hair blue grey twinkling eyes and legs that though substantial were not massive and still had some shape to them.I explained that I was very happy with her work and that I wanted to ask her more about her involvement during the last episode, how had she felt and the like. She was most forthcoming; she said that she wished she had known what was on the card before the day. I expected her to say she would have “run a mile” but not a bit of it. She said that she would have liked to have watched or been part of the whole proceedings rather than madam`s dresser. However overall she felt her part had been a giant turn on for her, readying madam for her ordeal, though she would have enjoyed trussing the good lady up more so she was ready for us.I added “perhaps she would have liked to tenderise her sex for us as well as I understand she had comforted her ladyship while she had her in her care.” She coloured up a little at that, so I quickly said that I heartily approved as it must have taken my wife’s mind from her wounds.I asked her how Jack felt about the whole affair and she replied that “he had been very turned on by the film though he wished he could have enjoyed the good lady before the event, though he was not well endowed!” I asked if he would mind if she, Alice was to have been the “victim” to that she replied that he would have been “over the moon” as the thought of another man having her was his biggest turn on. So I asked if she herself would feel about being on the receiving end of the sexual stick and to my surprise her answer was that she would be honoured to allow her body to be used however she was not into deep pain as the mistress if that is what I felt was what I wished to do, but that she had certain other little foibles that I may enjoy.She said she also had a thing about needles, having administered millions of them over the years she had a wish to have them applied to her sexually, she also was keen to try madam`s hard horse and also water-sports.I sent her to fetch her husband, Jack.He arrived and I sat at the long table and explained to him that I had decided that his wife would be involved in my playtimes from now onwards, I did not ask I told him and went on that I would be having her sexually, both as a bed partner and as a sub slave, which he seemed to relish. I Warned him she would be in some pain and would on occasions have bruises or wounds but would not be hurt like her ladyship at any point to which he seemed relieved, However I told him he could be at each event as a spectator if he wanted and would be responsible for presenting his wife for punishment or to my bed, whichever I decided in any dress or form of bondage I ordered. He seemed to be very happy with that, so I explained that I understood he was somewhat under endowed, so I would arrange for the lady Sue to use her mouth to give him a climax now and again to compensate him for the use of his lady. He seemed even happier at that! Though he only replied, “As you wish my lord!” and touched his forelock which I felt was a nice gesture.All this time Alice had stood to one side, fully dressed and in silence, so I sent her away to fetch a selection of needle`s, while I asked Jack if there was anything he would particularly enjoy seeing or doing? He said that “he would love to see Alice had by other men it being his biggest fantasy,” which I promised I would arrange for him, also He said “he wished he had seen the mistress being disciplined the last time though he had watched the video it would have been terrific in the real world.”Again I promised he would be involved next time if only as an observer, but that it was the mistress who organised her own disciplining in these matters. Alice returned, bearing a plastic box with a selection of wicked looking needles of various lengths I told Jack to lay one of the big blankets from one of the sofa`s on the big dining table then bolt the door, which he quickly did. Then I motioned him to take a seat at the far end of the table. I looked at Alice and told her to “strip!”The room was lit by the soft light of two standard lamps, and the flicker of a log fire, the March day still being a little cool. You could have heard a pin drop as Jack, and myself watched this comely nursing sister slowly begin removing her cap, her belt and to unbutton her uniform. The blue dress fell to the floor like froth around her feet, revealing her white figure hugging slip through which could be seen the outline of her underclothes outlined.She was not what is known as one of your page three models but her shape tidy and a sexual joy for us eager male eyes, her fingers clawed at her slip hem lifting the thin material and revealing first her shapely legs encased in their dark stockings, then her neat white panties, a matronly girdle, and finally a lacy white bra. The slip joined the dress, a pool of white on the Axminster. Alice went to unclip the first of her stockings, then the secondWith a slight nod she silently reached behind her and unclipped her bra allowing her large slightly sagging breasts to swing free. Her nipples, a pleasing dark brown erect pair of teats, wonderful in the soft light. She hands slid her panties down her smooth nylon clad legs revealing a wild patch of pubic hair. She then stood erect and proudly, perhaps a little defiantly, facing me for my approval, I motioned her to my side, running my hand up the inside of her smooth unclad leg, checking her contours, and slipping