A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 42-45



SPECIAL NOTE TO INCEST FANS: This novel is loaded with incest from start to finish. Be sure to read 2nd paragraph below.

Literotica.com issued a challenge to its volunteer writer’s to create stories for as many categories as possible. The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery and growth involving a small group of people. For your entertainment, and mine, I’ll be submitting chapters into at least 17 different story categories. I don’t believe anything like this has been tried here before.

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I can promise those readers who are familiar with my work that you’ll find a ton of erotic reading that should appeal a wide variety of tastes, even though I intentionally attempted to have at least one turn on for almost anyone. This saga features mostly caring, even romantic sex, but it occasionally flirts mildly with a “fetish” so a given chapter will genuinely qualify for that category.

Many of these chapters could go into many different categories. For example, in Chapter 1 there’s a small amount of male-male sex because a number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1’s purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I’d hope a totally hetero or gay reader could to relate to and enjoy this chapter.

Chapters 2~4 features voyeurism by 2 inexperienced young males and exhibitionism by a female, but also includes experimental lesbianism between lonely sisters. So, don’t judge my book by its multitude of covers. If you enjoy sex, there should be something [actually a lot of somethings] in it for everyone. 😉

Final example, Chapter 50 will be under Mind Control. Unlike many entries in this category, it fits in there because circumstances allow a female to have her every sexual whim acted out by 4 other people.

Fan mail, well-intentioned questions, and constructive criticism are welcome; I do my best to respond when an e-mail address is supplied. Hate mail is deleted without being read – life is too short.

Thank you. W_S

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Chapter 42: Carly Has Her Eyes Opened

When at long last Lynn was worn out, Carly made Beth lay on her back spread-eagled. Designating Lynn to kiss, lick, and suck anything showing above Beth’s navel, Carly simply lay between Beth’s wide-open legs eating her silly.

When even Beth cried uncle, the Troutman girls took turns doing the same to their newly adopted sister. Carly was almost a babbling idiot before the girls stopped making her come.

Early on, Carly had thought making out with Beth or Lynn was the ultimate turn on. That illusion lasted until she’d been heavily French kissed while four hands played with every erogenous zone she had, and all that was happening someone constantly ate her pussy. Holy muff dive Batman!!

Eventually everything settled down. They voted to treat themselves to a late night shower. The rules were simple, it had to be quiet, and no one could clean herself. It was a fun shower, and their bonding continued.

After cleaning the wet spots on Beth’s comforter, all three decided to sleep in Lynn’s bed. Again the three naked bodies formed a Carly sandwich; arms around each other, the girl talk soon resumed. They invited questions from Carly, wanting her to feel open and free when they were together.

Once Carly hinted that she was curious how the sister’s had discovered their secret pastime, Lynn and Beth shared in the explanation of how they’d stumbled into having sex with each other.

Carly seemed a little concerned at one point; she freely admitted that she’d had the best time ever making out, but knew she still wanted to have sex with boys.

“Do you still want to have sex with a boy someday. I mean… if I want to sex have with a boy, can we still… Would either of you get mad if I…” The poor baby was really struggling.

To end her obvious suffering, Lynn silenced her with a soft kiss before speaking.

“Larry calls you Munchkin doesn’t he. Do you like that nickname, or hate it? Could we call you Munchkin?”

“Oh! I’d like that a lot, it makes me feel special.” replied Carly.

“OK, Munchkin. Hold on to your hat… Beth and I lost our cherries very recently. We both think having a nice, hard penis inside us is absolute heaven. A good cock may usually be our first bostancı escort choice, but it doesn’t have to be our only choice. We also share EVERYTHING. Do you understand what I mean by that? Nothing is more important to us than being sisters that care for each other. Nothing is more important than being a good sister. Does that answer your question?”

Carly’s eyes got as wide as saucers. Beth and Lynn grinned at her like Cheshire cats. Her chin flapped soundlessly a dozen times as she tried to form words. “Holy, shit!” she finally whispered.

“I think she understand us big sister.” Beth chuckled. “Munchkin, these are only our rules, just how close we feel. Nothing is binding on you. If you just follow the Golden Rule with us, we’ll always be sisters, best friends, and God I hope lovers.”

