461 Yes Gran.

461 Yes Gran.461 Yes Gran.To Alec`s knock an authoritive voice cried “come” he pushed open the door, quite what he expected well he wasn’t quite sure, but it was nothing like what he got.Sat up on her bed was his gran, still fully dressed, propped against the headboard of the big old double bed, stockinged feet out in front of her, and a couple of photo albums spread about. “sit,” she nodded him to the second spot on the bed, he slipped off his slippers and was soon next to her on the big old bed. “just listen, now to save your blushes we are sitting here so you don’t have to look into my eyes, or blush or whatever, OK?” he nodded, “yes gran” “right now let me tell you something first, in the UK we have a law, its called i****t,” she shook her head as if the law was an ass, “personally I think all mothers should train sons and fathers daughters but it’s the law, so if a word about this gets out of this room I will kick your arse all over the county when I get out of the nick…got it” it was not a case of maybe, and he knew that from the start…”yes gran, ok I shall not say a word…”“Right, that’s straight then, now questions and answers and I don’t want bullshit…” he grinned, “ok gran, what do you want to know?”She laughed at his quip, then the tension gone said, “you’re a young fella that strikes me as having an enquiring mind so what do you know about women`s bodies, and what have you so far learnt and how and from who?” he outlined the few facts, his getting caught peering up the English teachers skirt the day they had to use Mr pinks room and his desk not having a vanity board, how he had checked out mothers wash basket and later her own, the chocolate vest incident with Della, borrowing Dan Lockers book, though it was a bit vague, and full of long words and to her surprise he then gave the full details of what had happened with mother on Friday, the pinching nipples and the weighing of the breasts the whole nine yards.A tad taken with his honesty she sat till he finished then said “Right my lad, sex is basically the linking of a male body and a female, his thing, his probe goes right up into a woman and it spits seed into her and like an incubator, she breeds a c***d then spits it out of her body after 9 long months from the slot where he put it into her!” he nodded, not really understanding but taking it in as best he could. “Now,” she went on “until you see all the bits involved you will not fully understand but bear with your old gran, and it will become clear!”Nodding he waited while she put his hand on her nearest breast, well covered and supported by a thick bra “these are to feed and nourish the baby and when excited, as your mums where the other day they stiffen up just like your little man down there… your probe, I bet he stiffened when you felt mums nubs didn’t it!” he nodded, but she resolutely kept her eyes on her feet, and he was forced to say that “yes it was very stiff gran!”She reached for the first album and she flipped through the pages, finding the picture she needed she turned the page to him and said, “before you were born we went to a nudist beach, that’s your mum and me as naked as we were born.” His jaw fell open, here was the two women in his life, facing the camera hand in hand and with not a stitch on… gran younger then, her breasts still self-supporting, just…though twice the size of her daughter in law, and the triangle between her legs a thick mat of hair. His mother, then in the first stages of pregnancy her breasts crowned with rich brown disks round each nipple, her belly swollen, her bush tucked under the overhang.Other pictures showed grandad, who died that year, and Jim, his dad both naked walking on the sands and swimming, the women arm in arm. Beryl looked distant, it had been the last holiday as a family group, her Tommy had passed away the week after Alec was born, victim of the big C. After he had passed, in fact a year after, her son had begun to sleep with her, Tina of course knew. In fact, it had been her idea! But she wasn’t about to reveal that fact yet. another album, and this one had even more raunchy pictures, Beryl having worked at a photographic lab at the time developing films for camera clubs, had found her not inconsiderable charms in demand as a model, it brought in a lot of extra money, both herself, and Tina working for cash ‘extras’ though only she had actually done more than pose. She showed him the album and noted the stiring in his PJ`s though said nothing. “We posed for these pictures and it helped feed and clothe you, we did it alternate weeks, it was on the way home from this set that the lorry lost control, their car was in collision, and well you know what happened, you were ten then, and as a family we lived since on the compensation.”They lay together for a long moment, taking in the pictures, he turning the pages of the album amazed then she said, “Look, Alec, are you really ready for the rest of the lesson?”