my hand into her moist sex.I admonished her for the state of the pubic hair, telling her from now on she would keep it neat and tidy though as soon as she left this time she would shave it away completely as otherwise where would I know where to place the needles that I intended to pierce her labia and perhaps her clit with. A shudder of apprehensive fear ran through her frame as she realised what I was telling her. I motioned her to kneel and d**** her breasts on the arm of my winged armchair so I could handle her silky soft breast`s, she did as bid her hands at her sides I told her to remain unmoving in just that position. I took two of the 2” needles from the box, her eyes now wide in fear at this unexpected turn of events. I unsealed the first and quickly induced the tip of the metal spike down through the erect nipple into the padded arm of the chair. With a low moan she accepted the fierce pain, tear`s ran from the saucer like eyes, her whole strength concentrated on keeping her hands at her sides and her body still. I broke out the second package, held the glittering steel up for her to see, the slowly fetched it to the top of her second teat. Oh so slowly that thin metal broke into that nest of tender nerves, her moans became screams as the sharp point slid ever deeper finally distorting the brown lower skin trapped against that chair arm before breaking triumphantly through.She fought the acute desire to faint; I could see it in her eyes through the tears. I eased the points from the upholstered chair arm and told her to stand, which she did.She was then told in a whisper that she would wear these until I removed them but first go to her husband so that he could examine the damage and that she was to tell him that she bore it for my enjoyment not his and was now going to give herself while wearing the two needles, would he please assist her She turned a shade of pink and then walked to Jack allowing him to look at the two needles grotesquely projecting from the nipples.The fear of the pain had done what I had expected and she had passed my little test with flying colours not having baulked at whatever I had thrown at her accepting my will without question.Her alabaster figure, pale in the soft firelight, as I slowly lay her on the carpet and entered her wet sex. She was trembling now, her face a little drawn with the nagging pain of the needles now re-entering her consciousness I slowly withdrew each needle in turn and we both achieved our climaxes together, as the last needle slithered from her nipple; her body writhing with the pain and her sex gripping my tool in a way that had my seed washing deep inside her womb. We lay entwined for some time, our bodies exhausted, before I helped Alice to her feet, allowing her to put on her dress, and us all to have a stiff drink before She and Jack, her underclothes in hand, went away to their beds.Sue returned to my bed sometime later, her sex red from use and her nipples tender, having been secured to his bed by Devon the butler and used for some hour`s continuously. She was eager to hear how things had gone with Alice, but we were both so tired that we were soon asleep the story could wait till tomorrow.We were in need of a “family” meeting; I had explained what had happened with Jack and Alice to Sue, practically word for word, it had sparked a new bout of sex twix us, on the strength of it.Either way after a day or so Alice reported that her nipples were back to normal and Jack, rather subtly, reminded me of my promise that Sue would give him some time in exchange for the use of his good lady, so on the following Tuesday I sent Sue to him warning her of his size and not to humiliate him. She was to go to him after tea I being at an hotelier`s convention in Brighton all day.Before I left I also asked Alice to spend the same night with Devon, Alice having confided in me that she had a need for a night of love, it was a first for both of them, he by now having quite a reputation twix the two ladies as a long stayer and Alice needing straight sex for a change! I returned on the Thursday, Sue reported that she had “managed to induce a number of climaxes in Jack by one means and another,” apparently he was a good muff diver, and they had had a fair night though “perhaps not the most memorable she had ever had.” Alice however had had “a phenomenal night having had six full hours of non- stop enjoyment”…well done Devon!I called a meeting over dinner in the library of the family on the Friday evening, there were five present, myself and Sue, Alice, Jack and Devon. We all sat to the table and Betty served us our meal, Devon ever the diplomat telling her that she and cook could go when coffee had been served and that he would clear away. During the meal we had discussed estate things, the bookings, repairs that sort of thing. The meal over Betty served the coffee then informing us that the only guests were out at a rock concert nearby and were not expected back till after midnight, she bid us goodnight, and we soon heard our cook’s car leaving.I explained why I had called the meeting, my wife Sue had decided to yalova escort bayan “enjoy” another episode in a couple of months and wanted to set a date again and we needed to also set a bit of structure to our own enjoyments as it would give us something to look forward to. I then said that we had become a family here, that what happened in the family must stay in the family and that we would convene