A “Bad” Day: Day 05


Greetings Fans,

Here is the long await chapter 5, I am sorry it took a little bit longer to get out. I wasn’t happy with the way I wrote some parts so I took the extra time to try and make them better.

I’d like to clear a few things up before you get into the story since I guess I confused some people with the last chapter.

Wendy is a pre-gender confirmation surgery transsexual woman. She only has a penis, which she called her “girl cock” when the story started out. After hearing her teacher, Vanessa, call it her clit, Wendy decided it sounded more feminine and decided to use that instead. I apologize for any confusion on this.

Now for the warning label:

All characters in this story are eighteen (18) years of age or older. This story has themes that include: Incest, Transsexual, Lesbian, Taboo, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, and Safe sex. If any of these are not your cup of tea then please don’t read. You have been warned and I take no responsibility if you read this story and are offended. Constructive comments are always welcome. Enjoy.


I woke to Mike’s alarm going off. I looked at the clock and saw it was six in the morning. Mike had his arm around me and was holding one of my breasts and his morning wood was poking me in the butt. I was tempted to pull my panties down and see if I could work his cock into me but I want him awake for my first time. I did reach between us and start to jerk him off.

“You said no funny business unless I started it,” he mumbled in my ear, his hand squeezing my boob.

“You aren’t balls deep in my ass,” I giggled.

“You need to get to your room before mom and dad wake up and see you are missing. I set my alarm early last night after you got into bed to make sure you could get back,” he started teasing my nipple.

I pulled Mike’s cock out of his shorts and then I pulled my panties down so I could position his cock between my cheeks.

“Damn Wendy, you’re going to get us caught,” he groaned into my ear.

I pushed back against him, “we can’t any way I left my lube in my room. But it is yours when you want it, little brother,” I then rolled over and kissed him.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, tenderly kissing. Then Mike’s alarm went off again.

“Sis, you need to go, or I’ll wake mom and dad up by fucking you till you scream,” He said while trying to push me out of the bed.

“Fine,” I said with a fake annoyed tone, “I need to go to school early anyway. Principle Evanson wants to talk to me about yesterday,”

I got out of his bed and made my way to his door, “love you, Mike.”

“Love you too,” he replied.

I peeked out the door into the hallway. When I didn’t see anyone I took the chance and slipped out and quietly made my way to the bathroom. As soon as the door was closed I let out a sigh of relief after.

After a quick shower, I went to my room to hide the things I had bought yesterday. I’m glad Mom isn’t a snooper otherwise I’d have a lot of embarrassing questions to answer.

I got dressed in a short skirt and matching blouse. I thought about trying to cover my black eye but decided to wear it like a badge of honor. Fuck Josh, I won’t live in shame because of him. I then went down to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee before I made myself some breakfast. I was just sitting down to eat when mom came down the stairs dressed in her fuzzy pink bathrobe.

“Well aren’t you up early this morning,” she said as she was pouring herself a cup of coffee.

” Yeah, Principle Evanson wanted to see me this morning to talk about the stuff that happened yesterday,” I said between bites.

“Oh?, Should I be there?” she made it sound more like a statement than a question.

“No,” I said as I shook my head, ” I need to learn to deal with this kind of stuff on my own. I know you mean well but you can’t do these kinds of things for me. I’ll never learn if you do.”

Mom sighed and took a sip of her coffee, ” I guess you are right. It’s just so hard to not want to protect you.”

I got up and put my dishes in the sink and then went and knelt next to mom, “I know mom, and I want to thank you for all the times you have. I doubt I’d be where I am right now if you weren’t as loving and supportive as you have been.”

She smiled but had a sad look in her eyes. “you were always my special child. So different from Mike. Mike is like your father, you always seemed to be more like me.”

I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, ” Well you are so pretty how could I not want to be like you?”

Mom blushed, “I’m just an old woman that busts her butt to look good for her family.”

I kissed her cheek again, ” you aren’t old and you look hot as hell. I wish my body was as rock’n as yours.”

Mom’s face got a deeper shade of red, “Stop, you’re going to make me die of embarrassment.”

I decided to have a little fun, ” mom, I wish my tits were as nice as yours and your ass is so,” I paused, “fuckable. I know why daddy can’t keep his hands off it,” canlı bahis I was enjoying making her squirm.