“yes I`ve told you the absolute basic functions of sex, but there is a bloody lot more, and… well if you want to learn and wont yozgat escort bayan go sqarking your mouth off, we can do some practical, but not a word…ok?” he touched his forelock saying, “scouts honour gran, scouts honour!”She took the albums from him, placed them on the floor, then stood and said, “alright then come here kiss me then undress me, all of me and I shall let you explore!” he was off that bed like a shot, his lips hot on hers as he held her just for that first second.He undid the blouse, a lacy white front buttoned frothy thing, she helped him fold it and onto the chair it did go. Her long line bra came next, a row of hooks up the front that he managed after a short wrestle to undo. The thing fell open, breast meat such as he had never experienced spilled out soft and silent as she stood while his gaze took in the expanse of pink flesh. She slid the garment straps from her shoulders, his face a picture of awe, as he took in this older woman`s massive breasts, saw the nipples stiff and semi-erect, the areola disks of pink. Was aware of his own appendage stiff and dribbling a little. He became aware she was speaking to him, saying he could touch if he so wished. He so wished, oh how he so wished.A hand shot out, hefted the nearest breast lifted it gently felt the nipple, ran over the surrounding ring, the second hand working in parallel it too fondling the nipple, her smile silently saying he was welcome, he could fondle to his hearts content. He stooped and kissed the nipples one after the other, he had no idea why, but it seemed logical, her face crumpled… it was the perfect gesture. Her hands clasped round his head and she looked deep into his eyes, “keep going, there is more yet, you…well we can play later.” His hands slipped to her waist, fingers caught in the waistband, gently prizing the skirt from her hips it fell like the curtains from a new statue, a slip silky and cream slid southwards with it. Tights, and dark blue knickers were now in view, he knelt looked up into her eyes for some form of permission, and finding her twinkling eyes, he began taking the last two items down over her not inconsiderable backside and away down her legs.He found he was face to face with a tangle of lovely chestnut hair. Dainty as a fawn the woman stepped from the tights giving him a quick glimpse of her sexual opening as each leg raised, his eyes widened like saucers. Realising his situation, she sat back on to the bed edge, laying back and then oh so slowly opening her legs for him to see. It was too much his stiff penis, young and inexperienced suddenly spewed forth a great gout of seed, luckily up grans left leg. He looked mortified, he had had similar feelings, when he had stroked himself, but this was involuntary, he hadn’t touched himself.He stood unable to say a word, gawping at the big ladies leg with a gout of grey jelly prominent on the inside… panic set in for a millisecond, was this over, would she be angry… he looked up at her face to find to his relief she was smiling benignly and saying, “he was not to worry, and look so shocked,” and that, “he would do a lot more of that before he got old!” she then sat up, scooped the discharge onto her palm and to his abject horror sucked it into her mouth!His look was one of amazement, and she smiled, then said, “I`ve not tasted a young mans seed for many a long year, thank you, I hope we shall have more later…” then she lay back and said, now where were we… It took him a second or two to realise this lady, his stand in mother, his wonderful gran, had swallowed his spend, and was not in the least perturbed by the whole incident!She was now waiting for him to explore her body and who was he to disappoint her. she raised both legs wide open, her hands behind each knee, her gash spread wide and his eyes bulging as the, till now secret area, came into view. She lay back eyes fixed on the light fitting on the ceiling, “you can touch, but don’t be long as its tiring laying here Alec!” His fingers did the walking over the wet gash, his touch light as a feather, not knowing how robust, or delicate or even tender the area would be, tickling her as the fingers traced the lips, of the red and wet gash, finding the tiny nub up at the top under its cowel, stiff and protruding like a button. It was amazing, were they all the same he wondered, Tina his mother, the teacher, her on the crossing, Della did they all have this…was it all the same, this secret spot they all hid away… the moment was broken as Brenda said, “can I lay down now please I`m an old lady, and my legs are getting tired!”He helped her to the sitting position, his mind a turmoil, more questions than answers. As they returned to the original bed place`s she knew that his inquiring mind was only just awaking, and she had a lot to explain yet…and a long way to go. She was enjoying the whole thing though.