83 Avis`s first suck


83 Avis`s first suck83 Avis`s first suck Edd, This was how it all started. I would learn more as I grew older and got married. But sucking cock has been and always will be my most favourite sport. I love the feel of a hard cock in my mouth. AvisI had come home early from my friend`s house, having supposed to spend the weekend with her, when I heard some noises coming from my parents bedroom. It sounded as though my dad was saying something to mom and she was making some sort of guttural reply that I couldn’t make out. So I very quietly walked up the stairs to their bedroom and the sounds were now louder and a bit clearer. I slowly crept up to their door, which was partially open and peeked around the corner. What I saw just blew me away.There before me was my mom, naked, and on her knees with her hands tied behind her back, my dad holding firmly onto a handful of her hair. She was sucking on his really hard, really big cock, taking it deep within her mouth as he fucked her with hard, rapid strokes. “Suck me you fuckin’ whore” he told mom. “Suck my cock” as he took his other hand and slapped the side of her face several times. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, and for the first time ever I saw a man`s cock.”You like that cock whore?” he asked her. “Yes master” she started, “I like your hard cock”. “Beg for it you whore” he demanded and mom replied, “Please fuck my slutty mouth master” then added, “Please give me your cock master”. Dad smiled and shoved his cock back into her mouth and began again to fuck her hard. I could hardly move and could not stop staring as my quiet mom’s mouth was being fucked by my dad`s huge cock. I must have moved somewhat and made some sort of gasping noise, because my dad stopped his pumping, looked over tuzla escort towards the door and his eyes lit up as he spotted me peeking around the door. His cock came out of mom`s mouth and I could see her looking over in my direction as well. I was so startled I couldn’t move even as dad now came over to the door and pulled it more open. “You like what you see?” he asked me. I just stammered a bit and dad reached over, took hold of my arm and pulled me into the room. Mom had not moved and cried out “No”, but dad wasn’t listening to her. He brought me up next to mom and said to me, “This is your slut mom sweetheart” as he again took hold of mom`s hair. “She’s a fuckin’ cock-sucking whore” he added as he pulled her head up. “Please don’t” my mom started to say and dad just slapped her across the face hard. It was then he saw that I had been staring at his cock, looking at its erection, when he decided I needed to learn life’s first lesson in sex, sucking cock. He took hold of my hand and slowly moved it over towards his cock and gently placed my hand on it. “Go ahead sweetie” then added “Touch it.” So there I stood, my dad`s firm cock in my hand, just staring at it, fascinated beyond anything I could imagine. “Jerk it baby” he said and with his hand over mine, I began to rub his cock up and down, feeling the hardness yet soft skin and the roundness of his cock, then feeling his cockhead. “You want to taste it?” he asked and I looked up at him, not sure of what I really wanted. I then heard mom say “No, Please don’t” but dad just slapped her face again and told her to shut up. He turned back to me, “Get down on your knees baby” he said and without a thought I slowly got down, still holding his cock in my hand. “Lick it ” he said and mesmerized tuzla escort bayan by the closeness of his cock, I leaned forward and started licking his cock, tasting it, feeling its hardness and then when he said, “Suck it honey” I took a man`s cock into my mouth for the first time. I reeled a bit as dad started sliding his cock back and forth in my mouth, slowly pumping my mouth, bringing a warm feeling to me. He placed his hand on the back of my head and started a more rapid motion as I desperately tried to keep up with his pumping action. He then stopped, took his cock out of my mouth, “You like that baby?” he asked. I was still a bit taken back, but I realized that I had actually liked what he was doing to me. I looked up at him, “Yes daddy” I said, “I like it”.I saw mom move a bit and I looked over at her, “It was nice mom” I told her then turned back to dad, “Can I suck on it some more Dad?” I asked. He didn’t hesitate and back into my mouth went his cock, now pumping a bit harder and going deeper into my mouth as I tried my best not to gag on it.”Suck my cock you little slut” dad said to me. By now I had reached up and was holding his cock in one hand to keep it steady while he kept fucking my mouth. I knew mom was still watching me, but it didn’t matter. I was really enjoying the feeling of his cock in my mouth when he decided to make things more interesting. He stopped, took his cock out and looking at me, “Take your clothes off” he ordered.I looked at mom, then back at him and began unbuttoning my blouse. It came off and was followed rather hesitantly by my bra, exposing my budding little tits to my dad. He reached down and slowly caressed my little tits and saw me staring at mom, wondering what she must be thinking of me. But escort tuzla dad just said, “Do you like looking at your mothers tits?” dad questioned, seeing that I had been looking towards mom. I didn’t reply, as I felt a bit scared. Dad reached down, took my hand and moved it over to mom, placed it on one of her tits and “Go ahead” he added, “Play with it” He kept his hand over mine as I hesitatingly started to caress moms tit, squeezing it softly, rubbing her nipple and despite her desire not to let this happen, even I could see she was beginning to feel the pleasure of her tit being caressed. It felt so soft, yet firm, and so warm. Dad sensed my feeling and placing his other hand on the back of my head again, moved me close to her tit. “Suck it” he said, “Suck her tit” and guiding my face next to her tit, i opened my mouth and took her tit in it and began to suck on it, feeling it warmth and softness and her hard nipple caressing my tongue. The scene was set and while I sucked on moms tits and caressed and squeezed them, dad took his cock and ordered mom to suck him off. When he was ready to come he cried out “I’m coming” and I moved back a bit from mom and watched as dad pulled his cock out and let loose a stream of his cum onto moms face. I stared wide eyed at his cum shooting over moms face then was even more amazed as he quickly turned and shot the last of his load onto my face. It felt hot and sticky and had an unusual aroma to it. I touched my face and looking up at dad, heard him say, “Suck my cock baby” as he moved it back towards my mouth. I didn’t hesitate and took his dripping cock in my mouth, tasting his cum as he finished. I had touched, licked and sucked my first cock and tasted my first cum and from that point on I knew I had found something wonderful. I knew it even more when I had my first cock other than my dad`s and the feeling was even stronger in me as I started to grow a passion for sucking cocks that has lasted many years.

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