“Munchkin, the way you curled our toes tonight, I want to be around when you get good at sex!” added Lynn.

They all started laughing so hard they had to bury their faces in the pillows.

“Who did you… Did you both… the same… was it…”

Lynn smiled. “Whoa, Munchkin. We shared a lot because we love you and trust you. We’ll tell you. But first, you’re a virgin right?”

Carly nodded.

“OK, next. It’s honesty time; total, absolute-sisters-forever-honesty-time. Who, if you had a magic lamp, who would you like to lose you cherry with?”

There was a long pause. In part because Carly wanted to think it through and try to be honest with herself. Partially, because it was easy to have names in your head when you daydream, but another thing to really decide whom you’d choose for your first. Finally, because she was nervous about the conclusion she was reaching.

“I have a boy in mind, but I’m afraid you’re going to think I’m awful.”

“Munchkin, the only thing you could ever tell us that would bother us at all is a lie.” said Beth as she hugged Carly, then kissed her check.

“Oh, shit. OK, the boy I’ve met that I most want to make love to is my brother.” Carly softly said to her toes.

Beth leaned over so she could kiss Carly, then look into her eyes. “Carly, the boy I gave my cherry to is my brother.”

Lynn leaned over to give the Carly the softest, sweetest kiss she knew how.

“Carly, the boy I gave my cherry to is YOUR brother. Munchkin, he is a wonderful lover. I think he’d be a terrific choice. I’ve also made love with my brother, he’s a doll when he puts his mind to it.”

“And remember, we share everything.” Lynn emphasized the point.

Beth made eye contact with Carly, then nodded her head ‘yep’ a few times. She mouthed the words. “He’s very good, darlin'”

Her brain went into totally dense mode for a minute. Then it finally sunk in that her brother’s penis had been inside both of the pussies she’d eaten tonight.

“Holy freaking shit.” Carly murmured.

“Munchkin, since you were able to be honest about your brother, then I can tell you about something interesting that happened last weekend.”

Beth went on to describe the potent reaction she’d felt when she’d mentioned Carly’s name while making love.

“Larry is dying to screw your brains out Munchkin, but I think he’s afraid of hurting you emotionally.”

“He loves you baby sister. He just doesn’t know what to do about it. So I bet him that I could get you to seduce him, he almost fainted from joy. So he’s your own personal cherry picker if you really want him to be. If you don’t want to, I just lose my bet and that’s the end of it.”

After a moment to let it all sink in, Lynn, with a shit-eating grin on her face, asked, “So new little sister, do you want us to help you get laid? I promise you’ll like it a whole lot.”

“Holy freaking shit!”

There was another long pause, then tears began to run down her checks.

“Dear God, I want Larry inside me so bad I could die. What do I do?”

Her sisters kissed away the tears, and hugged away the fears. The rest of their ‘girl-talk’ time alone that weekend was spent plotting.

Chapter 43: Three Girls Plan Larry’s Future

Before finally falling asleep, the girls arrived at two conclusions. Foremost was that Carly should decide exactly how and when her virginity should go bye-bye. Since they knew she had a basically willing victim, as long as Carly had a good plan, things ought to end up anyway she wanted them to. After all, it was a big event, why shouldn’t she be able to live out her best fantasy.

Second, since Lynn, Beth, and Jim could arrange to be ‘busy’ any time Carly wanted, she should be able to pick the time she wanted.

Sometime well before dawn, the girls woke up when Beth got up to pee.

Before any of them could get sleepy again, a conversation started.

After mostly Lynn explained the ideas she and Beth had arrived at about not pairing off constantly to avoid jealousy and hurt feelings, Carly was asked how she felt about Jimmy. Carly confided that she thought Jim was very nice, cute, and fatih escort generally fun to be around.

“And he has a nice cock in case you’re wondering.” giggled Beth.

“Jim could have been my second choice, he looks like he has a nice body.” replied Carly almost drooling this time.

Lynn suggested they keep Jim in the dark about Carly for the time being. Then Munchkin can take her time deciding what she’d like.

“We might be able to have a little fun with Jim as well, you know, mess with his head a bit.” Beth added impishly.

“Any ideas about your brother yet?” Lynn asked.