on Fridays or whenever any of us had the need or once a month otherwise. That I enjoyed the Power of my position as head of the “family” and to be able to ask each of them to swap, or do things to one another that were not normal in a “conventional” estate head situation! They all felt that as long as we were all enjoying the setup that was the way to go, and that if anyone was to wish to leave they could at a Friday meeting, then after to keep the secrets of the family forever but going with no ill feelings.I felt we all needed to set our own limits, preferences, wishes, and fantasy`s out so we all knew enough not to overstep each other`s boundaries, as I hate ill feeling.First up was Sue, who explained that as they all knew by now she had this deep seated need to be the receiver of pain to the point of u*********sness, for her that was the nearest she could get to the feeling of dying. She went on to say that to her that was the ultimate climax but she had to anticipate the act as last time, and she needed to orchestrate the whole thing herself, we could and she hoped would, all make suggestions as to what she could do to achieve that, but ultimately it was her decision and hers alone.Alice said “though she didn’t understand the extremes of Sues mind if that is what she wanted it was up to us all to help her achieve her aims, as she hoped we would all do for one another.” Devon, Jack and I agreed with that sentiment, Jack went on to say that “he knew that he being under endowed, he could do little in the way of straight sex but he hoped he would not be a burden to us all.” Both Alice and Sue, sitting on either side of him, kissed him and told him “not to be silly” and that “his tongue and hands had well made up for size, and that we all had something different to contribute!”Devon then thanked me for the use her ladyship, my dungeon, and arranging with Jack for the use of his wife, he said that since his lady-friend the cook passed away life for him had been a long round of work and sleep, he said he was very conscious of his being the odd man out, he was sure this would soon sort itself out and he wanted to talk to me about that later. I commented on his discression, as no-one had had a clue that he and Mavis our last cook had been having any sort of fling at all! He blushed and said that it had been,” an ongoing thing for the last 3 years of her life!” so not wishing to probe into past misdemeanours we moved on.Alice produced her notepad and asked if anyone had any special fantasy`s or request`s However in her case she still wanted to have more needle play and to ride the hard horse as she had told me.Devon surprised us all by asking to be suspended and whipped by either or both of the ladies, he said he had enjoyed putting them through gruelling long nights of sex and felt it was now his turn and it was a fantasy he had long held. Sue then asked me to “expound my fantasies as they all had done. In the interest of fairness, I explained my darkest fantasy was simply to be a voyeur, I loved watching other`s having sex, especially my wife so perhaps a little cuckolding, everyone was happy so I suggested then that from now on we came to the hotel and estate meeting on a Friday afternoon and as soon as the estate department heads had gone we would have a meal together until the last of the house staff left and we could “enjoy one another.” I went on to say perhaps we could enjoy some of these joys tonight as there would be no better time, and the place being empty. We all agreed to that and adjourned to our dungeon, where we could enjoy some of the fantasies, Devon fetching a bottle of brandy and glasses he said to revive our flagging spirits! We sat with a glass apiece on the benches in the Dungeon each perhaps a in a strange way a little shy, this being the first time we had all been together as a group having agreed to be a “family.” It was I that broke the silence, telling Sue to stand up and do a strip for us; she rose silently and stood slowly beginning to remove her blouse, then her black lacy bra, revealing her creamy breasts. Alice rose to her feet and sensing her perhaps embarrassment, joined her, by a mutually unspoken treaty, Sue began to undo Alice`s dress buttons, their lips met in a deep embrace , a twist that I had not seen coming and in an instant it seemed they were both naked to the waist eager hands explored tender breasts. Each then began to ease the others from their remaining clothes, they were soon naked, nipples stood proud in the cool dungeon, hands exploring one another`s sex. We three men stood mesmerised watching these women pleasuring each other and slowly sinking to the carpet. Perhaps jealous or perhaps peeved that they had not declared this lesbian streak,I snapped them out of their trance taking my wife from Alice and telling jack to hold his wife while Devon fetched the horse from its corner.The hard horse a fierce black and white, full-size rocking horse with its right-angled backbone and powered by an electric motor, was the one “luxury indulgence” I had had for this dungeon. Alice was now mounted onto the a****ls back, her naked sex held open by Devon who ensured one of her sex flaps being either side of “the backbone” her feet on the stirrup boards like a c***d on a large rocking horse.Sue a natural rider in her daily life, now mounted behind Alice, Devon again seeing to her being seated in the same fashion, and Jack then setting the thing into motion. Sue