“Wendy, stop your killing me,” she was a shade of red I was sure wasn’t possible in nature, “you shouldn’t talk about your mothers butt like that.”

I got up and sat back in my chair and turned to look at her, “sorry mom, I was only telling the truth.”

“Well thank you, sweetie,” she said as she went to get another cup of coffee.

I watched her move, wishing that she wasn’t wearing her robe. I was feeling a little frisky from my short play time with Mike this morning. I could feel my clit, it felt so sexy thinking of it like that, getting hard. I pulled my left leg up so that I exposed myself to mom. I was really turning into an exhibitionist.

Mom turned back and I swear she almost dropped her cup. She sat back in her chair not taking her eyes off me.

With a shaky voice, she asked, “so what did you want to talk about last night?”

“Oh, yeah, I almost forgot,” I shifted a little to see if my skirt would ride up a little, ” Since Josh isn’t coming over tonight, I was wondering if it would be OK if Mrs. MacFarlane took his place. Her husband is out of town on business and I felt sorry for her to be all alone.”

“Sure sweetie, that would be fine. Do you know what her husband does?” her eyes never leaving my exposed panties.

“Yeah, he works as a lawyer for dad’s firm. She thinks he’s out taking care of some paperwork for the job dad is going to work on,” I put my leg down and got up to put my cup in the sink.

I heard someone coming down the stairs and when I turned around dad was entering the kitchen. He stopped to give mom a kiss before getting himself a cup of coffee. Before he went to sit he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

” So what are you doing up so early, pumpkin?” dad asked as he sat next to mom.

” I have a meeting with Principle Evanson, about the stuff that happened yesterday,” I took a look at the clock, ” and I should be leaving. Love you, daddy,” I said as I gave him a hug, ” Love you mom,” I gave her a hug as well. ” See you both tonight. Oh, before I forget, mom could you call Dr. Singh’s office and make me an appointment?”

Mom looked worried, “everything alright?”

I smiled and nodded, ” yeah, there are some questions I want to ask him about my transition.

“Sure sweetie, I’ll do it as soon as the office opens,” she said, patting me on the back.

I grabbed my book bag and ran out the door. When I was in the car I grabbed my phone and called Abby. I knew she was still asleep so I was only going to leave her a message. I was surprised when she answered the phone.

“Good morning beautiful,” she purred into the phone.

“Good morning you sexy bitch. I’m surprised you are awake,” I started my car and put her on speaker.

” I’ll always be up for my favorite waifu,” she chuckled, ” So what’s up?”

” How about you stay the night and we can talk and spend all day tomorrow getting me Goth pretty so I don’t embarrass you.” I laughed

“Let me think about this,” she paused for a few seconds, “sounds fantastic to me.”

” see you at dinner then. Love you,” I reached for my phone.

” love you too,” she said as she ended the call.

I pulled into the nearly empty parking lot about 10 minutes later. I’ve never been here this early before. The empty hallways, the classrooms with lights off. It was surreal.

I made my way to Vanessa’s room and was happy to see the lights on and the door open. When I went in I saw her sitting at her desk doing some kind of work. I made my way as quietly as I could and was almost next to her when she noticed me.

“Good morning, Ms. Peyton,” the gleam in her eyes betraying the tone of her voice, ” what can I do for you this morning?”

I put on my best “naive girl” voice, ” Mrs. MacFarlane, I’m so behind in my school work and I am so afraid that I will fail your class, is there anything I can do to raise my grade? And I do mean,” I tried to sound seductive, “anything.”

We looked at each other for a few seconds before we both broke out laughing. When we were both done I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss. I was surprised to feel her hand on my ass.

” Sorry about calling so late last night, Things were crazy at my house,” I smiled when she didn’t remove her hand.

“I totally understand, lover. I was happy you called,” she slid her hand down my ass till she could slip it under the hem of my skirt.

I moaned a little bit when her hand touched my bare skin, “you keep this up and I’m not going to care if we get caught.”

She laughed and pinched my ass before removing her hand, “Nice to know I have that effect on you.”

I looked at the clock, ” should we head to the principles office? I think she is going to spank us,” I grinned.

She raised her eyebrows as she got up, ” so you like spankings? Good to know.”

We both laughed as we headed to Principle Evanson’s office.

The outer office was empty, normally Principle bahis siteleri Evanson’s secretary was there. The door to her office was closed.