“Gran, can I touch you more down there please, it was awesome!” she smiled, then said “I would have been upset if you had thought that glimpse was enough, yes you may, but it`s not escort yozgat china, baby`s slip through that channel so it`s not china, though it doesn’t want heavy handedness, but it doesn’t want tickling either.”He lay on his side facing her, to her right, so his right hand slid across her hip, searching for the hairy bush, exploring the layout as her legs opened for him to ease access. His fore finger found the hood, wet now, slippery, her head on the pillow now eyes closed, as he fingered the tiny button, she groaned, it had always been the same, at school, with her boyfriends, her husband, the photographers, just a touch on that bloody button and she was away, she was anyone`s, loving every moment, she couldn’t stop once it had been touched, she had got to come, got to climax, got to…Her head went back, her body arched, his hand instantly withdrew, “No… don’t stop, oh, please don’t stop, please…” the fingers started once more, perhaps a little slower but stroking at that tiny button in a most positive way, she began to breath deeper, her nipples like buttons on those twin jellies on her chest. His eyes on the her breasts, his fingers wet with her lubricant, her back fully arched again and her lips sighing “yes, yes, oh yes, Alec, oh you’re a natural, more, more…” he was leant on his left elbow so he was effectively one handed, but he leant forward and took a nipple into his mouth, running his tongue over the stiff nub, sucking on it, chewing on it, his grans body, so long taboo, so long out of reach and here he was fingers in her crutch, her nipple in his mouth and her apparently incapable of fending him off, in fact pleased to be under his influence, it was all too much.His stiff tool spewed seed once again, wow, this was awesome, she was crying out now, he was totally in charge of her body, and they both knew it…power surged through him, it was beyond his wildest dreams…Was that her voice begging him to stop, but he continued for a moment longer, to prove he could perhaps, that he was in charge, the alpha male, he didn’t understand it but he knew it was right. They lay exhausted his arm across her belly the nipple still in his mouth her arm round his shoulder, knowing the genie was well out of the bottle now, they would walk this path again.Like babies they slept tomorrow would be another day 462 yes granIt was the alarm that woke them luckily, the usual mad scramble of breakfast showering dressing and so on meant chat was not on the menu, Beryl sat bemused coffee in hand in nightdress and dressing gown having a moment to herself. when the doorbell rang.She gathered herself and quickly tying the gown answered the door. It was Liz her friend and fellow WI committee member, come to appraise her of the situation with Tina.Over coffee they shared the news, it appeared that Tina was the “tip of the iceberg” the ‘matron’ had been shielding the situation from social services, and running a sort of brothel for councillors, and officials alike, the police had now arrested the whole staff and were interviewing patients, who were now safe and in other accommodation. Some had been kept in the institution simply by the exaggeration of their symptoms and Tina was apparently one of them. She was being reassessed, and the chances are that once the ‘liquid cosh effect’ of the d**gs she had been kept on, had worn off there was a possibility that she would be coming home!Liz, a busy woman was soon away, leaving Beryl elated.Alec arrived home at his usual time, his gran had his tea ready, and things were very normal in fact unnervingly so. His day had been a little fraught, every female he had had contact with raised the same question in his mind, was she the same as his gran, would she react in the same way if he got to that magic on button?It was a lethal question, a poison chalice, luckily, he resisted a practical demonstration, though the scrawny school secretary who bent to pick up a book had him sorely tempted! Della had mentioned chocolates once more, but he had just smiled, and she had wandered off with Mathew, his friend, who had a big bounty bar in his packed lunch.The meal over, washing up done and homework finished they settled to watch the box, Beryl letting slip that Tina may soon come home, and that it may depend on her mental assessment. The lad regarded her with a serious eye then in a measured voice said, “and what will it mean to us gran if she comes home?” Beryl had wondered that herself, but she knew her daughter in law needed a chance in life a we all do. Her answer was that “your mum will need some time, she will need us both, a lot.She will take a while to settle in I am sure.He looked deep into her eyes then said, “I didn’t mean day to day gran, I meant well, sexually, what will she say when she knows about …us!” The reply he got was, “she told you she wanted to take your virginity, for your dad, well we need to let her think that’s the case, do you think you can do that, for her?” he thought for a moment then said, “well …yes but I want to explore you more gran, and will you let me? yozgat escort will she let me have her body to enjoy, will you not get jealous… or her for that matter. She looked at him long and hard, then she said in measured tones, “that Alec is very thoughtful… yes well, it might