clung to Alice and Alice clung to the two c***d like handlebars either side of the horse`s neck, both ladies glad to relieve the pressure on their respective sex organs by using the strength of their legs. Here the refinement built into the horse came into play as with every movement of the b**st fore and aft, a small ratchet lowered the stirrup boards by just a couple of millimetre at a time, with a loud click as the ratchet moved. Soon, slowly, oh so slowly with each resounding click, the enjoyable ride turned from one of exciting discomfort, to one of unbearable pain, as their legs could no longer help.Slowly oh so slowly their legs straightened, the full weight being transferred from legs and to seat and to tender parts their cries of joy, changing over a period of some fifteen minutes to increasing cries of pain and suffering.At my order Jack soon stopped the thing and together we removed our tearful ladies before they got too bruised, lowering them to the carpet, heads together, their tears stopped as Devon and I mounting Sue and Alice respectively leaving Jack to have his tiny cock sucked by the two ladies alternately, using the tiny thing as a baby would a teat. His dick may have been short of normal size but his balls well made up for his deficiency in size and they were soon delivering copious quantities into Sue`s mouth and across Alice`s face.Devon and I each soon joined him filling our respective partner`s, as they too climaxed with us, in one glorious heady moment of joy. We lay collapsed on the Axminster in a heap for some considerable time before Jack exclaimed “WOW” and we began to recover enough to think of standing.The rest staggered away to their respective beds however Devon wanted a quick confidential word so we went to the library and to the dying embers of the log fire he explained his family upbringing to me.He had been brought up by his grandmother along with two sisters, his parents having died of TB by the time he was three, his older sister and the grandparents had all passed away now and there had been no contact with the younger sister till last few months, he had tracked her down, he found her a widow, in Birmingham running a night club and being squeezed out of her livelihood by d**g barons, he wondered if we could use her and her son as receptionist and barman for which they were both qualified as we were in need of both. Now normally it was Devon`s job to engage staff, so I said “that was OK by me but why had he asked as staff was his job?” He replied he had been worried as it was his own family members and did not wish to be accused of nepotism. More delicately though he said; was that they had had a ‘very close` life in their formative years and he would now appreciate living with the lady as man and wife if we had no objections, the son knew how to keep a secret so it would not cause a problem in the house, he, Devon, would have a week`s holiday then appear with his “Bride.” I had no objections at all and appreciated his honesty, we agreed that the sister would live in the `butler`s pantry` (in reality his small flat) and the son would live independently in the old foot-mans accommodation above the west wing bar.By the end of that month, we had a new receptionist, `we had celebrated the marriage of our Butler` and I had allowed Devon to explain things to her not wishing to drive a wedge between the newly- weds, I had given him the option of her joining us or him leaving the family. He had and his bride `Joan` by name” was keen to be included in our adventures which was even better.We also had a young keen fully trained, live-in barman named Tony. So the “family” for the want of a better name had grown by our new “wife” for Devon, a short 5 foot at tops busy little bee of a thing, dark haired. Green eyed and with a tidy figure, who had a son now our new barman, as gay as a gopher, permed blond hair, 5ft 11 of thin but likeable soul who soon took the bar under his wing as if born to the job. They fitted in perfectly as Joan proved to be a competent and discrete receptionist, as well as looking after Devon`s every need. Tony also monitored a new screen under the bar of the CCTV to save people from overdoing things in the rented dungeons whenever Jack was unavailable. We did not enlighten him of the activities of the family! There was a honeymoon period for Devon and his “bride” so it was that another month passed without any real sexual happenings, Alice swapped with Sue a couple of times, just for the change and to give Jack the time with my Sue that I had promised, not of course that I would have turned the matronly but charming Alice from my bed.Anyway we held our dinner and “family meeting “in the Library, as was now usual most Fridays, it was a warm sultry summer evening in August, Devon and Joan appearing as a couple for the first time,Devon explained that he had enlightened Joan as to each of our sexual enjoyments, especially the mistresses, and he said he would allow Joan to introduce herself and to explain her own history, fantasies, and wishes. She started by explaining that the `nightclub` she had recently sold had been a front for a brothel, and she herself was no virgin though had not been a working girl for a number of years.During her youth she had been the i****tuous lover of our butler, and as we all knew now lived her life`s dream with him, as man and wife..She said she was “keen to enjoy some of our games” and went on that she had catered on