I looked at Vanessa, ” should we knock?”

Vanessa shrugged her shoulder, “might as well,” and she knocked on the door.

“Enter,” we heard Principle Evanson say.

Vanessa opened the door and let me go in first.

Principle Evanson was sitting behind her desk, ” good morning ladies. Vanessa, please close the door and both of you have a seat.”

We both sat without saying a word.

“We have a few things to discuss,” She started sounding very professional, “Mr. Pierce will no be returning to school this year.”

I looked at Vanessa, not really too surprised at this

” I advised the Superintendent and school board of my decision to expel Mr. Pierce due to his actions yesterday,” She consulted the papers that were on her desk, ” As for Mr. Peyton and Mr. Eustaquio, we’ve decided to let them off with some detention. It was evident that they had this planned since Mr. Pierce’s known associates were impeded in joining the altercation.”

Mike wasn’t going to be too happy and mom would be furious but it was better than being expelled.

She continued, “I will be addressing the student body this afternoon. I don’t expect any issues from anyone over this matter since I will be calling Mr. Pierce’s associates in here to talk to them.”

Principle Evanson stood up and walked around the front of her desk, ” as for the incident yesterday after school, we are going to set some ground rules. There will be no discussion on these rules, you either accept them or we deal with the consequences.”

She sat on the front of her desk, “as I said yesterday, no intercourse on school grounds. I would prefer it if you kept all your non-school activities off school grounds but I know that would be difficult for you both. Do you both understand this?”

I looked at Vanessa and we both nodded.

” You are to keep yourselves to a professional level while you are here,” she gave us both a look, ” no stolen kisses, no holding hands, no ” starry-eyed” looks as you pass in the hall, understood?”

Again we both nodded.

She looked directly at Vanessa, ” Vanessa, I want you to understand this. I’ll let this pass unless I believe that you are giving Wendy grades she didn’t earn. I would be happier if you graded her a bit more harshly but I trust you. Don’t betray that trust. Do I make myself clear?”

” Crystal,” Vanessa replied.

With that Principle Evanson’s demeanor softened, ” I wish things could be different but I have to choose between your happiness and keeping the rules.”

I got up and hugged her, ” I understand. I promise I won’t do anything to get you in trouble.”

Vanessa came up behind me and hugged me. ” Kerrie, thank you. You didn’t have to do this for us and I want you to know it will be appreciated.”

I looked at the clock we had about twenty minutes before the first bell rang.

I got an evil look on my face, “so Principle Evanson, we have some time, do you want some more of what you got a taste if yesterday?”

I think I stunned both her and Vanessa because she looked at me with wide eyes.

When she finally regained her composure, “Ms. Peyton, This is exactly the kind of thing I don’t want to happen.”

I felt Vanessa’s hands slide down my torso and lift my skirt. My clit was already hard and pushing my panties to their limits. Vanessa freed my clit from my panties and started to stroke her for me. The whole time Principle Evanson’s eyes never left mine.

Vanessa’s stroking was slow,” come on Kerrie one taste and then we’ll be out of your hair and you can have a happy start to your day,” her free hand cupped my breast.

Principle Evanson went and locked her door, ” I swear you two would tempt Jesus,” she sat in one of the chairs in front of me.

I looked down at her, ” won’t your secretary wonder why you did that? “

“My former secretary. She was Mr. Pierce’s aunt,” she smiled, “Seems she tried to interfere when Mr. Pierce was brought into my office. When I got here she was being restrained by one of the teachers while her nephew was in my office with the school resource officer. I sent her home and she called later to tell me she quit since it was obvious that we were trying to railroad her nephew.”

Vanessa licked my neck and kneaded my breast. She tightened her grip on my clit and sped up her strokes. I was getting close.

I moaned, “getting close.”

“Cum for us lover,” Vanessa whispered in my ear.

I had my eyes closed and was leaning against Vanessa when I felt someone on my clit beside Vanessa’s hand. My eyes opened and there was Principle Evanson with her mouth on the head of my clit. Seeing that put me over the edge.

“Fuuuuck,” I whimpered out.

I shot my load into her mouth feeling her tongue press against the underside of the shaft. My knees felt weak and I was sure I was going to collapse.

Vanessa bahis şirketleri pulled me to the other chair and sat me in it. I was shaking and panting. My clit was oozing the last drops of cum from the tip.