“Yeah, there is one thing that really has been stuck in my head…”

Carly related about the recent event on the porch swing when she’d seen a woody in her brother’s pants. How she’d really wished she’d had the nerve to ask him to show it to her.

“I think I want to act that fantasy out. I even had a couple thoughts about how to make it happen.”

Carly outlined her rough fantasy. Her new sisters offered ideas, suggestions, and a few fondles as they all began to get turned on. It wasn’t long before all three girls were in a missionary position with their knees up. Carly had Lynn’s pussy in her right hand, Beth’s pussy in her left. Beth’s right hand was between Carly’s legs, Lynn left arm was around Carly’s shoulder, her hand feeling up Carly’s left breast.

While they masturbated each other, Carly continued describing details of her seduction fantasy. By the time she described her penetration, they were all breathing hard. Suddenly Beth began giving orders and shifting their body parts. Within a minute Beth was eating Carly, Carly was eating Lynn, and Lynn was eating Beth. There wasn’t much more talking during the next half-hour.

Following a couple good orgasms apiece, the girls switched directions so they all got to taste each other, plus give the girl that had just made her come a good orgasm in return. When they’d all come again, they piled together for a bit more sleep before the alarm went off.

During chores they shared information about not getting pregnant, what seemed to excite each of the guys, etc. They took turns confessing their own turn-ons, and ‘greatest moments’. Having gotten aroused, Lynn made the mistake of saying she’d pay $5 if someone would eat her right there in the barn.

Grabbing her hand, Carly led her around a corner. Sitting Lynn on a hay bale Carly unsnapped Lynn’s jeans, lowered the zipper, then pulled her pants and panties down. Carly spun around before lying on her back on the bale with her head was hanging off the end. Lynn was able to lower her pussy onto Carly’s face without having to remove her pants. It was a little tight, but workable.

Carly used her thumbs to expose Lynn’s clit. She latched onto the little nub; her lips and tongue gave the wee beastie the ride of its life. Lynn had been especially wound up from all the sex talk. So this very unexpected barn sex sent her racing towards the finish line. Suddenly Carly dropped her head away, saying, “I ate you, that’ll be $5 please.”

“Munchkin!!” Lynn half screamed. Beth was in stitches laughing, “She got you Lynn, you didn’t say eat me till I come, just eat me.”

“Oh, Munchkin. Oooohhh!! OK, another $5 to get me off, but God don’t stop, I’m almost there.” Lynn whined.

Making a silly upside down grin, Carly said. “Keep your money, just owe me one when I need it. I got my $5 worth seeing the look on your face. Beth! Play with your sister’s teats so she comes quicker, this position is killing me.” Carly grabbed Lynn’s butt as she dove back into Lynn’s shaved pussy.

When Beth managed to stop laughing, she moved behind Lynn, pulling Lynn’s T-shirt up high enough to slip a hand into each cup. She rolled Lynn’s breasts around before concentrating on her aroused nipples.

Bingo. Lynn came. She ground her clit into Carly’s lips just as if she was fucking her lips. It was a wonderful orgasm. Lynn didn’t wait long to put herself back together. She helped Carly up, then licked her face clean.

“I owe you one emergency orgasm, Munchkin. Bless you!”

Lynn caught up with Beth who’d gone back around the corner to keep an eye out for unexpected company. Lynn gave her a hug from behind; she fondled Beth’s teats while kissing her neck.

“Despite your laughing at me, I’ll owe you one emergency orgasm also, Sis. Thanks for the ‘hands’ back there.”

After chores the girls had a very fun shower before dressing for church. They went in one car with Jimmy and Mr. & Mrs. Troutman to ‘keep the folks happy’ according to a whisper from Lynn. She’d planned to drive, but her folks wanted the family together today. Guess that was why I overheard her phoning my brother to say she couldn’t pick him up after all.

The service seemed to drag a bit to the 3 young ladies, but afterwards the day flew by as they hung out in Beth’s room, talk about life, the universe and everything. One second it was music, the next second the bağcılar escort future. Comparing notes showed they each felt almost the same about each of the local boys, and that was mostly ‘eeuuuuuuu!’

Somehow, like true women, they never ran out of something to talk about. Carly was hysterical once she found out why her brother was suddenly enjoying going to church so much.