not come to that, she might not get her release, we wont know for a while will we, but if she lives here, with us, well, I cant see why we cant all live as a family and you can share us, as long as no one outside ever finds out!”His grin was a mile wide and they kissed, no gran and grandson kiss, but lovers, full and hard.They came to the conclusion that they would continue the training, enjoy one another, but for the sake of his mother, they would not have proper sex until she had had him or was declared unfit to return home. it seemed like a logical decision. It may seem strange thinking to you folk, but it was the best the could come up within the circumstances.Beryl insisted that he did his chores and his homework each day, but they now slept in the same bed each night, and each night she explained a little more of the mystery that had kept him occupied all this time. no question of his was too embarrassing, no tiny detail was overlooked, be it periods, anal sex, pain, bondage, it was all covered over the next few weeks he was given a true grounding most of the rest of us would envy. Then came the day Tina was released, Liz fetched her home her one eye sparkling, as she came indoors. Her wits apparently back, a smile on her face that lit any room she entered, it was infectious. The lad had moved back to his own room, just to help her adjust, both him and his gran had felt it right, not making a point that they had as they say “carnal knowledge of one another!” but it was a wrench just the same.It was on the Saturday a week after she had returned that the balloon burst, sat together watching an episode of some soap, Tina suddenly said, “Thank You both!” it was a simple statement, but it was the bursting dam, “you saved me from those evil shits, that Petrov was having me fucked sometimes twice a night, and Cyril was hurting me once he knew my secret!” Beryl threw her arms round her, saying that it was alright, and the nightmare was over muttering, “there, there” and “not to distress herself, she was home and safe now!” Tina however was not to be placated, “I must tell you the truth Mum, all of it, you and Alec too, it’s the only way…please…I feel it`s only fair!”Beryl fixed Alec with a stern look, then said Go on then, lets get it sorted and clear the air, I think we all need that, I hate lies and half-truths!” she turned down the TV and they sat waiting and wondering what was to come.A look of relief slid across the younger woman`s face, then she said, “Jim had a thing about sharing me sexually, and we went a bit that way with him letting me be photographed naked, you remember I`m sure mum,” she paused , Beryl nodded, “well he couldn’t quite let go enough to properly share me with another man, he just couldn’t for some reason, though it came near a couple of times and I was willing!” she paused again, eyeing Alec to see how he was taking the news, but he was sat with a blank face just listening and watching the two women.Taking a breath to go on, she began once more, he felt that his own dad had not equipt him for life so…“Jim decided that to both fulfil his fantasy, and to teach you about the birds and bees in one go, he wanted me to sleep with you Alec, despite your youthful age, he said he wanted for you to have what he never had as a boy!” she smiled, “you were to be lucky on your next birthday, but that truck wiped out all that, and that sadistic Cyril soon had that secret from me in ‘that place’ that Petrov he had a friend that had convinced me it would be better to be dead than stuck in there, and he had sold me to someone to use before he went back home at christmas so I was on borrowed time.”She sighed, then she said, “your desires for me Alec saved me in a funny sort of way, and I`m now free, your gran says you have an enquiring sexual mind, and I wonder what that means but if you are still a virgin, I would dearly like to fulfil my Jim`s wishes, for you, it may be i****t but I shall leave it up to you son, and I wont do anything behind Beryl`s back as she`s been so good to us both!” it was a speech that two months ago would have been impossible, tears fell and the women embraced. Nonplussed he sat and watched them together, then he said, “look mum, I understand the birds and bees stuff, gran has explained it all, but she wouldn’t let me go any further as she said my virginity should be yours!” he paused for her to take in his words.“ it seems in one of your lucid home weekends you confided in her, either way, I`m yours if you wish it but I want you both, gran has made a lot of sacrifices for me and I have promised her and now I promise you, whatever happens indoors here is our business, no one else`s.”She kissed him and they hugged, the three of them.Tina stood took his hand and together the mounted the stairs, Beryl watching them till out of sight then with misty eyes she returned to the telly.In her hart of heart`s she knew things would never be the same, but that the three of them would be OK now and she smiled. And hoped Jim would be looking down on them all.

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