occasions for the extreme desires like the one that she was told madam has.” My wife quickly pointed out that in the “family” out of hours she was Sue and not her ladyship or madam and she then asked for details as she said “she thought till then she was a one off!” Joan explained that both ladies she had known, had had a fetish for being used “to death” their supposed death`s being to be rendered u*********s by pain as they did wish to “do it again in a month or two” and she understood this was also Sue`s wishes. Sue was happy that here she had someone who at last understood her desires, she asked for a few more basic details. Joan went on to say that one was a lady, a very well to do lady who later found she had terminal cancer, So she paid a small fortune to be “vanished” from society and an even larger fortune to be put to death for real and her body disposed of no questions asked.Naturally we were all now inquisitive, wanting to know if the episode was true and she promised that it was her late husband the owner of the brothel having arranged things for the unfortunate lady and Joan said “she had watched the whole procedure”. There was a long silence, but the look on my wife`s face told me if ever she was terminally ill it would be never mind Switzerland or suicide!Devon quickly lightened the mood by suggesting “that we were fortunately not ready for anything that heavy”, and would Joan tell us of any fantasies she had. She said she had long had a desire to cause another woman some pain and some joy analy, which raised an eyebrow or two especially with the two women.The evening began with Sue feeding my erect penis into Alice, already being sodomised by Devon I could feel his stiff erection just a membrane away as I began my ride, Sue and Joan suckling one each of the secured Alice`s nipple`s there was soon a gigantic climax.Devon and I filled her lower orifices and Jack filling her mouth again like a c***d`s teat Alice, gasping for breath, as he did so.She was soon released and we all lay round, Alice leaking from every orifice as she lay exhausted kissing anyone in reach.Joan said she was going to enjoy it here, and then asked if we swapped partners here or just went off to our beds. Sue set her mind at rest saying she was not going to miss the special tongue of her friend Jack, a noble gesture.Alice said she was going to shower then spend a long night with Devon, however he asked that she didn’t bother showering and he would be honoured to clean her body with his tongue.Joan said nothing but took my hand like a small girl and I led her away to my bed and if I thought to sleep… I was well wrong. That maid was an ex professional sex worker and by dawn she had had me in as many positions as I had seen in my whole life, and still she had energy.Part BA month or so later, Devon having meantime having taken a partner, at a ‘family’ meeting, I said I wished now that Jack and I had forced Alice to enjoy the old dog analy on the night she had been disciplined which she now, agreed, that “she had never thought of it before that night but now was interested to try if it would please us, though she felt it may need bondage as the a****l is so big.Tonight then, we decided between us, that Alice was to be used analy by the dog.We sent Jack for Richard, and led the way to the dungeon a first for Joan, Devon`s new wife who so far had not been to our playroom.Alice was stripped, we allowed Sue and Joan to do that, then Jack fitted her with wristlets as Devon and I ran securing ropes to the rings set into the floor. Devon lay on his back on a low padded board and Alice was made to straddle him his erect penis embedded in her sex.She was now secured in position her knees up alongside his chest totally unable to move, Jack appeared with Richard, a blanket and a tube of lubricant. Sue covered our victims back with the blanket, and Jack positioned the dog at her rear wearing his padded booties. The dog immediately began to lap at her sex but found it full of Devon`s errection and stepped back, bewildered and disinterested, his nose did the rounds of the onlookers especial the ladies so Sue and Joan held a quick conference then dipped their hands each into others already wet sex, then they anointed the luckless Alice`s anus with their slime, the effect on the dog was instant, his interest rejuvenated he lapped at Alice then mounted her stabbing at her sex in a frenzy regardless of Devon,Sue grabbed at the rapidly stabbing purple penis, to save Devon`s prick from damage, guiding the tip just into Alice`s slippery brown puckered ring. Alice`s face began to crease with the discomfort, so Jack moved to her head and allowed her to use his tiny widget like a c***d`s dummy. The dog now knew he had his bitch; he forced himself into her stretching her bowels, her muffled groans audible round Jacks small appendage.Ever deeper the thing went, the dog kept up his jerky advances forcing himself inward.The knot appeared and was soon in past her already stretched ring, as it swelled the dog stroke slowing as he began to flood the core of Alice`s body with his scalding seed, tears were falling now, and by this time Joan sat on the benches none of the men being available, surveying the scene openly masturbating, I was deep in Sue from the back, and Devon was still under the victim with Jack ejaculating into his wife`s mouth so no one was available should the dog tear himself from Alice, fortunately that didn`t happen, 15 long