They stayed dressed for Sunday dinner, but decided to remove their panties so they could feel especially wicked.

Carly began feel super horny, her mind kept projecting ahead to DD-day, ‘Da Day I Do it’ as she called it. She’d broken her new buddies up when she told ’em that one.

So there was Carly, dressed like church, but her tingling pussy bare underneath.

“Lynn, do you think you’d have time to help me with an emergency before dinner? I keep thinking about doing it with my brother, I’m in such bad shape.” Carly asked pleadingly.

“My pleasure, Munchkin.” Lynn responded with a sly smile.

“My pleasure too.” smiled Beth.

Lynn had Carly scoot her butt to the front of the settee then sit on a towel. Kneeling between Carly’s legs, Lynn carefully made sure the dress was out of the way, spread Carly’s legs a little more, then made love to Carly’s visibly aroused pussy. Beth sat backwards on the settee so she could make out with Carly while Lynn ate her. Beth undid one button so her hand could play inside Carly’s top while they kissed.

All three girls knew this wasn’t going to take very long. Unlike some of her earlier climaxes, Carly didn’t buck or flail about, it really was much more of a release from a very strong tension that had build within the hyper-stimulated virgin. When she came, Carly hugged Beth tightly, she rested her palm outside her dress over the spot where Beth continued to pull her nipple back and forth. Carly’s hips made a long series of small jumps as contractions rocked her.

The girls continued to gently kiss and lick Carly so she could come back to earth gently.

The DD-Day plan nicely shaped up before Carly had to go home that afternoon. To keep both guys off balance, all the girls would say was they’d had a good time with Carly, that and she’d be coming over next Friday night.

By spending his Friday night with Jim, Carly could count on her brother being very horny Saturday morning when she planned to seduce him. Her cycle would be right. Plus, her folks were leaving that morning for a trade show in Chicago then staying overnight. Besides, truth be known, Carly couldn’t wait much longer to get her hands on her first real penis.

Chapter 44: A Horny Beth Can’t Wait For Saturday

It was an exciting week for Carly. At school she felt good whenever her new sisters were around. After Tuesday’s softball game, the girls hung back a while so they could all share the tiny shower room. They didn’t do anything during the shower more serious than cop a few hidden feels, but it still was exciting to be naked together and have secrets that no one else knew. Beth did give Carly a little goose as she left the shower, but both girls acted like nothing had happened.

At home, Carly made sure she was always on time, if not early, for doing chores with her brother. Carly made a special effort to stay close to him, to find excuses for little hugs and a couple innocent kisses. She wasn’t faking anything, she loved spending time with Larry. If anything Carly had to hold herself back a few times.

Wednesday night when Larry rode over to the Troutman’s, Carly struggled not to feel jealous just the way Lynn had suggested any of them could feel if not careful. Instead she intentionally concentrated on feeling happy for her new sisters and Larry, who were probably making love somewhere. She managed to channel her sexual frustration into a fantasy she could use to help her masturbate.

Knowing at that very moment her brother might have an erection, be pushing and pulling his hard penis inside a pussy she’d eaten last weekend primed Carly for an orgasm. She stripped, then put on the robe she planned on using. Her folks were downstairs in the living room, so she was free to actually walk through her scenario. She acted out some of the scenes she envisioned. Finally she dropped her robe, they lay on the bed.

Teasing her nipples, Carly’s right hand moved to her pussy. She strummed her clitoris while visions of what would lead up to the big moment floated by. Her hips were soon humping the air. Her thoughts flew to down the road. She saw her brother’s indistinct imagined shaft pumping in and out of Lynn, then in and out of Beth. Finally, it was pointed at her wet vagina.

Carly drove three fingers into her body at the instant she imagined the stiff penis pushing into her body. Carly came. She swore she could feel a warm penis pushing into her body. She tried to imagine the tip worming into her depths, she knew it would reach far past where her delicate fingers could touch. More than once the excited teen looked between her raised knees, she tried to picture his penis moving in and out of her body. Carly came a several times before she quit.

Having gained a measure of relief, Carly reminded herself that she’d get to spend some time with the girls Friday night. Having that to look forward to made her feel good.

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