Principle Evanson sat back, a smile on her face, “mmm, you need to tell me what you do to make it taste so good.”

As I sat there watching I noticed that Principle Evanson has her hand between her legs and was frantically rubbing herself.

I looked at Vanessa. She shrugged her shoulders. I slide out of the chair and knelt between her spread legs. I slid my hands along her legs, moving them up towards where her hand was. I moved my hand to replace her’s when she stopped me.

” I can’t, please don’t. I’ve done too much already,” the tone of her voice wanted more but she wasn’t ready to go that next step.

I backed off and stood up. I moved to stand next to Vanessa and slid my hand between her legs. I could feel the wet heat that was a sign of her arousal.

” I wish we had the time to have some fun lover but we need to play by the rules,” Vanessa panted in my ear.

I reluctantly removed my hand from her, which brought a whimper from her, and tucked my clit back into my panties. I took Vanessa’s face in my hands and kissed her.

Principle Evanson made a muffled sound and went a little stiff. It looked like she had a pretty good orgasm, not that I was an expert judge of the female orgasm.

I broke my kiss with Vanessa, ” mom said she would love to have you for dinner tonight. I figured we’d go to your place so you could change and then you could follow me to mine. Sound good?”

“Sounds great.” she smiled.

Principle Evanson was almost falling out of the chair, “sweet baby Jesus, haven’t had one like that in a long time,” she pointed to a door on the opposite side of her office from the one we came in, “that’s my private washroom, go clean up and then get to class before I send you both home for the day.”

We went into her washroom while she sat there panting and fanning herself. We didn’t take long mostly just a little touch up of our makeup, then we were out the door and to classes.

I heard Mike and Rubén get called to the office about an hour after school started. I really owe them both for everything they did.

One thing I noticed as I went about my day, I wasn’t alone when I was out of class. People I didn’t normally hang out with would walk with me and carry on conversations. Some were teammates with Mike, some of Rubén, and some were girls that seemed to avoid me while I was going after Josh.

At lunch, I was escorted by Mike and Rubén to a table that was as far away from Josh’s buddies as possible. We were joined by some of the girls that had been walking with me to classes. As we talked I could feel the burning eyes of some of Josh’s friends. The one time I looked at them I noticed that their number was a lot less than I was used to.

I looked at Mike and Rubén, ” I am so sorry, if I had known that the two of you would get into trouble over all this I’d not have asked Mike to help me.”

Mike and Rubén looked at each other, then Mike spoke up, ” Sis you have nothing to be sorry for. I’d take one hundred hours of detention if it meant you were safe from assholes like that.”

Rubén’s face took on a smug looking smile, ” same here. Coach isn’t even mad at me for it once I explained what was going on. I have to sit out the next game but a small price to pay.”

“So just how much detention did you get?” I asked.

Mike answered, “well we aren’t allowed to say but we’ll all have our diplomas and I’ll have to come back next year to finish it off,” he started to laugh.

Rubén chuckled, ” he got off lucky, my kids will be serving my detention.”

I got up and ran to them both and hugged them.

After lunch, the two of them walked me to Mrs. MacFarlane’s class.

Rubén, stopped me before I went in, “wait for me to get here and I’ll walk you to the gym.”

I nodded and then went into the room.

Vanessa set us to reading while she called us up one by one to go over the pop quiz we took yesterday. The class was almost over when she called me. I got up to her desk and it was like normal. No sly glances, no questionable touches. When the bell rang the rest of the class took off leaving us alone.

Vanessa took my hand in hers,” how are you holding up?”

I smiled, “pretty good, I haven’t been alone all day. “

She smiled back, “good. I was hoping that would be the case.”

Just then Rubén poked his head in the door, ” Wendy you ready?”

I nodded, ” just a second,” I turned to Vanessa, “see you after the assembly.”

Her next class started pouring in so I grabbed my bag and headed off to the Gym.

After P.E. was over, Mr. Bulle pulled me aside, ” Ms. Peyton, next week you won’t be having your class with the boys.”

I was shocked, “does that mean I’m finally going to be treated as a girl and not a guy with tits?”

Mr. Bulle laughed, “kind of. Due to the events of yesterday, we decided to move the girl’s self-defense course to next week.”

“So am I to change with the girls then?” I could hear the hope in my voice.

He shook his head, “no.”

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