minutes elapsing till that knot slackened enough to release the overfilled woman,We all took breath; Alice asked Joan if she had any lifelong bucket list fantasiesShe did, her fantasies were much simpler than most; she had always wanted to be mounted by a small horse or pony! That we could arrange as we had various ponies on the estate that we could call on, so to her obvious joy we promised her we would arrange whatever she wanted soon.A few days it took everyone to get back to normal, I quietly arranged with Devon to get one of the pony`s into the stables and make sure, I told him “that it needs to be a stallion not one of the gelds!” he chuckled at that, and said he would arrange a good one.As usual we convened on the Friday, after a wonderful meal; Betty cleared the dishes and served the coffee, then shortly left with the cook, Tony our barman, was holding the fort with the few Punters, from the caravan site, and the three couple`s intent on beating one another in our dungeon rooms.We were soon on our way to the stable where a tidy black pony was munching on his hay bag., on Joan`s face was a huge smile, Jack had set up a few bales for her to rest on, a blanket thrown over them for comfort.We had watched a few ladies enjoy the charms of a****ls on the web, which was our only instruction or experience, so it was the blind guide-dog all over again (the blind leading the blind)!Whatever the case, Joan was keen to try the charms of our pony slipping off her knickers and dress then eagerly slipping her hand along his belly to stroke his sheath.The pony whinnied, then slowly to much dancing of his feet the long red tool appeared from its recess, Joan lay back on the bales and Devon led the little b**st up till he was astraddle her body his forelegs up on the second bales, Jack fed the tip of the long phallus into her wet sex, and she began to gently rock on the stiffening tool.Her body slowly opened for the huge pink snake as it slowly entered her, we looked on in awe as she simply absorbed a good foot or more of the thing as thick as a baby`s arm, it vanished into her body like a worm into grass.The pony began to buck trying to push further into his mare, she began to moan , a deep satisfied moan that said the pain involved was oh so worth this feeling of overfilling.With a snort the pony shifted his weight from one hind foot to the other as he began his climatic thrust, her eyes open now in sheer terror, perhaps in fear for her life, as she felt her body flood, his seed more than she could ever have expected. Sue and Alice their hands unashamedly below their respective skirts their eyes glued to the scene as the pony to my relief and I am sure Joan`s, withdrew from her, his seed gushing now from her wide open orifice.Devon led him from the devastated woman’s body returning him to his hay bag, Joan lay unable to do more than gasp for air, Joan now revived a little thanking me for what she described as “the biggest fuck of her life so far!” she sat bowlegged, horse goo still draining from her stretched hole.Personally I thanked god that we had used such a small a****l, saying “if it had been Sues huge hunter god knows what damage it could have done.”Alice said “she wished she had been able to blow that magnificent cock”, and Sue, being Sue took her next door to “see if she fancied blowing a real cock” We trailed along behind keen to watch.Sues hunter a huge brown b**st, had smelt the pheromones on the air, his black trunk dangled from his lower belly semi hard, his eyes rolled as Sue took his head and quietened him motioning Alice to do whatever she wanted to the great a****l. Alice caught the huge black hosepipe in her hands sniffed the flat head, and then began experimentally to lick the tip of the thing.There was some stiffening of the long black tube, a shuffling of hind feet, then suddenly with little notice the thing shot what seemed to be a gallon of his seed filling Alice`s face, mouth and nose. With a startled cry she jumped back releasing his tool to swing away splashing seed over a wide arc.Alice fell back fighting for breath, her face and neck smothered with his grey/ white jism, her dress top wet.We all fell about laughing, the stable soon ringing to the sounds of three couples in the hay wallowing in unbridled sex of one sort and another. Jack had fetched Richard and his blanket as asked by Sue as she wanted the dog! Sue knelt for Richard who was now really eager with all the sexual smells that were about. With no preamble, a single bound and he was up on her back his tool stabbing at her slippery sex, he took no guidance to find his mark and was soon fully in my lovely wife, her face a mask of deep joy her problems far away, especially when his knot slowly swelled in her, stretching her to a painful level, she soon reported his scalding seed filling her belly. Suddenly with a move that surprised us all he stepped across his bitch revolving in her to stand butt to butt, something he had never done before.After about 5 minutes, he began trying to release himself dragging Sue backwards by their deeply embedded sexual coupling. Willing hand leapt to their aid holding the dog`s collar, and talking soothingly to him but it took a long 30 minutes before we found they could be parted. Richard now satisfied, skulked away to the corner to rest while Sue collapsed onto the carpet, declaring herself “Well fucked!SEE ALSO STORIES 43 AND 44

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